What Is Your REAL Zodiac Sign?


We all know what our Zodiac sign from birth is, but do you ever get the feeling that the fates got it all wrong? Maybe you are a Leo and you are much more analytical, like a Virgo, than you are a leader like a Leo. Or maybe you walk to the beat of your own drum, like an Aquarius, but you were born as a Taurus who is usually very stuck in their own ways. Many times the stars get our signs somewhat incorrect. Hey, the fates can’t get everything right all the time, right?

If you feel like you are a water sign that should be a fire sign, or an air sign that should be an earth sign, this might just be the quiz for you. There is nothing wrong with the sign you were born as, but don’t you want to find out which sign you were actually born to be? Whether you were meant to be a Gemini, Scorpio, Libra, or even and Pisces, every sign offers something special with it. Find out which sign you relate to most by taking our quiz. The results might actually reveal more about yourself than you might think.

Question 1

What pet do you have?

We all like to have furry (or quilly or feathery) friends that hang out with us. Animal buddies can tell a lot about who you are. Loyal dogs are ones that won't leave your side when the chips are down where unconventional hedgehogs keep things exciting and fresh. Which animal friend would you pick?

Question 2

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Who doesn't like ice cream? If you had to get yourself a large bowl of the stuff, which flavor would you choose? Would you go traditional, or would you pick something that has a little more flavor involved? Maybe you even like balance or caffeine in the mix. Take your pick.

Question 3

What would you bring to a deserted island?

here's the situation, you are stranded on a deserted island. You only have one item to bring along with you for potentially the rest of your life, so you have to choose wisely. What would you pick to have with you?

Question 4

Which super power would you pick?

Super powers really could be an asset to certain Zodiac signs. Think about it. Some signs would really be helped if they could speak and understand every world language, but the power of flight could help other signs. Which power would you pick?

Question 5

What's your dream profession?

If you could pick a cool career, what would it be? Some people might think that being an analyst is a cool job, while others look at being a humanitarian, actress, or musician is where all the fun is. Which job would you pick to be in?

Question 6

Which state would you like to live in?

If you're in the United States, the state you live in says a lot about you. California is very social where as Texas is very traditional. Washington is home to the hipsters and New York is known to be a little more on the dramatic side. Which state would you live in?

Question 7

What's your favorite pizza topping?

Everyone likes a little something different on their pizza. Whether it's something typical like gooey cheese, something that adds a little crunch like vegetables, a salty treat like anchovies, or something completely different like Buffalo chicken—there's no wrong answer. Which would you choose?

Question 8

If you were in a band, you would be...

If you were in a band, who would you be? think about it because this question tells you a lot about your personality. Are you the show-stopping singer, the rule-breaking lead guitarist, the tempo-keeping drummer, or the complimentary bassist?

Question 9

When do you get the most done?

Everyone gets things done at a different pace. Some people are morning people, some do their stronger work in the afternoon, and some people really turn on their over drive in the evening or during late night. There's no right or wrong, but when do you get your productive time in?

Question 10

What is your favorite holiday?

Pick a holiday any holiday! Do you like summer holidays? Winter holidays? how about fall holidays? Some holidays require you to dress in a scary costume, and some require you to dress nice. Everyone likes a different holiday for a different reason. What's your favorite holiday?

Question 11

Pick your poison!

Who knew that your drink of choice could tell you so much about yourself. Whether you choose a cocktail, a shot, or just a pint of beer, your drink at the bar says a lot. So what would you choose? Order your favorite and bottoms up!

Question 12

Pick a color

There has to be a color that speaks to you most. Whether it is passionate red, innovative silver, money-oriented green, or balanced purple, one of these colors is calling out to you. Which one is the color that draws you in the most?

Question 13

What's your perfect Friday night?

Everyone unwinds differently. Some of us like to stay home after a long week. Some of us like to go out for drinks straight from the office. Some of us want to cut a rug, and some of us want to just grab a drink. What would you be caught doing on a Friday night?

Question 14

Favorite genre of movie?

What's your favorite type of movie? Do you gravitate more towards action, drama, comedy, or romance? Everyone likes something a little different and every sign likes something different than every other sign. Which type of film would you choose?

Question 15

Favorite activity?

Out of all the things you could be doing with your down time, there has to be something you would rather be doing. Would you rather be eating, reading, working, or talking? All of them really say something completely different about you as a person.

Question 16

Pick a number

Surprisingly, picking a number can tell you a lot about yourself. Perhaps you are more analytically minded if you chose a number that isn't a round number. Maybe you like an even number, or maybe you like a large number. Perhaps you like a stand alone number. Which number would you choose?

Question 17

Which element would you pick?

Every Zodiac sign is associated with either the elements of earth, fire, water, or air. Every sign is drawn to one of these elements. For instance, air is associated with freedom. Which of these elements are you drawn to? Which gives you strength and confidence and makes you feel like yourself?

Question 18

What's your vice?

We all have something we wish we didn't do like biting our nails when we get nervous, smoking, sleeping in too long, or being too impulsive all the time. it makes us who we are, but which of these things is something that you would consider to be your vice?

Question 19

What sandwich would you choose?

Sandwiches are a delicious meal that many of us eat all the time. Whether it's a stacked club sandwich, a creamy caprese sandwich, a meaty roast beef sandwich, or a tangy Italian hoagie, there is a certain delight we get out of every sandwich. Which would you pick?

Question 20

During a fight, you are...

Fights are never a good thing. You never want to be in the midst of one but if you are, are you the initiator, the one receiving the first hit, the cheerleader, or the one trying to break it up? The answer you choose could actually reveal a lot about you. Which person do you think you become when you find yourself in a fight?

Question 21

What's your relationship status?

What's your relationship status? Are you happily taken? Perhaps you are single and ready to mingle? Maybe it's complicated and you don't know if you should stay or if you should go? Or, maybe you don't care what's going on in your love life. What sounds like you?

Question 22

Pick a mystical creature

Wouldn't it be nice if magical creatures did exist? Whether it's a centaur, mermaid, dragon, or a unicorn, it would be pretty darn cool to see one. Your sign is drawn to one of these mystical beings more than the others. Which one would you pick?

Question 23

Which item speaks to you?

Household items might not seem like much but they do have hidden messages attached to them. For example, a sword shows honor and a mirror shows introspection. Out of all of these household items, which one speaks to you the most?

Question 24

Who do you take advice from?

We all take advice from someone different. Whether we value the advice from your family, friends, boss, or even ourselves more, we take these words very seriously when we make decisions in our lives. When you take advice, who are you most likely to take it from?

Question 25

What makes you happiest?

Everyone is made happy by different things. Your family could make you happy while someone else could find joy in helping someone else, getting some alone time, or taking on some major adventures. What makes you the happiest?

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