We've Only Found 20% Of People Can Pass This Harry Potter Quiz in Under 2 Minutes

Harry Potter has been a mainstay in popular culture for the past twenty years and, at this point, it is clear that the wizarding world is not going anywhere. There have been countless books, movies, theme parks, and attractions created in honour of this international franchise. Fans of the series grew up and alongside the franchise and its characters. The films shaped us, taught us so much about the world around us, the importance of questioning the adults around us, and why it is important to treat our peers with fairness and kindness. Fans have named their children after beloved characters, tattooed scenes and quotes from the films on their bodies, and have wept at every film screening. Harry Potter shaped a generation. But how much do the fans of the series remember from the franchise that shaped their lives? It is time to put that knowledge to the test.

Calling all of the Potterheads of the internet! It is time for every magic loving witch and/or wizard of the Muggle world to put their Harry Potter knowledge to the test! Answer questions and queries ranging from general knowledge to the most obscure Potter facts around! Quills at the ready and let the test begin.

Question 1

Name the three Deathly Hallows

The Tale of The Three Brothers is one of the more beautiful short stories contained within the companion fairytale book "The Tales of Beedle and the Bard." The story follows three brothers who meet demise himself while attempting to cross a river and are given three tokens as a reward for besting him. The gifts end up being tricks of a sort of two of the brothers are brought back to demise by using said gifts. But the third brother was clever and chose a gift that would help him hide rather than give him power or get back at demise. What were the three gifts that make up the Deathly Hallows?

Question 2

Name Hermione's cat

One of the best fan theories online is the fact that some people believe that Hermione's cat is the feline version of Ronald Weasley himself. First, they both have ginger fur/hair. Second, they are both rather surly figures even though they can be rather soft when it gets down to it. They are both overlooked by those around them even though they do not deserve it. And they both have Hermione's best interests at heart. What can we say? Hermione likes crabby gingers who are often ignored and overlooked by those around them. She has a type in both cats and men.

Question 3

What are the Marauders' codenames?

A lot of people assume that the Marauders' were the coolest kids in their year but can we be so sure of that? Let's break down the facts, shall we? First, these boys had code-names. Not nicknames. No, codenames that they referred to each other by. Second, James was Head Boy and Remus was a prefect. These are traditionally very uncool positions within a school. Third, the boys were so adept at magic that they were able to create the map as well as learn how to transform into animals. Yes, they were pranksters but they may be nerdier than their stories have lead us to believe.

Question 4

Name the four founders of Hogwarts

Hogwarts would not exist without its founders. These four people created the school which we know and love, as well as the houses that the students are divided up into. The founder who created Ravenclaw sought to teach the academically minded students. The Gryffindor founded valued bravery and courage above all else and sought to teach students who possessed these qualities. The Slytherin found tried to keep things "pure" with their students. And the Hufflepuff founder believed that all students deserved equal attention and a chance to learn magic regardless of their traits or lineage. What were the names of the four founders of Hogwarts?

Question 5

Where is Hogwarts located?

If a Muggle were to happen across Hogwarts and its grounds, they would not see the castle that we know and love. They would not only see an abandoned castle in a striking state of disrepair but they would also find themselves having forgotten something important or being late for something vital. Prompting them to turn on their heel and venture back into the muggle world at once. Said feeling dissipates when they return to Muggle society and since there was nothing remarkable about this castle, they most likely forget about the incident entirely by the time that they return home for the night that evening.

Question 6

Name three Hufflepuff traits

Oft forgot, Hufflepuff is one of the four houses in which the students of Hogwarts are divided. Each house has its own common room and colours, as well as a certain amount of set traits used to describe those sorted into the house. These traits act as the values used to define the house itself. And all of the new students who prioritize those values above all others will find themselves added to said house. Fans of the series wear their house with pride and cover themselves in merchandise representing their house and its colours. What traits represent the Hufflepuff house?

Question 7

Which character's feather burst into flames during Charms class?

Charms class can be a risky time for first-year students. Young wizards, especially those raised in Muggle household who only discovered their magic in the past few months before the term started, have very little practice controlling their magic. Therefore, when they are tasked with channeling said power for a specific result, things may not go according to plan. Controlling one's magic is a skill that takes a lot of work, time, and dedication. First years have had little practice with said things so their spells may tend to go awry which may result in fires, minor explosions, and the like.

