We Doubt Anyone Can Name 100% Of These 90s Movies. Wanna Try?

The 90s were a time of cinematic gold. Movies were being made in every conceivable genre, and the home theater concept existed but had not been developed to the same pinnacle it currently has. Everyone was going to the movies to see the new releases, and the world could not get enough giant summer blockbusters, low budget indie flicks, and heartwarming romantic comedies. Many of the best and worst movies of all time were released in this decade, and it is always fun to take a walk back down memory lane and relive many of these masterpieces.

The 90's helped solidify and define many movie-going troupes that are still used and relevant today. The decade helped redefine what a blockbuster was, with the new addition of digital graphics and better resolution that would change how movies were shot forever. During this decade LaserDiscs and DVDs would be developed that would show movie makers just how beautiful their works were in higher definition, proving that the market was there for higher quality filming techniques. This would change the way the industry worked forever.

So grab the best overalls available and nuke some popcorn as we take a look back at the best decade of film we may ever see. Name all of these movies to prove that the 90s had the best movies!

Question 1

What this coming of age comedy?

This movie follows the life and times of a group of rich valley girlfriends in Beverly Hills as they try to navigate life, love, and fashion. The show highlights the ups and downs of popularity and coolness, all in a fun tongue and cheek way that makes it resonate with teenagers of all eras. The film had a big effect on fashion and speech trends of the 90's, helping solidify "As if" into the English language. What was this comedy?

Question 2

What was the first good Marvel movie?

Marvel movies had a really bad history up until the release of this film in 1998. Before this, they had released Captain America, and and the Punisher, but neither of those movies was well received, and people believed that comic movies could not make money on the silver screen. When this movie came out many fans had no clue was based on a comic. The film was just a good vampire hunter movie. What Marvel superhero movie paved the way for the MCU?

Question 3

What was this superhero movie?

This movie was set to make the main character a little more kid-friendly after an extremely dark film had scared off some adults. To that end, this story adds more color, and it introduces a teenage sidekick, who just happened to be a 24-year-old man. Also, the director forgot to explain to Tommy Lee Jones that he was supposed to be Jim Carey's straight man, because the two villains in this movie compete to chew scenery. What movie was the third in its franchise?

Question 4

What was this mix of cartoons and live action?

When the most famous cartoon characters of all time interact with the biggest sports star in the world, there is going to be cinematic gold. Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan working together is a fun idea, and adding in a few other big names like Bill Murray just ensures the classic nature of this cartoon. The film had a great soundtrack and great comedic timing. It even featured other star players having fun. What was the name of this smash hit from the 90s?

Question 5

What was this movie?

Long before there were sparkling vampires and zombies that could think this movie showed us a more human side to the monster of myth and imagination. Following the life of Louis from the time he was a human, to living in modern San Francisco as a vampire. Viewers got to see the ups and downs of living forever. Many think that Louis' opinion was far too bleak, but it was one of the first renditions of the emo vampire in fiction. Which famous monster movie is this?

Question 6

What was this Sci-Fi classic?

"I'll be back", "Hasta la vista baby", and "I need a vacation" are just some of the iconic lines from this movie. Add to that dialogue, state of the art graphics, for 1991 at least, and the biggest movie star in the world at that time, and it is a recipe for success. Arnold reprised the role of his first on-screen villain, but this time he was the hero, protecting a teenage kid who had to save the world. What movie was this?

Question 7

What movie brought together two famous crews?

When there are two television shows from a very successful franchise, it makes perfect sense to combine them into a big screen movie. Getting to see two captains try to lead was priceless. It would have been made even better if Lenord Nimoy had come back to the franchise to give us Spock interacting with Data. Seeing the old mix with the new made this movie stand out among many of the others in this franchise. What was this sci-fi classic?

Question 8

What superhero movie nearly ended the franchise?

This movie was so bad, that all other comic book movies from this time frame tried to distance themselves from the genre. The film had some star power, and in theory, it should have been as successful as the other films in the franchise, but the movie was all flash and very little substance. If there was a bad pun to be made this movie went for it. They shelved this character for 8 years after this movie. Have an "ice" day and name this awful hero movie?

Question 9

What was this blockbuster team up movie?

Jackie Chan has been a big action star for a long time. He was originally a Bruce Lee imitator, but he found his own niche as the reluctant hero who often gets beat up until he accidentally wins. When he was teamed with Chris Tucker the two gave the world a Lethal Weapon like buddy cop action comedy. With many quotable quips and amazing fight scenes, this franchises has had three sequels, with a fourth one in the works. Which movie started this franchise?

Question 10

What was this Sci-Fi comedy?

This movie was not only a hit Sci-Fi comedy, but it also helped give the world one of Will Smith's best music videos. The movie follows Agent J and Agent K as they hunt down aliens who break the law and cause trouble. Fans see that many aliens live normal everyday lives in our world, but a few break the rules, and that is where these guys come in. With amazing weapons and tech, they defend the world against the worst scum of the universe. What is this movie?

