We'll Guess What Your BF Looks Like After You Pick Your Favorite Movies

Who's ready to watch some movies? The season is right and we've got a list of 50 epic films we are sure everyone has an opinion on. Today we will not only be covering which films are worthy of our time, but we will also be throwing in a little bonus! That's right, once everyone has picked out their favorite films, we will guess what everybody's boyfriend actually looks like.

Here is the game: We are going to list 50 woman-centric movies and all we are asking, is for everyone to pick out their favorites and pass on those they did not care for. Once we have an idea of everybody's taste, we will try guessing what everyone's boo looks like! Who thinks we can guess right?

Question 1

Something Borrowed

Question 2

John Tucker Must Die

Question 3

27 Dresses

Question 4

Late Night

Question 5

Girls Trip

Question 6

The little Mermaid

Question 7

Reality Bites

Question 8

The Back-up Plan

Question 9

Life of the Party

Question 10

Wonder Woman

Question 11

A Bad Moms Christmas

Question 12

Love Actually

Question 13


Question 14

Mary Queen of Scots

Question 15

Punch-Drunk Love

Question 16

Sister Act

Question 17

Under the Tuscan Sun

Question 18

The Heat

Question 19

Alice in Wonderland

Question 20

The Sweetest Thing

Question 21

The Shallows

Question 22

Raising Helen

Question 23


Question 24

Twilight (Series)

Question 25

Always Be My Maybe

Question 26

Mary Poppins Returns

Question 27

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Question 28

Alex Strangelove

Question 29

Blue Crush

Question 30

Sleeping Beauty

Question 31


Question 32

Maid in Manhattan

Question 33


Question 34

Dan in Real Life

Question 35

Every Day

Question 36

Ice Princess

Question 37

The Fault in Our Stars

Question 38

Dark Phoenix

Question 39

10 Things I Hate About You

Question 40

The Princess and the Frog

Question 41

A Wrinkle in Time

Question 42

Whip It

Question 43

Sex and the City 2

Question 44


Question 45

Miss Congeniality

Question 46

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

Question 47

Baby Mama

Question 48

Captain Marvel

Question 49

My Girl

Question 50


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