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Hey Upper East Siders, it's your old friend Gossip Girl here, your only source into the scandalous lives into the Manhattan elite...and I'm back to test you on your knowledge of the lives of the young and rich. It's been five years since I've said my final goodbye, but those 121 episodes of memories will last a lifetime...or at least until the next teen drama comes around. So how well do you remember the highs and lows of S, B, N, C, D and Little J. Do you think you know more than the Queen of all things, the ultimate insider? Can you remember all the secrets and scandals of these up and comers? Have all those binge watches on the couch, dreaming about your own Chanel bag and your Chuck Bass come in handy now?

Take this little quiz and find out just how much you really know about the show that rocked the CW and one the best guilty pleasures you can have without rotting your teeth or emptying your bank account. So get those French manicures nails at the ready and a little of the Pretty Reckless playing in the background to set the mood. You know you love me?

XOXO Gossip Girl.

Question 1

What is the name of the Prep school Blair, Serena and Jenny go to?

Gossip Girl here. Like all good TV series aimed at the coveted 14-25 age group, our little show starts at a high school where we see sixteen-year-olds act like no sixteen-year-olds we've ever seen (maybe because they couldn't afford it). Sure, all the characters look like they are in their mid-twenties, but put them in a school uniform and it's believable. That's Hollywood logic for you, my friends. I wonder why Gossip Girl never revealed their true ages, now THAT would be a scandal!

Question 2

Who is the author of the Gossip Girl Book series?

Did you know, that before Gossip Girl was taking over your TV screens and dominating your Netflix queue, it was actually a best-selling book series? Imagine gossip girl in print! The book series was on a number of banned book lists for obvious reasons if you've seen the show. When the CW bought the rights to series they made a lot of serious changes. The biggest? In the book series Chuck and Blair never got together. In fact, Chuck was only a minor character. The horror!

Question 3

The actor who plays Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) is from what country?

Fun fact for all you Gossip Girl fans that is just too juicy to keep to myself: Did you know that Ed Westwick originally auditioned for the role of Nate, but the casting people at The CW did not want to cast Ed for either Nate or Chuck, saying that he looked "more like a serial killer than a romantic lead". While a little accurate given Chuck's personality, they eventually did cast Ed Westwick as the infamous Chuck Bass who became a fan favorite. After all, he is Chuck Bass.

Question 4

Who is Blair's favorite actress and role model?

Queen B has been accused of a lot of things but a follower isn't one of them. Throughout most of the series she has clawed her way up to the top of the social pyramid and torn down anyone who dared to stand her way, from enemies to best friends. But we all have someone we look up too, even if you are the Biggest B in the Upper East Side. So what actress does Blair idolize and almost worship?

Question 5

True or False: There is an official Gossip Girl Day in New York City

Fun Fact: Did you know that the show was almost filmed in Toronto instead of New York City! Gasp! Say it ain't so! The plan was to film it in Toronto to keep the cost down, as it would be expensive to film in NYC. However, the director argued that the show would not have the same feel to it if it weren't shot in the Big Apple and he won out. Almost all the cast agreed that if "Gossip Girl" wasn't filmed in NYC it would be a major flop.

Question 6

Who does Nate Archibald lose his virginity to?

Hey Upper East Siders, what's more exciting and attention grabbing than a sex scandal? With the relatively small cast of beautiful characters, it took a matter of six seasons for everyone to end up in someone else's bed. From hook-ups to break-ups to make-ups and break-ups again, every ship imaginable has been formed on this show (Shout out to your favorite OTP) and each one has caused a great deal of scandal. But let's go back to one of the show's earliest scandals: Who did N sleep with?

Question 7

Which New York Borough do Jenny and Dan Humphrey live in?

I know my heart belongs in Manhattan. It's so much of everything I could want out of life that sometimes I forget that there is a world outside of Manhattan (then again others might disagree with me). In fact there are other Boroughs outside of Manhattan (I know, I know, I'm as shocked as you are!) But as I sit on the steps of the MET, my thoughts turn to the forever outsiders: Lonely Boy and Little J. Where can we find them? Would we want too?

Question 8

What is the name of Blair’s maid and confidante?

Let's face it: We all need a friend to confide in when the world gets tough and the champagne gets warm. And sometimes it's easier to pay someone to be your friend than to make one yourself for real. But that doesn't make that friendship any less valuable or any less real. B has had a lot of people in her life and involved in her plans to get what she wants, but one person has stood by her side through all her ups and downs: her maid.

Question 9

What Ivy League School does Blair dream of attending?

Queen B has got some big plans. While she may be called B, she's definitely got a type-A personality, preferring to have everything in her life planned out and she won't be happy until she gets everything she wants, exactly the way she wants it. In her plans for success, she see's herself becoming the unquestioned Queen of the school and getting into her dream Ivy League college before getting married. Unfortunately for poor Blair life doesn't work out the way you plan it, but we'll give her points for trying.

Question 10

Who out of the main five main characters appeared in the least amount of episodes?

