Match The Pokémon To Their Types!


The Pokemon franchise was first created in 1995 by Satoshi Tajiri, beginning as video games. Now it is one of the biggest franchises in the world, inspiring television shows, movies, trading cards, comic books, toys, and the augmented reality game app Pokemon GO.

The franchise tells the story of a world inhabited by the fictional creatures known as Pokemon. There are a variety of different Pokemon species, all with unique appearances and abilities. The Pokemon trainers try to catch 'em all. When a human turns 10 years old, they are able to start their career as a Pokemon trainer. They first receive one of three starter Pokemon for the region they live in. The trainers aim to complete the Pokedex for their region as well as completing the national Pokedex by catching Pokemon from other regions. Once they have collected and trained enough Pokemon, a trainer can then form a team to compete against other trainers. Eventually, the goal is to win the Pokemon League and become the regional Champion.

Are you the very best, like no one ever was? There are over 800 Pokemon across seven different generations. Only a true Pokemon master can ace this quiz.

What type are these Pokemon?

Question 1


This Generation I Pokemon starts off as Charmander - one of the three starter Pokemon of Kanto. At level 16, it becomes a Charmeleon and then evolves to its final form of Charizard at level 36. It can also mega evolve into Mega Charizard X or Mega Charizard Y. It is number 6 on the Pokedex. It stands on two legs. One of its most powerful attacks is Dragon Rage, which inflicts critical damage. Ash Ketchum has a Charizard in the anime.

Question 2


Ekans from Pokemon

This purple, snake-like Pokemon was introduced in Generation I. It is native to grassy areas, such as the savanna, so that it can slither stealthily to sneak up on prey. It mainly feasts on the eggs of bird Pokemon. Some of its abilities include Intimidate, Shed Skin, and Unnerve. Jessie has a very loyal Ekans in the anime that she received as a gift before she met Ash. Its final form is Arbok, which it evolves into at level 22.

Question 3


This small Pokemon wears the skull of its dead mother as a helmet and holds a bone as a weapon. It never removes the skull, so no one has ever seen its entire face. Cubone is sometimes referred to as the Lonely Pokemon because it generally likes to keep to itself; it is traumatized by the death of its mother and weeps at night. It resides in rocky terrains, such as mountains and caves. A Cubone will evolve into a Marowak at level 28.

Question 4


This Generation I Pokemon starts as of one of the three starter Pokemon, Bulbasaur. At level 16, it evolves into Ivysaur. Its final form is Venusaur, which it becomes at level 32. It is number two on the National Pokedex. Over 80 percent of Ivysaurs are male. Its appearance resembles a reptile or dinosaur of some sort. It walks on all fours and has three claws on each foot. It naturally resides in the plains and spends time in the sunlight to gain strength.

Question 5

Nidoran Female

This Pokemon has a rodent-like appearance. It walks on all fours, has red eyes, and has protruding front teeth. Nidoran♀ is 100 percent female. It has a male counterpart named Nidoran♂, which it breeds with. These were the first Pokemon to have different genders. Though most Pokemon now have gender differences, Nirdoan remain as separate entries on the Pokedex. The female Nidoran becomes a Nidorina at level 16. It can evolve into its final form, Nidoqueen, when exposed to a Moon Stone.

Question 6


It begins as an Igglybuff and evolves into a Jigglypuff when it experiences high levels of friendship with its trainer. It becomes a Wigglytuff when exposed to a Moon Stone. It prefers to live in grassy areas, like plains and meadows. The majority of Jigglypuff are female, with only 25 percent being male. It can hypnotize opponents by singing a lullaby until the enemy falls into a deep sleep. This round Pokemon is filled with air and will deflate when defeated.

Question 7



This primate Pokemon has a nose like a pig snout. It walks on two legs and can use its arms to swing from trees. It has an equal chance of being male or female. Mankey like to live together in colonies on treetops. They are known for being aggressive and having a volatile temper. And, if one gets mad, the entire colony will also become angry. They also become angry if separated from their colony. At level 28, it evolves into Primeape.

Question 8


Tentacool has the appearance of a jellyfish or a squid. It resides in the ocean. If one washes ashore, it will become dehydrated and shrivel. It can be revived by being placed back into the water. Its gender ratio is 50-50. It has the ability to possess and control any Pokemon it touches with its tentacles - this was seen in the anime when a Tentacool takes control of Team Rocket's Meowth. Its final form is Tentacruel, which it can evolve into at level 30.

