We Have A Feeling Even Diehard Friends Fans Will Fail This Quiz

Friends is an iconic TV series and one that most of us grew up with. After all, it came out in 1994 and ended ten years later, in 2004. In those ten years, ten seasons of the series were released and as such most of us felt as if the characters and the actors that portrayed them were our own friends.  Friends might have ended 14 years ago but it is as popular as ever and many of us watch reruns of it once a year or so.

Perhaps the reason Friends is so popular is because it portrays a tight-knit group of friends. The people that make up this friend group are no different to us - they all have jobs (some of them are more successful than others) and they all struggle with personal issues too whether it is family problems or romantic problems. Friends is both serious and lighthearted.

The problems that each of the characters face and eventually overcome are incredibly real but that doesn't mean that each and every episode won't make us laugh over and over again. Sure, life is serious and full of problems but that doesn't mean that we can't have fun on the way, especially if we have a close group of friends we can rely on and have a laugh with.

Question 1

How many towel categories does Monica have?

Monica was without doubt one of the most organised (and some may say, bizarre) characters in the whole show. She loved cleaning and she had fancy plates for special guests. She also had a number of different towel categories. Who can recall how many categories were there exactly? This is a rather tough question and one that was asked by Ross during the contest that was supposed to decide whether Rachel and Monica knew more about Joey and Chandler or whether Joey and Chandler knew more about Monica and Rachel.

Question 2

What is Joey's fake name?

As most fans will without doubt remember, Joey loved dating but that doesn't mean that he loved being in a relationship. As such, to avoid any uncomfortable situations he came up with a fake name which he often offered women instead of his real name. So, who thinks that they know Joey's fake name? As some may recall we were first introduced to this fake name in an episode titled The One with the Videotape in season eight of the show.

Question 3

Monica's biggest pet peeve is...?

Who thinks they know the answer to the above question? As fans might recall, Monica had quite a few pet peeves but who knows what her biggest pet peeve was? This pet peeve was revealed in season four of the series, in an episode titled The One with the Embryos during which Monica, Rachel, Chandler and Joey participated in a contest that was supposed to help determine who knew more about whom - whether Monica and Rachel knew more about Joey and Chandler or the other way around.

Question 4

What is the "Geller Cup"?

Every family has its own bizarre traditions and the Geller family was no exception. For example, the Gellers had their very own trophy cup, known as the Geller Cup, which would be given to either Monica or Ross (depending on who won) after a family touch football game (known as the Geller Bowl). Unfortunately, after Monica broke Ross's nose during one of these games, their father Jack threw the trophy into the lake. Monica fished it out however and only told Ross that she had it twelve years later (in an episode titled The One with the Football).

Question 5

What musical instrument does Mike play?

Phoebe was never a relationship person so most fans were incredibly surprised when she ended up having a long-term relationship with Mike which eventually led to marriage. Initially, it did not seem like Mike and Phoebe had anything in common - he was certainly far less weird than she was but somehow they suited each other perfectly and seemed to balance each other out. Plus, they did actually have one thing in common - they were both musicians. What musical instrument did Mike play?

Question 6

What instrument did Mr. Heckles supposedly play?

Remember Mr. Heckles? He was Monica's and Rachel's bizarre neighbor who lived downstairs and who always complained about the noise that was supposedly coming from the girls' apartment. Mr. Heckles was known for lying and coming up with improbable stories. For example, in season three episode six (The One with the Flashback) of the series Mr. Heckles claimed that the noise coming from Monica's apartment was interfering with his musical practice. What musical instrument did Mr. Heckles claim that he played?

Question 7

What address does Chandler give Janice when he supposedly moves to Yemen?

Out of all the secondary characters of Friends, Janice was probably the most memorable. As fans will without doubt recall, Janice was Chandler's girlfriend and the two had an on-again, off-again relationship that lasted for several seasons of the show. Eventually however Chandler got completely fed up with Janice but instead of just breaking up with her he decided to lie and say that he was moving to Yemen for work. He even gave her a fake address - who can remember it?

Question 8

What is Ross doing in this scene?

Who knows what Ross is doing in this particular scene? As is probably quite obvious (to hardcore fans at least) in the scene that can be seen in the image to the right Ross is sitting on the couch in his apartment and appears to be applying makeup powder to his face. Ross does not apply makeup powder on a regular basis and as such there must be a good reason as to why he is doing so here. Who knows the correct answer?

Question 9

Which model does Chandler meet during the blackout?

