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Makeup is a girl's best friend! It helps add confidence and it helps accentuate lovely features that are already beautiful. Makeup comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and forms and any girl who wears it knows how truly amazing it can be! When getting ready for a first date, a party, or just a day of class or work, makeup truly comes in handy in terms of completing an overall "look". Eyelashes can artistic with mascara, eye color can pop out more with the perfect eyeliner and eyeshadow, and lips can stand out with the right shade of lipstick!

Stores like Sephora, Ulta, and MAC Cosmetics are one-stop shops for perfect makeup purchases and cosmetic products. Ever passed by one of these fabulous makeup stores in the mall? We'll bet it was easy to notice how long the line was! That is because stores like these focus solely on selling makeup products that matter and actually look good. Makeup that is worth it always tends to last longer on a girl's face without fading away or easily smudging across her face throughout her busy day!

What kind of makeup brush is used to apply blush? What about to apply eyeshadow? What kind of makeup remover is best to use when removing waterproof eyeliner and waterproof mascara? Which makeup brands are truly legit? Take this quiz and see how much makeup knowledge is really memorized in that brain!

Question 1

Which of these stores primarily sells makeup?

One of the stores listed below is primarily visited for makeup and cosmetics needs only. This store has been around since 1990 and was founded by Dick George, Richard E. George, and Terry Hanson in Bolingbrook, IL. The current CEO of this company is named Mary Dillon and she has been the CEO since June of 2013. As of January 2017, there are 974 locations of this makeup store worldwide and each location is successful! Which of these stores primarily sells makeup?

Question 2

What is this makeup tool called?

This makeup item is used for applying makeup such as foundation, whether it liquid or powder, concealer, and other skin texture products. Thit beauty item comes in a wide range of colors and is even sometimes sold in bulk. This item is sold at nearly every single makeup store that exists and it is also sold as regular stores that do not primarily focus on makeup sales. What is the name of this beauty product, sold at most makeup shops?

Question 3

What is the main difference between lipstick and lip stain?

Lipstick and lip stain are both products used to add color to lips! Adding color to one's lips helps them stand out more and truly completes a "look" when it comes to makeup. Eyeshadow, foundation, eyeliner, and mascara would not look complete without the proper color added to a woman's lips! Lip color can be added through lipstick or lip stain and both products are considered highly popular! What is the main difference between lipstick and lip stain makeup products?

Question 4

Which of these famous women has her own makeup line?

One of the famous women listed below is the founder of a makeup line called Fenty Beauty. The makeup line has truly taken off and soared beyond all expectations in terms of sales, high reviews, and general popularity. The famous woman behind this line is popular for songs she has released over the last ten years. She has collaborated with Jay-Z, Kanye West, Drake, Maroon 5, Nicki Minaj, David Guetta, and Calvin Harris over the course of her successful career.

Question 5

What is this makeup item called?

This makeup product is used to help add a little bit of sparkled tone to one's face when they are getting ready to go! Whether she is going out on a date, going to class, going to a party or nightclub, or just stopping by the local coffee shop for a scone, this makeup product can help her feel more confident and happy for her plans. This product adds glitter to all of the right facial places for a woman!

Question 6

Which of these stores primarily sells makeup?

One of the stores listed below is a popular makeup shop that can be located in most malls! This makeup store had its first location open up in 1984 in the city of Toronto, Canada. Its headquarters are now based in New York City, NY which makes sense because New York is such an artistic and creative city of design and style. Estée Lauder Companies is the "parent" corporation of this makeup store and the founders were Frank Toskan, Frank Angelo, and Woodland Clark.

Question 7

What is the name of this famous social media star who creates exceptional makeup tutorials?

This makeup tutorial star has been featured on plenty of actresses social media pages. Actresses, musicians, and reality stars love to shout him out for his great work and his artistic ability. He uses his own face as a canvas and creates beautiful makeup design for any theme that anyone might suggest to him. He had modeled in advertisements for various makeup companies as well and he is continuing to thrive through his love and talent for makeup. What is his name?

Question 8

What is this makeup tool called?

This makeup item is used to help a woman's eyelashes look prettier than they might look naturally. There is one important thing that women must know before using this item during their makeup regimen and that is that they cannot use this item after applying mascara. This item must be used before mascara is applied or it can cause a woman to lose her lashes! This item is very helpful when and if it is used properly. What is it called?

