Which 90s WWE Diva Is Your Perfect Bed Buddy?


When it comes to the wrestling business, so often we all have our favorites (and most hated!) stars who step between the ropes to fight the good fight and attempt to climb to the top of the tree. Then there is another element of the business; the performers who capture our eye for reasons other than just in-ring talent.

Whether competing for championship gold or simply serving in a non-wrestling capacity, the ladies of wrestling have had themselves a whole host of fans over the decades. And what better wrestling time was there than the famed Attitude Era? At a time when the business was the hottest it's ever been, some would go as far as to say that some of the men and women of that time were similarly the hottest that we've ever seen - be that in an in-ring sense or for just how smoking hot they were.

Many will have had their own personal crushes from that period, and chances are you'll have even had posters of your favorites adorning your walls and desktops. Now's the moment of truth, though, for it's time to find out which classic diva of yesteryear would be your ultimate bed buddy.

Question 1

Have You Ever Cheated On Anyone?

No matter what part of the equation you are, cheating is totally, totally, totally NOT cool. Whether you're the one doing the cheating or whether you're the victim of a partner hooking up with someone else, it's always a situation that totally sucks. So, the moment of truth, have you ever cheated on anyone?

Question 2

What's Your Favorite Part Of Wrestling?

The wrestling business is appealing to so many people for a whole variety of reasons. If you think about the wrestling landscape, what is it that you would say was your favorite element of the spectacle that is professional wrestling?

Question 3

Do You Like To Workout?

Some of us love it, some of us hate it, but we all really need to take care of ourselves by keeping our bodies active by exercise and hitting the gym. For you, though, how much do you actually enjoy working out?

Question 4

What Scares You The Most About A Partner?

Whether you're a longtime singleton or somebody who has had plenty of partners over the years, there are always those things we love and hate about our potential other halves. Which of the things listed here scare you the most, though?

Question 5

What Are Your Thoughts On Stephanie McMahon?

One of the most polarizing figures in the wrestling business these days is Stephanie McMahon. Some see her as a vital, positive cog in the WWE machine, while others see has as one of the main reasons that the WWE product isn't as great as it could be. What are your thoughts on the Billion Dollar Princess?

Question 6

Who Is Your Favorite Movie Star?

Everybody loves a good movie, and as such everyone has their own personal favorite movie stars. Here we have some actors who were huge names in the '90s and beyond, but which one is your favourite?

Question 7

Who Is Your Wrestling Hero?

There's only four names here, but they're four of the greatest names the wrestling business has ever seen. Which of them would you say was most worthy of being labelled your own personal wrestling hero?

Question 8

What's Your Favorite Food?

Food, glorious food! To so many, food is the ultimate reward to themselves, be it something slightly healthier or merely something to indulge yourself. What sort of food would you say was your favorite, though?

Question 9

Which Of These Cruiseweights Was Your Favorite?

When done correctly, there's nothing as entertaining as a well put-together cruiserweight battle. The four names listed here have all been labelled as cruiseweights or lightweights during their careers, but which one of them is your favorite?

Question 10

Which WWE Superstar Are You Most Like?

Regardless of how much we deny it, chances are most of us wrestling fans like to think that we have plenty in common with some of our wrestling heroes. So, out of the performers listed below, which WWE superstar would you say you were most like?

Question 11

Which Modern Female Wrestler Would Be Your Dream Date?

Now while this quiz is geared at working out with classic 'diva' of the '90s wrestling scene would be your perfect date, this particular question is all about the modern-day ladies under the WWE umbrella. So, which of the names listed here would be your dream date?

Question 12

What Other Wrestling Promotion Has Been Your Favorite?

For many of us, the wrestling business has always been a wide-spreading landscape of various companies. Clearly these days the WWE is the hands-down biggest organisation in the industry, but what other wrestling promotion has caught your eye over the years?

Question 13

How Much Of A Fan Are You Of Women's Wrestling?

Over the past few years, the WWE has constantly pushed the idea of the 'women's revolution' as the company finally decided to allow their females some genuine time to shine between the ropes. How much of a fan are you of women's wrestling as a whole, though?

Question 14

Who Were You Cheering On In The Mae Young Classic?

The recent Mae Young Classic that aired on the WWE Network won a whole host of plaudits as a collection of ladies from across the globe came together to battle it out. Several talents managed to stand out from the crowd, but which of the ones listed here was your personal favourite?

Question 15

What Best Describes Your Fashion Sense?

Fashion can be a serious business - just ask the Breezango pairing of Fandango and Tyler Breeze. We all have our own unique way of dressing, but which of the descriptions here best fits your own particular sense of fashion?

