Which '80s Horror Icon Are You?


Horror is one of the most enduring genres in all of film history, but it's been more prevalent in some decades than it has in others. Without question, one of the biggest decades in horror history was the 1980s. The gorier, more realistic horror hits of the 1970s broke open the doors, but the '80s is when the floodgates opened, and many of the horror genre's biggest, most iconic characters came to life for the first time. And then died... and then came to life again. You know the drill.

While traditional horror movies have tended to end with the monster getting killed, these 80s horror icons weren't content to sit around in a grave for long. Rather, these frightening monsters kept kicking it long past their due date, spending film after film cutting their bloody swaths through hordes of teenagers. Some of these characters have continued to pop up in the present day, though not with the same regularity that they once did.

If you grew up watching horror movies, then the chances are that you're something of a horrifying monster yourself. Seriously, just admit it. Whether you're a hellbent zombie or a dream demon, your blood lust knows no bounds. So now, let's see what sort of villain you really are: Which '80s Horror Icon Are You?

Question 1

What the Heck is Your Problem?

Sorry to be so blunt about it, but seriously. If you're actually considering becoming a monster in a horror movie, you obviously have some serious issues. While there are better ways to handle your problems, it looks like you're here, so let's open up and discuss them. What is your problem? What could happen to you that would leave you so damaged that you want to go slash up hordes of teenagers?

Question 2

What Makes You Angry Today?

Well, okay. So we already went over the root causes that resulted you become so messed up in the first place. But these days, what motivation causes you to lash out and commit such horrible deeds? What is it that gets you so angry that horrific actions seem like the only solution?

Question 3

Love Life

Okay, it's time to talk about relationships. Come on now, open up. Your love life is a very important thing, that can have a huge impact on the rest of your life as well; one might even say that a bad love life could cause some very, very poor decisions, and maybe that's why you're here. Or maybe you're happy? Either way, let us know.

Question 4

Are You a Big Talker?

Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street

Humans beings are inherently social creatures. But you aren't really human anymore, are you? So tell us, how do you communicate... or do you communicate at all? When you're busy doing your kills, are you always cracking lots of witty jokes, or are you more of the deadly, silent, and introverted type?

Question 5

Fashion Sense

Pinhead Hellraiser

How do you dress, when you're out to impress? Or in your case, we suppose, what sort of attire would you prefer to wear on a night that you're going to be out committing monstrous deeds? Are you a flashy dresser, or maybe a bit more casual and unassuming? Let us know, we're not judging.

Question 6

Feelings About Your Body

Listen, we know. If you're one of the monsters on this list, that already means you've had some sort of severe physical mutilation occur, at some point in your life. But what was the nature of this injury, and more importantly, how do you feel about your new shape and form?

Question 7

Your Personality

If the people who know you best were to tell others what you are like -- assuming that those people aren't dead, anyway -- how would those people describe you? Sure, you're probably not the most likable person around, considering you're such a monster. But you must have some redeeming qualities, right?

Question 8

Your Religious Views

This might seem like a strange question. Considering the horrible actions that a being like you commits to other people, it's pretty clear that any afterlife that may exist won't be too favorable to the likes of you. But nonetheless, tell us how you feel. What sort of religious views do you hold, if any?

Question 9

Are You a Good Person?

90sPosterQuiz Army of Darkness

Ha, just kidding! Obviously you're not, considering that you're an '80s horror icon. Sorry, buddy, but let's face it, you are one evil being. However, do YOU think that you're a good person? Or perhaps more specifically, do you have some degree of sympathetic qualities, or are you really just genuinely rotten?

Question 10

Do You Like Games?

Hellraiser puzzle box

Some people are all work, no play. But other people like to play board games, party games, or even maybe just a few rounds of Chess. What about you? Are you the sort of person who enjoys playing games in a group, or do you find the whole game thing tedious and pointless?

Question 11

Where Would You Like to Travel?