Question 9

Which of these is NOT a makeup brand?

One of the makeup brands listed below is actually fake! Three of the brands listed below are highly acclaimed and pretty popular in the world of cosmetics. One of the brands comes from a tattoo artist who created her line after her tattoo success took off! One of the other brands listed below got started with Fidelity Investments and MacAndrews & Forbes as its "parent" companies. The third true makeup brand listed below has its official headquarters in Newport Beach!

Question 10

Whats the name of this Natasha Denona eyeshadow palette?

This eyeshadow palette only exists today because of a makeup corporation called Natasha Denona. This palette is seriously game-changing because it helps a woman's eyes look so much brighter and prettier once its colors are applied to her eyelids. The colors on this palette are all very lovely to look at in the container, but even lovelier to wear on one's face! Some of the colors are darker than the others but they are all wonderful. What's the name of this Natasha Denona eyeshadow palette?

Question 11

Which of these famous women has her own makeup line?

Color swatches are kind of a big deal for the makeup mogul listed below. She started a makeup line that stands independently from makeup stores and makeup companies. That means that she is famous enough for her makeup to sell all by itself without the help of a corporation. She advertises her makeup across her own social media pages by showing off color swatches on her arms and hands. Which of these famous women has her own popular makeup line?

Question 12

What is the color primarily used in makeup advertising?

When it comes to selling makeup and cosmetics products, advertisers know exactly what they are doing to make their sales and revenue numbers go up! Advertisers appeal to the femininity of women and the female gender to the strongest degree that they possibly can. Women are attracted to a specific color on the color wheel above other colors by nature. This color has been used as a way to describe gender and has been taught to women since they were little.

Question 13

What is this makeup technique called?

This makeup technique is really popular lately because it allows the wearer to appear more slimmed down and defined than they might naturally look. The dark and light colored makeup lines are set up in the perfect areas and spots on a woman's face in order to slim her jawline, nose, or facial structure down in the best possible way. The structure of a woman's face can really change and appear to look different with this technique! What is this makeup technique called?

Question 14

Which of these brands has the Alchemist Holographic Palette?

This cool looking palette is called the Alchemist Holographic Palette. It has a futuristic, shiny, and vibrant looking color to it! Aside from its main white color, it also has a lot of silver and black as well. The colors inside are very bright and reflective! This palette is meant to look like a product, several years ahead in the future that we consumers are lucky enough to be able to use today. Which of these brands has the Alchemist Holographic Palette?

Question 15

Which of these stores primarily sells makeup?

This makeup store is a great starter store for girls who are just getting into the swings of things when it comes to makeup purchasing. The women who work as employees in this particular makeup store know how to match a girl's face tone to the proper foundation in order to cover up any flaws! Foundation sold through this makeup store is rich and true! It helps cover up the flaws a girl might have on her face without feeling too heavy.

Question 16

What are these Fenty beauty products called?

This Fenty product is absolutely brilliant and embraced wholeheartedly by everyone using the newest and greatest products. This product is innovative and really creates an entirely new way to sculpt the face. This thing can highlight in the most beautiful way. It can act as the perfect blush. The lightweight shimmer it provides is almost magical and applies in a very delicate, but precise way. This is the product one will need if they are looking to enhance any and all facial features.

Question 17

Which of these famous women has her own perfume line?

One of the famous women listed below is in charge of her own makeup line and perfume line. This question is about her perfume line! This woman is famous for her reality TV show and she has built a wonderful and amazing empire on the fact that the world just enjoys looking at her! Aside from her perfume line, she also has a makeup line as mentioned before, a fashion line, a video game, and much more! Which of these famous women has her own perfume line?

Question 18

What is this eyeliner technique called?

This style of eyeliner helps a woman's eyes look brighter and more open! This type of eyeliner style is also referred to as "cat eyeliner" in some situations. Stars like the late Amy Winehouse wear their eyeliner in this way in order to brighten up their overall look! This eyeliner style is very dramatic looking in some cases and it looks a little over the top, depending on how thick or thin the lines are! What is this eyeliner technique called?

Question 19

What is the name of this Too Faced eyeshadow palette?

