We Highly Doubt Anyone Can Name 100% Of These Twilight Characters

Calling all Twihards! It has been quite a few years now since the final book and movie were released. That being said, we know for a fact there are some fans out there still reading the books and watching the films on repeat. Today we have put together a quiz just for these loyal fans!

In this quiz, we will be listing images of characters one by one. Everyone here just has to name them each correctly. Since some of these characters were only ever part of a single film, we are thinking this one will not be as easy as some may be thinking. Whoever manages to pass this one is definitely a true Twihard, through and through. Who's ready to prove their vampire/werewolf knowledge?

Question 1

Name this character

Here we have the most important character out of the entire bunch! The entire saga basically told the story of her life. While she started off as a regular high school girl in the first film, by the last one, she was a wife, mother, and of course, a vampire! Take a guess!

Question 2

What is the name of this character?

In this photo, we are looking at our leading man. This guy had girls in the audience cheering just about every time he appeared in a scene. We learned that he was a vampire in the first film, but we also learned that he was a vampire who didn't want to harm anyone.

Question 3

Does anyone recognize this character?

This interesting character was in fact a vampire, but she did have a special ability that none of the other vamps had. This lady was able to see the future. Not only would she get flashes of things to come, but she could keep up with the premonitions as the possible future changed.

Question 4

Try picking out the right name

Here we are looking at the father of all our favorite vampire characters. This guy was quite a bit older than the others in his clan. After he was changed himself, he made it his mission to only bite and change those who had no other way of surviving. Who is he?

Question 5

Which of these names is right?

This woman actually played the role mother in her family of vampires. She and her husband both went out of their way to try and protect humans, instead of trying to harm them. They even tried to teach certain newborn vampires about the possibility of living as peaceful members of society. Take a guess?

Question 6

Pick out the right answer

Here we have a character who was very much a human throughout the entire saga. That being said, he did wind up the father of a vampire, and also a grandfather to a half-human, half-vampire child. Is this ringing any bells? Who here thinks they can correctly name this character?

Question 7

Name this character

This guy was very much a main character, though not at all a vampire. When our leading lady was in desperate need of a friend, this guys was there for her. Even though their friendship meant something a little different to him, he remained there for her whenever she needed him.

Question 8

Does anyone know the name of this character?

In this question, we are looking at another member of our main vampire family. Out of all the vampires in his clan, he had the hardest time staying away from humans. As much as he wanted to be good, his vampire cravings sometimes got the best of him. Any guesses?

Question 9

Pick out the right name

She may have the wicked stare of a villain, but this vampire was in fact one working for the good guys! She did not care much for our leading lady, but we eventually found out this was because she envied the fact that she was still human. Anyone know the right name?

Question 10

Which of these names is correct?

Here we are looking at the captain of the werewolves. At first he seemed like a sort of cult leader, but we later learned that he was just the first man to realize he had the ability to turn into a wolf. He then took all of the others under his wing.

Question 11

Match this character to their name

This lady may not have been present throughout the entire saga, but without her, we would simply have no story at all. She was the mother of our leading lady. We only got to see her a couple of times, but her scenes were always very heartwarming. Take a guess!

Question 12

Try picking out the right answer

This little lady only came around in the final film. After we found out that our leading lady was in fact pregnant with a vampire's baby, we had no idea what to expect of the child. That being said, she turned out to be this adorable half-human, half-vampire child. Any guesses?

Question 13

Does anyone recognize this character?

This man was one of the leaders of the coveted Volturi. He claimed to care about the fair treatment of vampires around the world, but he seemed to be more interested in securing the powerful ones for himself. He had the unique ability to read someone's thoughts by touching their hand.

Question 14

Can anyone pick out the right name?

This character was not a vampire, nor was he a shape-shifter. However, he was the father of one of the boys who could in fact transform into a wolf. He always knew about the legends of his people, though the power seemed to skip over his generation. Take a guess!

Question 15

Which of these names is right?

Here we have the first ever villain of the series. While this vampire and his crew were passing through town, they bumped into our main coven of vampires. Since they had a human hanging with them at the time, this guy thought he was being presented a snack. Obviously, this was not the case.

Question 16

Pick the correct answer

This character was one that showed up to help fight in the final battle of the saga. When our leading vampires set off across the globe to recruit others, this guy jumped at the chance to help. Good thing too, because he had the power to manipulate the elements of nature.

