What Would You Do... Grey's Anatomy Edition

You may often find yourself watching a scene from Grey's Anatomy and thinking that you'd rather do something else if you were in that situation... Now is your chance to finally select your own ideals from the options given to you.

If you have ever fantasized about being involved with one (or more) of these characters, we are glad you are here to take this short and fun hypothetical quiz... Not every interaction is about being romantically involved so sit back and enjoy!

Of course, some of these options are based on real events, while others are just fun to consider... When you are done we will tell you which of the original doctors you are. Every fan has their own favorite, even if they are no longer on the scene, or worse - dead (thanks Shonda!).

Which intern do you think you are most like, or who would you love to be? Every single one of them has a unique and interesting personality, and the show keeps us coming back for more! We're excited to see which intern you will be at the end of this quiz so be sure to share your results and let your buddies know how awesome you are!


1Would you rather... Be in a plane crash or a car crash?

These choices are really tough... It's almost as bad as 'to be, or not to be'... If you had the choice, would you rather be in a plane crash, like Meredith and the other doctors. Or would you rather be in a car crash like many of the other Grey's Anatomy patients?

2Would you rather... Date McDreamy or McSteamy?

These are tough choices... Derek McDreamy Sheppard, or Mark McSteamy Sloan? Both of these doctors are McYummy! Both of them also have their own good and bad aspects too. We couldn't chose, so it's a good thing we are leaving this tough choice for you to make!

3Would you rather... Be a cardiothoracic or general surgeon?

There are very different specialties in the medical industry. These include cardio (heart), general, peads (children), ortho (bones) and more. If you had the choice, would you rather be a cardio-thoracic surgeon or would you prefer to do general surgery, with a variety of surgeries?

4Would you rather... Be a human kebab with a pole or tree branch?

Human kebabs are fairly popular on Grey's Anatomy. Some come in after being impaled by tree branches, poles, glass, ice, fences and more... If you had the privilege of selecting which item you could be impaled with, which of these two would you prefer?

5Would you rather... Be stuck in an elevator with Alex or George?

If you were to weigh up these options you may find that both Alex and George have interesting and fun personalities. Alex could be a little pushy and arrogant, but George could be better conversation and maybe even easier to get along with... Who would you rather be stuck with?

6Would you rather... Rebound on Preston or Richard?

This is a tough choice... Would you rather rebound on Preston Burke, the Cardio God and who is a tad OCD. Or would you rather rebound on Richard Weber, the Chief or surgery, the glue that keeps everyone together even though he is a recovering alcoholic?

7Would you rather... Deliver Bailey's baby or Meredith's

There are so many babies that arrive in the 14 seasons of Grey's Anatomy. Some of these are patients, babies of our favorite characters and some are even adopted. George helps Miranda deliver her baby boy Tuck. Meredith also finds herself in a tough situation and her baby is delivered by her colleagues in an emergency c-section.

8Would you rather... Wear a diaper or a catheter?

Sometimes doctors are called to the extreme where they need to place their own needs on hold. That includes the need to eat, drink, go to the loo and so on. Lexie finds a solution to the problem when she decides to wear adult diapers to make it through a very long surgery.

9Would you rather... Have a 'post-it' wedding or an 'Izzie and Alex' wedding?

There are also many weddings which happen on our favorite show. Some of these we wish never took place, others we are very happy for! If you had the choice, would you rather have an impromptu post-it wedding like Meredith and Derek, or a fancy dream wedding like Izzie and Alex?

10Would you rather... Have a brain tumor or get hit by a bus?

Some of our favorite characters have gone through some really tough times... Poor Amelia was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. You may also remember a doctor named Nicole who had a brain tumor. Then there is George... George got hit by a bus to save a stranger - and he died...

11Would you rather... Accidentally be fondled by Owen or Nathan?

This was one of the funniest moments we saw on Grey's Anatomy. We laughed and giggled when Owen accidentally touched Jo Wilson from behind. He mistook Jo for his actual partner, Cristina Yang. Of course, Jo was left scarred for life, Owen was too embarrassed to do anything and Yang thought it was very funny.

12Would you rather... Dance it out or drink tequila?

Both of these options are fun and exciting and can heal almost any emotional distress you may be going through. Cristina taught Meredith to 'dance it out' whenever they had some issue. Dancing makes you brave, according to Yang. Meredith taught Yang about the need for tequila to solve all of life's problems.

13Would you rather... Be stuck with a bomb or a gunman?

These are real scenarios if you are walking the halls of this Seattle Hospital. There was a crazy gunman who stalked the hall killing his victims with no remorse. There was also a crazy guy who was building a bazooka and ended up with a bomb in his chest...

14Would you rather... Go to prom with Nathan or Derek?

You may remember that there was a prom held at the hospital for Dr Weber's niece. Everyone had to participate and everyone had to attend. If you were going to prom, who would you rather go with? Would you want Derek on your arm, or Nathan instead?

15Would you rather... Live in a big house or a trailer?

So Derek lives in a trailer in the woods. And he absolutely loves it. Meredith on the other hand lives in her mother's large house. There is one particular scene where Meredith builds a candle house for Derek. She explains where the rooms are and so on as well.

16Would you rather... Be ditched at the alter or marry a stranger?

April was actually meant to be betrothed to Matthew, a medic. However, on their wedding day Jackson stood up and swept April away from Matthew. They had two children together, one of which sadly passed away. Would you marry a stranger or be ditched at the alter?