Question 8

What saved Ron in the sixth film?

When Ron stumbled into the boys' dormitory, late at night, he found a box of chocolate on Harry's bed. Knowing that his friend wouldn't mind if he skimmed a little off the top and grabbed a bite or two, Ron dug in. By the time that Harry found Ron, the full effects of the love potion filled treats had set in. In celebration of Slughorn removing the effects of said potion, the boys and their teacher had a little toast. Unfortunately, the liquid they were toasting with was created with unfriendly intent and Ron nearly perished. Harry's quick thinking saved his friend's life. What did he use to save his friend?

Question 9

Which of the following is NOT a Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes product?

It is unfair to write off Fred and George Weasley as slackers or lazy. They may not have the greatest reputation at school due to their love for pranks and aversion to the rules. However, they created a wonderful line of products that are not only safe to consume but also bring joy and delight to the wizarding world at the height of its troubles. They were able to take that overwhelming energy that they have previously dedicated slowly towards pranks and channeled it towards creating a lucrative business that set them up for life. That is a truly wonderful thing.

Question 10

Which slogan belongs to the Ravenclaw house?

Though the series focused mainly on Gryffindor and Slytherin, that does not mean that the other two houses at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are any lesser. The heroes were sorted into Gryffindor and their rivals existed in Slytherin. Which means that Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff were mostly made up of side characters and the like. But that does not mean that they are any lesser. In fact, some people believe that these two houses deserve more love than the main two houses due to the fact that they are often forgotten by both the series and merchandise distributors alike.

Question 11

Who pushed Neville out of a window to force out his magic?

Some young wizards are naturally able to interact with and draw out their magic. Whereas others need a bit of a push. But Neville's family took it a bit too far and one family member ended up pushing him out of a window. Said family member justified the action by saying that he was only attempting to force the magic out of Neville to prove that he was not a squib. Since his plan worked and Neville's magic suddenly shot out of him and stopped him from becoming a Longbottom pancake on the street below, this family member felt like they did the right thing.

Question 12

What does S.P.E.W. stand for?

S.P.E.W. is an organization created by Hermione Granger in her fourth year to address an issue that she felt was pervasive in wizarding society. Though her heart was in the right place and it was important to address the way in which some people did treat their House-Elves, she ended up going a bit too far. And her attempts to promote equality ended up being rather rude as those she was attempting to liberate did not want to be free. Therefore she ended up sort of forcing her own ideas of freedom on creatures who did not want it in the first place.

Question 13

What is Ronald Weasley's middle name?

Ronald Weasley is one of the greatest yet most underrated characters in the Harry Potter series. He is truly one of the bravest, strongest, and most loyal characters in the series. Though he does struggle with both the things that spook him and his temper, he is still there for his friends when they need him. Sometimes he needs to take a minute to blow off some steam but he always comes back to the people who need him by their side. He was a key player in the final book in the series and truly deserves a soft epilogue.

Question 14

Where did Hermione keep Rita Skeeter until she learned her lesson?

The existence of the character of Rita Skeeter contains one of the most important lessons within the Harry Potter series. Her character is the embodiment in the ways in which the media can be influenced and teaches children that they cannot believe everything that they read in the papers. She teaches children to live their lives with a healthy dose of skepticism and to question the things that they are presented as fact. They are encouraged to confront the subject of the story themselves, do their own research, and never accept one piece of media as their sole source of information.

Question 15

Name Hagrid's baby dragon

Hagrid having to give up his pet baby dragon was one the more emotional moments in the series. Yes, it is important to note that Hagrid lives inside a small wooden hut and that such homes are not a good place to raise a dragon, but that does not make their parting any less sad. It is also important to point out that it is rather unlawful to own a dragon in England. As Hagrid often finds himself on the less ideal ide of the law, keeping a dragon in his home just does not seem like the best idea.

Question 16

By which statue is there a hidden pathway to Honeydukes?

When Harry reached his third year, he was over the moon to get the opportunity to travel off campus during selected points in the school year. However, once he learned that he could only do so if his legal guardians signed a permission slip, he realized that he may never get his chance to explore Hogsmeade with his friends. However, Fred and George would not have their friend miss out on the fun and provided him with a map (unknowingly written by his own father) that showed him a secret pathway (hidden behind a statue) that would help him sneak into Hogsmeade.