Question 11

What was this 3D cartoon?

This movie was the first full-length 3D cartoon, and it launched Pixar as a company. At the time this movie was a technological achievement, and it changed animation. With some huge voice talents lending their skills to these characters, this also started a trend of having recognizable actors take on the animation roles. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen added a depth to these characters that helped fans connect to them, even if they were just animation. What was the name of this movie that has spawned many successful sequels?

Question 12

What was this comedy that featured a cameo by Stan Lee?

Long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe would cast Stan Lee in a cameo each movie they make, he got to appear as himself in this 90s independent film. This movie was supposed to be a huge step for the director who had made a lot of buzz with his debut. However, this movie failed to find its audience in the theater. It has become a favorite of teens though in the home market, where it is still quoted. What is this slacker classic?

Question 13

What was this 90s period movie?

This movie became a cultural phenomenon. It was the first movie in 20 years to outgross Star Wars in the theaters, and it is still one of the top-grossing movies of all time 20 years later, though it is no longer #1. The film follows the ill-fated journey and sinking of one of the most famous ships in all of history. Focusing on a love story between Rose and Jack, moviegoers got to see this ship sink. What was this 3-hour masterpiece?

Question 14

What is this heartwarming movie?

This movie followed the amazing life story of the cognitively challenged, but extraordinary main character as he lived a full life of adventure. During the story, he played college football, went to war, and met multiple presidents. The character was part of so many major world events, and he was perfectly happy with the life he lived even if he never fully comprehended how many lives he affected. The movie is a heartwarming view on making the best out of the life we are given. What was the name of this classic?

Question 15

What was this superhero sequel?

This movie was the follow up to the most successful movie of 1989. It brought back the hero, and this time added other big name actors like Michelle Pfeiffer, Danny Devito, and Christopher Walken. The movie was much more mature in tone then the first one was, and it scared some parents off, which would cause an over-correct in later versions of this hero's story. The movie suffered from having a few too many plot points, but overall it was well received. What movie was this?

Question 16

What cartoon was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar?

This 90's cartoon classic helped change both animation, and award ceremonies forever. The movie was so amazing that it was the first animated movie to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. It remained the only animated film to be nominated until 2009 after the nominations list had been increased from 5 to 10 in 2007. This movie follows the adventures of a young woman named Belle, and her mission to save her father and redeem a cursed prince. What was this film based on a fairy tale?

Question 17

What was one of the most anticipated movies of the 90s?

This movie had been wanted since 1983 when we last left a galaxy far far away. This movie was not only highly anticipated, it was also a huge disappointment for many fans. After epic trailers, an amazing soundtrack and special effects that captivated audiences, many felt the story was lacking and the humor was off. This started a trend in this franchise to dislike the future films, that continues to this day. What was the name of this long-awaited prequel?

Question 18

What was this animated version of Hamlet?

There has been a saying that there is nothing new under the sun and that even stories we think of as originals are just reworkings of the same three or four basic stories from myth and lore. This story follows the trials of a young prince who sees his father pass away. The child attempts to avoid responsibility, but in the end, finds out that he has to take his father's place and rule over his kingdom as a just and fair king. What is this retelling of Hamlet?

Question 19

What was this action movie?

When this film came out in 1990 every single child wanted to go see it. The one problem was that this movie was based on the original comics of these characters and not the hugely successful cartoon property. The movie was slightly darker in tone, and some kids were turned off by this, but as those kids got older they realized just how cool this movie was. This franchise would spawn three sequels and a Michael Bay reboot. What action movie was this?

Question 20

What is this independent movie from the 90s?

This independent gem launched the career of a young director from New Jersey. The film was shot in black and white to save money, and the whole story was based fully on dialogue instead of action, with the camera hardly moving during the full shoot this film introduced the world to Jay and Silent Bob and paved the way for one of the biggest podcasting networks, Smodco. This film tried to record the troubles and fun of working in a job that was going nowhere. What is this independent comedy?

Question 21

What was this family comedy?

These characters were first introduced in the New Yorker magazine in 1938, and they were brought to television in 1964. In 1991 they were shown on the big screen for the first time. The story revolved around a very eccentric family, who even though they were mysterious and spooky, they loved each other very much. Famous for their love of all things black and macabre, this family resonated with everyone who has ever felt different than society. What is this family comedy?

Question 22

What is this comedy from the 90s?

When this film was originally conceived, it was going to be a cautionary tale about the underbelly of Los Angeles, with a much darker take on the life of Julie Roberts' character. It was reworked into a comedy with a much brighter and cheery tone. The film has become a classic, and it is often credited with bringing the romantic comedy back in the 90s after it had been less used in the previous decade. Don't make a big mistake, and name this comedy?

Question 23

Name this thriller?