Question 17

Match this character to their name

Here we are looking at one of the three main leaders of the Volturi. While every member of this coven was very much a villain, this guy was known as one of the more ruthless ones. Does anyone recognize this character? Try picking out the only correct name from the options!

Question 18

Name this character

This vampire had no special abilities himself, but in the final film we did see him fall in love with a fairly powerful lady vamp. He showed up to help fight in the final battle, and had previously been known as a nomadic vampire who preferred to travel around alone.

Question 19

Match this character to their name

This character was definitely part of the main clan of vampires. He was known for being the biggest and strongest of their family. Even though he was physically quite dangerous, his personality was very fun-loving and entertaining. Does anyone here recognize this character? Try picking out the only right name!

Question 20

Which of these names is right?

Here we are looking at a very important member of the shape-shifting pack of wolves. Before any of the boys transformed for the first time, we were introduced to him as one of Jacob Black's best friends. However, the next time we saw him, he was looking quite a bit different.

Question 21

What character is this?

While this vampire did not have the ability to read minds or see the future, she did have the gift of self-control. This helped her along a lot when she became a newborn, plus it allowed her to live a peaceful "vegetarian" lifestyle for centuries. Can anyone name this character?

Question 22

Pick out the right answer

She may have been the smallest member of the Volturi, but she was also the most dangerous. This vampire had the power to cause pain in anyone, simply just by looking at them. Clearly, this made her a very valuable member of her clan. Can anyone pick out the right name?

Question 23

Does anyone recognize this character?

This character was the second one to inherit the shape-shifting ability. This automatically made him the Beta of his pack. He was also one of only 5 wolves to actually imprint on someone. He wound up imprinting on a girl from his class, who he had previously not been interested in.

Question 24

Pick out the right name

This character was very much a human throughout the entire saga. Not only was she one of the few human characters we got to know, but she was one of the ones who never quite figured out the whole vampire/werewolf secret. She was just simply a classmate of our main character's.

Question 25

Match this character to their name

Here we have a character who was sometimes a good guy, but also sometimes a villain. When we first met him, he was traveling around with some pretty bad vamps. However, we learned that he did try to change his ways after meeting the love of his life. Too bad he couldn't keep it up!

Question 26

Name this character

This character was really just in the wrong place at the wrong time. We never got to know him as a human, but we did see the moment when he was turned into a vampire. After turning, he was instructed to create an army of newborn vampires. Name this character!

Question 27

What character is this?

This guy was the third to turn into a werewolf. This made him third-in-command of his pack. He was known for having the worst temper of all the wolves in the pack. He wasn't a bad guy, but controlling his emotions was certainly not a strong suit of his. Any guesses?

Question 28

What is the name of this character?

Here we have the only ever woman to inherit the power of shape-shifting. This came as a huge surprise to not only her, but to the rest of the pack as well. Being the only girl was definitely hard on her, but watching the boys imprint on others was even harder.

Question 29

Select the correct answer

In this photo, we are looking at the third leader of the Volturi. He is the only known vampire with the ability to read the emotional ties shared between two people. While the other members of the Volturi were pretty wicked, this guy truly just looked bored with life in general.

Question 30

Match this character to their name

This character was one of the first humans we got to know in the initial film. When our leading lady arrived for her first day at school, it was made clear that this guy had a crush on her right from the get go. Obviously, he never stood a chance.

Question 31

Which of these names is correct?

Here we have one of only two surviving members of the Romanian coven. Once ruling over the vampire world, similar to how the Volturi did, this man's coven fell due to lack of strength and man power. He and his surviving mate became determined to see the fall of the Volturi.

Question 32

Does anyone recognize this character?

After our main clan of vampires took down this character's soul mate, she made it her mission to hurt them as much as they had hurt her. Unfortunately, even with an army of newborns fighting on her side, she was not able to succeed in her plans. Name this character!

Question 33

Try picking out the right name

This character was actually the leader of the entire Denali coven. Apart from our main vampires, only the Denali coven was known to be living a "vegetarian" lifestyle. When we saw this character lose one of her sisters, it was truly an emotional moment. Can anyone here correctly name this character?

Question 34

Which of these names right?

This human character was one we did not get to know all that well. He along with many of the other guys in his class, all came down with a crush for our leading lady. However, his chances became even slimmer after almost running her over with his car by accident.

Question 35

Pick out the right answer

Here we are looking at the only other surviving member of the Romanian coven. In one of the films, he stated that he and his friend looked the way they did, because they spent centuries not moving from their thrones. Yikes! Can anyone here pick out the correct name of this character?

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