This is one of the most popular items sold at all department stores, makeup stores, and kiosks everywhere. It has an array of flavorful colors that are perfect for many different looks. This palette can create the perfect smokey eye, the softest highlight on the upper brow, and the most beautiful blend of every shade. Do any of these ring a bell? Let's see who recognizes this Too Faced palette!

Question 20

Which of these is a true nail polish brand?

This nail polish brand is very popular for its wide range of colors! This brand is often used at nail salons and sold at various makeup shops due to the pigmentation of the polish and the trueness of the color! The brushes are also usually always easy to maneuver and use, even for girls who are new to painting their own nails. Plenty of girls who paint their own nails use this brand! Which of these is a true nail polish brand?

Question 21

What is the name of this famous social media star who creates exceptional makeup tutorials?

This social media star has 4.5 million followers on their main social media account! His biography states: "MAKEUP IS A ONE SIZE FITS ALL!" That is a very nice quote to live by! He is great at doing florally themed makeup, rainbow themed makeup, unicorn themed makeup, and more! He also does makeup that pays tribute to icons like Madonna and other classic famous women. What is the name of this famous social media star who creates exceptional makeup tutorials?

Question 22

Which of these stores primarily sells makeup?

One of the stores listed below is designed primarily to sell makeup and cosmetic products! One of the other stores listed below sells furniture and decoration, another sells ice cream, and another sells clothing, shoes, and accessories. The makeup store that is listed below is very popular and has been around since 1970 and got started in France! Since March 31, 2011, Christopher de Lapuente has been this makeup company's CEO. Which of these awesome stores primarily sells makeup and cosmetics?

Question 23

Which of these famous women does this perfume bottle belong to?

A pink perfume bottle shaped like a cat should make every girl think of one famous woman and one famous woman only! There are plenty of famous women who have their own perfume lines but this bottle, in particular, belongs to a woman who is popular for her music! She has been the voice of many hit songs and she has performed on tour for years since her first single took off in the early 2000s. Who does this perfume belong to?

Question 24

Which of these is a true nail polish brand?

There is one true nail polish brand listed below while the other three names are frauds! The true nail polish brand listed here has been very successful over the years as a nail polish brand. They have reached new levels of success due to their color selection! There are so many pretty colors to pick from which means that a woman never has to stress about her fingernails with this brand on deck! Which of these is a true nail polish brand?

Question 25

What does the term draping mean?

Draping is a makeup technique that has been around for a while but most recently, people have learned more about it due to the help of video tutorials and visual guidance from makeup gurus. Makeup gurus have techniques like this one totally down pat and they have no qualms with teaching regular folks at home how to imitate the look through the proper procedure ad method. Draping is a very fun and interesting makeup technique to learn! What does the term draping mean?

Question 26

What is primer?

This makeup product is a must for women who are applying their makeup properly. Makeup artists rave about primer and its purpose because it is simply so important and it should truly always be used when it comes to applying a full face of makeup! Makeup lovers and makeup gurus know the level of importance that primer usage is at and they know how much it can change a girl's look, depending on if she chooses to use it or not.

Question 27

Which makeup brand sells this Le Rouge Lipstick?

This lipstick has a cool looking design etched onto the actual bar of lipstick and that is what makes this brand of lipstick stand out against its competitors. The color is rich and stays true to itself as it spreads across a woman's lips. The rich and true color is undeniable and simply amazing. The brand that sells this wonderful and incredible lipstick is usually very popular amongst wealthier crowds of people! Which makeup brand sells this Le Rouge Lipstick?

Question 28

What is this makeup technique called?

This makeup technique is all about a woman's need to look absolutely flawless and totally stunning at all times of her day and night. This technique allows her to sport makeup that stays in place all day long, without fail! The woman or her makeup stylist use a little machine to spray or blow perfectly matching makeup onto the woman's skin. This allows for her complexion to look stunning and perfect! What is this amazing and wonderful makeup technique called?

Question 29

What kind of makeup brush is this?

This makeup brush is perfect for applying highlighter to those pretty cheekbones! The bristles are far enough apart from each other that they do not allow makeup to be spread across a girl's face in an unsavory way! These brushes are often sold with a white ending to the tips of the bristles but the white color quickly gets filled up with makeup! These brushes can easily be rinsed off and cleaned through of course! What kind of makeup brush is this?

Question 30

What kind of makeup brush is this?

