Take This Sephora Quiz And We'll Give You A Tarot Reading

Sephora is a really popular store for makeup lovers because of the fact that it sells such a wide variety of high-end makeup, skincare, and hair care products and tools. Going into Sephora to pick up a brand new eyeshadow palette or a refill of our favorite mascara or foundation is always a fun time. It can be so much fun to swatch all the new products and check out everything on the shelves.

Because there are so many products in Sephora stores, many makeup lovers definitely have favorites, as well as some products they're just not into. Many makeup lovers try a lot of new products but tend to stay with their tried and true favorites.

Pick some favorite Sephora products and we'll give everyone their monthly tarot reading!

Question 1

Lights, Camera, Lashes - Tarte

Finding the perfect mascara isn't easy. It's important to find one that's perfectly dark, makes our lashes look super long and thick, and keeps them curled all day long. For many people, that perfect mascara is Lights, Camera, Lashes from Tarte. This mascara has an average rating of over 4 stars with 6,000 reviews on Sephora's website.

Question 2

Life's a Festival Collection - Too Faced

Many makeup brands come up with some really unique and super adorable limited edition collections. The Life's a Festival Collection from Too Faced is one that is definitely unique and totally one that many makeup lovers had to get their hands on. Everything in the collection is glittery, colorful, and themed all around rainbows and unicorns.

Question 3

Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick - Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty is the makeup line that pop superstar Rihanna owns. This makeup brand instantly became popular among makeup lovers and fans of Rihanna alike after it launched with a brand new foundation with a massive range of shades. But their foundation isn't their only product! This Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick is another popular Fenty Beauty product.

Question 4

Watermelon Sleeping Mask - Glow Recipe

Glow Recipe is a skincare brand that got its start in South Korea and has since become super popular all over the world. Sephora has become the home to several different K-beauty brands and products like this one. The Watermelon Sleeping Mask is a unique mask that helps to hydrate the skin and minimize the look of pores.

Question 5

Pick an eyeshadow palette.

Anyone who likes makeup will know that there are so many different types of products. And within all those different kinds of products, there are so many different options to choose from. Several brands have different eyeshadow palettes that have their own formula and selection of colors. Pick one of these Sephora eyeshadow palettes.

Question 6

All Nighter Concealer - Urban Decay

Considering all the time we spend putting on our makeup, we definitely don't want it to fade away or not look its best as the day goes on. Urban Decay's All Nighter Concealer is a concealer that claims that it definitely won't let us down by not looking perfect at the end of the day.

Question 7

Hello Happy Foundation - Benefit Cosmetics

Foundation is among the first steps in a person's beauty routine. Foundation goes on all over a person's face in order to even out their skintone, cover up any imperfections, and give a totally flawless base to the rest of their makeup. This foundation is one that does all that while coming in a super adorable bottle.

Question 8

Pick a blush.

There are a ton of different types of products in the world of makeup, as anyone who has ever stepped foot inside a Sephora will be well aware of. One of them is blush! It can either be a liquid, a powder, a cream, or a combination of these and is used to give color to the cheeks.

Question 9

Cheekleaders Palettes - Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics is a makeup brand that is known for many of their different products like their Box O' Powder blushes, bronzers, and highlighters. Their Cheekleaders Palettes are two different palettes that feature a selection of these products. The Pink Squad features blushes like GALifornia and Dandelion while the Bronze Squad features highlighters like Cookie and bronzers like Hoola.

Question 10

Tarteguard Mineral Powder Sunscreen - Tarte

Sunscreen is definitely not the most glamorous part of our makeup routines. Although we all know it's necessary to protect our skin, putting on messy sunscreen is never fun! This Tarteguard Mineral Powder Sunscreen from Tarte makes putting on sunscreen so much easier because it comes in a powder formula, so it won't mess up our makeup!

Question 11


GLAMGLOW is a popular high-end skincare brand that is sold at Sephora. GLAMGLOW has released quite a few different products over the years but has become really well-known for their mud masks. GRAVITYMUD is one of these masks that is designed to help keep your skin firm and super healthy.

Question 12

Pick a Sephora product.

Going in to Sephora to buy just one thing is definitely not easy. Even if we go in to just pick up a bottle of our favorite foundation after we run out, it's hard to leave the store without buying a whole lot of other things as well. Try to pick just one of these Sephora products!

Question 13

Love Light Highlighter - Too Faced

Highlighters can come in a ton of different shades. The Love Light Highlighters from Too Faced are definitely no exception to that as they come in multiple different metallic shades. Each shade comes in a heart-shaped compact that matches the color of the highlighter inside, making the packaging just as cute as the product itself.

Question 14

Stunna Lip Paint - Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty has become really popular since Rihanna first announced that she was launching her own makeup brand. They've released several different products and they've all been super popular for makeup lovers to buy and wear on their faces. One is their Stunna Lip Paint, a lipstick that goes on matte and comes in eight shades.

Question 15

Pick a hair product.

After our makeup is done, it's important to make sure that the rest of us looks just as amazing. From our outfit to our hair, everything has to be just right. Luckily, Sephora also carries a ton of hair products. From shampoo and conditioner to styling products and tools, Sephora has it all!

Question 16

Shade + Light Palette - Kat Von D

Highlighting and contouring has become a super popular trend in the world of makeup in recent years. Many people highlight and contour to really sculpt their features and make their face look its best through the use of shadows and light. The Shade + Light Palette from Kat Von D features six different shades that are designed to highlight and contour the face.