Hey, it's time for an adventure! Or maybe not, that's up to you. But let's say you had the option of going on your dream vacation somewhere. If you could choose anywhere, anywhere in the world, where would you like to go? Go ahead, pick a place, no matter how otherworldly, and tell us where it is!

Question 12

Favorite Sport?

Everyone has got to get some form of physical exercise, whether they admit it or not. However, one's preferred form of exercise, or one's favorite sport, is definitely a subjective affair. What is your favorite sport around? Or, if you don't like sports at all, pick the one that you'd be the most likely to agree to.

Question 13

What Do People Get Wrong About You?

People make a lot of assumptions about others, and those assumptions can be really hurtful, even when you're a psychotic serial killing monster like yourself. What sort of things do people say or think about you, that they get so horribly wrong? What are the most inaccurate assumptions people have about you?

Question 14

Alcohol Preferences

Drinking is one of the most common social activities of the human race. As we all know, you're not really human, but you probably once were, or maybe still consider yourself to be. If you like drinking, what is your preferred beverage of choice? Out of the ones listed here, anyway.

Question 15

If You Were A Teacher...

Okay, so you're obviously not really the "teaching" type, since your interactions with other people tend to leave them dead, not better informed. But let's say that somehow, you were forced to teach a class of high schoolers, and you got to pick the subject. In that case, what subject would you choose to teach?

Question 16

Best Way to Reach You?

Let's say your friends want to get a hold of you somehow, to bring you out to a party (yes, we know you killed all your friends, but pretend for a second). Now, if they want to reach you, what is the best way to do so? Are you easy to get a hold of, or does getting you out of the house you require a lot of work on their part?

Question 17

Preferred Environment?

Some people just want to live on a little farm somewhere, surrounded by fields, far away from everyone else. Other people love living in densely packed cities. What about you? Or you small town folk, or perhaps someone who is most at home in the woods? Or do you prefer bigger, more urban environments?

Question 18

How Do You Sleep at Night?

Sleep is one of our single most important biological functions, but it is also one of our most neglected ones. In the go-go-go world of today, sleep often gets the short stick. But when you finally hit the pillow at night, what sort of sleep do you experience? Do you get a good night's rest, or are you constantly getting up?

Question 19

Planning Abilities

Some people are big planners. They like to plan our their day, their week, their month, to know what's coming up ahead and make every arrangement. Other people are more impulsive, wanting to live in the moment and enjoy the surprises that turn up as a result. What about you? Do you enjoy planning?

Question 20

Which Kid Were You in School?

We already went over what kind of teacher you would be. However, if you were still in school today -- and perhaps, maybe you ARE still in school -- what sort of young stereotype did you fall under? Pick one of the answers below, or pick the one that comes the closest.

Question 21

Your Reading Tastes

Based on the fact that you're taking this quiz, we're going to assume that you probably love watching movies. But what about books? Are you a big reader? And if so, what sort of literature do you prefer to dive into? Pick the one below that most closely matches your reading preferences.

Question 22

Your Biggest Strength

Obviously you're a smart cookie, since you're taking this quiz. But what is your biggest strength, as an individual? Feel free to brag about yourself here, have fun with it, but also be honest. What is the best quality that you feel sets you apart from others, in a positive way?

Question 23

Your Biggest Weakness

Okay, so we gave you that opportunity to brag about your best qualities, and you took it. Now, to be fair, let's talk about some of your less fine qualities -- or, if that's too much for you, let's instead think of this as the easiest way for one of your enemies to get under your skin. If someone wanted to defeat you, what would be the best way to do so?

Question 24

Rest and relaxation

Okay, so you've had a long, hard day spent stalking the forests surrounding your home, wielding that machete, and generally just making a nuisance of yourself. We get it, it's a hard life. But when you finally make it home at night, how do you like to unwind, relax, and feel like yourself again?

Question 25

Meanest Thing Someone Could Tell You

Now, time for the final question... and it's time to talk about your feelings again! What is the very meanest thing that another person could tell you, that would hurt your feelings the most? We're not asking whether it's true or not -- it could be totally false -- just that whatever it is would bother you the most. Tell us!

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