Question 9


A Gengar is the final form of the Pokemon Gastly. It evolves from the second form, Haunter, when it is traded. It has a round body with spikes on its back, pointed ears, red eyes, and walks on two legs. Its dark purple color allows it to hide in the shadows and sneak up on its victims. A Gengar's menacing grin reflects its mischievous nature. It enjoys playing pranks and casting curses. Gengar naturally resides in shadowy areas like caves.

Question 10


Tangela is covered in a ball of thick, blue vines, leaving only its eyes visible. The vines can snap off without pain to the Pokemon and are quickly replaces; the vines are always growing. During battle, Tangela will often jiggle the vines around to annoy its opponent. Its face has never been seen. It walks on two legs with feet that look like giant red, round shoes. It does not appear to have arms under the vines. Its final form is Tangrowth.

Question 11


Scyther resembles a giant, preying mantis with scythes for arms. Its sharp arms can slice through wood and can become sharper when used on harder objects. When on the ground, it walks on two legs. It has an equal chance of being male or female. They live together in swarms. For some reason, it hates the color red and will get angry when it sees it. Its final form is Scizor, which it can evolve into when traded with a Metal Coat.

Question 12


Jynx greatly resembles a female human with long, blonde hair, purple skin, and a red dress. It is 100 percent female. Its signature move is Lovely Kiss, which puts enemies to sleep. The Pokemon is shown to have a language of its own, but humans have not yet been able to translate it. Jynx prefers to communicate using dance-like movements, which are so compelling it makes those around them dance along. It generally lives in urban areas. Jynx evolves from a Smoochum at level 30.

Question 13


Gyarados starts out as the fish Pokemon Magikarp, which can do nothing but flop and splash around. At level 20, the fish evolves into the powerful Gyarados - which is capable of destroying entire cities and can fire a Hyper Beam from its mouth. It resembles a giant snake or dragon. The Pokemon is notoriously violent and tempermental, making it very difficult for Trainers to tame. It is native to lakes, ponds, seas, and oceans. However, it is rarely seen in the wild.

Question 14


Eevee is known as the Evolution Pokemon for its ability to adapt to many different habitats and the variety of forms it can become. It can evolve into eight different Pokemon depending on which stone is used on it or which conditions it is under. Its evolutions, often called Eeveelutions, are Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Sylveon, Espeon, and Umbreon. The Pokemon is over 87 percent male. It is rarely seen in the wild and mostly spotted in populated areas.

Question 15


This ancient Pokemon has technically been extinct for tens of thousands of years, but it can be scientifically resurrected from a Helix Fossil. It has ten tentacles and a spiraled shell on its back, which it will retreat into when threatened or in danger. The shell is filled with gas chambers that allow the Pokemon to regulate its buoyancy in the water. It lives on the sea floor and primarily feeds on plankton. It evolves into Omastar at level 40.

Question 16


Mewtwo is a Legendary Pokemon in Generation I. It was created through years of scientific experiments and gene-splicing on the Pokemon Mew. The tampering with its genes makes the Pokemon more vicious and powerful. It solely thinks about defeating its enemies in battle. It tends to be cold towards others and lacks empathy or compassion. It has the ability to levitate, control minds, and use telepathy. They are rarely seen in the wild, generally living in dark caves to rest and conserve its energy for battle.

Question 17


This Generation II Pokemon begins as Chikorita, then evolves to Bayleef, and finally becomes Meganium at level 32. It walks on all fours and appears to be some kind of reptile or dinosaur. It generally has a very calm and peaceful demeanor. The aroma of its petals have a calming effect on aggressive feelings and reduces others' desire to fight. Anyone near a Meganium will feel relaxed. It also has regenerative abilities; its breath can revive dead plants and grass.

Question 18


This Generation II Pokemon is one of the three starters of Johto, along with Chikorita and Cyndaquil. It resembles a blue crocodile that stands on two legs. It has a very strong jaw and there are red spikes down its spine. They like to live at the edge of bodies of water. It likes to play and has a habit of biting everything it sees, including humans. It turns into Croconaw at level 18 and becomes Feraligatr at level 30.