There is a lot of fascinating side characters on "Gossip Girl", how else would they be able to keep creating such crazy story lines. But our hearts will always belong to the main five: S, B, N, C, D. Always in our hearts and in our gossip blogs. But some stars are just greater than others and they have to be highlighted more. So which of our fabulous five was in the least amount of episodes than the other four?

Question 11

What year did Gossip Girl first air?

Okay prep school boys and girls, it's time for a history lesson. A lady never reveals her age, but you should know by now that I am no lady. I've spent so many nights looking into the secret world of our favorite upper east siders that time seemed to just fly right by as we watched them go from high school graduates to making their way into high society. We laughed, we cried over the years but what year did this all start?

Question 12

What is the name of Blair's step father?

Another thing that did not factor into Blair's life plans was her parents getting divorced. Then again, it was very hard to plan that her father would come out as gay, so I guess she just has to let that one go. Getting use to her new, odd-looking step-father was a bit of a challenge for Queen B, but as the series went on she grew to care about her step-father and consider him to be a second father to her and loved him as such.

Question 13

What is Blair's mothers occupation?

Parent's are rarely important characters on Teen TV dramas. They are mainly there to prove that the teenagers are not orphans and/or give the main character problems to overcome. The parents on "Gossip Girl" sometimes act more like teenagers than the teenagers do. *cough* Lily and Rufus *uncough*. However, Eleanor Waldorf seemed to be on the show to give more backstory to why Blair is the way she is. You don't get to be the biggest B in the Upper East Side without watching your Mommy Dearest.

Question 14

Who is Blair’s first husband?

Hey Upper-East Siders, Gossip Girl here, your number one inside source to all wedding news. It looks like wedding bells for our Queen of Mean. But is it really the happy ending she's been waiting for? Maybe? But look at that dress! I do always enjoy a good wedding as much as I enjoy a good catfight. But don't worry, Our B will still be up to her old tricks, but maybe this time she's the one who got trapped to this "lucky" groom.

Question 15

Who plays the voice of Gossip Girl?

Finally a question about the actually Gossip Girl: your one and only source into the lives of the rich and shameless. Gossip Girl's voice is the first thing that can be heard at the opening of each episode and acts as the narrator. She is the main antagonist of the show that affects each of the characters in the show. This famous actress has read for this mystery character for 121 episodes and I bet you haven't realized who it was until the series was over?

Question 16

Hillary Duff starred as this reoccurring character in season three of Gossip Girl?

What's better than a celebrity guest star on your favorite show? Bonus points if it's a star from your childhood. Hilary Duff became a recurring character in season 3 as Vanessa's roommate at NYU and later Dan's love interest. She has one of the more memorable moments of the series: having a threesome with Dan and Vanessa. She leaves after the third season (because you really can't stay after a three-way). What is the name of her character, who's also an actress?

Question 17

What is Blair’s favorite movie?

Aw the cinema. Lights, camera, Drama! But even our Queen of Mean has to get away from it all sometimes and step into a world of fantasy and happy ending. Especially when her plans go wrong and her relationship with Chuck is once again "Complicated" it's nice to slip into a world of film where everything always works out in the end (and everyone is so well dressed) So what is our Queen B favorite movie to watch over and over again?

Question 18

Who has had the longest relationship than anyone else on the show?

Aw love, who doesn't love to watch a couple break up, just to tear our hearts open again as they make up. There's passion, there's drama, there's the popcorn that I eat as I watch this all unfold! There nothing like having a good OTP (the one true pairing) to root for throughout the series. Even if we know the relationship would never work out in real life, it's fun to pretend. So which relationship was the longest in "Gossip Girl" history?

Question 19

What is Serena’s zodiac sign?

It's written in the stars, some things were just meant to be! You can tell a lot about a person by their zodiac sign. You can tell what they're temperament is, what their good and bad personality traits are, you can even see if you're compatible with them. Now our S is the reigning "It girl" of the Upper East Side, but does her sign say about her? Now if you'll excuse me I have to go read my horoscope.

Question 20

Which of these jobs did Serena NOT have?

Anyone who says that all a Manhattan Elite does all day is eat bon-bons and parties all night hasn't met our S. She is more than just a pretty face waiting for her trust fund to kick in, she's always doing new things and trying new experiences, just to see what she would like. She's had quite the resume over the years, but what job hasn't she taken on?

Question 21

What is the name of the boarding school Serena used to attend before returning to the upper east side?

Awww another trip down memory lane. The very first episode, not to mention most of the main plot line for the first season was about the return of the "It Girl" S. She had left Constance Billard and all of her elite friends under "mysterious" circumstances and returned with even more "mystery" towards the end of the first season; we find out exactly why our girl S had to leave her fancy boarding school, but what was the school's name?

Question 22

What is the name of the prep school Nate, Chuck, and Dan attend?

You know you have money when you can go to an all girls or all boys prep school (or get in on a scholarship like our poor friend D). While the boys are at one school and the girls at the other that doesn't mean that their high school drama and love affair weren't any less serious. In fact, I think they were more serious than ever. So what the name of the ridiculously classy prep school our good looking boys attended?

