What Is Your Spirit Animal?


Aside from a few unfortunate souls who apparently don’t have a heart, the vast majority of human beings would profess a love of animals, or at least some animals, matching our feelings towards other people. Sure, not everyone loves every single animal out there, and personal experiences can easily lead someone to disliking or fearing a given species or two. However, most people nonetheless do have great affection for all other animals who haven’t done them wrong.

For most people, our favorite animals are likely the ones we keep as pets, but we aren’t all so lucky as to be able to keep the critters we love most in our homes with us. Some animals are too big or impractical to keep at home, and therefore all fans of those creatures can do is admire them in the wild or dream about what it would be like to live amongst them.

While it’s not possible for a person to actually become an animal, this doesn’t mean we can’t feel like our furry friends at certain points, experiencing stronger connections with other species than those within our own. Perhaps this is because you posses what some cultures and tribal religions have called a spirit animal, an inner creature guiding your life through the way of the wild. Take our quiz and find out which animal species you may have such a connection to.

Question 1

Where would you rather live?

By and large, animals are very different from humans in many ways, and one of the most glaring examples of this is how and where we live. Throughout all time, humans have been the only creatures to build elaborate houses for themselves. Even animals who create shelters never developed anything close to indoor plumbing. Could you go without these necessities and live in the wilderness, or do you need to stay inside?

Question 2

Are you active and athletic?

To many humans, the idea of exercise is entirely optional, and that’s putting it lightly. Some people would prefer to sit on their couch all day watching TV over ever once standing up and walking outside, but then again, there are others who feel the exact opposite. While the deviation isn’t that large amongst a given animal species, different creatures have different feelings towards athletics and exercise the same way us human beings do.

Question 3

What kind of diet do you keep?

Despite how important it can be, for whatever reason, not all humans think all that much about the food they put into their body. All that matters to these people is whether or not it tastes good, which to be fair, is a pretty big part of the whole eating process. Others, however, recognize that the type of food we eat heavily affects our lives. Assuming you pay enough attention to your diet to answer, what kind of foods are your favorites?

Question 4

Do you get along well with others?

As human beings living in a civilized society, we pretty much have to get along with one another, at least to a certain degree. For better or worse, animals don’t have this need, yet many of them still choose to socialize and interact with others creatures of their species in their own way. Are you generally able to get along with your fellow people, or would turning animalistic let your inner nature come out?

Question 5

How much sleep do you get?

Human, animal, or somewhere in between, one thing all living creatures have in common is a need, desire, and let’s face it, love, of going to sleep at night. Or during the day, or both, depending on how many Z’s you intend to catch on a given night. People and animals alike can vary greatly in how much sleep they want and wish to attain each night, either by necessity or for pleasure. Where do you stand on the issue?

Question 6

What type of weather do you prefer?

One element of life neither humans nor animals have any control over is the weather, and how it effects our ability to live normal, happy lives. That said, if someone especially hates the environment they live in, they can easily move, and the same is true for animals. In fact, animals move around a whole lot more than humans, generally due to a preference for a certain type of weather. What kind of atmosphere would you chase?

Question 7

Are you violent or aggressive?

Unlike human beings, animals are able to immediately attack any creature that rubs them the wrong way, making life in the wilderness a vicious and dangerous existence. Of course, not all animals are so prone to violence, and most will only attack aggressors when provoked. This can be a positive or negative when living away from society, so think about whether you could even survive as an animal in the first place before picking your answer.

Question 8

How do you choose your romantic partners?

While romantic relationships between animals aren’t anything like the type us humans have with one another, every creature out there has their own type of mating ritual that keeps their species in existence. Granted, it’s hard to imagine any animals being as discerning with their dates as people would be, but there’s nonetheless some degree of choice involved when an animal picks a mate.

Question 9

Are you close with your family?

Amongst the greatest downsides of keeping animals as pets is that doing so usually forces the poor critters to be ripped away from their families to become closer to yours. In this sense, many domesticated animals don’t really have a choice at being close with their families, but their ability to adapt and accept yours as their own makes up for it enough we use this to justify the whole process. In any event, would you immediately endear yourself to those around you, or are you colder and more distant?

Question 10

How do you spend your free time?

In certain respects, an animal’s entire existence could be described as “free time.” The term pretty much means any time people have not spent on work, and not having jobs, animals indeed have this exact luxury for every waking moment of their lives. This in mind, what these animals do to occupy this time can be almost impossible to sum up in just a few words. Which of the following sounds closest to what you would do with all the time in the world?

Question 11

Which of the following best describes your sense of humor?

Although animals don’t laugh and we can’t know for sure what’s going through their heads, Disney movies have lead most people to believe they have a pretty fantastic sense of humor. This quality may be a little overstated in cartoons, yet animals do indeed seem to posses the ability to entertain themselves, especially the types we keep in our homes as pets. Does your sense of humor match your four legged friends?

Question 12

Are you adventurous?

