Where Should You Go On Your Next Vacation?


Sometimes, life can be hard. Working all day -- or all night -- drains us like nothing else, and it often feels like as soon as one day is over, the next day's work begins. It seems endless. Luckily, if there is one thing that can brighten up even the most dreary of workdays, it's the fantasy of our next vacation. Some might prefer an island getaway, whereas others would rather have a snowy retreat, but everyone loves getting away from their regular life for a while in someplace new and exciting.

But where? With so many places, and with friends and family recommending so many different ideas, how is it possible to pick only one? In such a big world, there are so many destinations to choose from, and all of them present such different and intriguing possibilities. From tiny villages to huge metropolises, from developing countries to fancy hotels, everyone has different necessities when it comes to taking your dream vacation. So, in order to make choosing your next vacation at least a little bit easier, take this quiz, figure out your vacation priorities, and see what sort of exciting place the world wants you to travel to next. It's time to find out, Where Should You Take Your Next Vacation?

Question 1

Preferred climate?

We don't know what sort of climate you live in, whether its the wild wintery winds of New Hampshire or the humid beaches of Florida. However, what we're asking is what sort of climate you'd like to experience on your vacation? Warm, hot, cold, flexible? Let us know!

Question 2

What should the locals be like?

One of the big factors that determines the enjoyment when you go to any location is what sort of people you're going to run into. Every place has its own kind of people. For your upcoming vacation, what sort of people are you looking to run into and mingle about with?

Question 3

What kind of wildlife into?

People are one thing, but what about the animals? Any place you go will have its own distinct type of exotic wildlife, from the insects to the fish to the mammals. Since you're the one traveling, what sort of wildlife would you like to spot, even if only for a flashing moment?

Question 4

What kind of food do you like?

Another one of the charming benefits of traveling is getting to try out the local cuisine. Every place has its own favorite foods, special dishes, or weird local appetites. If you had to choose between eating one of the menu items listed below, which one of these would be your preference?

Question 5


As you're settling into that favorite meal, whatever you may have chosen, you probably should order a local beverage. What's better than a beer? Hey, not much. But if the beer menu has these items on it, which one are you most likely going to want to pick? Assume that price isn't a factor.

Question 6

What's your budget?

Some people save every penny for their dream vacation, sometimes for years. Others only plan at the last minute, and scramble for the funds. Some people are lucky enough to have lots of extra cash at their disposal. What about you? How much money are you willing to spend on this trip?

Question 7

Travel preferences

How do you want to get to your dream location? There are an array of options, and while a plan is usually the most convenient, it's rarely the only option out there. Let us know what travel preferences you may have as we decide which journey you should soon embark on.

Question 8


Once you get to your dream location, you're going to have to bunk down one way or another. For now, let's assume that you haven't got any friends in the area, so you're going to have to purchase a bed of some kind. How picky are you about where you sleep?

Question 9

Language Barrier

Wherever in the world you may go, you'll probably have to deal with language barriers. Or maybe not, if you're skilled enough to be bilingual. Either way, some people like the challenge, whereas others can't deal with it. How about you? Are language barriers a problem in your book? Give us an idea.

Question 10

Adventure time?

Would you plan every single second of your trip or would you be more loose with it and take things as they come? Some people are really into travel packages and some people find that anything less than getting lost in a jungle cannot be called an authentic experience. So, what kind of adventure are you looking for?

Question 11


We've discussed such items as the people, and the budget, but what about the culture? What sort of cultural situation, landscape, or personality would you like to experience on your dream vacation? Obviously, there's a lot of variety within any country or place that you go to, but try to choose from the options we have provided as closely as possible.

Question 12

Exploring nature

Every place in the world has its natural wonders, and they're some of the most exciting things to see when you go to a new location. Out of the items we've listed below, which natural wonder would you be most interesting in seeing, exploring, or walking through? Give us an idea!

Question 13

Man-made wonders

So we've already explored the many natural wonders that the world has to offer, but mankind has ALSO created wonders throughout our vast history, the remnants of which remain for all too see and explore -- if they have the money for a plane ticket. Which of these man-made wonders would most interest an explorer like yourself?

Question 14

Snack food

We covered serious meals, but sometimes, you don't quite want to fill your entire belly. If you just want a quick snack, what sort of food are you going to go for? Something fast, easy, but enjoyable. Let us know your simple snack food preferences. Don't be embarrassed about it, everyone has got their own favorite snack!

Question 15

Your personality

This is kind of a key factor, don't you think? What sort of personality do you have? Who are you? Give us some sort of basic idea, as close as you can approximate, so we can start to figure out which vacation you would most likely enjoy the most. Let's hear it!

Question 16

How long?

Sadly, the unfortunate truth is that some people have schedules that are more flexible than others. You don't want to totally lose your job, right? Or DO you? That's up to you. What we want to know is how long you're willing to put aside in order to make your dream vacation happen. As little or as much as you want!

