What Kind Of WWE Wrestler Would You Be? Heel Or Face?


The Sport of Kings is deceptively simple. Save for a few figures in its decades-long history, professional wrestling is about the good guy (babyface) versus the bad guy (heel). The good guys are noble, the bad guys cheat and lie. Also, referees are made of paper and the Spanish announce table is permanently marked for destruction.

The faces usually win the day in the end to send the audience home happy, but the heels are the ones with the best material and they don't usually take the extended week-to-week beatings that the faces have to in order to keep the story going. Imagine getting to go out in front of thousands of people in an arena and tell them how awful it is being in their city. The reaction is cheap heat but it never fails to be fun. However, the face can get the bigger reaction for being the resilient hero and defeating the bad guy...unless you're John Cena or Roman Reigns. The fans will still hate you then.

They say that personality counts more than in-ring ability in the WWE, so rather than see if you can run the ropes, let's see what kind of character you would end up portraying.

Question 1

What do you do when the referee is out cold?

Brock Lesnar WWE

Wrestling referees are deaf, blind and couldn’t withstand a brisk wind. In short, they tend to fall asleep in the ring regularly. This gives you ample opportunity to cheat. Weapons, cheap shots. Whatever. It’s all on the table while the ref doses. Sure, some people will resent you for it, but if you do it right, you’ll win and that’s what counts in the record books.

Question 2

How would you describe your fans?

Chris Jericho WWE

WWE fans can be fickle. Sometimes they cheer the bad guys and boo the good guys. Sometimes the audience will eat up whatever you’re doing, other times they’re practically dead asleep in the stands. Either way, you’ll need them to react to you in order to get over. How you do it is up to you.

Question 3

Are you prone to greed or to destruction of private property?

An odd pairing, yes, but still relevant to your mindset. Greed and destruction of private property are also two longstanding hallmarks of characters and storylines that WWE rely on to build tension. Or at least attempt to stuff the bloated corpse of Monday Night RAW with and the other fifty shows a week the company now produces.

Question 4

How do you feel about joining a faction?

Some of pro wrestling’s best storylines and moments have happened because of factions—wrestlers joining as a team to fight for or against something. Over the years groups like DX, the Four Horsemen/women, the NWO, Evolution, The Shield, and the Bullet Club have always produced great television for fans—but they certainly aren’t for everyone.

Question 5

Would you interfere in somebody else's match?

Not sure how to book the end of a match? Don’t worry, just have someone interfere! Both faces and heels are known to get themselves involved in other people’s matches for a variety of reasons. The faces want to help someone who is being ganged up on or to stop a heel from cheating; the heel just wants to make things more difficult for the face. It’s a toxic relationship, honestly.

Question 6

What's your main concern about authority figures?

WWE makes use of on-air authority figures to give their shows a sense of direction. These authority figures are usually corrupt, but currently both general managers and commissioners (we need both?) are fair and decent babyfaces. However, there are always wrestlers who come up against the authority figure either because the figure is a bad guy or the figure is “too fair.”

Question 7

Would you betray your tag team partner?


Sometimes, when a tag team is starting to become stale or one wrestler is seen as a bigger star by management than the other, the team will break up. In world of pro-wrestling, this a titanic betrayal. Your tag team partner is your brother, your best friend. But business is business. If you think your partner is holding you back, what would you do?

Question 8

What would you prefer: Fan adoration or a title shot?

Wrestlemania 31 Seth Rollins

There are two different kind of success in wrestling. Winning over the fans is a great way to make yourself important to the company. On the other hand, there are plenty of wrestlers who have gotten over with the fans but couldn’t maintain the success. If you had a chance at one of the heavyweight championships, you could make yourself extremely important to the company. You’d be the one who steers the ship.

Question 9

What is your preferred method of travel

The WWE has a horrible schedule. Wrestlers are constantly traveling around the world and rarely see their families. The people in the locker room become your surrogate family, and without the tethers of a regular job, sometimes you can spend some of that money and get a little crazy. So what would you prefer? Brotherhood or a party?

Question 10

Is Seth Rollins better as a heel or face?

The Internet Wrestling Community has been arguing about this for a while now. Seth Rollins turned out to be a great wormy heel when he turned on his Shield brothers, but would often be cheered because of his move set and his clear love of the sport. His face turn was botched by bad booking, though he’s now settled into his new spot. It’s just a matter of taste. What do you prefer?

Question 11

Was Stone Cold a heel or face?

Steve Austin was a face who acted like a heel. His character helped usher in the beloved Attitude Era where everybody was a little bit of a bad guy. He represented the working man who hated his boss, but he also would give a stunner to anyone in the ring if he felt like it. By your own taste, is the character a good guy or a bad guy?

Question 12

Which Chris Jericho do you prefer?

