What Happened To These Famous Patients On Grey's Anatomy?


Grey's Anatomy is a show that is not a stranger to having crazy scenarios and story lines. With the show taking place in a hospital and following the life of surgeons and interns, there are endless things that can happen to the patients and doctors. Every single one of the original interns has been on the operation table and most of the other surgeons have also been. Grey's Anatomy is constantly shocking viewers because of the abundance of deaths, crazy medical cases, and even the romances between the characters.

The show recently wrapped its thirteenth season and there have been too many patients to count and some crazy plot lines for these characters. Everything that happens to the patients are real medical conditions and aliments which adds to the strength of the show. You'll most likely feel like you could be a doctor after watching a few episodes in a row.

Whether you've been watching the show since the first season or have binge watched it all online, its difficult remembering every patient and what happened to them. Warning: there are spoilers throughout this quiz.

Grey's Anatomy is known for its famous and memorable guest stars. Can you match the patient to what medical condition they had?

Question 1

What brought Rosanna Arquette into the ER?

Constance Ferguson, played by Rosanna Arquette, appeared in the eleventh episode of season two. She was an inmate who had to be brought in for her medical problem, but wanted to get away from prison for a while. Cristina begins to talk to her throughout her stay, learning that she murdered three people while high on meth. Her boyfriend planned the robbery and told Constance he would leave her if she didn't go along with it. She did because she feared being alone. What brought Constance into the ER?

Question 2

Why did Elizabeth Reaser go back to the hospital?

After the ferry accident in season three, Alex Karev found Rebecca, played by Elizabeth Reaser, pregnant and crushed under a cement pylon. Her face was so swollen that they couldn't identify her, so Mark Sloan began facial reconstruction. By the time her husband came to pick her and the baby up, she wanted to stay with Karev. She came back a few months later claiming she'd left her husband. When she was at Meredith's house with Karev, why did she have to go back to the hospital?

Question 3

How did Seth Green die?

Nick, played by Seth Green, was a patient in the hospital because of a large tumor in his carotid. Mark Sloan was able to get it out, but Nick was left with only a flap of skin covering the artery. This created concern, and Mark made Lexie Grey checked on him multiple times a day. Nick noticed that Lexie seemed upset and tried to cheer her up. Soon after this, something to happened to him causing his death. What eventually made Nick Hanscom die?

Question 4

How did Jeffrey Dean Morgan die?

Denny Duquette, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is one of the show's most memorable quest stars. He was a long time patient of Preston Burke and had viral cardiomyopathy which caused his heart to fail. He needed a heart transplant but was sent home when there were none available. He eventually came back, causing the doctors to give him a portable LVAD. While at the hospital, though a heart did become available, Denny was doing too well to qualify for it. What did Izzie Stevens do to get the heart which eventually resulted in Denny's death?

Question 5

What was Demi Lovato diagnosed with?

Hayley May, played by Demi Lovato, was brought into the hospital for trying to claw her own eyes out. She was suspected to have schizophrenia, but Alex Karev believed there was something else wrong with her. While Hayley was at the hospital, she tried to stab herself in the heart with a syringe because she could not handle everyone thinking she was crazy and she also could not handle what was actually wrong with her. What was Hayley's actual diagnosis?

Question 6

How did Mandy Moore die?

Mary Portman, played by Mandy Moore, was a patient who had a colostomy reversal. Unfortunately, during her first stay a shooter inflitrated the hospital, which resulted in her having to play dead so she would not get shot. Unfortunately, she couldn't escape all the violence and witnessed Charles Percy getting shot in front of her, while Miranda Bailey had to hide under her bed. Percy ended up dying in front of her, despite her and Bailey trying to save him. How did Mary Portman die?

Question 7

How did Monica Keena die?

Bonnie Crasnoff was one of the many victims from the horrible train crash in season two. She is one of the most memorable patients in Grey's Anatomy and was Meredith's Grey first patient to die. Meredith is distraught over this and wants to try to save her. She later returns in season three when Meredith drowns and dies. She appears in Meredith's after life and continually is affected by how she died. How did Bonnie Crasnoff die?

Question 8

Why was Mae Whitman a patient?

