We Haven’t Found Anyone Who Can Pass This Harry Potter Quiz In Under 2 Minutes

There are many iconic pop culture franchises that are representative of childhood for different generations. But Harry Potter, as it continues to thrive and be introduced to more kids, is something special. J.K. Rowling's story of the young wizard has proven through its immense popularity that it won't be fading any time soon.

Much like any fantasy world, Harry Potter's universe is filled with wondrous magic, intriguing characters, dangerous creatures, and enchanted artifacts. And they have all played important roles within the series at least once and, therefore, have made it so aspects of this story just wouldn't be the same without them.

There is no doubt that Harry Potter fans are some of the most passionate on the planet. It's only those fans that can remember every detail.

Question 1

What is Harry Potter known as?

Out of sheer fearfulness of his villainy, many witches and wizards would only refer to Voldemort as You Know Who or He Who Must Not Be Named. But When Harry somehow stopped Voldemort as an infant, he also gained a lifelong nickname. What does everyone refer to Harry Potter as?

Question 2

Which of the following is NOT a Hogwarts house?

Unlike Harry, many witches and wizards grew up hearing their parents boast about how Hogwarts was the best school in the world. Here, students are sorted into four houses, each of which holds attributes that the founders thought best. Harry was placed in Gryffindor with the most courageous students. Which of the following is not a Hogwarts house?

Question 3

What are the names of Harry's relatives?

With Harry's parents gone, Dumbledore left him in the care of his only living (and magic hating) Muggle relatives. They never told him about the wizarding world or his parents and treated him poorly to say the least. The day he got his Hogwarts letter was definitely one of his happiest. What are the names of these dastardly relatives?

Question 4

What is Voldemort's real name?

Voldemort was once just a boy in an orphanage when Dumbledore came to tell him of Hogwarts. Unfortunately, it was at school where he would begin to amass his following. Harry encountered a version of this boy in "Chamber of Secrets" when a bit of Voldemort's spirit appeared from a cursed diary. What is Voldemort's real name?

Question 5

What are the names of Harry's parents?

Harry's acceptance at Hogwarts gave him a home he never had, but it also gave him more information about his parents than he had ever gotten from the Dursleys. Those who knew them would speak fondly of them (at least, most of them would), giving Harry a sense of who they were. What are their names?

Question 6

Which of the following is NOT a Quidditch position?

Though there are many different games in the wizarding world, Quidditch is nearly everyone's favorite. And as it would turn out, Harry is a natural. The game, which could be fairly dangerous, was played on flying broomsticks. Harry's position was as Seeker but there are obviously other positions. Which one of these is not one?

Question 7

Which candy comes with collectible wizarding cards?

Harry's first introduction to magical food comes on the Hogwarts Express as he gorges on sweets with his new friend, Ron Weasley. Harry marvels at how different even the candy is in the wizarding world. One candy became popular for including trading cards of famous witches and wizards. Which one of them was it?

Question 8

Which Horcrux is the first to be destroyed?

In the sixth entry, Harry and Dumbledore would discover that the reason Voldemort had survived for so long was because he had created several horcruxes throughout the years. A horcrux is an item that someone can link a piece of their soul to and requires them to take another life. Which one was destroyed first?

Question 9

What is the name of the wizarding prison?

The place in which wizards and witches are imprisoned requires a bit more unique security than Muggle prisons. It's located in the middle of the ocean and is guarded by Dementors, cloaked creatures that can suck the joy from a person. This place is nearly impossible to escape from. Where are dark witches and wizards imprisoned?

Question 10

Which follower of Voldemort was responsible for the attack on Neville's parents?

Later in the series, it's revealed that Neville's parents were tortured into madness by a group of Voldemort's followers after their Dark Lord was defeated. One of them is more notorious than the rest. And though they were sent to Azkaban, they would escape as soon as Voldemort returned. Who was responsible for the attack on Neville's parents?

Question 11

Who is Harry's first love interest?

Though Harry would end up with Ginny Weasley, there was one student who caught his eye first. This Ravenclaw member was that house's Seeker in the books and on the Quidditch field is where he first met her. Even though he's a famous wizard, Harry still didn't know how to act around girls. What is her name?

Question 12

How many points is catching the Golden Snitch worth?

A game of Quidditch can only end once a Seeker catches the Golden Snitch. While they're busy searching for it, the rest of the team members are fighting over the Quaffle, which can earn them 10 points. Catching the Snitch is worth an absurd amount of points. How many points is it worth?

Question 13

Which film did Luna Lovegood first appear in?

The series is home to a large number of wonderful characters, though some of them wouldn't be introduced until a few entries in. Luna Lovegood became instantly beloved when she was brought in thanks to her kind demeanor and head-in-the-clouds persona. She quickly became one of Harry's strongest allies. When did she first appear?

Question 14

Which spell disarms an opponent?

There is an abundance of useful spells in the wizarding world. One of the most useful, and one that would become Harry's signature spell, is the disarming spell. At its weakest, it can send an opponent's wand flying into the air. At its most powerful, it can knock them off their feet. Which of these is it?

Question 15

Which dark wizard was defeated by Dumbledore?

Voldemort isn't the first dark wizard to terrorize the world and he likely won't be the last. Professor Dumbledore had to deal with one in his own time, though the connection between the two was much more personal than that of Harry and Voldemort. The series of prequel films is now chronicling this era. What is his name?

Question 16

What creature is waiting in the Chamber of Secrets?

There are a lot of magical creatures in the series, though many of them should best be avoided. The second entry features one the most dangerous: a giant snake whose gaze can take a life. Many characters were petrified when they saw the reflection of this creature's eyes. What is it called?

Question 17

Which Horcrux was locked away in Gringotts?

