Were They In LOTR Or HP? Take This Fantasy Character Quiz

There's no doubt about it, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are two of the biggest fantasy movie franchises of all time - and they have a surprising amount in common. Although Lord of the Rings is set in an entirely different fantasy world, and Harry Potter is set in (a version of) our own world, it can be hard to tell them apart. Elves and orcs and magical creatures brush shoulders with wizards and magic users, a villain attempts to plunge the world into darkness while a plucky hero and his friends (one of whom is a redhead) are the only ones standing in the way, and of course, plenty of people are wearing cloaks!

Are you a big enough fan of these two amazing fantasy franchises to be able to tell which character belongs to which world, even when they look like they could fit in either, and the only help you get is a screenshot and a little bit a description? If you love either (or both) of these franchises enough, the answers will be obvious... but if you are only a casual fan, you might be surprised by how difficult it is. Especially considering that the stars of both franchises, Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe, are so often mistaken for each other that it's something of a running joke! Take our quiz to prove you are a true fantasy fan...

Question 1

Which world is this wizard a part of?

Wise wizards (and dark ones) are in no short supply in either of these fantasy worlds - and neither are complex ones like this man. In many ways, this wizard is a truly good man, despite his complex past, and he wishes to see the Dark Lord defeated and peace brought to the world. He's even willing to sacrifice himself to make that happen! However, he also makes some bad decisions throughout the series, including some that will risk the life of his hero.

Question 2

Which world does this wizard belong in?

This wizard is one of the key figures of his franchise, wise, careful and always there to lend a hand and lead the hero in the right direction... although some would argue that they are actually just using the hero for their own ends, with no real care as to whether he lives or dies! Despite this, this incredibly powerful wizard is respected and well loved, and comes to our hero as a friend at the start - so his death is hard to take.

Question 3

Which franchise features this chosen one?

Sometimes it feels like every major fantasy franchise has to have at least one 'chosen one', but these franchises both have multiple people who are finding their destiny, as well as a magical sword that helps that happen! This man is the heir of a past hero, who has spent many years underestimated and lurking in the background, before coming through in the end to become the true hero that we knew he was from the very beginning - with the sword's help, of course!

Question 4

Which series is this the villain of?

In both the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, the main antagonist was once something very different. In one, he was a wise being, corrupted by a different Dark Lord and twisted by his love of power... and in the other, he was once a young wizard, whose painful childhood led him to hunger for the kind of power that can only come from fear. Both villains make an appearance in their films - but which one is this the villain of?

Question 5

Which story is this man the hero of?

While both Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are stories filled with multiple heroes, there is only one 'true' hero for each of them. In Lord of the Rings, that hero is Frodo, while in Harry Potter, it is Harry himself (of course). Both heroes not only look alike, but they have a similar journey - through dark places, but helped by friends, losing the mentors that they had relied on, and finding their way to eventual triumph over a Dark Lord.

Question 6

Where does this wizard belong?

Another wizard that would fit in in either world, this particular wizard was once one of the most respected of his kind, known for his sage advice and careful wisdom. However, power corrupts, and his obsession with his new dark master turns him away from all the principles that he used to have, and in turn, pushes away those people in the wizarding world who were his friends. He meets his end in his attempts to aid the Dark Lord, which inevitably fail.

Question 7

Which series features Padma?

Padma is definitely not one of the biggest characters in her franchise, but that doesn't mean that she is unimportant. She is the sister of Parvati, another magical young woman, and the two of them have a brief 'romantic' interlude with two of the heroes, although their romance is perfunctory at best, and certainly isn't lighting anyone on fire! These two sisters are incredibly intelligent witches, who definitely deserved more screentime than they got - at least, that is what their biggest fans feel!

Question 8

Where does this bearded man appear?

This man isn't one who appears at the very start of the film franchise, but who becomes a vital part of the final battle in the end. He has some serious family history with one of the most important wizards in his world, and he isn't as gung-ho about battling evil as he could be... but he is a good man at heart. He also controls a tunnel, that allows many people to escape the danger of the final battle with the Dark Lord.

Question 9

Which world does this creature come from?

While the majority of characters in both worlds appear to be mostly human, or at least humanoid, there are certainly some races and creatures in both that don't look anything like the humans who are the stars of the series. Like this creature, who started out as a humanoid, but whose obsession with magic slowly transformed him into something else, a scrawny, nearly hairless creature with a split personality - half that of the person he used to be, half the warped result of dark magic.

Question 10

Is this elf from Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter?

There are elves in both worlds, but which one does this well-known elf belong in? Elrond is a leading figure, although one who isn't feeling too positive about the chances that the various races of 'good' have against the Dark Lord. He even tries to convince his daughter to simply leave, because he would do anything to protect her. Of course, he is proven wrong in the end, and both he and his daughter are happy that she didn't leave, but stayed to the end.

