Which American Horror Story Season Would You Star In?


American Horror Story creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have taken us on a wild ride since the show first hit our screens in 2011. With each season showcasing a different storyline and characters, there is always something to look forward to and they don’t seem to be anywhere close to running out of ideas yet. This horror anthology started out mildly with Dr. Harmon and his family moving into a house packed to the rafters with the ghosts of all the people who had died there. For season two they took us deep inside the walls of a horrific a mental asylum run by a sadistic nun, a Nazi doctor, and another nun who inadvertently becomes possessed by the Devil. Next up was a glimpse into the world of witches and voodoo before we lined up for our very own tickets to the Freak Show. By season five we were all feeling slightly exhausted and so we unwillingly checked into the scariest hotel in town. For season six we went back in time to try and solve one of America’s oldest mysteries and now we’re all glued to our screens as the latest season – Cult – starts to unfold.

If you had to star in a season of American Horror Story, which one would suit your personality the best? Find out now!

Question 1

Who is your favorite AHS actor?

Every AHS fan has a few favorite actors from the show. Now imagine for a moment that you magically find yourself on the set of American Horror Story. The director welcomes you and says that you can go to lunch with any one of the below actors – who are you going to choose?

Question 2

Which AHS villain did you like the most?

The creators of American Horror Story seem to know our darkest fears, don’t they? That’s why they are so good at creating terrifying characters. Whether it’s school shooters, Nazi doctors, witches, clowns, or the devil himself, they know exactly what we are afraid of. Which of these characters frightened you the most?

Question 3

Which of these places would you most like to visit?

If you could visit any of these AHS locations which one would you choose? Would you like to take a tour through the eerie halls of Briarcliff or would you prefer a trip to the Freak Show? Maybe you’d like to hang out with the girls at Miss Robichaux's Academy or would you prefer to spend a night at the Hotel Cortez?

Question 4

Which of these characters would you like to have dinner with?

There have been many memorable characters in the spooky world of American Horror Story so we know this question might be a little tough but if you could take just one of these characters out for dinner and a chat who would you choose? Don’t worry, there’s nothing to fear, you’ll be completely safe!

Question 5

Who were you in a past life?

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, American Horror Story certainly seems to play on that theme by using the same actors to portray vastly different characters through different times in history. If you had to think about it, who do you think you would have been in a previous life?

Question 6

Which of these supernatural powers would you prefer?

Another constant in the AHS universe is the supernatural and show has covered plenty of ground when it comes to this subject. There’s usually a link to the supernatural in every season. So if you could choose to have any supernatural power, what would it be?

Question 7

Which genre of movies do you prefer?

Okay, so we know you love American Horror Story but it’s sadly not on all the time so you must be watching something else in-between seasons, right? Like most of us, you probably enjoy movies so which of these genres would you say you like best? We know it’s tough to choose just one!

Question 8

Which of these characters would you like to play?

Have you ever dreamed of being an actor/actress? Most of us have at one point or another. Getting paid big money to get dressed up and play someone else sounds like a dream job, so if you had the opportunity to play any one of these American Horror Story characters who would you choose?

Question 9

What act would you perform at the Freak Show?

You are down on your luck and looking for a way to start a new life when you get approached by a strange woman in a coffee bar who offers you the opportunity to join her “traveling show”. She asks which act you would like to perform – what’s your answer going to be?

Question 10

If you could choose the theme for American Horror Story 8 – which of these would you choose?

As an avid AHS fan you enter a competition with a massive prize – to choose the theme for the next installment of American Horror Story – and against the odds, you actually win. Now it’s time for you to choose what the next season will be called. What’s it going to be?

Question 11

Which Lily Rabe character did you enjoy the most?

Gorgeous Lily Rabe is a firm AHS fan favorite and this talented actress has taken on her fair share of challenging roles on the show. She’s played a demented wife, a demon-possessed nun, a witch, a serial killer, and a tortured yoga instructor but which of her characters did you most enjoy?