The seventh and eighth movies in the series follow Harry, Ron, and Hermione as they track down Voldemort's remaining Horcruxes. After finding out that one may be hidden in Bellatrix's Gringotts vault, they devise a plan to break in. This doesn't exactly go well, but they do end up acquiring it. Which of these is it?

Question 18

What magical item stores memories?

Magical artifacts can provide all kinds of uses. One that doesn't seem immediately useful, though can be quite crucial later, is one that stores memories. Dumbledore keeps one in his office, where he can relive memories in order to study the past. Harry has learned a lot of vital information with this object. What is it called?

Question 19

What Quidditch position does Ron hold?

Though Harry is the Quidditch star, there have been many Weasley family members who have held positions on the Gryffindor team. Ron eventually joins and becomes a star in his own right. In the books, after Harry is kicked off the team by Umbridge, Ron becomes their saving grace. What position does he hold?

Question 20

Which of these is the ability to talk to snakes?

Magic is everywhere in the world of Harry Potter, but one skill that is considered rare is the one that allows one to talk to snakes. Voldemort, as a descendant to Salazar Slytherin, can do this. And Harry discovers early on in the series that he can do it as well. What is this ability called?

Question 21

What was the name of Hagrid's acromantula friend?

Acromantula is the name given to giant spiders which were terrifyingly shown in "Chamber of Secrets." Harry and Ron ventured into their domain after Hagrid was taken away to Azkaban. Hagrid had raised one of them when he was a student at Hogwarts. What is the name of Hagrid's acromantula friend?

Question 22

Which of the following is the body-binding curse?

Spells can serve many purposes. Some make life easier for witches and wizards while others can give one the advantage during a duel. The body-binding curse could essentially end a duel with no bloodshed as it pins an opponent's arms and legs to their side, unable to move. Which of these is the body-binding curse?

Question 23

What is the term for those who can turn into animals?

Another rare skill in the wizarding world is the ability to turn into an animal. It requires years of practice and those who can do it successfully are required to have their names placed on a list with the Ministry. Professor McGonagall can turn into a cat and James Potter could turn into a stag. What are these witches and wizards called?

Question 24

What is the name of this magical creature?

This magical creature is one of few that look dangerous, but are actually rather peaceful. They're winged horses with black skin and white eyes, so they're far from the cuddliest looking creatures. But they can only be seen by those who have witnessed someone losing their life. What are these magical creatures called?

Question 25

Which potion is also known as liquid luck?

A witch or wizard would do well to learn how to brew potions and antidotes properly. Some are complicated while others are fairly basic. One of the most complex is liquid luck, which does exactly what its name implies. Harry earned a vial of this for winning a competition in Professor Slughorn's class. What is its real name?

Question 26

What is the name of the visiting school from France?

In "Goblet of Fire," Hogwarts hosts the Triwizard Tournament and two foreign schools come to visit and have their students compete. One of the schools comes from France and it is with them that audiences were introduced to Fleur. She would go on to marry Bill, Ron's eldest brother. What was the name of her school?

Question 27

What spell erases someone's memory?

Some spells can have severely damaging effects on an opponent. In "Chamber of Secrets," Harry and Ron discovered that Gilderoy Lockhart had stolen credit from accomplished witches and wizards by wiping their memories. Hermione had to do the same to her parents later to save them from Voldemort. Which of these spells wipes someone's memory?

Question 28

Who gives Harry his first broomstick?

In the first entry, Harry became the youngest student to join a Quidditch team in a century. The only problem was that he didn't have a broom to play on. Fortunately for him, he was given a Nimbus 2000, the fastest broom on the market at the time. Who gave it to him?

Question 29

What room can be anything the student needs it to be?

While searching for a place that Dumbledore's Army could use for meetings and practice, Neville stumbled across a room that could be whatever the person needed it to be. It was also seen later as a place where people could hide something and housed one of Voldemort's horcruxes. What is this room called?

Question 30

What form does Hermione's Patronus take?

In "Order of the Pheonix," Harry begins teaching some students Defense Against the Dark Arts when Umbridge refuses to. One spell that he teaches them is the Patronus Charm, which is used to combat Dementors and can take the form of an animal. Harry's takes the form of a stag, but what is Hermione's?

Question 31

What lets Harry breath underwater in "Goblet of Fire"?

Harry has to go through several dangerous challenges in the Triwizard Tournament. The second requires him to spend an hour underwater searching for something taken by the merpeople. In order for him to breath underwater, Neville gives him a special plant to eat that gives him gills and webbing between his fingers and toes. Which of these is it?

Question 32

What is at the core of Harry's wand?

No two wands are the same. Each one is made of different wood, length, and has a piece of magical creature at its center. When Harry receives his wand, Ollivander tells him that its brother belongs to Voldemort. The magical creature that provided Harry's core also provided that one. What is at the core of Harry's wand?

Question 33

What two countries compete in the World Cup?

At the beginning of "Goblet of Fire," Harry travels with the Weasleys to watch the Quidditch World Cup. All goes well until Voldemort's followers turn up to wreak havoc. A famous player from one of the teams would also come to Hogwarts to compete in the Triwizard Tournament. What two countries compete in the World Cup?

Question 34

Who are the brothers from "Beedle the Bard"?

In "The Deathly Hallows," Harry learns a story of three brothers who outsmarted the Reaper himself and were each given powerful gifts. These three items would turn out to be real with Harry already owning one (his invisibility cloak) as he was a descendant of one of them. What are the names of the these brothers?

Question 35

Which dragon does Harry face in "Goblet of Fire"?

There are many types of dragons in the wizarding world, though only a few are shown throughout the series. Harry's first challenge in the Triwizard Tournament is to steal a golden egg from a dragon. He calls his broom to help him, but still struggles against the mighty beast. Which dragon does Harry have to face?

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