When Did These Teams Win The World Series?


Baseball is the bee’s knees. It’s America’s favorite pastime. And it all comes down to one annual championship: the World Series. Every year, baseball fans sit in a stadium or in their living rooms in anticipation as one team conquers all. It’s baseball’s answer to the Super Bowl, but the Super Bowl has only been around since the ‘60s. The World Series has been played every year (except two) since pretty much the turn of the 20th century. Major League teams have been playing the World Series through the First World War, the Second World War, the Kennedy assassination, the Nixon administration, Watergate, Vietnam, the Cold War, the Gulf War, and the September 11th attacks. It offers a symbol of patriotic hope. America might lose all hope and get into rocky conflicts and become violently divided by whoever’s in the White House, but the country will always band together and join hands to enjoy the World Series. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican or a libertarian – baseball is the one thing all of America can agree on. Which team to support is an entirely different matter, but it’s all in good spirits. It all boils down to the World Series. How much do you know about the World Series?

Question 1

When was the last time the Boston Red Sox won the World Series?

The Boston Red Sox were thought to be cursed until 2004. Ever since they traded Babe Ruth, the greatest baseball player who ever lived, to the New York Yankees and turned them into the greatest MLB team of all time, they were thought to have a curse of some kind. 2004 was the first World Series won by the Red Sox since way, way back in 1918. It was historic, and it was the 100th World Series of all things. Since then, they’ve actually won quite a few. When was their last?

Question 2

When was the last time the Detroit Tigers won the World Series?

The Detroit Tigers are a great team, and they’ve seen some really terrific players come and go over the years. However, they haven’t won a World Series in a while. They competed in the 2006 and 2012 World Series championships, but they lost them both, the former to the St. Louis Cardinals and the latter to the San Francisco Giants. It’s been years since they won – it’s about time they won again. So, what year was the last time that the Detroit Tigers won a World Series?

Question 3

Who was the manager of the Yankees for their five consecutive World Series wins?

In 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, and 1953, the New York Yankees achieved the astounding feat of five consecutive World Series victories. They also won in 1947, but that was with a different manager. The very same guy managed the Yankees for their five consecutive wins, and he’s solidified his place in sports history because of it. He would also manage them for a further two World Series victories, but they weren’t a part of this consecutive string. The scores were 4-1, 4-0, 4-2, 4-3, and 4-2. They played the Brooklyn Dodgers in three of the games and the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Giants. But who was the manager?

Question 4

When did the Anaheim Angels win the World Series?

The Anaheim Angels have only ever played in the World Series once, but they won it, so that gives them a winning percentage of 1%. That’s like 0.325% more than the Yankees. If only the Angels could settle on a name. In the 1960s, they were the Los Angeles Angels. Then they seemed settled on being the California Angels, since that name lasted three decades. But then they switched to Anaheim Angels (the name they had when they won the World Series), then the long-winded Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for a decade, and finally, since 2016, they’ve been back to the Los Angeles Angels. But which year did the Anaheim Angels, as they were then known, win the World Series?

Question 5

When was the last time the Kansas City Royals won a World Series?

The Kansas City Royals may have been the Major League team that Lorde was singing about in her hit song. It was either that or actual royalty. The MLB Royals, in the American League, have played in four World Series championships since they were founded in 1969. They’ve won two and lost two, giving them a nice, neat overall winning percentage of a cool 0.5%. Sure, there are better teams with better World Series numbers, but there’s still a place for the Royals. When was their last World Series victory?

Question 6

Which two teams have never played in a World Series?

In the whole history of the World Series, there are only two Major League Baseball teams to have never qualified to appear. There are six teams that have appeared and played, but never won. The World Series has been going on for over a century. Every MLB team has had ample opportunities over the years to compete and win one, so now it’s only impressive if you’ve won a million of them like the Yankees. But which are the two teams to have never even competed?

Question 7

When was the last time the Phillies won a World Series?

