Which 90s Wrestling Stable Do You Belong In?

Nothing beats a great stable in professional wrestling. A faction is three or more talents that form an alliance together. Their main reason for this is to provide each other with support for both in and out of the ring. Usually, the group are friends and these wrestlers will stick together and raise hell in a promotion.

Some of the greatest legends of wrestling were members of factions. A stable allows a wrestler to prove his worth to the fans and build up his career. If he or she becomes more noticeable than the others in the stable, then that wrestler has a chance to become something special. A major reason why fans love stables can be due to the fact that the fans feel as if they’re part of that stable also. It’s a great way to connect fans and get them involved during an event.

This quiz is all about the best stables from the 1990s. During the Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW, many factions were created to boost ratings and get the fans to watch their product. If you lived through those times then you know exactly which factions we are talking about. As a wrestler, you have the opportunity to join a faction, find out which stable would be the best fit for you with this personality quiz.


Question 1

What Type Of Leader Do You Want?

Who the leader of your stable is can be very important because he or she represents everything about your faction. As the face of the stable, your leader will be the main target of your enemies. What your leader stands for and who they are as a person ultimately decides how fans and other wrestlers will treat you.

Question 2

How Do You Want Your Stable To Debut?

First impressions are very important, especially in professional wrestling. When you and your stable debut for the first time you guys want to make an impact on the fans. Depending on how you debut the fans can hate you or love you. There are several ways to go about this, which do you choose?

Question 3

What Personality Do You Have As A Wrestler?

Your personality as a wrestler can definitely impact which kind of stable you could join. Usually, most members in the same faction all think alike and carry the same characteristics. It wouldn’t make sense for a faction not to have individuals who all act the same way, unless it was pivotal to a storyline.

Question 4

What’s Your Stable’s Goal In A Promotion?

Every wrestler has their own goals and so does every stable. Sometimes a faction will let the audience know about their goals right away, other times, factions keep the fans guessing. Your faction’s goal in a promotion is important because it gives the fans the ability to recognize who you guys are and why you formed a stable to begin with.

Question 5

What Kind Of Celebrity Do You Want In Your Stable?

The relationship between celebrities and professional wrestling has been going for strong for decades now. It’s an “I scratch your back you scratch my back mentality” and as long as both sides are benefiting from the publicity, it will never stop. We’ve seen celebrities become faction members before, what type of celebrity would you want?

Question 6

Who Should Be Allowed Into Your Stable?

A wrestler down on his luck and all alone needs help and asks to be a member of your stable, how would you go about it? A lot of factions have certain criteria for potential members. It all depends on what type of wrestler they are and their personality. What qualifications would you like a potential new member to have?

Question 7

What’s The Theme Of Your Stable?

Every faction has a consistent theme for their group. It’s just another way for the fans to recognize the brand and personality of the stable. Without a consistent theme, your stable wouldn’t last too long in the wrestling industry. If the fans get the theme of your stable, your faction is one step close to becoming legends.

Question 8

Who’s Your Stable’s Number One Enemy?

It takes two to tango and most legends of wrestling wouldn’t be considered legends if they didn’t have a rival to push them. A wrestling faction should of a rival, whether it’s another stable or just one individual. Without a threat, what’s the point of even having a faction in the first place?

Question 9

What Is Your Stable Doing Backstage?

Your faction isn’t always in a match and there is a lot of downtime backstage. With some many activities to do while waiting to be called for your match, how would you go about passing the time? After all, you and your faction should enjoy each other’s company and what you do backstage can define who you guys are.

Question 10

What Type Of Management Structure Do You Want Your Stable To Have?

We asked what kind of leader do you want your stable to have but now we want to know what kind of organization your stable is. Is it all chaos or are there levels in seniority? Does everyone have a voice or is their one person leading the charge? Do champions have more say or is it a democracy? All these questions can help you figure out what type of management structure you want your stable to have.

Question 11

What’s Your Favorite Mix Of Colors?

The colors of a faction are very important because it helps fans identify the stable’s brand. If every superstar and faction wore just one specific color, then things would be really boring in the industry. For all the nWo fans out there, you know very well how important colors can be.

Question 12

How Many Members Would You Like In Your Stable?

