Which 90s Cartoon Villain Are You?


We are only a little over two years away from 2020, 30 years after the 1990s. Anyone feeling old yet?

Well, if you're feeling old simply by that, prepare to feel even older with this quiz. We're going to look back at some of the more infamous 90s cartoon villains and you're going to determine which one you're most like. Sounds easy, right?

For this quiz, we actually have some ground rules, one of which will be extremely controversial: only one comic book villain is allowed. While the 1990s was arguably the glory age of comic book shows with Batman: The Animated SeriesX-Men, Spider-Man, and even Darkwing Duck, there's way too many candidates to choose from; that may be another quiz for the future, but with the one candidate in mind, we think we made the right call.

In addition, anime characters such as Frieza are not eligible for this list because anime is not a cartoon. They are two completely different things and it's a bucket of worms I do not feel like opening.

If you're ready to feel old but bask in the nostalgia which comes when discussing some of the greatest cartoon villains in history, grab your comic relief sidekicks, as many traps as you can, and let's get to work.

Question 1

How would you best rob a bank?

Every supervillain has to try robbing a bank at some point, right? Of the following ways, what would you do? And no, you don't get someone like Lester Crest to help do all of the planning. You have to come up with everything on your own for a bank that will have decent security, but a heavy amount of cops coming to stop you. Good luck!

Question 2

Where would you put your evil lair?

Listen, Arkham Asylum may not be the best idea for an evil lair on paper - especially when you remember how many times Batman has been there and that Bruce Wayne likely supplied most of the equipment - but The Joker showed it could work. In fact, it may be best not to talk about that second time in Return of the Joker. Robin's cries will give you nightmares for nights upon end...

Question 3

Which gun are you using in a firefight?

Not every supervillain is going to use guns, especially not the ones with superpowers, but let's say you absolutely have to. What are you using? Is a pistol, despite its simplicity, good enough because of your skill, or would you rather go all-out with the AK-47? Or, do you just want to cause as much chaos as possible with a rocket launcher? That choice is up to you...

Question 4

What evil activity are you doing during your break?

Fine, not all of these activities are 'evil' - there's nothing wrong with watching TV unless you're a participation trophy-loving soccer mom - but I do find the idea of Darth Vader watching holovids (Star Wars' version of movies) on his down time funny. Of the following options, what are you doing when you're not clashing with your rival or the police? And no, doing drug deals does not count.

Question 5

What is your favorite color?

I think we can all agree by now that a true personality quiz on TheQuiz wouldn't be complete without a color-related question. People have to stop looking at colors as just that and look more into what they can represent. When I see green, for example, I think of money and ranking; red, on the other hand, is anger and craziness. Blue? Cool, calm, and depressed. So pick a color already!

Question 6

What do you find attractive in a villain?

Apparently, people seem to really find Kylo Ren interesting not because of his character or his lightsaber, but because of his looks. Interesting. Maybe it's because I'm boring, but I've come to realize that bad guys lose a bit in the looks department if they have flat personalities, but I could be alone. When you're surveying the supervillain scene, what is it that makes people so attractive?

Question 7

What makes a good superhero?

Yes, you could easily put their success rate and moral codes here, but if you're looking at a superhero from a purely antagonistic view, what would you want from them? Do they need to have a personality that makes you want to slowly kill them while also realizing you can't live without them, or are pride and ambition more what you're looking for? Or, do you want someone that's popular enough to where your battles matter?

Question 8

Which of these is the best 90s movie?

No, Pulp Fiction is not on this list because not only only is it the best movie of the 1990s by far, but we used it in another quiz. We have to change things up once in a while! Three of the following movies are excellent, The Sixth Sense is pretty good, and Titanic is hilariously overrated. I'm going to get shot for saying that. Save me by answering the question.

Question 9

Which 90s trend do you miss most?

As the 80s had MTV, the music video, and the drug trade, the 1990s had a cultural shift full of hot and exciting trends that hipsters still cling to today. Remember Beanie Babies? I remember Beanie Babies and I wasn't even born until 1997. You feeling old yet? You want to feel even older by answering this question? Go about it, old one.

Question 10

You decide to run for mayor to control the city. How do you appeal to people?

From Sideshow Bob to The Penguin, it's almost become a tired cliche at this point - actually, I take it back, it's become a horrifically tired cliche - that a well-known criminal will run for public office and somehow woo the public into nearly electing them in. If you were going to take this route and run for mayor, what public-friendly issue would you run on?

Question 11

What do you fear most?

Everyone, even your favorite supervillains, have fears. Some are fairly realistic - animals, nightmares, the dark - and others...well, would anyone else think The Joker's biggest fear seems to be his victims getting the final laugh? It's either that or normalcy, depending on the work. But sure, fears are normal and below are some common ones and some of the more extreme ones. Which are you picking?