Question 17

Scary Challenges

Every place you go could potentially have some serious natural (or not so natural) disaster occur. Here are a number of possibilities, all of which are quite scary: what we want to know is, which of these possibilities scares you the LEAST? Or at least, which horrifying reality are you most willing to potentially face?

Question 18

Favorite James Bond Movie?

Let's hope you're a 007 fan, because 007 is a fan of you. As James Bond viewers know, this long series of movies has filmed in a wide variety of locations all across the globe, just as James himself often hops from country to country in his efforts to save the world. Which of these James Bond movies is your favorite?

Question 19

Favorite Non-Bond Movie

Okay, we know, that's a lot of James Bond. But putting ol' 007 aside from a minute, let's take a look at other movies. While your actual favorite movie might not be listed here, which one of these movies interests you the most? This might seem random, but there's a pattern going on here, trust us.

Question 20

Music Genre?

Wherever you might go, you'll be hearing the local tunes. You'll also probably be hearing American pop music -- just because you hear that everywhere in the world -- but for now, which of these popular or not-so-popular musical genres would you most enjoy listening to when you go out on your trip?

Question 21

Favorite Westeros Locations

We already know that you watch Game of Thrones. We mean, seriously. Of course you do, because everyone does. So let's say that you lived in Westeros, right? If you had that land ahead of you, and could travel to any location within the Seven Kingdoms (or beyond), where would you like to go?

Question 22

Favorite color?

Pick a color, any color! Choose any color that you like the best, in complete seriousness, because the truth is that you are definitely going to be seeing quite a bit of it. Just choose whichever set of colors most appeals to you. No judgment here: everyone has their own favorite!

Question 23

The price of an item

This sounds a bit confusing, but bear with us: when you have to buy stuff, how do you like your prices? By that, we mean to ask if you like set, firm prices that don't waver, or if you prefer prices... negotiable. Do you prefer a set price, even if it's pricier, or do you enjoy the banter of bargaining back and forth with the seller until an agreement is made?

Question 24

Which religion interests you the most?

No, no, no, we're not asking what YOUR religion is, but rather, which of the following religions interest you the most? If you were to study one of them, to learn more about how it works, which of these religions do you think you would find the most fascinating, as a whole?

Question 25

Best Non-Alcoholic Beverage

Okay, now that we had a couple beers earlier, let's freshen up with something that's not so alcoholic. On the other drink menu, what is your beverage of choice? Do you want something hydrating, or maybe something caffeinated?

Question 26

What do you value most?

Sometimes, we don't feel quite at home in our actual home location, because our values don't line up with the values of other people around us. Which of these things do you value the most? You might value all of them, of course -- or maybe none of them -- but pick the one that best represents your value system.

Question 27


We live in an ancient world, of course, but some regions have a centuries upon centuries of human history within them, whereas the culture within other locations are relatively recent, whether due to migration, war, colonization, and other factors. Are you a history buff? Or do you not care about that sort of stuff?

Question 28

Favorite TV show?

Rose Nadler in Lost

Yep, let's jump back into your media interests, and see if this gives us a little glimpse of what your future vacation should be. In this case, now that we've covered movies, tell us what your favorite TV show is. Once again, if your favorite isn't listed here, simply list which one out of these you like the most!

Question 29

How do you party?

Maybe you love parties, or maybe you don't. The key factor we're trying to determine is what you are DOING at a party. What sort of partygoer are you? Which one of these descriptions seems like the closest match to who you are, and/or what sort of emotions you feel during a party? It's good to be prepared, since parties happen all over the world...

Question 30

Your vacation dream job

fishing rod

All right, all right, so maybe none of the things we're about to list here are actually your dream job. But let's say somehow, for some strange reason, you get the opportunity to extend your vacation, so you pick up some part time work while you're there. What sort of job would you like to be doing?

Question 31

Your bedtime

Yes, believe it or not, this is actually a big factor, because different places have different schedules going on. Some places are open all night long, and some are on a strictly sun-up, sun-down sort of schedule. Since you're on vacation, and work isn't a factor, when do you go to bed?

Question 32

Pick a Sport

Gotta love them sports. Seriously, even if you're not athletic, you have to at least appreciate a good sport or two -- and if you ARE athletic, you definitely have a favorite. What is your favorite sport to play, watch, or keep up to date on? C'mon, share it with us!

Question 33

Favorite leisure activities

Okay, put your computer, iPhone, and tablet aside for a moment, because you're on vacation in a new place. Without technology included, what are your favorite leisure hobbies to take part in? There has to be something you enjoy doing, so let us know which one of these it is -- or at least, which one is closest.

Question 34


Let's face it, if you're going to another place, all of your friends and family are going to beg you to bring a little something back from them. Or maybe you haven't told anyone you're going, and you just want to bring something back for yourself. What sort of souvenir are you going to get?

Question 35

Where do you prefer to shop?

Okay, now it comes time for the big question -- shopping! If you're going to a new place, you have to bring something -- or many things -- back home. So tell us, where would you prefer to go shopping? Lots of options around, but let's hear what your ideal shopping preference is.

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