The saying, “More the merrier,” isn’t necessarily true in professional wrestling. Sometimes a stable just wants to stick to a set number in their faction while other groups don’t care how many people are in their group. As we’ve seen over the years, certain factions care about how many wrestlers are in their stable.

Question 13

How Would You Respond If A Legend Asked To Join Your Stable?

A multi-time legend and future Hall of Famer asks to be a member of your stable. You’ve battled him in the squared circle before and you don’t agree with everything he says, but the fact the he’s a legend is enticing enough to hear him out. How would you go about dealing with this situation?

Question 14

What Type Of Manager Would You Want In Your Stable?

Wrestlers aren’t the only ones known to be part of a stable. Managers in professional wrestling also have an important role. Usually they’re in a stable to help out over the guys through talking on the mic. They can also play a role in helping the wrestler cheat to get a win.

Question 15

How Does Your Stable Go About Playing Mind Games?

Mind games are an intricate part of wrestling. Mind games are a series of deliberate actions or responses planned for psychological effect on another, typically for amusement or a competitive advantage. Psychological warfare in wrestling is very important for storyline purposes and makes the match that much better. How would you go about it?

Question 16

What’s Your Favorite Hobby?

We asked before what you and your stable do backstage but what about you personally? When you have time off from crunching bones and slamming bodies, what are you up to? Sometimes you may want to take a long nap, other times you might want to read a book. What your hobby is can define who you are and what type of stable you would belong to.

Question 17

How Would Your Stable React To The Fans?

The fans are the reason the wrestling industry stays relevant. Without the fans, wrestling wouldn’t survive in a world full of entertainment. We’ve heard countless times during a Hall of Fame speech on how important the fans are. The way you treat the fans during a match is pivotal to your character and stable. Choose wisely.

Question 18

What Are Your Thoughts About Rules?

Every wrestling promotion has rules unless you’re in CZW’s Tournament of Death. Without rules the match would be chaos so it’s understandable why they are there in the first place. As a member of your stable, would you abide by the rules or break them? Would you respect the guidelines or take advantage of every loophole possible?

Question 19

What Is Your Choice Of Entrance Music?

A wrestler’s entrance music is just as important as the wrestlers outfit, skill set, and mic skills. Fans hear the sound of your entrance before they see you. If you want to get to the top in this industry, a cool entrance song can make you go far. Surprisingly, for decades personalized entrance music was not part of the industry but that all changed in the ‘80s.

Question 20

Vince McMahon tells you to kiss his bottom. What do you do?

Every wrestler in the WWE dreaded these two words, “You’re Fired.” Vince McMahon not only plays a boss on television but is the boss in real life. He is God, and if you don’t do what he says, you could be facing some hardships in the near future. As McMahon calls on you to kiss his bottom, how do you react?

Question 21

Another Promotion Invades Your Territory. What Does Your Stable Do?

Some of you may be too young to remember or even existed when the Monday Night Wars was in full throttle. It was good times, and the competition between WWE and WCW brought out the best in a lot of wrestlers. A promotion decides to hold an event the same day your promotion is holding an event, how would your stable proceed?

Question 22

What Type Of Logo Do You Want To Represent Your Stable?

A logo can be the visual linchpin of your stable. Your faction’s identity and brand is expressed through the logo and it gives the fans an understanding of who you are. A visually pleasant logo can make your stable memorable decades after it’s been disbanded. What kind of logo do you think you would want?

Question 23

How Would Your Stable Go About Cheating In A Match?

We asked you what your thoughts on the rules of a promotion but how about what would you do if you actually cheated in a match? There are many different ways to cheat in a match and certain stables had trademark features doing this. There’s always the option to not cheat, but that isn’t fun.

Question 24

How Would You Like Your Faction To Be Remembered?

When it was all said and done, how would you like your stable to be remembered? Decades from now, fans would look back on your stable. They may have positive or negative thoughts about the way your faction handled business. As long as your faction created memorable moments, you do your job as a wrestler.

Question 25

How Would Your Faction Disband?

All great things must come to an end, like this personality quiz. Factions in the wrestling industry disband all the time and rarely last a few years. The way a faction is disbanded can be just as important as any debut or memorable championship match. For example, everyone will remember where they were when they saw Seth Rollins turn on his Shield brothers, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.

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