Question 17

Backtalk Palette - Urban Decay

Sephora has a ton of different palettes lining its shelves. Some are face palettes with blush, highlight, and bronzer while others are eyeshadow palettes with tons of pans of eyeshadow. Then, there are palettes like the Backtalk Palette from Urban Decay. This palette was named after a popular shade of their lipstick and has both eyeshadow and blush.

Question 18

Amazonian Clay Foundation - Tarte

There are a ton of different foundations at Sephora that all have their own unique formula. Some are full coverage while others have a more sheer coverage. Amazonian Clay Foundation is one from Tarte that has a super matte, full coverage formula and comes in a wide range of different shades.

Question 19

Flamingo PRO Palette - Violet Voss

For people that love eyeshadow, there are so many different palettes at Sephora to choose from. Many have a range of really neutral shades but this palette from Violet Voss is definitely not one of them. The Flamingo PRO Palette has a huge range of really bright, colorful shades for anyone that likes to make a statement with their makeup.

Question 20

Beauty Blender

When it comes to makeup, there are a ton of different products. With all these products come a lot of ways that they can be applied. Some people choose to use their fingers or a brush to put on their foundation but others turn to a sponge to blend theirs in. The Beauty Blender is a unique type of sponge used for this.

Question 21

Pick a lipstick.

Just about every makeup lover has that one product that they simply can't leave the house without. For some, it's a coat of mascara. For others, leaving the house without lipstick on would be a total nightmare! Luckily, for those makeup lovers, Sephora is full of a ton of different brands, finishes, and shades of lipstick.

Question 22

Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner - Fresh

As much fun as wearing makeup is, we all know that it's really important to take care of the skin underneath our makeup too. Thanks to the skincare selection at Sephora, this is easy! Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner is a toner from Fresh that is infused with rose petals to help hydrate, soothe, and tone the skin.

Question 23

Sultry Palette - Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a high-end makeup brand that is popular in Sephora stores for several different types of products, including their eyeshadow palettes. One super popular palette that this brand sells is their Sultry palette. This palette has a range of soft, neutral shades with a couple really bold pops of color.

Question 24

Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask - Farmacy

Sephora doesn't only sell makeup. Along with makeup, Sephora also sells a huge range of different skincare products. This Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask from Farmacy is one of their many skincare products. This face mask is made with honey and other skin-loving vitamins to help hydrate and care for your skin.

Question 25

Sweetie Pie Bronzer - Too Faced

Sweetie Pie Bronzer is a bronzer that was launched as part of the Peaches and Cream collection from Too Faced. This bronzer is a mix of three different colors that all come together to make the perfect warm glow on a person's face. They're woven together to look like the top of a delicious peach pie!

Question 26

Porefessional - Benefit Cosmetics

We all want our makeup to go on smooth and last as long as it possibly can. There are a ton of different primers that can help to smooth our pores and give our makeup the best possible base to make sure it goes on absolutely flawlessly. One of them is Porefessional from Benefit Cosmetics.

Question 27

Obessions Palettes - Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty is a popular makeup brand that has been catching the eye of makeup lovers for quite some time now. The Obsessions Palettes from Huda Beauty are a collection of eyeshadow palettes that come with nine different shades that are either all in the same color family or have a certain color scheme.

Question 28

Microneedling Dark Spot Brightening Dots - Peace Out

Part of the reason that some people choose to wear makeup is to cover up imperfections on their skin like dark spots and uneven skin tone. But, there are times when we don't want to have to wear makeup to cover these up! Peace Out's Microneedling Dark Spot Brightening Dots are applied directly to these dark spots and are designed to eliminate them.

Question 29

Pro Filt'r Foundation - Fenty Beauty

When Fenty Beauty launched, fans were immediately drawn in because of the fact that the brand is owned by pop music superstar Rihanna. One of the first products they launched with was their Pro Filt'r Foundation, a matte longwear foundation that launched with a massive 40 shade range, meaning it has a shade for just about every makeup lover.

Question 30

Pick a body product.

Even though we definitely think of makeup when we think of Sephora, that's not the only thing sold in the store! Bath and body products are also sold at Sephora and there's a ton of different really popular brands and products that can be found in the bath and body section of the store.

Question 31

Radiant Creamy Concealer - NARS

NARS is a high-end makeup brand that can be found at Sephora and sells a ton of different products. Many makeup lovers totally love NARS' blush and another super popular product that this brand sells is their Radiant Creamy Concealer. It comes in 30 shades to help cover imperfections and brighten the skin.

Question 32

BADgal BANG Mascara - Benefit Cosmetics

Anyone who has ever stepped foot inside a Sephora store will know how overwhelming the huge selection of different products can be. One product that can be overwhelming to shop for is mascara. Just about every brand has their own mascara and many even have multiple. BADgal BANG is a mascara from Benefit Cosmetics that many Sephora shoppers adore.

Question 33

Pick a skincare item.

Many people head into Sephora so they can pick up makeup products but the store also has a huge variety of products designed to keep our skin super healthy even when we're not wearing makeup. There are a ton of skincare products that can be used under or even without our makeup to keep our skin looking and feeling its best.

Question 34

Shape Tape Concealer - Tarte

Just about every makeup brand at Sephora has a concealer. Many makeup fans have a favorite concealer and have at least one that they always reach for when they're putting on their makeup in order to cover dark circles, blemishes, and other imperfections. Shape Tape is a popular concealer from Tarte that many makeup fans are totally obsessed with.

Question 35

Body Lava - Fenty Beauty

While Fenty Beauty has become known for their makeup products since they launched, that's not all the brand sells! Body Lava is a body luminizer designed to add glow and glitter to the entire body. When this product first launched, it sold out everywhere but luckily, it's available once more in Sephora stores.

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