Heather Douglas, played by Mae Whitman, was a patient in the hospital soon after Denny Duquette's death. He left Izzie millions of dollars, which she did not know what to do with. Heather was not the nicest girl, but had been living with a strange condition her entire life. Izzie began to talk to her more, and when she learned that Heather's mother could not afford the surgery and her insurance would not cover it, she offered to pay for it herself. Why was Heather Douglas a patient?

Question 9

What killed Wilmer Valderrama?

Kyle Diaz, played by Wilmer Valderrama, was diagnosed two years prior to his visit with multiple sclerosis. This caused a hand tremor. He'd had a career as a guitarist so he opted to receive deep brain stimulation to stop the tremor. He flirted with Stephanie Edwards and the two started a casual relationship. They eventually started to date but his tremor returned. He had a second round of the deep brain stimulation and his tremor went away. After him and Stephanie broke up, he came back to the hospital with another problem that resulted in his death. What killed Kyle Diaz?

Question 10

What was Abigail Breslin's diagnosis?

Megan Clover, played by a young Abigail Breslin, was brought into the hospital to receive stitches after falling on the playground and cutting her leg open. Her foster parents brought her in and it was her fourth visit in three months. Alex Karev found a cut on her arm that was stapled together. He asked if her foster parents did it, but Megan admitted to having done it herself and promised her foster parents weren't hurting her. She claimed to be a superhero and said she had fellow students punch her in the stomach to prove it. What is her actual diagnosis?

Question 11

Why does Kiki Palmer become a patient?

Sheryll Jeffries, played by Kiki Palmer, is a pregnant teenager who comes to the hospital looking for Cristina Yang. Cristina is running a clinical trial that Sheryll wants to be a part of. Unfortunately, the trial is for children and Cristina tells her she is too old. Sheryll tries to argue with Cristina to get in saying she was technically still a child. While trying to argue, her water breaks, causing her to give birth. Cristina checks her over once she is out of labor but still declines her for the trial. What does Sheryll have?

Question 12

Why is Rocky Carroll a patient?

James Miller, played by Rocky Carroll, went to the ER because he felt like his foot was not actually his foot and felt like a corpse foot. Bailey performed an examination to see what was wrong, but it was a healthy foot. She had him receive a psych exam, revealing what was actually wrong with him. He received his medication, but instead found a mini chain saw that was brought in with another patient and cut off his own foot. What was actually wrong with him?

Question 13

Why was Dylan Minnette in the hospital?

Before he was Clay on Thirteen Reasons why, Dylan Minnette played Ryan in season four. He came searching for Mark Sloan. His mom worked in the cafeteria so he was already at the hospital. Meredith Grey helped him to be able to get his surgery. The surgeons performed the surgery for free after Meredith convinced them to. Since it was Halloween, she took him "trick or treating" to each surgeon. Also, Derek Shepherd paid him to go up to Sloan and tell him he was his dad as a joke. What was wrong with Ryan?

Question 14

What did Scott Michael Campell swallow?

Mr. Hubble, who was played by Scott Michael Campell, came to Seattle Grace Hospital because he had a bowel obstruction. After Meredith Grey took x-rays, they noticed that he had objects in his bowel. He would not tell the doctors what he had swallowed. He also told Meredith she had porcelain like features. When they found what he actually did swallow, he would not admit to why he did it. He even received a psych exam. What did Mr. Hubble swallow?

Question 15

What strange condition did Amanda Collins have?

Marina Rose Wagner was a patient at Seattle Grace Hospital because she had had a larger tumor removed from her colon eight months prior. She had completed chemo and radiation, causing the surgeons to think she was in remission, but she woke up one day finding it difficult to breathe. So boyfriend brought her in and learned she previously had cancer. She hadn't shared it with him. George took her blood and began feeling very sick after. What was wrong with Marina?

Question 16

Why was James Immekus a patient?

Andrew Langston was a patient at Seattle Grace Hospital and was brought into the ER. His "friends" dared him to do something that was very foolish, resulting in an unfortunate incident. The friends stayed in the waiting room and Callie Torres found out what actually happened, but they continued to mock him and make fun of him. There was a girl in the group that seemed worried, but didn't want to admit it to the other "friends." In order to calm him down, Bailey talked to him about Star Wars because he reminded her of Han Solo. What was wrong with Andrew?

