What Kind Of Jedi Knight Are You?


Not only do the Jedi get all kinds of different lightsaber colors, they also get all kinds of different jobs within the organization. Apparently, none of them have ever become hair stylists considering the weird sci-fi rattails that the padawans have, but that’s neither here nor there. It’s unclear if these are completely (or at all) still canon, but the Jedi subgroups are as follows: artisan, investigator, recruiter, shadow, Gray Jedi, and watchman (working Rorschach mask not included).

For this quiz, we’ll be figuring out where in the system you would belong in the Jedi Order. Of course, if you don’t like where you end up, you could just take the quiz again or wait for yet another revolt which will destroy the Jedi and force the survivors to start over fresh. Sure, it’s a little dark, but take a look around. If there’s a Skywalker hanging around, you’ve got a good chance of fire and brimstone happening sooner rather than later. They’re good for a shakeup, though, you know, that whole lack of job security and safety thing could really turn some people off. But that’s a problem for later. Right now, let’s find out what kind of Jedi Knight you would be.

1What’s your favorite color?

Color matters a lot in Star Wars, specifically with the Jedi. They don’t show much outward emotion, but glam is certainly important. The color of one’s lightsaber is often reflective of both their personality and the class they end up in. Unlike the Sith, where your choices are red and…also red, with the Jedi you have many colors to choose from.

2What was your favorite subject in school?

Unfortunately, recess doesn’t count as a subject. Like school, the Jedi Order has different classes and determining what subject you excel in gives you an idea of where your specialties may lie and where you might end up career-wise.

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