Question 19


This Generation II Pokemon evolves from Sentret at level 15. It has the appearance of a striped ferret. It can walk on two legs but prefers to walk on all fours. Its slender body can fit into small spaces and allows it to escape enemies. It makes a nest fit for its long and skinny body that no other Pokemon can enter. Though its legs are short, they are quick and agile. It likes to burrow into the grounds of meadows and grasslands.

Question 20


Hoothoot greatly resembles an owl with a rounder body and shorter, stumpier wings. It has two legs but always stands on one. It changes feet so quickly that it can rarely be seen. It has a special organ that can sense the Earth's rotation. This ability gives Hoothoot a perfect sense of time. At the exact same time every day, it will hoot. They can be found in the wild nesting in trees and forests. At level 20, it becomes Noctowl.

Question 21


Cleffa walks on two legs and is shaped like a star. Because of its star-shaped silhouette, scientists believed it arrived on Earth through a meteor. Whenever there is an abundance of shooting stars in the sky, there are more sighting of this Pokemon. Cleffa is overwhelming female, with only 25 percent being male. It becomes Clefairy when it has a high level of friendship with its trainer. Its final form is Clefable, which it can become when exposed to a Moon Stone.

Question 22


Natu is a tiny bird Pokemon. Its wings are not yet fully developed, so it moves around by hopping. Scientists believe that it is native to South America. It always seems to be staring at something intensely and is easily spooked. It generally forages for food. It also picks food from cactus plants, skillfully avoiding the spikes and bugs, and pecks at tree shoots. It can be found in ruins and forests. At level 25, it can evolve into Xatu.

Question 23


Flaafy is the second evolution of Mareep; it evolves at level 15. Its final form is Ampharos, which it becomes at level 30. The Generation II Pokemon has a fluffy white mane. It strongly resembles a sheep, except for the fact that it stands on two legs. Its limbs are short and stubby. It is native to grassy areas like meadows and fields. It is covered in a pink, rubbery-like skin and wool. It has an equal chance of being male or female.

Question 24


Marill is a round, mouse-like Pokemon. Its ears are capable of hearing sounds from far away. It stands on two legs and has short, stubby limbs. It prefers to live on the edge of bodies of water. The rubbery ball on the end of its tail can expand and contract to aid the Pokemon in the water. It starts off as Azurill and levels up when it experiences high friendship with its trainer. It evolves into Azumarill at level 18.

Question 25


Umbreon from Pokemon

Umbreon is one of the many forms that the Pokemon Eevee can evolve into. It is often referred to as the Moonlight Pokemon. An Umbreon is formed when an Eevee is exposed to high levels of friendship during the night or when exposed to a Moon Shard. It is overwhelmingly male, with less than 13 percent being female. It lurks for prey in the darkness. The rings of its body glow when the moon shines on it and it gains extra power.

Question 26


Snubbull is a Generation II Pokemon. It walks on two legs and has loose skin that drapes over its body like a dress. It has the appearance of a bulldog. While it may look menacing with its protruding bottom teeth and the scary face it makes, it is actually a very kind and affectionate Pokemon. Small Pokemon flee at the sight of its face. Snubbull is mostly seen in urban areas. It is 75 percent female. It evolves into Granbull at level 23.

Question 27


Scizor is the final form of Scyther, which evolves when it is traded with a Metal Coat. It has a red exoskeleton, two sets of wings, and walks on two legs. Despite having four wings, it is actually incapable of flight; the wings are instead used to regulate temperature. It is called the Scissor Pokemon due to its sharp, scissor-like claws. The claws are strong enough to crush any object. They also have fake eyes on them, which it uses to intimidate its foes.

Question 28


Slugma is called the Lava Pokemon because it is made of magma. It has no limbs and moves around like a slug. Hot magma pumps through their bodies, carrying nutrients and oxygen to their organs like blood. To prevent cooling down and hardening, it never sleeps nor does it stop moving. If it stopped moving, it would become weak and break apart. The Pokemon seeks out warm places to live in, like mountains and volcanoes. It becomes Magcargo at level 38.

Question 29


Houndour is a canine Pokemon. Like a dog, it walks on four legs and communicates in barks and howls. It travels in packs. The packs are all highly intelligent and work together to hunt. They are also loyal to each other. During its appearance in the anime, it refuses to abandon a sick member of its pack. It is native to rough terrain. It has an equal chance of being male or female. When it hits level 24, it can evolve into Houndoom.