The Philadelphia Phillies are a pretty great team with some great players over the years – Von Hayes, Ryan Howard, Chase Utley. They’ve also been glorified in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on multiple occasions (especially Utley, who’s been the subject of a love letter with stickers on it). Remember the episode “The World Series Defense,” when the gang was trying to get into Citizens Bank to watch the Phillies play in the World Series? Well, what year was that? (Side-note: they also played in the World Series the following year, but lost to – you guessed it – the New York Yankees.)

Question 8

Which team has the second most World Series victories?

It doesn’t take a sports pundit to tell you that the New York Yankees have won the most World Series championships of any MLB team. They’re head and shoulders (and knees and toes) above all the other teams. They’ve won 27 World Series out of the 40 they’ve competed in. Even the very, very best teams can only hope for about 5, so 27 is really, really impressive. However, there’s one team that’s creeping its way up there with 11 total victories. Which team is it?

Question 9

When was the last time the Yankees won a World Series?

They’ve won a total of 27, often in long, consecutive strings under the right manager, but the New York Yankees haven’t won a World Series championship in a couple of years. They’ve won the most, and it’ll stay that way for a while, even if they never win another won ever again, but they’ll need to step it up if they want to maintain their astronomical lead. When was the last time the Yankees won one and surprised no one?

Question 10

When was the last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series before 2016?

Last year, at the last World Series, the Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians, and it was a long overdue victory for the Cubs. Cubs fans had been waiting since 1945 for the Cubs to appear in their eleventh World Series. See, they started off so strong in the early days of the World Series, but they hadn’t played in one for 71 years in 2016, and they hadn’t won one in even longer! When was the last year that the Cubs won the World Series prior to their 2016 return to glory?

Question 11

How many World Series appearances have the Pittsburgh Pirates made?

Pittsburgh is a great city for sport. Their football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, stands up as one of the best in that field, and their baseball team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, stands up as one of the best in that field (no field pun intended). They’ve won a great many World Series (not as many as the Yankees, of course, but still a respectable number). They’re a National League team who have only lost two World Series championships – but how many have they played in?

Question 12

When was the last time the Arizona Diamondbacks won the World Series?

Despite having a name that sounds like it came off The Bride’s revenge list in Kill Bill, the Arizona Diamondbacks have a rich, albeit short history in the world of baseball. They’re notable for being World Series competitors from a Far West US state other than California. They have only ever played in one World Series, but kudos to them for winning it. Plus, the team was only founded in 1998, so it’s impressive for such a short amount of time. What year did they win?

Question 13

When was the last time the New York Mets won the World Series?

The New York Mets don’t have a great track record at the World Series. They’ve played in five championships in their more than half a century of existing as a team. They only won two and lost three for a winning percentage of just 0.4%. You don’t want it to go below 0.5%, really, but just qualifying for the World Series at all is pretty impressive. But the Mets’ two wins were a long time ago. When was their last World Series victory?

Question 14

Who were the co-MVPs of the 2001 World Series?

The 2001 World Series was a solemn occasion. Americans really needed to feel patriotic and great, as the World Series came just weeks after the September 11th attacks. In fact, 9/11 pushed back the regular season, making 2001 the first ever World Series to end in November. There was a national mourning going on, and two players shone brightly to remind millions of Americans that they were still in the greatest country on Earth as two players were named co-MVPs, which is rare. Which players were they?

Question 15

Which team did the Yankees play in 1999?

In 1998, 1999, and 2000, the New York Yankees played in three consecutive World Series championships. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, they won all three. And as if THAT wasn’t impressive enough, they won two of them 4 games to nothing and the other 4-1. It was a pretty astounding three year period in baseball. 1999 was the middle game, and one of the 4-0 victories. But which team did the Yankees play (and destroy) in that World Series?

Question 16

When was the last time the Florida Marlins won the World Series?

The last time the Florida Marlins (the Miami Marlins since 2012) won the World Series, it was a 4-2 victory, so it wasn’t razor close like a 4-3 victory, but it was certainly no Yankees style 4-0 or 4-1 win. It’s safe to say that the Marlins fans were on the edge of their seats, worried their team would lose. And yet, they prevailed. And funnily enough, the team that they beat was – you guessed it – the New York Yankees! They’re always there. The Yankees are always somehow involved. The Marlins have played in two World Series and won both of them – which year was their last?