Question 11

Which film is this scene from?

This scene turned into a meme, becoming possibly the best known scene in the entire film franchise - even for those people who have never watched the films in their entirety. It takes place when the various elders have gathered to discuss what to do about the rising dark and the way that it must be fought - and this man is arguing that the plan being proposed is simply too difficult - especially for the person who is being suggested as the one to do it.

Question 12

Which series does this tragic lady appear in?

Both the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter have their fair share of characters with tragic stories - including that of this lady, once named Helena. Helena grew up in the shadow of her brilliant and magical mother, until one day she ran away - taking a powerful object with her. Her mother sent a man who loved Helena after her, and when she refused to return, he killed them both... leaving them to appear in the franchise as ghosts.

Question 13

Where would you find this villainous woman?

Where there are warrior women, there are also those who have chosen to embrace their dark side, and fight for the Dark Lord. This woman is definitely one who has taken to the darker side of magic with everything she has - and even when her leader disappeared for many years, she remained entirely loyal to him - and when he reappeared during the series, she was one of the first to return to his side and pledge her loyalty anew.

Question 14

Which film is this lovely lady in?

Both films are predominantly led by men, but neither lacks a few truly powerful female characters to balance things out a little. Like Eowyn, who may be a beautiful woman (and a love interest for the lead character), but who is absolutely unafraid, especially when it comes to protecting the people that she loves. She has taken on a group of enemies almost solo, and is instrumental in forming the sword that allows the hero to win the day in the end.

Question 15

Which film is this actor the star of?

This is the star of one of the film franchises, so it should be easy to see which one he belongs to. However, both Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe have been repeatedly mistaken for each other, and with both wandering the woods on a mission to defeat evil, wearing cloaks, and relying on their friends to help them get there in the end, even the characters of Frodo Baggins and Harry Potter are not as different as some might think!

Question 16

Which franchise is this old adventurer in?

While both franchises include older and wiser men who did their fair share of adventuring when they were younger, they focus more on the young men who are headed out to battle evil in the present day. This man was a part of the original events that led to the battle against good and evil that happens within the series he reappears in - although those days are long behind him now. However, he can still pass on his advice to the real hero of the story.

Question 17

Where would you find this man and his cat?

There are many characters in both films who are not necessarily as evil as the Dark Lord who wants to take over, but who end up on his side (or close enough to it) simply because they are weak, or bitter. This man (and his faithful cat), hate those who have magic, because he himself has none - and he dreams of punishing and torturing those that he cannot be like. So when the followers of the Dark Lord give him an opportunity to do just that, it is easy to see why he chooses the wrong side.

Question 18

Which franchise features this witch?

This witch is an absolute fan favorite, because although she is careful to follow the rules, when push comes to shove and it is time to go up against the forces of darkness, she is more than happy to throw caution to the wind - and takes great pleasure in doing so. A mother-figure to the hero of this franchise, this woman began as a teacher to him, before going on to become more of a friend, and almost a co-conspirator.

Question 19

Which world is this troublemaker in?

This is a creature who may look strange, and often acts strange, but does have the true interests of the hero at heart... most of the time! When he first shows up, however, he makes far too much noise - making our hero frightened that the sound will attract trouble. At times, he has been a best friend to the hero, and truly helped him (making his death particularly poignant)... even if there have been other times where he has done more harm than good!

Question 20

Which fantasy world does this blonde belong in?

While the majority of characters fight with swords or wands in either Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, those are not the only weapons that a hero can choose to wield in either fantasy world. This blonde hero uses something different - taking on the creatures of darkness with a bow and arrow, and using them to gloriously deadly effect. Throughout his journey, he also learns to become a friend to a dwarf - someone that he thought he would never see eye to eye with.

Question 21

This character is the best friend in which franchise?

Samwise Gamgee Lord of the Rings Sean Astin

Both the Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter series may have a dark-haired hero as the chosen one, but they also both have his best friend as a loyal, red haired sidekick - ready to stand at his friend's side, no matter what. This particular sidekick has been with his adventuring friend from the first moment, and while he is briefly chased away, he knows that he has to come back and help his friend achieve his task in the end.

Question 22

Which series features this warrior woman?

Eowyn Miranda Otto Lord of the Rings

This woman is the perfect example of someone who will never take a back seat, just because she is a woman - instead, she knows how to use her weaponry, and often chafes at the restrictions put upon her. However, in the end she is able to prove herself by riding into battle and being the one to put an end to one of the most powerful servants of the Dark Lord - proving that a woman can do anything she needs to.

Question 23

Which franchise does this warrior woman belong to?

There is no doubt about it - without the actions of this incredibly brave, resourceful and intelligent woman, the hero of the story would never have got half as far as he did... even if he didn't like her at all when the two first met! Initially, the hero of this world hated how studious this woman was, and how eager to show off she could be. However, over the course of his journey, he came to depend on her.

