Which 90s WWE Diva Is Your Perfect Bed Buddy?


When it comes to the wrestling business, so often we all have our favorites (and most hated!) stars who step between the ropes to fight the good fight and attempt to climb to the top of the tree. Then there is another element of the business; the performers who capture our eye for reasons other than just in-ring talent.

Whether competing for championship gold or simply serving in a non-wrestling capacity, the ladies of wrestling have had themselves a whole host of fans over the decades. And what better wrestling time was there than the famed Attitude Era? At a time when the business was the hottest it's ever been, some would go as far as to say that some of the men and women of that time were similarly the hottest that we've ever seen - be that in an in-ring sense or for just how smoking hot they were.

Many will have had their own personal crushes from that period, and chances are you'll have even had posters of your favorites adorning your walls and desktops. Now's the moment of truth, though, for it's time to find out which classic diva of yesteryear would be your ultimate bed buddy.

1Have You Ever Cheated On Anyone?

No matter what part of the equation you are, cheating is totally, totally, totally NOT cool. Whether you're the one doing the cheating or whether you're the victim of a partner hooking up with someone else, it's always a situation that totally sucks. So, the moment of truth, have you ever cheated on anyone?

2What's Your Favorite Part Of Wrestling?

The wrestling business is appealing to so many people for a whole variety of reasons. If you think about the wrestling landscape, what is it that you would say was your favorite element of the spectacle that is professional wrestling?

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