Question 17

What is Bellatrix's maiden name?

Bellatrix is a fascinating character as she is so difficult to pin down. She is a "Harley Quinn" type character who was originally a brilliant woman who was lost to the fractured nature of her own mind and was twisted over time into something utterly unrecognizable. Though she was never pure or kind-hearted as she always had an infinity for the dark side of the wizarding world, it is important to note that she did descend further into darkness after teaming up with Lord Voldemort than she ever would have on her own. She seems to slip in and out of madness at a moments notice as well.

Question 18

What happens if one breaks an unbreakable vow?

Unbreakable vows are truly powerful things. There are some magicks that exist within the Harry Potter world that are simply far more powerful than others. The Unbreakable Vow is one of those said magicks. Think of it as a pinky promise on steroids. Basically, if two people want to make a pact that neither party can break under any circumstances, an unbreakable vow is the best way to go. Once a party has entered an unbreakable vow, they are committed to said vow until the rules of the vow have been met. No morals, change of heart, or anything can get one out of an unbreakable vow.

Question 19

Who gave Harry his Nimbus 2000?

It is well known that first-year students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are not allowed brooms. They are to use the school provided brooms during their flying lessons with Madam Hooch and are not to fly on school grounds otherwise. However, Harry Potter was given permission by one of his teachers to break said rule after they saw him perform one of the most impressive stunts on his broomstick during his first flying lesson. This teacher not only broke the rule for Potter but they also was the one who bought Harry's Nimbus 2000 for him. Which teacher was this?

Question 20

What sort of creature was released in the dungeon?

In the attempt to create a distraction big enough to allow Professor Quirrel to sneak to the third floor and take the Philosopher's Stone for his master, he released a creature into the dungeons of Hogwarts. This creature caused the students to go bananas for a few moments after finding out about its presence. And did not calm down until Dumbledore sent them to their dormitories. All students headed back to their common rooms, save for Ron, Harry, and Hermione. Ron and Harry headed down to the girl lavatory to save an unknowing Hermione from said unleashed creature. What was the creature?

Question 21

Why does Harry start excelling in Potions?

Let's be honest, Harry Potter was never really an academically inclined boy. While he was nowhere near being the worst in his year, he was never anywhere near Hermione levels of excellence. He just never had the dedication needed to excel at his studies. That is until he came across a certain object in his sixth year which shot him quickly to the head of the class, much to Hermione's chagrin. She was not too keen on the concept of being beaten by Harry, especially not considering the actual reason why he began excelling at potions in the first place.

Question 22

Did Bulgaria win the 1994 Quidditch World Cup?

Quidditch world cups have always been exciting and fascinating spectacles and the 1994 match between Ireland and Bulgaria was no different. This was the first match that Harry attending after being inducted into the Wizarding World only a few years before. Luckily for him, his best friends father was able to scrounge up enough tickets for all of his children and their friends as well. Not only was the match one for the history books, but the events that occurred after the match had concluded were world changing as well. No one left that match the same person that they were going into it.

Question 23

How old was Luna when she lost her mom?

One of the first things we learn about Luna Lovegood, after her initial introduction, is the fact that she lost her mom at a very young age. Many fans suspect that the loss of her mother helped give her the sense of peace and composure that she brings to the series in its later books as she learned to accept the darker side of life early on and her father made her comfortable with the things that the rest of us tend to shy away from. Being able to embrace the harder sides of life with a cheery attitude is just one of the things that makes Luna so wonderful.

Question 24

What shape does Hermione's boggart take?

A Boggart is a magical creature from the wizarding world that has no know corporal form. When spotted by a witch or wizard, the Boggart quickly turns into whatever said witch or wizard is spooked by the most in this world. However, Hermione's Boggart takes on a form that is a little unconventional. Other students are spooked by spiders, clowns, dementors, and Professor Snape. Very normal and expected things to be spooked by. However, Hermione is not the normal sort. Her Boggart takes on a form very specific to her personal values and the things that are important to her and her alone.

Question 25

What causes Neville's Remembrall to turn red?