Question 17

When was the last time the Cincinnati Reds won a World Series?

The Cincinnati Reds are a strong and capable team. They have a proven track record of signing talented players with impressive stats and utilizing them in the right way. This is the same reason they’ve appeared at 9 total World Series, the eighth most appearances of any MLB team tied with the Atlanta Braves. They’ve lost four and won five for an overall winning percentage of 0.556%, just over the 0.5% mark – but when was the last year that they won the World Series?

Question 18

When was the last time the Chicago White Sox won a World Series?

The American League team the Chicago White Sox have been around since pretty much the dawn of Major League Baseball, having been founded in 1901. That has given them an ample amount of opportunities to compete in and win World Series championships over the years. The team has an overall winning percentage of 0.6% in the World Series, having appeared in five series and won three (losing two). But of the five series the White Sox have played in, which year was the most recent?

Question 19

Which team won the first ever World Series?

The first ever World Series took place in 1903. The series was a huge success (clearly, because it continues annually to this day) and it had overflow crowds at the games. There were so many spectators in the stadiums that they changed the rules of the game to accommodate them. Whereas the championship is now a best out of seven style playoff, the first one was a best out of nine series, so it actually had eight games played, and the winning team had a 5-3 game victory. But which team was it?

Question 20

When was the last time the San Francisco Giants won a World Series?

The San Francisco Giants have appeared in a lot of World Series championships. They’ve played in half as many World Series as the Yankees, but that’s still the second most appearances of any other MLB team, so it’s more impressive than it sounds. However, their winning percentage isn’t that impressive: 0.4%. They’ve appeared in 20 championships and only won 8 of them, losing (as you can probably guess) 12 of them – but what year was their most recent series victory?

Question 21

What year was the World Series called off due to a players’ strike?

In the entire history of the World Series, from 1903 to this very day, there have only been two years in which a World Series championship was not played. You’d think more things would’ve called them off, like 9/11 taking place during the regular season or most American man getting carted off to Vietnam to fight in the war. The first World Series not to take place was 1904, which would’ve been the second ever, thanks to the New York Giants refusing to play the Boston Athletics. The second one was called off because of a players’ strike – but what year was it?

Question 22

What was the result of the 2016 World Series?

It wasn’t just a big deal that the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in 2016. It was a HUGE deal! The Cubs hadn’t even appeared in a World Series since toward the end of World War II back in 1945, 71 years before the 2016 series, and it’d been even longer since they won one. They’d had ten appearances before then and it took them so long to even appear in another one. Point being, the Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians last year in the World Series. But what was the actual result of the games?

Question 23

Which Dodger pitcher made history by striking out 29 batters in the 1965 World Series?

Often regarded as the greatest player on the team, one pitcher for the Dodgers found redemption for his team in the 1965 World Series. The team had lost game 2 of the series and this pitcher redeemed the team by breaking a record that had stood for 62 years. He struck out 29 batters and had a 4-hitter in game 5 and a 3-hitter in game 7. For this achievement, the pitcher was named the MVP of the 1965 World Series. But which pitcher was it?

Question 24

When was the last time the Toronto Blue Jays won a World Series?

The Toronto Blue Jays compete in the American League in Major League Baseball, despite originating in Canada. They were the second team to come from Canada and get into MLB. The first was the Montreal Expos, but they later became the Washington Nationals, so the Blue Jays are currently the only team from outside the United States playing in Major League Baseball. Since their founding in 1977, they’ve competed in two World Series and won both. When was their last series victory?

Question 25

How many World Series did Mickey Mantle compete in?

Considered by many to be one of the greatest baseball players of all time, Mickey Mantle still, to this day, holds a whole bunch of World Series records. He holds the record for most World Series home runs, 18, as well as the records for most runs at 42, most runs batted in at 40, and the most total bases at a whopping 123. But exactly how many World Series championships did Mantle compete in to stack up these records on his career stats?

Question 26

When was the last time the Cleveland Indians won a World Series?