This makeup brush is perfect to use when it comes time to apply eyeshadow properly on eyelids. Adding a special color to one's eyelids can completely change her entire look in a very classy way! A girl who has blue eyes can never go wrong adding green or purple eyeshadow, with a brush like this one, to the tops of her eyelids. Girls with brown eyes, green eyes, grey eyes, and more can find the perfect color to pair with their eye color.

Question 31

Which makeup brand sells the 202 Rouge Splash Glossy Lip Stain?

This lip stain stays put on a girl's lips all evening long! Whether she kisses someone, sips a drink, eats cake, or does whatever her heart desires! This fancy looking lip stain is known for keeping its same look and reliable color for hours on end! She does not have to worry or stress about the color fading away or flaking away. After several hours any girl wearing this lip stain might think it would be time to freshen it up but it will still look perfect!

Question 32

Which of these is NOT a makeup brand?

One of the makeup brands listed below is not a true makeup brand! Three of the brands listed below are successful and popular, sold in various makeup shops and online stores. One of the makeup brands listed below that actually exists is known for selling beauty products at a very affordable price! One of the real and true makeup brands listed here was founded in 1998 with Estée Lauder Companies as their "parent" company. Which of these is NOT a makeup brand?

Question 33

What is this Fenty eyeshadow palette called?

This eyeshadow palette, sold through the Fenty makeup line, is one of the most popular palettes on the lineup. Sephora carries this palette on their shelves and makeup fans everywhere have left high reviews for this palette online. It is not too expensive and it offers a nice variety of shimmery shades for a makeup loving girl to choose from. This super pretty palette is one of Fenty's best ideas ever! What is this beautifully amazing Fenty eyeshadow palette called?

Question 34

What is the name of this NATASHA DENONA palette?

This NATASHA DENONA palette is exquisite, just to stare at in the package! Each color is so vibrant and bright, it could never be ignored or missed. This palette is truly wonderful and makeup gurus everywhere agree that it is a must-have! NATASHA DENONA palettes are typically always up to par in terms of quality and this palette is no different than any of the others! It is a must-have for everyone! What is the name of this NATASHA DENONA palette?

Question 35

What is this hair removal technique called?

Getting rid of unwanted hair can be done in many various different ways. Some of those ways include threading, waxing, sugaring, and lasering. Threading involves the use of thread, waxing involves the use of wax and paper, and sugaring involves the use of a sugar ball that looks similar to play-dough. Lasering is more of a technical way that actually ends up lasting long term! Each of these tactics is useful and helpful. What is the hair removal technique pictured here called?

Question 36

Which of these is NOT a makeup brand?

The of the brands listed below are legitimate makeup brands and one of them is not! One of the real makeup brands is known for selling natural looking powdered foundation, one of the makeup brand shops listed here gets commonly sold in the mall, and one of them sells super popular lip glosses in bright and extravagant colors! Makeup brands like the ones listed below are exceptionally fun and vibrant! Which of these is NOT a true and legitimate makeup brand?

Question 37

What is the main difference between lipstick and lip gloss?

Lipstick and lip gloss are both super great for makeup gurus to use when they are prepping themselves for a fun night out on the town! When a girl chooses to go out dancing, go out with her friends, or go out on a date, she can choose between lipstick and lip gloss to wear for her plans! Both options make a gal feel spectacular and beautiful! What is the main difference between using lipstick and lip gloss for a woman?

Question 38

What is the main purpose of eyeshadow primer?

Eyeshadow primer is a very deal for women who love to pack on the color and make their eye color pop! Primer is very important for one very obvious reason and any girl who loves makeup should know this reason! Eyeshadow primer is available for purchase at most makeup shops and even at regular stores that do not specialize in makeup sales. What is the main purpose of an amazing makeup product like eyeshadow primer for a fabulous makeup guru?

Question 39

Fill in the blank: Mascara helps _____ eyelashes!

Mascara is such a great product to use to help complete a feminine makeup look! It does wonders for a woman's eyelashes and can help her stand out in a crowd wherever she goes. It usually comes in a black charcoal color but it can also come in a variety of other colors too. The bristles that come on a mascara brush help separate lashes in a very beautiful and comely way as well! What does mascara do for lashes?

Question 40

Which makeup brand was created by this famous tattoo artist?