In season one episode seven (The One with the Blackout) of the series, all of New York city suffers from a blackout. While most of the gang gathers at Monica's apartment, Chandler is unable to do so because he ends up getting stuck in an ATM vestibule. However, while initially he is annoyed he eventually realizes that he is not alone - he is actually stuck there with a Victoria's Secret model. In the end, the two become quite close and upon parting the model tells Chandler that she had a great blackout.

Question 10

Who introduces Phoebe to Mike?

When we were first introduced to the character of Mike we had no idea that he was there to stay. Indeed, most of us probably believed that he would disappear after an episode or two but in the end him and Phoebe ended up having a long-term relationship. Phoebe was crazy about Mike and Mike returned the sentiment and even though they had a few hiccups along the way they ended up marrying one another. But who can recall who it was that introduced Phoebe to Mike in the first place?

Question 11

Where did David, Phoebe's scientist boyfriend, move to?

Before Phoebe met Mike, she was totally in love with David. Phoebe met David in Central Perk and the two hit it off straight away even if she did give out to him and his friend for talking during one of her guitar performances. Most fans loved David and believed that he was the perfect match for Phoebe because he was just as weird as she was. Unfortunately, David was also a scientist and he eventually moved abroad for his work.

Question 12

What name appears on the address label of the weekly TV guide that comes to Chandler's and Joey's apartment?

Who thinks they know the answer to the above question - what name appears on the address label of the weekly TV guide that comes to Chandler's and Joey's apartment? As some of you may recall, this was one of the questions that Ross asked Monica and Rachel during the contest that was supposed to determine whether Monica and Rachel knew more about Chandler and Joey or whether Joey and Chandler knew more about Monica and Rachel. The girls got this question wrong. Who thinks they can get it right?

Question 13

What does Joey call his Barcalounger?

When most of us think of Joey's and Chandler's apartment we think of their barcaloungers. After all, they spent quite a lot of time relaxing in their chairs and watching various TV programs - such as Baywatch - and cartoons. When Rachel moved in with Joey she initially did not understand Joey's love for his barcalounger but eventually came around to it and even bought her own. Curiously enough, Joey had a name for his barcalounger. Who can recall what it was?

Question 14

Who briefly worked at a call center selling toner?

Throughout the course of the series most characters changed jobs at least once. For example, Rachel started off as a waitress and ended up becoming an executive at Ralph Lauren and Ross started off as a paleontologist but later also worked as a college professor. But who was it that briefly worked at a call center selling toner? As some fans may recall, this character only worked at the call center for a day or two but in that time managed to stop a man from taking his own life.

Question 15

What was Chandler's job at the start of the series?

At the start of the series Ross, Monica and Chandler were the three characters that had the most serious and seemingly secure jobs. However, while we knew that Ross worked at the museum and that Monica was a chef, no one really knew what it was that Chandler did for a living. Sure, we knew that he worked in an office, and that he hated his job, but we didn't know the specifics, and neither did his friends. Who thinks that they know what Chandler's job was?

Question 16

How long is the letter that Rachel writes to Ross after they break up?

From the very beginning of the series most fans rooted for Ross and Rachel. They had great chemistry and it seemed inevitable that they would get together. And of course, they did. But their relationship did not last long. Still, before they got back together for good in season ten, they also got back together briefly in season four of the series (in an episode titled The One with the Jellyfish). This reunion did not last however because Ross did not agree with the insanely long letter that Rachel wrote him.

Question 17

What was the name of Joey's childhood imaginary friend?

We doubt that even hardcore Friends fans will get this question right. Still, you can try your best. So, who knows the name of Joey's childhood imaginary friend? As some may recall, his occupation was space cowboy. This was one of the questions that Ross asked during the lightning round of the contest that was supposed to determine whether Joey and Chandler knew Monica and Rachel better than Monica and Rachel knew them. Surprisingly enough, Monica answered this question correctly.

Question 18

"They don't know we know they know we know." Who said this?

Who can remember who said the above quote - "They don't know we know they know we know." As true fans of the series might recall the above quote was uttered in regards to Monica and Chandler getting together. Initially, neither Monica nor Chandler wanted their friends to know that they were in a relationship because they didn't know whether it was serious or not. Unfortunately for them, their friends found out about them nonetheless and later tried to mess with them.

Question 19

Why did Monica and Pete Becker break up?

Remember Pete Becker? He was one of Monica's boyfriends. The two started dating in season three of the series. Initially, Monica did not like Pete - who was a millionaire - at all but she decided to give him a chance anyways. Over the course of a few dates she warmed up to him and eventually became his girlfriend. At one point, Monica even thought that Pete was going to propose to her. However, in the end they broke up.

