What Would You Do... Grey's Anatomy Edition

You may often find yourself watching a scene from Grey's Anatomy and thinking that you'd rather do something else if you were in that situation... Now is your chance to finally select your own ideals from the options given to you.

If you have ever fantasized about being involved with one (or more) of these characters, we are glad you are here to take this short and fun hypothetical quiz... Not every interaction is about being romantically involved so sit back and enjoy!

Of course, some of these options are based on real events, while others are just fun to consider... When you are done we will tell you which of the original doctors you are. Every fan has their own favorite, even if they are no longer on the scene, or worse - dead (thanks Shonda!).

Which intern do you think you are most like, or who would you love to be? Every single one of them has a unique and interesting personality, and the show keeps us coming back for more! We're excited to see which intern you will be at the end of this quiz so be sure to share your results and let your buddies know how awesome you are!


1Would you rather... Be in a plane crash or a car crash?

These choices are really tough... It's almost as bad as 'to be, or not to be'... If you had the choice, would you rather be in a plane crash, like Meredith and the other doctors. Or would you rather be in a car crash like many of the other Grey's Anatomy patients?

2Would you rather... Date McDreamy or McSteamy?

These are tough choices... Derek McDreamy Sheppard, or Mark McSteamy Sloan? Both of these doctors are McYummy! Both of them also have their own good and bad aspects too. We couldn't chose, so it's a good thing we are leaving this tough choice for you to make!

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