This woman is famous for her tattoo artistry and artistic skills! She uses human bodies as a canvas for her creativity and artistic expression! She tats people across their arms, hands, and even sometimes their faces! She even has facial tattoos of her own! Art is not just meant for a paper canvas... it can be created nearly anywhere! Beyond her tattoo talents, she has also created a makeup line that has done exceptionally well! Which brand name did she create?

Question 41

Which brand has The Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette?

This palette is called The Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette and it comes to the world from a very special, very amazing makeup brand. The Chocolate Bar was undoubtedly going to be successful from the day it was first listed for sale! The name is way too cute and catchy and the colors are way too compelling to deny. On top of that, each shade has been given an adorable chocolate related name! Which brand has The Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette?

Question 42

Which makeup brand sells the Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil?

This primer pencil is called the Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil. Using primer is important for an overall makeup look because it helps makeup stay in place in the proper way that a makeup lover intended for it too! Without primer, makeup can easily be smudged and ruined without much effort. This pencil allows a makeup lover to control where she is applying makeup and primer in a much more controlled way. Which makeup brand sells Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil?

Question 43

Which makeup brand do these lipsticks belong to?

These studded lipsticks belong to one specific line of makeup and any makeup lover or makeup guru knows which line of makeup that is! The colors of lipstick provided in this line are so crazy looking and surreal, it would be hard to confuse this line with anyone else! The woman behind these lipsticks is also behind an entire line of cosmetics and makeup products that look equally as cool and enticing. Which makeup brand do these lipsticks belong to?

Question 44

What color corrector might one use to combat red skin?

Combatting unwanted discoloration or redness in one's skin can feel like such a daunting challenge! Skin is tough to argue against because it kind of always wants to do what it wants to do! It reacts to sunlight, heat waves, chlorinated water, and all sorts of things in its own strange ways. There is a certain color of primer that a woman can use if she wants to avoid redness in her facial skin! What color primer would that be?

Question 45

What is this Sephora brand nail polish called?

This nail polish color is exotic looking for so many reasons! It looks shimmery and radiant, even while it is still in the bottle. Once it is spread across fingertips, it looks even shinier! This color of nail polish is sold at Sephora and girls everywhere rave about the lovely color! It looks even better when it is shown off in the pure sunlight, outdoors on a super sunny day! What is this amazingly pretty Sephora brand nail polish called?

Question 46

What is the best place on a face to test foundation color?

Testing out makeup foundation in order to properly match it to one's skin might seem a little difficult but it really isn't! There is one place on every girl's face where makeup should easily match up and that place is a fairly obvious one! Makeup artists apply test dots of makeup onto this place on the face's of their clients in order to find the perfect match that might look the best! What is the best place on a face to test foundation color?

Question 47

What is the name of this Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit?

Anastasia Beverly Hills is the lovely brand behind this amazingly sparkly palette! This palette is all about standing out wherever one goes, kind of like a star that glows in the night sky. Anastasia Beverly Hills has always done a great job creating fascinating products like this one for fans and consumers to swoon over. Anastasia Beverly Hills is and always will be one of the top makeup lines ever. What is the name of this Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit?

Question 48

What is setting spray?

Setting spray is so important and everyone knows that it can change the way makeup is preserved if it is used properly. Makeup brand such as Maybelline New York, Guerlain, NARS, Laura Mercier, CHANEL, Clarins, Kat Von D, Givenchy, and Estee Lauder sell setting spray on a regular basis. Makeup lines like Almay, Alpha Skincare, Alterna, Amazing Cosmetics, Amopé, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Andalou Naturals, Anthony Aquage, Aquaphor, Aquis, Aramis, Ardell, and Australian Gold sell setting spray as well. What is it?

Question 49

What is concealer?

Concealer is a staple for most makeup artists and makeup lovers to own in their makeup box at home! It is the one product that can never go wrong or do any harm. All it does it help a girl's look come together in the best possible way! This product can be really cheap and affordable or it can be super expensive and costly-- it just depends on where it is purchased from. When it comes to makeup, what exactly is concealer?

Question 50

Which makeup brand sells the Illume Sheer Color Trio?

There is a very special makeup brand that is behind this makeup trio! This little contour palette might be tiny but it is jam-packed with exactly what a woman needs in order to perfectly contour her facial skin. Getting the look together in the perfect way can be successfully completed with a makeup trio palette like this one. Aside from the color selection, there is also a bit of shimmer and shine on each color! Which brand is this product?

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