Question 20

Which of the below is Ross NOT allergic to?

Those who suffer from food allergies could without doubt sympathize with Ross in season two episode six (The One with the Baby on the Bus) of the series when he consumed something that he was allergic to and as such had to go to the hospital to get a shot because his tongue was swelling up. In that same episode, Monica revealed other food items that Ross is allergic to. So, which one of the below is Ross NOT allergic to?

Question 21

Which band does Chandler want to play at his and Monica's wedding?

Who knows the answer to the above question - which band does Chandler want to play at his and Monica's wedding? As fans might recall, Chandler wanted this particular band because it was one of their songs that him and Monica were dancing to when he realized that Monica was his soulmate and that he wanted to stay with her forever. This band however cost Monica her dream wedding dress but in the end she decided that making Chandler happy was far more important than having a perfect wedding dress.

Question 22

Who does Ross remove from his "freebie list" only later to bump into her?

Some of you may recall that in season three episode five (The One with Frank Jr.) of the series, the gang each came up wit their freebie list - basically a list of five famous people they would be allowed to get together with if they ran into them even if they themselves were in a relationship. For example, Ross chose Uma Thurman, Elizabeth Hurley, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dorothy Hamill and Winona Ryder. However, it is worth mentioning that initially Ross had another famous woman on the list instead of Winona Ryder but he took her off because he thought that she was too international and that he would never bump into her.

Question 23

What is Phoebe's fake name?

When most of us meet new people we give them our real names. However, that doesn't mean that everyone is as honest. Take Joey for example - in one of the episodes in season eight of the series he admitted that he sometimes gives women a fake name. Most of the gang, except for Phoebe, seemed amused by this. However, Phoebe thought that Joey having a fake name was totally normal and immediately told the gang her fake name too. Who can recall what it was?

Question 24

What were the names of Chandler's and Monica's twins?

Throughout the course of the series Monica couldn't wait to get married and to have kids. So when she and Chandler got married she was certain that her dream would finally come true. Unfortunately however it turned out that Monica and Chandler couldn't conceive a baby naturally and as such they turned to an adoption agency. Eventually, a pregnant woman chose Monica and Chandler as the parents for her baby but during delivery both the biological mother, as well as Monica and Chandler, were shocked for it turned out that there was not one but two babies. What did Monica and Chandler name the twins?

Question 25

Chandler hates Thanksgiving because...?

While towards the end of the series Chandler was quite happy to celebrate Thanksgiving with his friends, initially he was against it. For example, in season one of the series he intended to eat by himself and only ate with his friends because the special dinner was accidentally ruined. But who can recall why Chandler hates Thanksgiving so much? Only true fans will know the answer to this question. Think you're one of them? Then choose the correct option below.

Question 26

Who is the woman standing beside Rachel?

Who knows who the woman standing beside Rachel in the image to the right is? She was a secondary character on the series and we did not see her all that much. Still, as far as characters go she was a rather important one. She made her first appearance in season two episode 11 of the series. Her last appearance was in season eight episode 20. In total, she appeared only in three episodes but she was mentioned quite a few times by other characters.

Question 27

What is Ross doing in this scene?

In the image to the right Ross can be seen sitting in an armchair in Central Perk, holding two fingers to his temple and obviously looking at someone in particular. So, who knows what exactly Ross is doing in this rather strange scene? This rather funny scene took place in season six episode 17 of the series. Those who have watched this episode at least once should recall this scene without great difficulty. So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and choose the correct answer.

Question 28

Which of the below was NOT on Joey's resume?

We all lie on our resume in the hopes of landing our dream job. And we all know that more likely than not our lies will come back to haunt us. Out of all Friends characters, Joey without doubt lied the most on his resume. And while sometimes he got away with his lies, there were also plenty of times where his outrageous lies left him in incredibly awkward situations. Who knows which of the below was NOT on Joey's resume?

Question 29

“Oh, sorry. I hear “divorce,” I immediately go to Ross." Who said this?

It is probably fair to say that when it came to love, Ross was pretty reckless. He was always quick to fall in love and always quick to propose. Indeed, over the course of the series Ross got married three times and he also got divorced three times. His first marriage didn't work out because his wife fell in love - and later married - a woman named Susan. His second marriage did not work out because he said the wrong name at the altar. And his third marriage did not work out because he accidentally got married in Las Vegas.

Question 30

Which of the below words does Rachel misspell on her resume?