Question 16

What's Most Appealing To You?

We all have hobbies, and some of yours may be listed here as possible answers to this question. And what's the question? Why, that'd be which of the listed activities is the most appealing to you personally?

Question 17

What's Your Beverage Of Choice?

There's nothing better than sitting back and enjoying your beverage of choice. For some, that's something regular such as coffee or juice, while for others they may prefer something a tad more intense. What would you say is your beverage of choice?

Question 18

What's Your Ideal Vehicle?

For most of us, our regular mode of transport is either a standard car or simply out own two feet. If you could put yourself in control of any of these vehicles, which you be your preferred choice?

Question 19

What Do You Look For In A Partner?

We all have our own individual tastes when it comes to our significant others, and we all value certain things above others. If on the lookout for a new partner, what's the most important thing that you look for out of the options listed here?

Question 20

Which Would Be Your Preferred Vacation Spot?

Whether you love to fill your vacation time with activities and sights to see, or whether you're one of those who just loves to do absolutely nothing, we all love that time of the year when it's your annual vacation. Out of these options, which would be your preferred place to visit?

Question 21

What's Your Favorite Genre Of Music?

One of the most creative outputs that this world offers us is the potential to express ourselves musically. Or, y'know, just thrash around with a guitar and make some awful noise. With that in mind, though, what's your favorite genre of music?

Question 22

How Do You Treat Your Work Colleagues?

Unless you're one of those select few lucky ones in the world who have millions in the bank, chances are you've have had the 'pleasure' of going to work on a daily basis. On a general basis, how would you say you treat your work colleagues?

Question 23

What Is Your Best Attribute?

We're all good at certain things. In fact, there's usually a few things that we're better at than most others. For all the things that you're good or bad at, which of the things listed here would you say was your best attribute?

Question 24

What Best Describes Your Work Situation?

To make ends meet, we all have to work in order to bring in the ever-important dollar-dollar. Most of us don't particularly like it, but needs must. So, which of the following statements best describes your current work situation right now?

Question 25

Have You Ever Done Drugs?

Sure, drugs most definitely AREN'T cool, kids, but that's not to say that many people haven't dabbled with the the occasional illegal substance over the years. While we certainly don't condone drugs use, which of the statements here best describes your experiences with drugs?

Question 26

What Is Your Favorite Show On The WWE Network?

With the WWE Network now at our fingertips, there's near-unlimited wrestling content available to watch at any time on any day. Some shows on the Network are more popular than others, but which of the four listed here would be your favorite?

Question 27

Who Was The Bigger Trailblazer?

Over the decades, there have been so many ladies who have been labelled trailblazers for the generations of tomorrow. Out of the famed females listed, who would you say was the biggest game-changer of the bunch?

Question 28

Which Of These Wrestlers Was Your Favorite?

There has been mentioned of plenty of other wrestlers in this quiz already. With that said, out of the four slightly more unusual names listed here, which one would you say was your particular favorite?

Question 29

What Underwear Do You Like On A Woman?

Different people have different tastes when it comes to underwear; whether that's their own personal underwear or what underwear others are wearing. So, when you think of what sort of underwear you like your ladies to wear, which of these options best fits the bill?

Question 30

Which Of These Do You Prefer?

The names listed here may seem a tad random and with not really much in common, but they're here for a reason. That reason may not be completely clear just yet, of course. So, which of the four talents listed would you say was your preferred favorite?

Question 31

How Charismatic Are You?

In this life, some people are clearly far, far more charismatic than others. Case in point, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, the self-dubbed most electrifying man in all entertainment. When it comes to you, though, how charismatic would you say you are?

Question 32

What WWE Job Would You Want?

Obviously, wrestling and wrestlers are the focal point of the majority of WWE programming, but that's not to say that being an in-ring grappler is the only possible job in Vince McMahon's company. Which of the professions listed would you most like to do?

Question 33

Which Of These Is Your Favorite Tag Team?

When done right, there's nothing better than a great tag team bout. In fact, some of the most memorable matches and moments in the history of the wrestling business have involved legendary tag tandems. Out of the four teams listed here, though, which would be your favorite?

Question 34

Who Is Your Favorite Marvel Superhero?

Superheroes are all the rage these days, with this classic figures of pop culture enjoying a huge popularity boom across the globe. We all have our own personal favorites, but which of the four Marvel names listed here is your preferred hero?

Question 35

Which Of These Is Your Preferred Sport?

Sadly, professional wrestling isn't treated as much of a sport these days, with the WWE themselves doing their best to market themselves as a slick entertainment product rather than as a sports-heavy presentation where wins and losses matter. Away from the grappling game, though, which of these sports is your favorite?

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