Question 30


This Generation II Pokemon starts off as Horsea, then evolves into Seadra at level 32. It becomes Kingdra when it is traded with a Dragon Scale. It has the appearance of a seahorse. It resides in the depths of the ocean, often hibernating in uninhabited areas on the ocean floor to save its strength. It is incredibly powerful and has the ability to generate whirlpools and sea-born tornadoes. Even something as small as a yawn can create a powerful storm.

Question 31


Tyrogue is a small but very energetic Pokemon. It trains every, single day. If often gets injured fighting with enemies bigger than it. It keeps on fighting in a battle even if it loses. It is 100 percent male. Once it reaches level 20, it can evolve into three different Pokemon. If its attack is higher than its defense, it becomes Hitmonlee. If the opposite is true, it evolves into Hitmonchan. And if they are the same, it becomes Hitmontop.

Question 32


Smoochum, the kiss Pokemon, is the pre-evolved form of Jynx. The small, humanoid Pokemon resembles a baby. It is 100 percent female. It has highly sensitive lips, which it uses to explore and examine its surroundings. It also rocks its head back and forth slowly, as if it is always trying to kiss someone. It is very active and likes to run around, but it often falls down. It is very conscious of its appearance and checks its reflection often.

Question 33


Raikou has the appearance of a yellow tiger or saber-toothed cat. It has a purple mane that resembles storm clouds and is able to shoot lightning bolts. It likes to run across the grasslands while barking a cry that sounds like crashing thunder. It can also fly by creating storm clouds. It generally does not trust most humans at first. It is one of the three Legendary beasts, along with Entei and Suicune. It does not have any known evolution.

Question 34


Tyranitar is the final form of Larvitar. It stands on two legs and has short arms. The Pokedex calls it the Armored Pokemon because of its heavily armored body. The armor allows it to withstand powerful attacks. This pseudo-legendary Pokemon has the power to make the ground shake and crush a mountain with just one hand. It makes a nest out of the mountains it destroys. It is described as having an insolent nature that makes it not care about others.

Question 35


Celebi is called the Time Travel Pokémon. The fairy-like Pokemon travels time and guards the Ilex Forest of the southern Johto region. It is believed to have come from the future and, as long as a Celebi appears, there is a bright future ahead. It is said to only appear during peaceful times. The trees and grass of the forest flourish whenever it appears. It also has the ability to revive dead Celebi. It does not have any known evolutions.

Question 36


This Generation III Pokemon evolves from Torchic once it reaches level 16 and into its final form of Blaziken at level 36. It has the appearance of a fighting chicken. It walks on two legs, which are so strong and fast that it can do ten kicks in a single second. It makes its legs even stronger by running through fields and mountains. The Pokemon also possesses a loud cry that can distract and intimidate enemies. Combusken is over 87 percent male.

Question 37


Mudkip is a docile Pokemon that lives in swamps and wetlands. The fin on its head acts like a radar that can detect movements in the air and water. It is small but is strong enough to crush rocks bigger than itself. It is one of the three starter Pokemon of Hoenn, along with Treecko and Torchic. The Pokemon is overwhelming male, with less than 13 percent being female. Once it reaches level 16 it evolves into Marshtomp. At level 36, it becomes Swampert.

Question 38


This Generation III Pokemon bears a striking resemblance to a pelican. Its giant bill makes it very useful for transporting; the bill is so big that it can fit a small child. It can also carry small Pokemon and eggs in its bill. Like a pelican, it dips into the sea to scoop up food and then swallows it with one giant gulp. It evolves from a Wingull once it reaches level 25. It builds its nest on steep cliffs facing the sea.

Question 39


This Pokemon was introduced in Generation III. The top of its head resembles a mushroom and the lower half of its body looks like a kangaroo. It is the final form of Shroomish, which it evolves from at level 23. Its fighting technique is like a boxer. It has excellent footwork that allows it to get within striking distance of its enemy and attack it with punches. Its short arms extend when it throws a punch. It also has poisonous spores to weaken its enemy.

Question 40


Shedinja is a special evolution of Nincada. Normally, Nincada evolves into Ninjask at level 20. But if the trainer has an extra Poke Ball and extra space in their party, Shedinja will appear in the extra Poke Ball. The Pokedex calls Shedinja a peculiar Pokemon. It is a discarded bug shell come alive. Its hard exoskeleton does not move at all and seems to be nothing but a hollow shell. Legend says that if anyone tries to see into its shell through the back, Shedinja will steal their soul.