This movie will feel like it cheated the first time it is viewed. After the big reveal, most fans will go back and rewatch it just to see if there was ever a time where the film cheats and has someone interact with both people. However even after multiple rewatches the film did an incredible job of sticking to its premise, even going as far as to offer hints and clues about the final reveal. So break the first and second rule and name this movie.

Question 24

What is this sports movie?

This movie wasn't only a fun family sports movie, but it also inspired Disney to buy and name an NHL team after it. Showcasing the sport of ice hockey and roller hockey this movie helped increase the popularity of both of these sports. This movie launched a franchise that included 3 movies and a cartoon series that had nothing to do with the original movie. The film was shot on location in Minnesota, a state known for producing many hockey greats. What was the name of this sports classic?

Question 25

What is this sci-fi movie?

Imagine a world where everyone's genome is read before they are born, and they are told what they can and can't do based on the results. Where nature beats nurture every single time, and people are forced to abounded their dreams if their genes are found to be lacking. This film follows a character who attempts to beat the system using hairs and tissue samples from an injured man with a perfect genome. Name this movie that paints a bleak future for mankind.

Question 26

What is this Sci-Fi comedy?

The third film in this famous franchises was released in 1990. With the same cast back for one more movie, this film shows us what life would have been like for two people from the 80s to live in the wild west. With all the movie drama of the black hats versus the white hats, the main characters have to try to figure out a way to get back home even with the limited resources at their disposal. What was the name of this film?

Question 27

What is this future action film?

Wesley Snipes and Sylvester Stallone in one action movie was enough to get anyone excited in 1993. This film set these two action stars against each other and displaced them in time to give fans a fun out of time story that gave us some laughs with the action. Finding themselves in a world were songs were replaced by commercial jingles and toilet paper was replaced by three shells, these two relics of the past fight in a world they didn't make. What was the name of this film?

Question 28

What is this Spielberg classic?

This coming of age comedy had a star-studded cast, and one of the most famous directors of the era. This story follows the adventures of a man who forgot his childhood but is forced to remember when his children are taken by an old enemy. The story has action and adventure but adds heart as viewers remember that sometimes we all have to let our inner child loose in the world. Crow like a rooster and name this 90s classic?

Question 29

What is this visual effects masterpiece?

There may be nothing cooler on this planet then dinosaurs, and before this 1993 movie, T-Rex was the king of all dinosaurs. This movie introduced fans to a smaller, but even cooler dino, the velociraptor. They were faster, smarter, and more agile than the T-Rex, and they were able to get into places that she couldn't. Fans learned that though dinos may have evolved from birds, they were so much more dangerous, especially up close and personal. What was the name of the movie?

Question 30

What was this action, Sci-Fi movie?

Movies about Aliens attacking have been popular since the early days of cinema. It is a fear that has resonated with mankind since we first looked up into the stars and wondered if there as anything out there. In the 90s there seemed to be a revival of alien unrest with shows like the X-Files cementing ideas of alien abduction into the public conscious. This movie had Will Smith fighting aliens for the first time, something he would do a few more times in his movie career. What was this movie?

Question 31

What is this action comedy?

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are comedic gold in this action franchise that created two movies with rumblings of a third installment to this day. (The current date for the third movie is 2020, but it has been pushed back before). The pair worked so well together as a buddy team and the movie had the right mix of action and humor to become a classic. These two unorthodox police officers broke all the rules to save the day. What is this buddy cop movie?

Question 32

What is this holiday classic?

Every 90s kid is going to remember this, R rated movie watching, aftershave wearing, toothbrush stealing, hero from the 1990s. When Kevin McCallister is forgotten and left home from a family vacation it is up to him to survive the holidays without adult supervision. This is made more difficult as his house becomes targeted by two thieves. He creates traps around the house and fights off these bad guys, but he learns about the importance of family and love. What is this holiday movie?

Question 33

What was this sci-fi classic?

This movie asks the question, what if we were all just living in a super advanced virtual world. What if mankind had destroyed the world and it was now run by robots who were using humans as batteries to power their cities. If we knew about this world, would we be able to change it or would we just continue to live in our blissful ignorance? This movie would create two sequels and an animated anthology to continue this sci-fi story. What was it called?

Question 34

What is this movie?

Imagine reliving the same day over and over and over again. A world where nothing anyone did seemed to matter because they always woke up again having to relive the whole thing. This movie was about a man who had a lot to learn about life, and he got the chance after reliving the same day until he became a better man. This classic comedy has been imitated many times, but none do it better than the original. What was this film called?

Question 35

What was this horror classic?

There was a time when M. Night Shyamalan's twist and turns were still unique, and this movie from 1999 was still in that time period. The film follows a young man who has a very unique problem and a child psychologist who is trying to help him out. As we learn what the child's condition is, fans were all still shocked to find out the plot twist at the end. It was such a big reveal, that no one wants to spoil the movie almost 20 years after its release. What was this classic?

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