While most modern wrestlers stick to a single gimmick (or variations on a single gimmick), Chris Jericho has reinvented himself several times throughout his career. It has helped him remain fresh and new over his decades-spanning run in pro-wrestling, making a compelling case for him to be considered the greatest of all time. Another personal preference question; which Jericho is the best?

Question 13

Bret Hart or Mr. Perfect?

Summerslam 1991 Bret Hart and Mr

One of the best matches in WWE history took place at Summerslam 1991 between Bret Hart and Mr. Perfect for the Intercontinental championship. Both were incredible workers and fast-moving athletes who worked stiff and knew how to tell a story in the ring. You could go on forever arguing which one’s the better wrestler, but we’d rather cut this short and ask you the question outright.

Question 14

Who do you usually root for?

This is an obvious question. Do you find yourself rooting for the good guys or the bad guys more often? Wrestling is a funny thing where the heels can be cooler than the faces. There are plenty of people nowadays that prefer the bad guys, and it’s much more difficult to get the fans to love or hate you depending on what side you’re on.

Question 15

What would your style be?

Daniel Bryan CM Punk WWE

After at least 14 hours of promos, eventually someone will do some wrestling. Maybe you. That’d be nice, wouldn’t it? So, when you are finally in the ring, what’s your strategy? A Brock Lesnar-like locomotive beatdown? A Stone Cold-styled bar brawl? A Daniel Bryan technical masterpiece? Or a memorable high-risk style like AJ Styles and Ricochet?

Question 16

Which version of DX do you prefer?

WWE DX Shawn Michaels Triple H and Chyna

“We make the rules and we damn sure break them.” That basically summed up what DX was about (well, that and their other catchphrase). DX added sex and vulgarity to the WWE as it shifted into the Attitude Era, setting the bar for how far you can go. Naturally, the group evolved over time; eventually the rebels became part of the system.

Question 17

How do your friends and family describe you?

Ric Flair WCW

Some of the best characters in wrestling are just elaborations of the real person behind it. What that says about Triple H’s necrophilia storyline, we’d prefer not to know. In general, however, when a wrestler is just playing an exaggerated version of themselves, it adds a layer of reality and truth to the character. So, be honest, what would people say about you?

Question 18

Do you get called out or do you call people out?

Hey, look, sometimes we get on a roll, we can’t stop and somebody calls us out on our crap. Happens to all of us. It’s called “Getting to big for your britches” if you grew up in the late-1800s. We, also, have to be the person that calls the other guy out on their crap. We’re not asking for your preference between the two roles, but in which do you usually find yourself?

Question 19

Do you have a bad temper?

To a point, everyone in the WWE has a bad temper consider they’ve made a career choice to beating their coworkers in the head with metal objects, but that’s not what we’re getting at. Do you get angry easily? Do you sometimes go overboard with that anger? Don’t worry, we’re not here to judge.

Question 20

Which movie do you prefer?

We all like movies and some genres more than others. The themes present in some movies resonate with us in a particular way. Sometimes, wrestlers use film characters to inform on their own—Razor Ramon was based on Scarface; Bray Wyatt is based on Max Cady; Sting is based on the Crow. So which of these movies is your favorite?

Question 21

Should the Undertaker's streak have been broken?

The Undertaker Wrestlemania 30

For 21 Wrestlemanias, the Undertaker went undefeated. Then, at Wrestlemania 30, Brock Lesnar defeated the legendary grappler in a historic moment. Whether this was the right thing to do or not is hotly debated even years later, though it doesn’t change the fact that it is a streak that will never be broken, considering the short shelf-life a writer’s career has these days.

Question 22

Which wrestler do you like best?

There are too many wrestlers in WWE to get a true census, so we took wrestlers from the present and wrestlers from the “classic” era. This has nothing to do with their personal lives or anything else. Just their work rate, their mic work, and really, just your overall preference.

Question 23

Whose career would you prefer to emulate?

Every new generation of wrestlers are inspired by the ones that came before them. Daniel Bryan wore gear the same color as William Regal’s. Triple H loved Buddy Rogers. Sometimes you can see how certain wrestlers borrow the moves or personality of legends, or at least base their goals on them. If you could have a similar career to anyone on this list, who would it be?

Question 24

Should CM Punk have walked out?

In 2014, CM Punk shocked fans (and the WWE itself) by walking out on his contract weeks before Wrestlemania. Punk was frustrated with the direction of his character and claimed he was creatively stifled. Fans and critics have debated if he had handled the situation appropriately and have no stopped speculating on a return to pro-wrestling at a future point.

Question 25

Which version of the Rock do you prefer?

The Rock has reinvented himself a few times throughout his historic WWE career. From going to the derided Rocky Maivia to becoming the Corporate Champion version of the Rock, to the People’s Champion and then Hollywood Rock, you can see the through line between each version of the character despite how different each one is. It’s a testament to the work Dwayne Johnson did that he was always about to pull off each change with ease.

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