Out of all the main Friends characters, Rachel without doubt made the most progress in her career. In season one she started off as a waitress and by the end of the show she was working as an executive at Ralph Lauren. Indeed, it was at the end of season one that Rachel decided that she hated being a waitress and quit her job. She then printed a number of resumes to send out to potential employers. However, she accidentally misspelled one word on her resume. Which one of the below four words was it?

Question 31

Which volume encyclopedia does Joey buy?

Joey might have been one of the most lovable characters on the show but he certainly wasn't the brightest. Indeed, he often failed to grasp the more intelligent jokes that his friends made and could never join in any serious discussion. As such, it came as no surprise that he decided to buy an encyclopedia from a door-to-door salesman in season four of the series. However, he did not have enough money to buy the whole set and as such only ended up buying one volume.

Question 32

What was the name of Ross's girlfriend who shaved her head?

Just because you break up with someone that doesn't mean that you are ready to see your ex-partner date someone else. As such, most of us could sympathize with Rachel when Phoebe asked her if it would be alright if she set Ross up with her friend who was known for shaving her head. Thinking that Phoebe's friend was bald and therefore that Ross would not find her as attractive, she said yes but then later realized that Phoebe's friend had grown her hair out.

Question 33

Finish the lyrics: "Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, What are they feeding you? Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, ..."

One of Phoebe's hobbies was playing guitar but of course that doesn't mean that she was any good at it. In fact, most people - including her friends - thought that she was pretty bad at it not least because her songs had the most bizarre lyrics. Still, fans of the series loved Phoebe's guitar playing and her songs. One of her most popular songs was probably Smelly Cat. Who can recall the very catchy lyrics to this truly unique song?

Question 34

What is the name of Joey's agent?

While most Friends characters had stable jobs (with the exception of Phoebe) Joey was a struggling actor who often had to take on random jobs so as to pay the bills. Of course, as an actor, Joey had an agent. Sometimes she managed to get him auditions for amazing roles - for example, it was thanks to her that he landed the role of Dr. Drake Ramoray on Days of Our Lives - but sometimes the roles that she made him audition for were terrible.

Question 35

What is Chandler's middle name?

Who knows the answer to the above question - what is Chandler's middle name? This one is rather tough so we don't expect anyone to get it right. Still, give it your best shot. Chandler's middle name was mentioned only once throughout the series - in season eight episode five (which was titled The One with Rachel's Date) so only those with exceptional memory will have a chance of answering this question correctly. So, what are you waiting for, make a guess!

Question 36

What is engraved in the bracelet that Joey gives Chandler?

After Joey lands the role of Dr. Drake Ramoray on Days of Our Lives, he starts to make more money and as such wants to pay Chandler back for all the years that the latter had his back when it came to paying bills. However, Joey not only pays Chandler back but also gets him a gift - a bracelet to be exact. This bracelet was also engraved. Who can recall what the engraving said? Fans might recall that Chandler hated this bracelet and called it the "woman repeller".

Question 37

Ross's ridiculously expensive gift to Carol when they were first going out was...?

In season one of the series Ross got Rachel an antique brooch for her birthday. Rachel was amazed at his thoughtfulness which prompted Chandler to accidentally reveal that Ross was in love with her by saying that when Ross was in love with Carol he also got her a ridiculously expensive and seemingly useless gift. So, who can recall what exactly Ross got Carol as a gift when they just started going out? Go ahead and choose one of the answers below.

Question 38

What was Emma's first word?

Both Ross and Rachel were incredibly happy to be parents and loved Emma to bits. Every little thing that Emma did, including her very first word, was a huge milestone for both Rachel and Ross. But who can recall what exactly was Emma's first word? As fans will without doubt remember this word did not make sense to most people but Ross quickly pointed out that it was a scientific term and that Emma was probably going to be a scientist.

Question 39

What is the last line of the show?

Most of us were incredibly emotional when we were watching the last episode of the series. After all, Friends was an iconic TV show that lasted for ten years - it began in 1994 and ended in 2004 and most of us had hoped that it would continue forever. Of course, it had to end sometime and while we hated the thought of never watching a new episode again, we had to admit that the final episode was pretty much perfect.

Question 40

Gunther used to act in which soap opera?

Remember Gunther? He was the manager at Central Perk and while he was not the best of friends with the gang he was nonetheless often invited to their informal parties. However, Gunther was not always a cafe manager. In season two episode nineteen (The One Where Eddie Won't Go) of the series he told Joey that he used to be an actor. However, when his character was buried in an avalanche he had no other choice but to find another job.

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