Question 41


This Generation III Pokemon does not have any known evolutions. It is nicknamed the Deceiver Pokemon in the Pokedex. Its horns form a giant, jaw-like appendage that is strong enough to chew an iron beam. Mawille will use its cute face and hypnotic expression to trick its enemy into lowering their guard, then turn around and capture them with the jaw on its horns. In the wild, they are typically found in caves. Mawille has an equal chance of being male or female.

Question 42


Meditite is a humanoid Pokemon introduced in Generation III. It is referred to as the Meditation Pokemon. It spends its days meditating to build up its energy and increase its power. It never misses a day of yoga or meditation training. It is said that it can survive on just one berry a day. In the wild, it prefers to do its meditation deep in the mountains. Meditite has harnessed so much spiritual energy that it floats. It becomes Medicham once it reaches level 37.

Question 43


This Pokemon strongly resembles a shark. Its body is shaped like a torpedo. The Pokemon is widely feared throughout the sea. It is referred to as the Brutal Pokemon, the Bully of the Sea, and the Gangs of the Sea. It has incredibly sharp teeth. They can shoot out a jet of water and swim at 80 miles per hour. It starts out as Carvanha and then evolves at level 30. It can also Mega Evolve into Mega Sharpedo with a Sharpedonite‎.

Question 44


This Generation III Pokemon can create vibrations and emit ultrasonic waves in the air by flapping its wings. These waves are strong enough to give a human a serious headache. Vibrava uses the waves to make its prey or enemies faint in battle. Its wings are underdeveloped, so it is not able to fly long distances. It starts out as Trapinch and then evolves at level 35. Once it reaches level 45, it can evolve into its final form Flygon.

Question 45


This Generation III Pokemon bears a strong resemblance to the Grim Reaper. Called the Requiem Pokemon, it has the ability to pass through walls and become invisible so it can sneak up on its foes. Once this Pokemon chooses a target, it will never stop pursuing it. Duskull is nocturnal and roams around in the darkness. Once it reaches level 37, it can become Dusclops. Its final form is Dusknoir, which it evolves into if traded while holding a Reaper Cloth.

Question 46


Walrein has the appearance of a sea-lion or walrus. It resides in the icy parts of the sea. Its long fans are strong enough to cut through a 10-ton iceberg. Its thick layer of fat gives it the ability to survive in temperature far below zero degrees. The thick layer of blubber also protects it from attacks, which bounce right off. This Pokemon starts off as Spheal, then evolves into Sealeo at level 32. At level 44, it becomes its final form Walrein.

Question 47


This highly intelligent Pokemon can understand human speech. It also has the power of telepathy, which it can use to sense the emotions of others, find people's locations, and make its enemies see an image of what it has seen or imagines in its head. It can fly faster than a jet by tucking in its wings. The Generation III Pokemon is generally calm and does not like fighting. It does not have any known evolutions, but it can Mega Evolve using a Latiosite.

Question 48


This Generation IV Pokemon resembles an ape or primate. It uses a special kind of martial arts in battle that utilizes all of its limbs. It is incredibly quick and agile, tossing around its foes with ease. The flames on its crown of fire reflect its fiery nature and are never extinguished. Infernape is overwhelmingly male, with less than 13 percent being female. It starts out as Chimchar, then evolves into Monfer at level 14 and finally into Infernape at level 36.

Question 49


This Pokemon was introduced in Generation IV. It has the appearance of a cherry with two, small legs. There is a small ball at the end of its stem that contains all of the nutrients the Pokemon needs to evolve. Apparently, it is also very sweet and tasty. Other Pokemon attempt to pick the ball off of Cherubi and eat it. Once the small ball begins to bloom, Cherubi is ready to evolve. Once it hits level 25, it becomes Cherrim.

Question 50


Gastrodon is a Generation IV Pokemon. It is called the Sea Slug Pokemon, as it bears a strong resemblance to a slug and resides in shallow, tidal pools of the ocean. There are two different colors Gastrodon can take, depending on which side of Sinnoh's mountain range it lives on. If it is from the West Sea, it is pink and brown. If it is found in the East Sea, it is blue and green. It evolves from Shellos at level 30.

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