Question 17

What attacked Danny Strong?

Paul, played by Gilmore Girl's Danny Strong, was brought into the emergency room from being severely hurt by an animal attack. He was trying to protect his girlfriend Naomi and stepped in front of her to stop the animal. This resulted in his arm going into the animal's mouth and then he was attacked. When performing the surgery, Jackson Avery found a tooth. Earlier, Meredith and Derek saw this animal on the street in front of their car. What animal attacked Paul?

Question 18

What was Leslie Grossman diagnosed with?

Lauren Hammer, played by Leslie Grossman, was a patient at the hospital because she had stomach pain. She was convinced she had cancer because she researched her symptoms. She admits to Alex Karev that she took antibiotics to get rid of a staph infection. Her husband tells Karev that the dermatologist said it was just a pimple and it was not necessary to take an antibiotic. Karev runs tests and realizes what is wrong with Lauren. What was Lauren diagnosed with?

Question 19

What was wrong with Mitch Pileggi?

Lawrence "Larry" Jennings, played by Mitch Pileggi, was the chairman of the board of directors at Seattle Grace Hospital. He had recently been on a trip to the Amazon, but his trip ended quickly because of what had happened to him. He had not urinated in three days and his testicles were very swollen. An x-ray showed what was wrong with him. During his surgery, Larry had a heart issue. He was stable after the surgery, but what was the cause of his discomfort?

Question 20

How was Kevin McKidd introduced?

Owen Hunt was originally a patient at Seattle Grace Hospital before he became the head trauma surgeon there. His car got hit by another car that was involved in an accident. He had been on leave from an army tour in Iraq as a doctor. He had performed a tracheotomy on a man with a pen on the way to the hospital. He had received an injury through the impact of the car accident, which he fixed himself without numbing. What was this injury?

Question 21

What killed T.R. Knight?

George O'Malley, played by T.R. Knight, enlisted in the army to become a trauma surgeon and quit Seattle Grace Hospital. On his last day in Seattle, he went to visit his mother and jumped in front of a bus to save a woman. He was brought to the hospital but was so badly injured, no one recognized him. He was in critical condition and needed several surgeries to save his life. Meredith finally realized it was him when he wrote "007" on her hand. How did George ultimately die?

Question 22

What was wrong with Skyler Shaye?

Katie Bryce was Meredith's first patient during her internship. Katie was a pageant girl who was having seizures. She was upset that she was missing her pageant and constantly poked fun at Meredith for not knowing her way around the hospital. Derek could not figure out what was wrong with her since nothing was showing up on the CT. Meredith realized what was wrong with her and was able to scrub in to the surgery with Derek. What was wrong with Katie?

Question 23

What killed Michaela Watkins?

Nikki Ratlin, played by Michaela Watkins, was brought into the emergency room because she fell from a tree that was struck by lightning and had a broken leg and splenic laceration. She was watching her ex-boyfriend while in the tree. Nikki originally told Callie, Meredith, and Bailey that she was struck by lightning. She had heard about four other patients dying that morning and the doctors expected four more to die that day. What caused Nikki Ratlin to eventually die?

Question 24

What happened to Charlie Robinson?

Leo Paulson was brought into the emergency room by his doorman. His doorman, Vincent, had witnessed him fall and brought him in. It turns out that these two men were secret lovers even though Leo had a wife. Meredith walked in on the two men holding hands and figured out the true nature of their relationship. His wife eventually came to the hospital to see him and tried to pay Vincent in thanks. Leo had a contusion in his back, but the doctors discovered more because of this. What else did Leo have?

Question 25

Why was John Cho a patient?

Marshall Stone was a surgical intern at Mercy West Medical Center. He came in as a patient but was confused as to what had happened. His wrist hurt and Derek gave him a neuro exam including a CT. Callie reduced and splinted his wrist before the CT. Marshall could not remember four words less than a minute after being told them. His CT was clear and his memory loss was from the concussion but Derek would keep him overnight for observation. What caused Marshall's concussion?

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