Question 12

Who would you want to create your evil theme?

John Williams

I stand by the belief that John Williams is the best soundtrack composer of all-time, one that seems to draw more flack than I'd expect. Go and listen to any of the Star Wars films that have his score - that was another mistake Disney made with Rogue One, by the way - and tell me you wouldn't listen outside of the movie? I need Yoda's Theme on repeat...

Question 13

Who is your favorite member of the Justice League?

Are we really down to only a couple of months away from Justice League releasing? How bad is it going to be? What half-assed way will allow Superman to return from the dead? Will Batman continue to break his no-killing code? Will Wonder Woman be demoted to a damsel in distress after having her own movie? All of these questions and more will be answered after you answer this question.

Question 14

Which 1980s cartoon did you like most?

I feel like if we did a quiz like this about 90s cartoons and neglected to ignore cartoons from the previous decades, I should probably resign and break my laptop. I never thought I'd say this as a kid, but shows from the 1980s, at least for the most part, seem to have an edge up on shows from the next decade. Batman: The Animated Series has its own level of greatness, however.

Question 15

What are you looking for in a comic relief sidekick?

In a way, Harley Quinn is not quite a comic relief character, although she does have those moments in Batman: The Animated Series. Remember when The Joker puts a fish on her head - and not like an actual fish, like a fish head? That was funny. Then again, we think about what happened in Mad Love and...yeah, maybe we should just answer this before the tears start to fall.

Question 16

How are your genius plans most likely to end?

What? You REALLY thought the bad guy was going to get away with it? You thought he'd rob the bank, take over that political position, or get the girl in the end? Nope, something is bound to happen that ends up with the hero winning, the villain going to jail, and things going back to normal when the story concludes. How are your plans most likely to end?

Question 17

What weapons would you give your soldiers?

Alright, so you've begun to assemble a mini-army of soldiers...alright, you have a small gang of at max 20 people, but it's enough right now! You know that you can't send them out to do their business simply with their fists, so what are you going to arm the majority of your men with? Yes, there may be one person who can do Kung Fu, but we're talking the majority!

Question 18

Which of these is the best 90s song?

If we do a quiz about a certain decade, we have to include various parts of the culture at the time, you see. It's almost a requirement! What's the point of watching cartoons if you don't have music to get prepared for it? There are so many fantastic songs from the 90s, but we chose the ones below both out of personal bias and appreciation for their genres. Enjoy!

Question 19

On a scale of 1-5, how much does money matter to you?

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but then again, so is money. You earn it (or steal it), you spend it (or steal what you're looking for), and the cycle repeats. The reason I ask about money is because of the next question, one that has to do with the almighty dollar. You know what they say: C.R.E.A.M: Cash Rules Everything About Me.

Question 20

You earn a large payday. What's the first thing you buy?

Just now, I asked about money and its importance to you. But regardless of how much you like money, you're going to need it to be a successful supervillain, right? You've made your money and there is a lot of it, enough to improve on your gang or invest in an alpha fund to earn even more. Or, you can get a makeover! Which are you picking?

Question 21

Who is your favorite Avenger?

Well, we asked about the Justice League earlier, so it'd be pretty unfair to leave the Avengers out too, right? I know the Avengers haven't gotten too much attention of late with Justice League a couple months shy of its release, but don't forget about these guys and Infinity War, folks. The time is soon coming when everyone will team up again to overcome their angst!

Question 22

Which 1990s channel were you most likely watching?

With the arrival of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and all these streaming services, many have begun getting rid of the traditional TV and cable setup. Remember when you'd run home from school (or bus), sit down in front of the TV (or sit on the couch), and wait for your favorite show to come on? Of the following five channels, which were you most likely watching?

Question 23

What is your favorite Generation I Pokémon?

I'd make a joke about this being over 20 years since Pokémon Red and Blue, but I think we missed the boat on that by a couple years, no? Before the 'second' Pokémon trend which came with the likes of YouTube and Twitch (remember Twitch Plays Pokémon?), there was the original Pokémon buzz in the 90s when the games were everywhere, people read the Manga, and the anime was mediocre but not awful.

Question 24

What 90s console was your favorite?

It wasn't just Pokémon, Mario, and Sonic that ruled the video game shelves in the 90s, especially not with series like Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy, and Fallout all either debuting or rising to legitimate stardom. Ah, the old school Grand Theft Auto games where you'd get in trouble for running a red light. Which of these older consoles did you enjoy the most?

Question 25

Which of these 1990s shows gave you the most laughs?

True, not all of these shows were quite comedies, but they definitely had some infamous moments. The Joker was, quite literally, full of laughs on Batman: The Animated Series! Remember when he put the fish on Harley's head? Oh right, we talked about that. Remember when he hit the businessman with an actual fish? That was funny too! Pick one of the following choices!

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