Free to roam the wild for all eternity, animals tend to go big or go home when it comes to exploring the wild. Some creatures are perfectly content at staying just where they are for the unforeseeable future, never once feeling the itch to venture outwardly and discover new places. Others can barely stay still for more than a few seconds, always seeking out unique experiences. Where do you fall on the spectrum?

Question 13

Could you survive in the wild?

Let’s face it, folks—whether or not we happen to have a spirit animal within us, not everyone could actually survive if thrown into the animal kingdom overnight. In fact, some of us may never be able to live in the woods, jungle, or any such climate only animals dare to tread. Could you actually last more than a few days in the great outdoors?

Question 14

Do you consider yourself intelligent?

For as majestic and beautiful as they are, not every animal out there is as smart as they are lovable. Granted, this is only when compared to mankind, allegedly the smartest living being on earth. Of course, not all human beings are as smart as others, and apes, dogs, or even particularly daft species like fish may indeed outsmart some of us. Are you smarter than your pets, or do you expect them to think for you?

Question 15

Are you a hard worker?

As this quiz has already mentioned, arguably the biggest plus side to being an animal is that money doesn’t matter, in turn meaning work and steady employment don’t matter, either. That said, this doesn’t mean that animals don’t need to put in effort to survive in one way or another, including sometimes working together with others to complete a common goal. Would you chip in and help out, or expect everyone else to do the heavy lifting?

Question 16

How vain are you?

On the surface, one might assume animals don’t really care all that much about how they look. Compared to humans, this is probably true, as no other creature has found much use in mirrors. However, animals do pay close attention to their own grooming and make efforts at attracting potential mates, so looks do still matter in their kingdom. How much stock do you put in your own appearance?

Question 17

Do you like being in water?

In the simplest terms possible, animals can be separated into two categories: creatures that live on land and those that live in the sea. As human beings, we fall into the first category and there’s not a whole lot we can do about it. That said, simply being unable to live underwater hasn’t stopped some people from coming pretty close, spending as much time on the beach or near it as possible. Is this you, or are you happier on the mainland?

Question 18

Are you dominant and assertive?

A big part of living life to its fullest is having the courage to do so, something that many people unfortunately simply don’t possess. Not that its any consolation, but several animal species seem to be the same way, simply existing rather than living much of a meaningful existence. Being dominant isn’t the only way to standout as a human, but it does play a big role in how much animals can differentiate themselves from the norm.

Question 19

What’s your favorite genre of movie?

Regardless of how many films have been made starring animals, there are no cinemas in the jungle. On top of that, despite what you may think, your dog or cat doesn’t really care about what’s on TV when it sits on the couch with you. That said, this isn’t necessarily a matter of taste but rather one of understanding, as we could totally imagine animals watching movies if they knew what was going on in them.

Question 20

Have you ever committed a crime?

In the animal kingdom, there is no such thing as law and order. Well, except for Animal Control, but that’s more of a human creation to deal with species that have gone rogue. Digressing to the point, animals can’t go to jail or receive tickets for violating the rules, but they can cause mischief to a degree that would get punished if they were humans.

Question 21

How much/often do you eat?

To some people, food is simply a matter of sustenance, a fact we already covered when quizzing your similarities with an animals diet. However, those of us who know food can bring some of life’s greatest pleasures are rarely content with just a few meals throughout the day, needing a whole lot more to keep us satisfied. Regardless of what kind of food it is you chow down on, how much of it do you consume?

Question 22

Are you a day person, night person, or neither?

For the most part, human beings are dictated by a circadian rhythm, a system making us sleep during the night time and conduct our business while the sun is shining. Although animals don’t need to go to work or school, many of them follow similar patterns, albeit with specifics quite different from ours. Some sleep longer, at different times, or more frequently in general. Do you fit the norm, or are you up all night long?

Question 23

What’s your favorite style of music?

Much like watching TV shows or movies, there’s no veterinary science to suggest animals particularly care about human styles of music. That said, everyone knows our four legged friends do have personalities, so it isn’t hard to make assumptions about the sort of music they would enjoy were they capable of understanding it. On this train of thought, what kind of music you like might say more about your connection with animals than it would if they actually cared about it.

Question 24

Would you like being an animal?

No matter the result of this quiz nor how much you care about animals in general, the fact remains you’ll always be a human, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Quite frankly, this is probably great news for most people, as being an animal may not turn out like all its cracked up as being. In fact, some people may view actually turning into their spirit animal as a total nightmare. How do you feel about the idea?

Question 25

What type of clothing do you wear?

Not bucking to modern fashion in the slightest, the vast majority of animals proudly live life in their birthday suits, and wouldn’t have it any other way. As a matter of fact, the only animals to wear clothes at all are forced to do so by owners putting tacky sweaters on them for no reason, making it seem preferable to go au naturel out in the wild. Of course, as humans, we don’t have it the same way, so what kind of clothes do you wear?

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