Which American Horror Story Villain Are You?


One of the reasons why American Horror Story is such a successful franchise is because the show always keeps things fresh. They have a new storyline and characters to follow every season – and this includes their villains. In the world of AHS, a villain is usually a complex character; while they do evil deeds you can’t necessarily classify them as all bad because sometimes they have a softer side as well. The creators often like to show us how the “evil” character got to be that way, which can make us have conflicting feelings about their actions. And it’s these complex (and often blood-thirsty) characters that have kept us glued to our screens season after season.

While some AHS bad guys are all about blood, guts, and murder, others are quieter, more insidious types. You may not even recognize that they are the bad guy – until it’s too late! They hide in plain sight and use their charm, charisma, and smarts to make everyone believe that they are something else but meanwhile this façade hides their inner demons. So, if you fell asleep and woke up in the American Horror Story universe, which villain do you think you would be? Take this quiz and find out!

Question 1

What phrase best describes your current job?

Sadly, we all need to earn money to buy the things we want and need, and most of us have jobs to cover this. But not everyone likes their jobs and at times they can make us pretty miserable. Which of these phrases best describes how you feel about your job?

Question 2

Which of these is more important?

What is important to you? What gets you out of bed and into the world every day? What we consider most important is what drives us and pushes us forward. Are you the kind of person who is driven by money and power or are you more spiritual in your approach to life?

Question 3

Your friend cancels plans - how do you react?

You and your friend have been planning a day out for weeks and weeks. You've bought the movie tickets, picked out your clothes, and almost finished getting dressed when she calls and says that something else has come up and she won't be able to make it. What are you going to do now?

Question 4

Who was your favorite AHS character from S2: Asylum?

No one knew quite what to expect from the second season of American Horror Story - given that almost all the characters had died in the first season. But when it returned with a fresh story set in a scary asylum we were all hooked. Who was your fav character from this season?

Question 5

In the world of AHS, what's your weapon of choice?

When you think of the word "weapon" what is the first thing that comes to mind? Do you think of guns, knives, tanks, and bombs, or do you consider the greatest weapon to be your mind? And in the world of AHS which do you think is the most important?

Question 6

What could you live without?

The world is far from perfect and almost everyone feels the same way. In our minds, there are always things that we wish we could have more of (like American Horror Story) and things we wish we could have less of. What could you easily live without if you had the choice?

Question 7

Who was your favorite character in S4: Freak Show?

The fourth season of American Horror Story was one of the most popular to date and with so many unusual characters to love, and a few to hate, it's easy to see why. We know it's hard to choose but who was your favorite character from AHS: Freak Show?

Question 8

What is your best asset?

Villains are very good at identifying their strongest traits and using them to their advantage. They have strong motivations and make sure that they use their assets in the best possible way while at the same time glossing over their weaknesses. What would you say your most important asset is?

Question 9

How do you deal with people who wrong you?

Life is not perfect and there are always going to be people around you who don't have your best interests at heart. The difference is the way that you deal with people like this. Are you the type of person who never forgets? Do you have to get revenge? How do you deal with people who treat you badly?

Question 10

Who was your favorite character in S5: Hotel?

Season five of American Horror Story centered around the Hotel Cortez and the strange characters that lived there. Not only did this season give us more than one serial killer but it also featured vampires for the first time. Who was your favorite character from this season?

Question 11

Who is your favorite movie super villain?

Villains come in all shapes and sizes. Some have incredible superpowers while others just use their natural talents. Some want to control while others are just out for blood. Some are charming while others are just plain scary. In the wonderful world of movies, who is your favorite super villain?

Question 12

You find out that your partner has been cheating - what do you do?

You thought everything was going so well until a friend calls you and says they saw your bae hanging around the mall with someone else. Now it seems like the person you trusted your heart with has actually been cheating on you. What's your next move going to be?

Question 13

What is your pet peeve?

We've all got those little things that just grate on our nerves but try as we might we can never entirely avoid them. It may seem to others that our reaction is over the top but no-one else understands how these little things affect us. Which of these is your pet peeve?

Question 14

Which phrase best describes you in a romantic relationship?

In the modern world, we put a lot of value on the romantic relationship and we will go to great lengths to have the "perfect" one. We spend an enormous amount of time looking for that one special person but how do you act when you are in a romantic relationship?

Question 15

Which AHS villain did you love to hate?

Most of us can identify with villains because we have all struggled with feelings of hate and anger before. Sometimes we feel like the villains get it right - they make their own worlds better - even though it might cost a few people their lives. Which AHS villain did you love to hate?

Question 16

How do you feel about immortality?

What would it be like to become immortal? If we knew that we were never going to die how would it change the way we lived? Having a finite amount of time drives us to get things done so what would happen if time was no longer an issue? How do you feel about immortality?

Question 17

What's your idea of happiness?

As crazy as they may seem villains are just people too and like everyone else they just want to be happy. What makes a villain different is the means that they use to achieve that happiness - and it usually involves hurting others. What is your idea of happiness?

Question 18

Which character would you like to see again in the next season of AHS?

Even though each season of American Horror follows a different storyline there are characters that have appeared in more than one season like Macy, the realtor, Queenie, Lana Winters, Sister Mary Eunice, and Pepper. Who would you like to see make a comeback in the next season?

Question 19

You want to go on holiday but you're broke. What do you do?

Whether you enjoying playing the villain or the hero, everyone needs a break from life from time to time. But the problem is that vacations cost money and right now, you don't have any. Your nerves are frazzled and you really need to get away. What are you going to do about it?

Question 20

Which of these AHS characters do you think got the worst deal?

You've got to feel sorry for the minor characters in American Horror Story because most of the time they get a pretty raw deal. They are lucky if they can make it to the end of the season without suffering a tragic fate. Which one of these characters did you think got the worst deal?

Question 21

Your house is on fire! What do you save?

Oh great, now you've gone and done it. You put a pizza in the oven and forgot about it and now the house is engulfed in flames. You need to get out of there quick and you only have time to grab one thing - what's it going to be?

Question 22

What's your favorite guilty pleasure?

You can say this about villains: they certainly do know how to enjoy themselves. They don't feel ashamed about it either and what it took to make it possible also doesn't concern them too much. We all like to enjoy ourselves but what is your favorite guilt-inducing pleasure?

Question 23

You invite your friends to watch the new season of AHS at your place. How do you entertain them afterward?

After a long wait, the latest season of American Horror Story is going to premiere so you decide to invite your friends over to watch the very first episode. Once they arrive you all settle down and tune in just in time. Now that the credits are rolling, what are you going to do with your buddies?

Question 24

What would your memoirs be called?

Everyone always says they want to write a book about their lives but few ever do. But a memoir is a great way to tell your story and if you are lucky a Hollywood producer might just make it into a movie. If you could write it what would your autobiography be called?

Question 25

What theme would you like for AHS: Season 8?

So far we've had the haunted house, the mental hospital, the coven of witches, the freak show, the cursed hotel, the lost colonists, and most recently, a cult with a weird clown vibe. We've all got ideas about what we would like to see next - what would your choice be?

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