Question 23

What is the fake name Chuck gives himself in season 4?

The start of season four was rocky for all of the characters but our beloved, anti-hero Chuck Bass might have had it the worse out of everyone. At the end of Season 3, him and Blair break up (again) and he flies to Prague where he is mugged by two men who shoot him afterwards, leaving him for dead in the season finale cliffhanger. At the start of the fourth season, we find that Chuck is indeed alive but going by a different name which is...

Question 24

What is the name of Chuck’s mother?

It would not truly be a Teen soap opera without some sort of without some sort of long lost relative/ false identity plot and "Gossip Girl" is full of them and our poor C in the middle of it all. For three seasons, Chuck believed that his mother died during his birth, something that haunted him for most of his life. But it wouldn't be "Gossip Girl" without some sort of crazy plot twist that continues on and off again.

Question 25

What is Nate’s favorite movie?

Our golden boy N here is always full of surprises. From having a harem of girlfriends and relationships (none that work out), skilled at both lacrosse and "Call of Duty," in the series finale we find out that he has plans to run for Mayor of New York City, making him the youngest mayor. So what else do you know about the darling of the Upper East Side. The good boy to C's "bad boy?" What's his favorite movie to watch?

Question 26

Nate’s father was arrested for what crimes?

Howard "The Captain" Archibald was arrested, throwing Nate life into chaos and forcing him to make some tough choices that no high schooler should make. Nate has a very difficult relationship with his dominant father that continues throughout the series, mirroring the relationship Blair has with her mother in some ways.

Question 27

Which three character appeared in EVERY episode of Gossip Girl?

It's hard work to be in every single episode of a TV series, especially teen dramas were the plot lines are so crazy and long lasting that some characters might go "missing" for awhile, or just not that relevant to the storyline for that episode. However, these three characters have been every single episode, all 121, during the show's run. Now it's time to get out your pen and paper and try to remember all the plot lines and couples that would make it possible.

Question 28

Who does Dan Humphrey marry?

Lonely Boy Dan. Always pining after someone. He's a true writer alright, longing after the Upper East Side "It Girl", the filmmaker, the actresses, the Queen B, and a host of other flashy, beautiful rich girls. Even getting entangled by Georgina Sparks for a time. Yes, our D certainly has a type that he goes, but who is end game for him? Which one of your favorite Dan pairings is real the deal. Who does Dan marry in the final episode

Question 29

Which two characters were downgraded in season 4?

Hello my darling Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here with some troubling news for our characters here. It looks like two characters have lost their fan popularity and their star appeal to keep their interest growing. As their plotlines continue to grow smaller and smaller we see them less and less until they eventually fade away. Sorry kids, you've just become irrelevant, even Gossip Girl won't waste the space on her blog to write about you now. So who did get demoted to minor character relevance in season 4?

Question 30

What is Serena’s brothers name?

In the pilot episode, we are given the "reason" that Serena has returned home from boarding school: her younger brother's entrance into rehab and his suicide attempt. While this is not the full reason why Serena returned to the Big Apple it is true that her younger did try to kill himself. Her brother eventually comes out as guy and becomes best friend with Jenny before they both fade out of the show in season 4. So what's his name?

Question 31

What does Blair call their friend group?

Sometimes you have to go through a lot with a person to really keep them in your life, and these five characters have gone through so much in six seasons that it's impossible for them to ever be apart. They might fight, argue and do horrible things to each other, they are also there for each other when things go wrong and always willing to help each other through every crisis, and there are a lot of them. What does Blair nickname this group?

Question 32

What is the name of Chuck and Blair’s son?

Oh Chuck and Blair, my heart skips a beat when I think of this couple, and also shatters in half. Their love story was a good half of most of the story lines in Gossip Girl. Always fighting and making up and breaking my heart at every turn. Just when it looks like the end of them for good, they get back together again and they get us every time. Then finally FINALLY they stay together at the end of the series with their son. Miracles do happen folks

Question 33

Who is Gossip Girl?

"And who am I? That's a secret I'll never tell." I've kept the secret of my identity throughout the whole series, like a superhero but at the series finale, I became unmasked. There has been a lot of fan theories on who I could have been, but sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, and some fans are still upset with how the ending turned out and who Gossip Girl ended up being. But you know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

Question 34

Jenny Humphrey was how old when the series began?

Aw Little J, look how much you've grown from the first season when you were worshiping both S and B and trying to make your way at Constance Billard's. Looking back, you can clearly see the transformation of J from schoolgirl to rocker fashion icon. Jenny was years younger than the rest of the other character but got into just as much trouble as the rest of them (also a job as a fashion designer at one point) How old was Jenny anyway?

Question 35

What is the name of the newspaper Nate Archibald owns?

Nothing like a little friendly completion right? You know you've made it to the top when others start to compete with you. But yours truly always win in the end, at least that what I keep telling myself. In season five S tries to compete with Gossip Girl with her own column "S by S" (how cute) and Nate becomes editor-and-chief of this newspaper that he ends up owning. Yes, it's nice to be powerful and on top of the world isn't it N?

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