17Would you rather... Walk in on your peer or have your peer walk in on you?

These doctors are famous for the time they spend on their backs... Often, they end up walking in on one another too. Izzie walked in on Alex (her boyfriend) and Olivia. Bailey walked in on Meredith and Derek too. Would you rather be the one walking in, or the one being walked in on...

18Would you rather... Have get it on with a ghost or inherit a million dollars?

We can't say if there really is such a thing as ghost sex, but if there is then there would definitely be a few people in line! Would you be one of them? Or would you prefer to inherit a million dollars? Izzie was one lucky lady who experienced both of these!

19Would you rather... Be caught dancing in your underwear by Jackson or Mark?

Do you remember the day when Richard Weber walked in on Callie prancing around in her underwear in the hospital's basement. This was really a funny moment. If you were in Callie's shoes, who would you prefer to find you dancing like that?

20Would you rather... Fail your boards or internship?

Would you rather fail your medical boards, or have to redo your entire internship? George had to redo his internship, and it was a really rough time. Although, this is where his relationship with Lexie started. Everyone came aboard to help Alex and George through their failures.

21Would you rather... Do a hot dog eating contest or a tequila drinking competition?

Do you remember the hot dog eating competition which Cristina, Alex and George participated in? Yes, Yang won but unfortunately she just about blew her top on all the spectators. The rest of the interns took a run for it to dodge the debris...

22Would you rather... Be an EMT or a firefighter?

Ben Warren just can't seem to find his niche. He started off as an anesthesiologist. Then he decided to become an intern as a surgeon. Recently, he decided to become a firefighter in the spin-off show, 'Station 19'. Would you rather be a medic or a firefighter?

23Would you rather... Move in with an OCD person or a messy person?

When Cristina moves in with Preston we become aware that their lifestyles are vastly different. Preston arranges his books using the Dewey Decimal system. Cristina, on the other hand, is the complete opposite... Her house is in a complete mess and even the cleaner left crying...

24Would you rather... Get drunk on the baseball field or in the bar?

This episode was so funny. The guys get dragged out to the baseball field and Meredith takes 'supplies'... Of course, this makes the game way more fun! Would you rather get drunk like Cristina and Meredith did on the field, or would you rather just drink in the bar?

25Would you rather... Color your hair blonde or brown?

Lexie naturally has dark hair. At some stage though she decides to color is blonde instead. Of course, Mark flirted hopelessly with blonde Lexie, not realizing that it was Lexie - the lady he had recently broken up with... Which color would you prefer to have?

26Would you rather... Be the girl in the bar or the girl in the shower?

Our favorite show started with a girl in the bar. This, was Meredith. There was also the other girl in the bar, Lexie. But do you remember the girls in the shower? OK, so it was just a dream but if you could chose, which of these would you rather be?

27Would you rather... Swallow keys or Judy doll heads?

People can really do some strange things, for some strange reasons as well. There once was a guy who swallowed his girlfriend's car keys so that she couldn't leave. There was also a guy who swallowed Judy Doll heads once. Initially everyone assumed he was packing drugs.

28Would you rather... Marry a patient or cut their LVAD wire to save their life?

Again, young Izzie found herself in both of these situations. She cut Denny's LVAD wire which would make his condition worse so that he would be pushed to the top of the transplant list. She was also engaged to marry Denny, who was her patient.

29Would you rather... Be Cristina or Meredith?

These are really difficult options to chose from. Both of these ladies have good and bad qualities. Although, Meredith seems to be family and career orientated while Cristina is only worried about her own career. Which lady would you rather be?

30Would you rather... Make thanksgiving lunch or hunt the turkey?

Do you remember when Izzie invited everyone over for thanksgiving lunch which she was going to cook? Luckily Preston came to her rescue after everyone disappeared. George was dragged off to go hunt a turkey - against his will and better judgement...

31Would you rather... Have Syph or poison ivy?

George got syphilis from Olivia who probably got it from Alex. Ironically though, Alex helped diagnose and treat George. Of course, George was devastated when he found out. Addison slept with Mark and ended up with poison ivy... Technically she got this because she peed in the woods, but she blamed Mark.

32Would you rather... Cry during sex or break your partner's 'tool' during sex?

Meredith slept with George, and it ended in tears... What a terrible moment for them both... George's ego took a really big knock. Then Lexie broke Mark... Although, we know it wasn't an actual bone, we can only imagine that Mark must have been in tons of pain.

33Would you rather... 'Do it' in your parent's house or the on-call room?

Meredith has Derek over in her mother's house. Fair enough, her mum was in a home, but still... They weren't the only couple getting down and dirty in that house! What about the on-call rooms? These rooms take loads of abuse with all the activity they get as well!

34Would you rather... Get married in Vegas or the hospital's chapel?

George and Callie got hitched in Las Vegas. Not the wisest move, but hey, they were happy for a while. There were many other weddings too. One of which was Jackson's mom marrying Richard in the hospital's chapel. Which of these would you have preferred?

35Would you rather... Buy tampons or condoms?

This episode was so funny! George, Izzie and Meredith all lived in the same house and it was George's turn to do shopping. The ladies asked that he please buy them tampons. George being as timid as he is nearly died of embarrassment and refused to do this because he wasn't their sister.

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