The Remembrall is the most confusing piece of magical technology. Sure, it can be very useful to find out when someone has forgotten something. However, the Remembrall has one main flaw and that flaw makes the object rather worthless in the end. That flaw is that the Remembrall does not tell the user what they have forgotten, merely that they have forgotten something. How is that helpful? Knowing that one has forgotten something won't help them forget what they have forgotten. It will only stress them out because they cannot remember what they have forgotten. How is that useful? How is that helpful?

Question 26

Who worked as the secret keeper for the Potter family?

When Lily and James learned that Voldemort was coming after them due to him finding out about the prophecy and Harry's involvement in his eventual downfall, they trusted in a close friend to keep their hiding place a secret in order to protect them. They originally chose Sirius but later switched to another one of their friends. This friend sold them out to the dark lord and the protection placed on their home fell just before the arrival of Voldemort. But which friend sold them out? Which friend was chosen as the trusted secret keeper only to let them down in the end?

Question 27

Name three of the defenses protecting the Philosopher's Stone?

In the books, there were seven defenses that protected the Philosopher's Stone. Two of the defenses, however, were cut from the film adaptation of the first book in the series. The cut defenses include the troll which was provided by Professor Quirrell. Luckily, he knocked out the troll himself so the students did not need to deal with the creature themselves. And the logic potion puzzle provided by Snape. Hermione was able to easily solve said potion due to her logical nature and love for puzzles. However, that means that five defenses made it into the film. What were those defenses?

Question 28

Who wrote "Hogwarts: A History?"

Anyone who has spent an afternoon with Hermione Granger knows just how important she feels that the book "Hogwarts: A History" is. She, frankly. cannot believe that not a single other student attending the school on which the book was written has so much as flipped through its pages. She spent the summer before her first year studying every area of magic that she could so that she would not be behind when the term started. She did not want her lack of magical history to hold her back and her decision to be prepared for school ended up making her the top of her class.

Question 29

Did Remus get fired from his job at Hogwarts?

At the end of the third book/film in the series, Remus discloses to Harry that he will no longer be teaching at Hogwarts. This is upsetting news because he was one of the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers that Hogwarts has ever seen. Not to mention that he was one of the best adults in the entire series and does not deserve to lose his job. Especially when compared to other teachers (who will remain nameless) at Hogwarts who feel the need to take out their less than ideal childhood on everyone else. This nameless might have even been the reason why Remus lost his teaching position.

Question 30

What does Amortentia (love potion) smell like to Hermione?

Love potions are a tricky substance in the wizarding world. They do not create real love nor do they give either party the ability to start a real relationship founded on mutual interests and shared feelings. Once the effects of the love potion wear off, the party who was placed under the love potion will, most likely, never want anything to do with the person who gave them the potion. The potion does not create love but rather consumes the mind and makes the person afflicted unable to think of anyone else until the effects wear off. They are not in control of their mind nor body and that is not okay.

Question 31

Did Molly Weasley believe the rumours Rita spread about Harry?

One of the best things about the Harry Potter series is that none of the characters (save for Luna Lovegood) are perfect. Each character has flaws that can hold them back at times and can be wrong at several moments in the series. Though the movies did remove a lot of the flaws from these beloved characters, the books did not shy away from them. Molly Weasley can actually be rather judgmental. For example, Molly turns her nose up at Fleur dating her son because she assumes that Fleur is vain and simple. But Fleur calls her out and proves that her love is true.

Question 32

What does Luna hope for at the start of year feast?

When we first meet Luna, she does not hesitate in showing the audience exactly who she is and what we can expect from her. She is first seen reading her families magazine upside down whilst wearing her radish earrings, talking about Nargles, and wishing for a certain thing to be present at the start of term feast that awaits them at the castle. The best kind of people are the people who are who they are no matter what and do not quiet down or hold any aspect of their personality back. They tell us who they are right away and Luna did just that.

Question 33

What did Ginny name her two pets?

The fandom tends to rag on Harry Potter quite a bit for giving his children the literal worst names of all time. Many believe that Ginny was left out of the naming process entirely and that, had she been included, her children would have been given good/proper/acceptable names. Hermione and Ron had no issue naming their children, why did Harry? But we need to talk about the fact that Ginny is not known for giving things in her care the best names either. Remember the names that she gave the two pets placed in her care? They were not the best names either.

Question 34

Can time-turners change past events?

