Plan The Perfect Wedding And We'll Give You A Dreamy Groom

Wedding season has officially begun, and love is in the air! While the invites start to arrive, it is only natural for us to start thinking about our own big day. Even if we don't happen to be in a relationship currently, we can still have all kinds of fun with the planning and details.

Today's quiz is all about putting together a dream wedding. As helpful as this quiz may be for soon-to-be brides, it will definitely be entertaining for all of the single ladies as well. We are going to be looking at just about every major detail that goes into the planning process. Once everybody has put together a beautiful event, we will dish out some truly dreamy grooms. Who's ready to say "I do"?

Question 1

Pick a wedding season

Question 2

Hire a wedding planner?

Question 3

How much time will go into the planning?

Question 4

Will kids be invited?

Question 5

Pick an engagement ring style

Question 6

Who will take the wedding photos?

Question 7

A beach wedding?

Question 8

Pick a meal for the reception

Question 9

Pick a flavor for the cake

Question 10

Will there be a gift registry?

Question 11

Pick a color scheme

Question 12

A Disney wedding?

Question 13

Will there be a bachelorette party?

Question 14

Pick a bachelorette party

Question 15

Pick a honeymoon

Question 16

An outdoor wedding?

Question 17

Pick a wedding favor

Question 18

Will there be cocktails?

Question 19

Pick some flowers for the bouquet

Question 20

Pick a style for the centerpieces

Question 21

Pick a midnight snack

Question 22

Pick a wedding band style

Question 23

Will the bridesmaids be matching?

Question 24

What will the groomsmen be wearing?

Question 25

Pick a wedding dress style

Question 26

A veil?

Question 27

Pick some music for the reception

Question 28

How big will the wedding parties be?

Question 29

Pick a bridal makeup style

Question 30

Will dogs be invited?

Question 31

What kind of vows will be said?

Question 32

Pick a "something blue"

Question 33

Pick a "something borrowed"

Question 34

Pick a "something new"

Question 35

Will there be a second outfit?

Question 36

Pick some bridal shoes

Question 37

What will the dress code be?

Question 38

A guest shows up wearing white, what to do?

Question 39

Pick a song for the first dance

Question 40

Pick a song for the father-daughter dance

Question 41

Pick a song for the groom's "surprise" dance

Question 42

Will guests be allowed to use their phones?

Question 43

What will the guest list look like?

Question 44

Pick a bridal hair style

Question 45

Pick the best TV couple

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