The Cleveland Indians were one of the first ever teams in Major League Baseball. They’re an American League team and they were established in 1901, so they’ve been around for a while, to say the very least. The Indians have competed in six World Series championships with a winning percentage of 0.333% as they’ve won two and lost four. The last series that the Indians competed in was 2016, but their last victory was quite a few years before that. When was it?

Question 27

Which World Series did NOT have a tied game?

An often used nickname for the World Series is “the Fall Classic.” The series takes place in the fall, which is where is gets the nickname from. So, people will use a phrase like, “The Yankees have won 27 Fall Classics.” It’s a cool name, like that of a wine or perhaps a not too fancy champagne. There have been three World Series championships throughout history that contained one tied game. Which of these years is NOT one of those three series?

Question 28

Which team won the 1966 World Series?

The winning team in the 1966 World Series beat the losing team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, with a landslide 4-0. They sweeped the series and it was pretty glorious. This was an important World Series, because it marked the end of the Dodgers’ string of post season appearances that had been going on for two decades, and alternatively began a similar string of post season appearances for the winning team, which would then go on for two decades. But which team was it?

Question 29

Who broke the record for most bases stolen in a World Series in 1967?

Stealing bases is the baseball equivalent of counting cards. The only difference is that when you get caught counting cards in a casino, you get your head squashed into a vice grip, and when you get caught stealing bases on a baseball field, you get celebrated for it. One St. Louis Cardinals left fielder broke his own record in the 1967 World Series when he stole seven bases against the Boston Red Sox. He tied the record one year later. Which player was it?

Question 30

When was the last time the Minnesota Twins won a World Series?

The Minnesota Twins was one of the eight original teams in the American League, founded back in 1901. Back then, the team was known as the Washington Senators, and then the Washington Nationals (a name that has since been taken by another Major League team). The Twins are three for three with a 0.5% winning percentage. The last time the Twins appeared in a World Series was also the last time they won one. Now, what year exactly was it?

Question 31

How many times have the Chicago Cubs lost the World Series?

Fans of the Chicago Cubs rejoiced last year when the team finally achieved World Series glory and won its first series in decades, but it hasn’t been all fun and games for the Cubs over the years. Before 2016, they hadn’t played in a World Series since the Second World War, but overall, they’ve played in 11 World Series. Their winning percentage is relatively abysmal, however. So, how many of those 11 World Series championships have the Chicago Cubs lost?

Question 32

Which team won the first ever indoor World Series game?

1987’s series was the first ever World Series to be played indoors. The opening game of that series was on October 17 of that year. Ergo, October 17, 1987 will go down in history as being the day that the first ever indoor World Series game was played. It was a great game, too. The St. Louis Cardinals got destroyed in a 10-1 score. But which Major League team beat them so triumphantly in the first ever indoor game of the World Series?

Question 33

What year did the Tampa Bay Rays lose their only World Series?

The Tampa Bay Rays are a relatively new team to Major League Baseball. There are teams that have been around a lot longer. Take the Chicago Cubs, for example. They were founded in 1876, on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the United States of America. The Tampa Bay Rays, on the other hand, have only been around since 1998, and in that short time, they’ve only played in one World Series. And they lost. What year was it?

Question 34

When was the last time the Oakland Athletics won a World Series?

The Oakland Athletics – or Oakland A’s, as they are often referred – are a great team. They’re the home of Billy Beane, one of the most brilliant minds in baseball. He started out as a player and later became a financial mastermind and managerial genius. The movie Moneyball is about him. And that’s just one case of a baseball legend coming from the Oakland A’s. They’ve had one of the highest number of appearances at the World Series at 14 and they’ve won nine of them. But which year was their most recent victory?

Question 35

Who is the only pitcher to play in all seven games of a World Series?

The World Series is a best out of seven playoff, so of course, seven games are not played every year. Sometimes one team will destroy the other in four games and that’ll be the end of it. And sometimes one team will win, then the other will win, then the first one will win, and so on until it’s neck and neck and it’s down to one final game for a 4-3 result. In those cases, seven games are played, but it won’t be the same players in each game. But there’s one pitcher who is the only one to play in all seven games of a World Series. Who is it?

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