Were They In LOTR Or HP? Take This Fantasy Character Quiz

There's no doubt about it, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are two of the biggest fantasy movie franchises of all time - and they have a surprising amount in common. Although Lord of the Rings is set in an entirely different fantasy world, and Harry Potter is set in (a version of) our own world, it can be hard to tell them apart. Elves and orcs and magical creatures brush shoulders with wizards and magic users, a villain attempts to plunge the world into darkness while a plucky hero and his friends (one of whom is a redhead) are the only ones standing in the way, and of course, plenty of people are wearing cloaks!

Are you a big enough fan of these two amazing fantasy franchises to be able to tell which character belongs to which world, even when they look like they could fit in either, and the only help you get is a screenshot and a little bit a description? If you love either (or both) of these franchises enough, the answers will be obvious... but if you are only a casual fan, you might be surprised by how difficult it is. Especially considering that the stars of both franchises, Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe, are so often mistaken for each other that it's something of a running joke! Take our quiz to prove you are a true fantasy fan...

1Which world is this wizard a part of?

Wise wizards (and dark ones) are in no short supply in either of these fantasy worlds - and neither are complex ones like this man. In many ways, this wizard is a truly good man, despite his complex past, and he wishes to see the Dark Lord defeated and peace brought to the world. He's even willing to sacrifice himself to make that happen! However, he also makes some bad decisions throughout the series, including some that will risk the life of his hero.

2Which world does this wizard belong in?

This wizard is one of the key figures of his franchise, wise, careful and always there to lend a hand and lead the hero in the right direction... although some would argue that they are actually just using the hero for their own ends, with no real care as to whether he lives or dies! Despite this, this incredibly powerful wizard is respected and well loved, and comes to our hero as a friend at the start - so his death is hard to take.

3Which franchise features this chosen one?

Sometimes it feels like every major fantasy franchise has to have at least one 'chosen one', but these franchises both have multiple people who are finding their destiny, as well as a magical sword that helps that happen! This man is the heir of a past hero, who has spent many years underestimated and lurking in the background, before coming through in the end to become the true hero that we knew he was from the very beginning - with the sword's help, of course!

4Which series is this the villain of?

In both the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, the main antagonist was once something very different. In one, he was a wise being, corrupted by a different Dark Lord and twisted by his love of power... and in the other, he was once a young wizard, whose painful childhood led him to hunger for the kind of power that can only come from fear. Both villains make an appearance in their films - but which one is this the villain of?

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