What Nationality Is Your Personality?


Thanks to things like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and the internet in general, the world is more connected than ever before. Without even leaving our beds, we are able to get a glimpse into daily life in Marrakech through Google Maps, while simultaneously watching a live stream of a full-on freaking war in Syria over one of several hundred live streaming websites. Combine this enhanced online connectivity with the airlines offering more deals than at any other point in history and it’s virtually impossible to be influenced by just the culture around you.

While globalization is primarily a good thing, it means that many countries, particularly the smaller ones, are losing their identity. Islands have become infiltrated by popular culture, warping the minds of the youth and leaving them with personalities totally unlike the personalities of their forefathers.

People are forgetting their national identity and adopting foreign personality traits with worrying ferocity and there is a good chance it has already happened to somebody you know and love. In fact, it may have already happened to you. This quiz will tell you exactly what country and culture you belong to, for better or for worse.

Play this quiz to find out the nationality of your personality!

Question 1

When did you last go to church?

Religion plays a major role in pretty much every country. The religious beliefs of a nation often influence its laws and media, although certain nations are more outspoken in their disdain for their semi-theocracy than others. Where do you fall on the religious spectrum? When did you last go to church?

Question 2

What is your favorite sport?

Nothing brings a country together like a good sporting event. Every nation has its own beloved sport that its people love to play and watch more than any other. Oftentimes, it is a sport that had its origins in the country and is rarely played beyond its borders. On other occasions, it is a sport that is not exclusive to the country, yet its people have embraced it and made it their own. What is your favorite sport?

Question 3

Somebody jumps ahead of you in line. What do you do?

Queue-skipping is a problem all over the world. Regardless of your culture, nationality, or tradition, you can be certain that as long as there is a line there will be somebody to ignore that line and go straight to the front. Imagine you’re standing in line for tickets to a movie and somebody cuts in front of you. What do you do?

Question 4

What is your greatest regret?

Life is a difficult thing to master. No matter how hard we try, most of us will never progress beyond mere amateurs at being alive. For that reason, it’s safe to say that you have done a few things in your life that you’re not proud of. Of all of the mistakes you've made throughout your time on this planet, which do you regret the most?

Question 5

What do you call French kissing?

Sheldon and Amy kiss

The act of sticking your tongue in another person’s mouth and wiggling it around in an intense display of passion is commonly referred to as ‘French kissing’. However, it seems every culture has another word to describe it, which makes the activity totally unique to their town, city, or country. What word do you use to describe French kissing?

Question 6

Which would you rather be drinking right now?

You can tell a lot about a person’s personality based on what they decide to drink when on a night out with friends. Some people go straight for the stuff that’s going to get them messed up, while others simply want something that tastes good and doesn’t leave them puking their guts up the next morning. Of the drinks listed below, which would you like to be drinking right now?

Question 7

Choose your preferred television show

With the worrying amount of dreadful television Hollywood studios have been churning out for the best part of three decades, it can be pretty challenging to find a TV show worth watching. America has produced the occasional classic sitcom over the years, but a lot of people have found it necessary to seek out foreign television shows in order to find something in any way watchable. Choose your preferred television series from the shows listed below.

Question 8

What is your favorite food?

Whether you’re a fan of cooking or just a fan of eating, you know that every nation has its own methods of preparing and ingesting different kinds of food and drink. Countries are very often defined by their cuisines, so the food you choose to prepare each night will say a lot about your true nationality.

Question 9

It’s a work day and you have woken up with a terrible hangover. What do you do?

The only thing worse than waking up with a terrible hangover is waking up with a terrible hangover on a work day. Let’s say it’s seven in the morning and your alarm has just woken you up after a very late night on the town. You can’t remember what you drank, but you could probably figure it out by examining the puddle on your bedroom floor. You can’t imagine yourself making it through the workday. What do you do?

Question 10

What is your favorite part of Christmas?

Christmas is celebrated in the vast majority of western countries by the vast majority of the populations of said countries. However, Christmas traditions vary from country to country and, as you’ll often find, even from house to house. Imagine it’s mid-December and Christmas is fast approaching. What part of the big day are you looking forward to the most?

Question 11

Your family pet has died. What do you tell your young children?

For many children, the passing of the family pet is the first time that they experience loss. Such an event is a valuable opportunity to teach children about death and how to cope with it. Unfortunately, not all parents take the chance to do so. Imagine your hypothetical family pet has just passed away, what do you tell your hypothetical children?