Question 24

Which series does this man belong in?

This man is one of the most complicated characters in his franchise - assumed from the start to be evil by the hero, but trusted by the wizard that is leading the hero, fans of the series have never known exactly what to think of this man. With good reason, too - by the end, it is clear that at one point he followed the dark lord, but that his love for a woman kept him from ever fully committing to that evil cause.

Question 25

Which franchise features this creature?

Fangorn treebeard ent Lord of the Rings

As well as the dwarves, elves, goblins, wizards, dragons, and other races that populate both of these incredible fantasy worlds, these creatures appear - the Ents. A giant and slow-moving race, these creatures known as Ents look very much like trees, but are fully sentient, with the ability to talk, to understand, and even to move - as we see when they go into battle against a Dark Wizard for his crimes against the forests which they protect... and in which they live.

Question 26

Where does this giant appear?

This bearded man is definitely one of the tallest that we will see in either franchise - although to be technically correct, he isn't actually a full giant. Instead, he is the son of a human father and a giant mother, leaving him only part-giant... although the small minded people in this world still think that that is a problem. He has got into trouble in the past for his love of all creatures, even monsters, although that does end up helping out our heroes in the end.

Question 27

In which series would you find Pippin?

Pippin Lord of the Rings Billy Boyd

This character is definitely a fan-favorite, largely because he is completely mischievous... and always hungry! Pippin is happy to set out on the adventure with his friend, although he does start to struggle when he realizes how hard the journey might become - especially when that means that he will no longer be eating second breakfast!! However, he rises to the occasion, and is even able to find some happiness and celebration within some truly dark times - because Pippin is the kind of person who will always find the light in a dark place.

Question 28

Which franchise is this dark-haired traitor in?

Brad Dourif Grima Wormtongue Lord of the Rings

This pale-faced traitor spends a lot of his time close to a good man, although he betrays him in the end. His lank black hair and pale skin make him stand out from many of the more healthy looking people around him, and he is torn between his desire to serve the Dark Lord and his desire for a beautiful woman, who is forever outside of his reach. Fans are not fooled, though, from the start it is obvious that he is odious and on the side of evil.

Question 29

Where does this dark haired character belong?

Although both Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are primarily concerned with the epic journey of a hero to destroy the things that give the Dark Lord power, that doesn't mean that there isn't time for a little romance! This dark haired character is a love interest for the hero in her franchise, although things get complicated... because first, she loved another who was killed by the Dark One, and this cast a shadow over her short-lived relationship with the hero.

Question 30

Which franchise is David Tennant a villain in?

As well as the multiple heroes and brave deeds that are found in both franchises, both Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter have their fair share of low-level villains, those who serve the Dark Lord, whether willingly or under coercion. This man is one who served his evil master with his whole heart, believing in the work that he was doing until the end, and even being willing to go undercover to try and take out the hero of the story for the man he calls master.

Question 31

Which series features this lady of the wood?

Galadriel Lord of the Rings Cate Blanchett

This imposing woman is known as the Lady of the Wood, and although she has some wisdom to share with our adventurer, she is also more than a little bit frightening at times. She is a perfect example of what the burden of power can do to a good person, even if they spend their whole life fighting to use their powers for good, and not to give in to the temptation to use power for personal gain - like the Dark Lord.

Question 32

In which series does this woman see the future?

Visions of the future are a big part of both the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, as are glass orbs - although in one franchise, those are used for communication, whereas in the other, they are used for more traditional forms of fortune telling. As a general rule, this particular character isn't actually a magical person with much power - however, she once gave one of the prophecies which guides the Dark Lord during the events of the films.

Question 33

Which world does this man appear in?

This white haired man may not look like he is anyone particularly special, but don't let that fool you. Despite his age, he has some of the most extensive knowledge on his own branch of magic of anyone in this fantasy world - and that can attract the wrong kind of attention. His skills and knowledge end up with him being kidnapped and tortured by the followers of the Dark Lord, seeking to use his knowledge for their own evil purposes.

Question 34

Where would you find Celeborn

Celeborn elf Lord of the Rings

Celeborn is a relatively minor character in the franchise in which they appear, but that won't matter to true fans, who will recognize this wise blonde anywhere. He comes with some prejudices, and struggles at times to deal with those that he believes to be in the wrong, but is able to calm down and welcome all of the adventurers when they come to him for shelter. His grand daughter is also a major part of the film franchise - even more so than Celeborn himself.

Question 35

Which series does this man appear in?

This character was originally assumed by the hero of the franchise (and his friends) to be a villain - a servant of the Dark Lord, out to kill the hero. However, it was slowly revealed that he is family to the hero, and would become a great friend and protector to him. He was set up by others who did serve the evil one, and spent years atoning for crimes that he didn't commit, before breaking free to come after the hero - but to save him, not to hurt him.

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