Question 12

You can choose any AHS prop – what do you want?

Okay, so here’s the deal. You get the chance to visit the AHS set and you are allowed to choose one prop of these props to take home with you. We know that for a true AHS fan it’s going to be really tough to make a decision but you can only have one.

Question 13

Which of these actors would you choose to play the lead role in season eight?

There’s nothing more disappointing than finding out that your favorite actor or actress is not going to be appearing in the latest season of the show. If you had the power to put one of these actors/actresses in the lead for AHS: 8, who would the lucky winner be?

Question 14

Before AHS arrived on the scene what was your favorite show?

Although it may feel like American Horror Story has been around forever it’s actually only been six years. How did we ever live without it? Well, we had other shows to occupy us although now none of them can compare to AHS. Which was your favorite?

Question 15

Which season do you think had the best soundtrack?

There’s no single aspect that makes American Horror Story such a popular show, it’s a combination of factors that keeps the fans engaged. But all fans will agree that the music chosen for the show is always spot-on. Which season of AHS did you feel had the very best soundtrack and music?

Question 16

Which of these things are you most afraid of?

No matter how brave we pretend to be in public, we all have secret fears that we don’t often share with others. These are the dark thoughts that keep up awake at night and even though it’s highly unlikely that we’ll encounter them they frighten us nonetheless. Which one of these scares you the most?

Question 17

Which Evan Peters character did you enjoy the most?

Evan Peters has appeared in every season of AHS so far and almost always has a leading role. He’s been everything from a ghost to a serial killer, even a freak show performer and there doesn’t seem to be a character he can’t bring to life. Which of his portrayals did you most enjoy?

Question 18

What is your favorite classic horror movie?

When you think of classic horror movies what is the first title that comes to mind? Was it one of the first scary movies you ever saw or did you discover it later on life? If you could sit down and watch any one of these classic horror films right now which one would you choose?

Question 19

If you found out that your house was haunted what would you do?

Oh boy, everything seemed to be going so well. You had just moved into a beautiful new house but since you arrived strange things have been happening and you’re starting to suspect that the place might just be haunted. So now the only question is what are you going to do about it?

Question 20

Which season did you think had the best opening credits?

American Horror Story is known for its incredible artwork. Remember all those spooky teasers for season six that had everyone guessing at the theme for months? This artwork and creepy imagery often extends into the shows opening credits and as you know, each season is different. Which one did you like best?

Question 21

What do you think really happened to lost Roanoke colonists?

It was the basis for AHS season six and truly one of the oldest American mysteries: what really happened to the doomed English colonists of Roanoke Island who vanished without a trace between 1585 and 1590? There are loads of theories surrounding the so called Lost Colony – which one do you think is most likely to be true?

Question 22

It’s the weekend! How are you spending it?

You’ve had a tough week but it’s finally over – time to kick back and enjoy life for a while before being forced to return to the rat race again. You have two days to do whatever you please so besides from watching reruns of AHS, what will you be doing with your time?

Question 23

Which of these celebs would you most like to see in the next installment of AHS?

What do Stevie Nicks, Lady Gaga, Neil Patrick Harris, and Adam Levine all have in common? They’ve all had roles in American Horror Story of course. Now if you were able to choose one of these celebrities to appear in the next season of the show which one would it be?

Question 24

Which Jessica Lange character did you enjoy the most?

For most American Horror Story fans the show just hasn’t been the same since the departure of veteran actress Jessica Lange. This effortlessly classy actress was the perfect fit for the matriarch figure of the show and it just hasn’t been the same since she left. Which of her performances did you enjoy the most?

Question 25

Who was your favorite minor character?

While the plot lines of American Horror Story are well thought out, it’s really the strength of the characters that keeps us coming back for more. The show does a great job at creating believable characters that evoke emotion in us. Who was your favorite minor character in the show?

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