Question 12

Who is your favorite author?

A movie will give you a modest glimpse into life in the country in which it was produced. As will television shows and, to a lesser extent, YouTube videos. However, these mediums are far too recent to be of any real use in understanding a nation and its people. If you really want to experience a country’s culture, you must turn to its literature and immerse yourself in books written 50, 100, and even 200 years ago. Of the author’s listed below, who is your favorite?

Question 13

Who is your favorite songwriter?

It’s pretty difficult to separate music from the culture that influenced it, so the songs you choose to listen to are generally a dead giveaway of your true nationality. Below, you will see the names of three songwriters, each one remarkably talented and each one synonymous with the culture of a certain country. Of those three, who would you most like to be listening to right now?

Question 14

What do you do when you’re feeling sad?

Everybody feels a little down sometimes, regardless of where they grew up or where they are currently living. That being said, not everybody deals with their emotions in the same way. Some traditions teach that sadness must be tackled and eradicated, while others insist that negative emotions are best left alone. What do you do when you’re feeling sad?

Question 15

You’re stuck in a well with nobody around for miles. What do you do?

Let’s say, God forbid, that you’re traveling alone at night through the woods. Owing to the lack of light and the fact that wells generally aren’t placed in the woods, you fall into an unguarded and disused well. There is nobody around to hear you scream. What do you do?

Question 16

If you had to get a tattoo of something across your chest, what would you choose?

Although tattoos are generally seen as a means of expressing your individual personality, many cultures and traditions encourage tattooing as a method of showing the pride you take in your heritage. If you were to get a tattoo of something across your chest - and you can never have it removed, by the way - what would that tattoo be of?

Question 17

What was the last thing you smoked?

Okay, we should probably preface this by pointing out that we do not encourage smoking anything. Smoking is bad for you, don’t do it and so on and so forth. Plenty of adults still choose to smoke, with many doing so because they saw their parents and their grandparents light up. For some, it is a part of cultural identity. What about you? What was the last thing you smoked?

Question 18

You have a spare ten minutes at work. What do you do?

The working day is pretty much the same length all over the world. Certain countries have somehow managed to cut the working day down to just a couple of hours while maintaining or even increasing productivity, but they are in the significant minority. Most of us are expected to work eight or nine hours at a time, so every break is valuable, no matter how short. You have an unexpected free ten minutes at work, what do you do?

Question 19

What is your favorite thing to do at the beach?

Everybody loves a day at the beach. There are few things more satisfying than feeling the sun beaming down upon your presumably bare torso as you stroll across the sand in search of the perfect spot to lay your beach towel. What is your favorite thing to do while visiting the beach?

Question 20

You wake up with a lump on your neck. What do you do?

Regardless of where you’re from, your primary motive for doing anything is survival. As human beings, we want nothing more than to prolong our lives for as long as possible, so waking up to discover a mysterious lump has developed on your neck is certainly cause for concern. Let’s say you are in just such a situation. What is the first thing you do?

Question 21

What is your most prized possession?

We all have our little prized possessions. A lot of the time, these possessions may not have any real world value - or won’t be anywhere near as valuable as we believe them to be - but it doesn’t stop us from obsessing over them and proudly showing them off to everybody we come into contact with. What is your most treasured possession?

Question 22

Which best describes your current relationship status?

The rise of the internet has made it easier than ever before to spy on people. These days, being introduced to somebody is generally followed by several hours spent scrolling through their Facebook page in an attempt to learn about their hobbies, their job, and, of course, their relationship status. Which of the relationship statuses below best describes your current romantic situation?

Question 23

What is your primary method of exercising?

The western world in general has become incredibly health conscious over the past decade or so, almost to the point that it is annoying. People all over Europe have adopted new diets and training routines in order to keep off the pounds and pile on the muscle. What about you? What do you do to keep fit?

Question 24

Choose the bread for your next sandwich

Making a sandwich is surprisingly complicated. It isn’t simply a matter of slapping a filling between two slices of bread and chowing down. No, these days there are literally hundreds of kinds of bread to choose from when preparing your lunch and the bread you choose may just reflect who you are on the inside. Choose the bread for your next sandwich from the options below.

Question 25

You’re at a family reunion. Who gets drunk and ruins it?

Depending on how you get on with your family, family reunions can be a whole lot of fun or an unrelenting source of misery. One thing is certain, however: at your family reunion, somebody will get way too drunk and ruin it for everybody. Who is a lock to get locked and ruin your next family reunion?

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