Time-travel is a tricky thing to add to fiction. And it is important to note that time travel exists in a stagnated loop in the Harry Potter world rather than the wibbly-wobbly way that it works in other series. In Harry Potter, one can only travel within a 12 hour period and if travelers attempt to change something that has already occurred, they will become the thing that makes said event happen (as explained in the book by Hermione herself.) Events that have occurred are set in stone; however, one can prevent things that are about to happen if they travel back and intercept it before it does occur.

Question 35

Which one of these magical creatures is believed to not exist?

It is important to note that this creature is only "believed" not to exist within the magical world. There is no definitive proof against its existence (no matter what Hermione has to say about it) and most witches and wizards did not believe in any of the fantastic beasts until they were discovered and popularized. So there is no way to definitively confirm nor deny whether this creature exists. However, Luna Lovegood is the only character that truly believes in their existence and most people have written her beliefs off entirely due to her quirky nature. Which means that few wizards believe that this creature exists at all.

Question 36

How old must one be to perform magic outside of school?

Note: children that have not yet received admittance to a magical academy are not bound by these rules as they do not yet know how to control their magic. However, once a student has finished their first year of Hogwarts they are considered in control enough to have to follow the same laws as everyone else. And one of those laws is that witches and wizards under a certain age cannot perform magic outside of school in order to preserve the statute of secrecy. Younger wizards and witches cannot be trusted to have the maturity to control their magic without a law reigning them in.

Question 37

How did Harry and Ron beat the troll?

In their first year, Ron and Harry decide that two months of magical training has prepared them to take on a troll in the girl's bathroom. Okay, it was not a decision that they made based on their skill but rather a decision to protect their kind of/sort of friend from the troll that was heading her way. However, the context and intent behind the action does not change the fact that Ron and Harry took on a troll after two months of formal wizarding and magical education. Most wizards would do their best to avoid a troll after graduating from Hogwarts.

Question 38

What house was Harry nearly sorted into?

There are some people who know exactly what house they belong in. They have never doubted their sorting for a single second as they identified with their placement the moment it was decided. And there are other people who fit perfectly between two houses and find it difficult to choose which one is right for them. Sometimes the sorting hat even has difficulty and can spend quite a deal of time trying to sort a student. These students are called "hat-stalls." Hermione Granger was nearly a Ravenclaw. Neville Longbottom was nearly a Hufflepuff. What house was Harry Potter nearly sorted into before he made his opinion known? After all, the hat does take your choice into account.

Question 39

How many children do Molly and Arthur have?

Molly and Arthur are some of the best adults in the Harry Potter series. Though they are not without flaws, they are still truly good people to their core and wonderful parents on top of that. They not only act as wonderful parents to their own children but they also accept the friends of their children into their family with open arms and without hesitation. The Burrow becomes a bit of a safe haven for the children of the series, even after they have grown up, and that is due to the loving nature of the parents that run the home.

Question 40

Name the Ilvermorny houses

Hogwarts is not the only wizarding school in the world. Why in Europe alone there are two other academies dedicated to teaching young witches and wizards how to hone their craft and control their magic. The Fantastic Beasts series, which is set in another continent from Hogwarts entirely, has introduced another wizarding school to the fandom. This school is called Ilvermorny and contains four houses for the students to be divided into as well. These houses are often compared to their Hogwarts counterparts by the fandom. Both Tina and Queenie Goldstein from the Fantastic Beasts series attended this academy during their formative years.

Question 41

What happened to Hermione's parents in The Deathly Hallows Part 1?

In order to prepare for the quest for the Horcruxes that lied ahead of the Golden Trio, Ron, Harry, and Hermione took certain precautions in their personal lives to ensure that their next of kin would be safe. Harry ensured that the Dursley's would leave their home on Privet Drive and then go into "hiding" in order to be safe from those who may seek to eliminate them in order to get to Harry. Ron did all of his preparations in secret so that his mother would neither stop them nor worry (though this did not work.) What did Hermione do?

Question 42

How does someone protect themselves from the Mandrake's cry?

Mandrakes are a special kind of plant that can be used to create a potion which can be used to heal those that have been petrified (both witch/wizard, ghost, and animal alike.) They look like human babies and pass through the same age categories that humans do (though in an accelerated timeframe.) They cannot be used for the potion until they have reached maturity though this can be a hectic process as they are known to throw parties and crawl into each other's pots during their teenage period. During their infancy, they produce a cry that will end the life of those who hear it. How can one protect themselves from said cry?

Question 43

Why did Hermione leave Divination?

If we are being honest, Hermione just does not seem like the kind of person who would enjoy Divination in the first place. Divination is a branch of fortune telling magic which is inexact at best. Hermione does not have time for anything that exists outside of what she believes is true. Therefore, she writes Divination off as a waste of time rather early in the series (the first time she expresses negative opinions towards the art is in the first book.) But a specific event that occurs within the Divination classroom acts as the final nail in the coffin and causes her to walk out of the classroom; never to return.

Question 44

What invention did the Weasley twins slip Dudley?

Fred and George spent the summer of 1994 creating several products that would eventually become the prototypes for their line of prank-themed treats and products. These products, though relatively harmless, produce effects that can be quite overwhelming to those who are not expecting them as well as any muggles that can happen across them. When the Weasley clan travels to Privet Drive to pick up Harry before heading to the Quidditch World Cup, the twins decide to drop a specific treat on the ground in order to intice Dudley (who had been on a strict diet all summer) as well as see how it works. What was the invention?

Question 45

Name Neville's Toad

Neville's toad was given to him after his uncle pushed him out of a window in order to see if he could lure Neville's magic out of him; proving once and for all that he was a wizard rather than a squib (as many did suspect.) Unfortunately for Neville, who struggles to fit in with his peers at Hogwarts, toads are considered a rather uncool pet and the students do not let him forget that fact. The toad is also a sneaky little bugger and escapes Neville's clutches several times during their stay at Hogwarts. What is the toads name?

Question 46

How many Horcruxes did Voldemort create?

Due to the fact that he was averse to the idea that he would, one day, cease to exist, Tom Riddle did everything that he could to ensure that he would live forever. But, as we all know, attempts at achieving immortality usually results in the person in question passing away before they would have naturally done. Tom Riddle was 71 when he lost the battle of Hogwarts. The average healthy wizard can live to the age of 150 years old. He did not even complete the average muggle life span. Carrots and yoga could have kept him alive longer than his Horcruxes.

Question 47

What creature did Harry release at the zoo?

Before Harry Potter knew that he was a celebrated wizard, he had accidentally let a bit of his magic loose when he was put into highly emotional situations. He once grew his hair back overnight after a bad haircut given to him by his aunt. Once, when Dudley and his gang were chasing Harry, he lept out of their clutches and found himself on top of the roof of the school which they were attending. And at Dudley's birthday (which Harry was only brought along for due to the fact that his babysitter canceled at the last minute,) he accidentally set an animal loose at the zoo. What kind of animal was it?

Question 48

What happened to Aunt Marge?

Aunt Marge is a rather unpleasant woman who deserved what she got. She was not injured by the magic that Harry dealt her but rather tossed about enough to learn a lesson. While staying with the Dursley's, she ended up spending most of the dinner conversation telling Harry what bad people his parents (whom she never met) were and how they are the reason that Harry has issues as well. First of all, who says something like that to a child? Second of all, how is Vernon not the worst member of his family? What did Harry due as revenge for her unflattering speech?

Question 49

Which band played at the Yule Ball?

There is a fascinating tone shift which occurs in the middle of the Yule Ball scene in the fourth film in the series. At the start of the Yule Ball, the children are dancing to a lovely classical piece in a choreographed and formal fashion. Then the scene cuts to the band which was hired to play at the Yule Ball in order to entertain the children in attendance. The band plays a lively rock song that the children dance to erratically and in a care-free manner. Their song contains many similies about dancing and magical creatures. What is the name of the band?

Question 50

Which centaur took over Divination lessons at Hogwarts?

Centaurs are one of the most fascinating creatures in the Harry Potter world and it is a little sad that they were all but left out of the films altogether. Centaurs are the creatures most in tune with the stars. They read the stars and decode the planetary alignments in order to understand the destiny that the universe has laid out for those who are Earthbound. Because of their knowledge of the nature of the future and the things that are coming, they tend to avoid contact with wizards and witches are they are against interfering with their paths and the fate which the universe has decided for them.

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