We Bet You're Too Young To Pass This Pretty Woman Quiz!

Pretty Woman is an iconic film that was released in 1990 and which stars the talented actress Julia Roberts. She plays the kind-hearted Hollywood street-worker Vivian and the actor Richard Gere who plays the role of a wealthy businessman named Edward. Vivian and Edward meet and, despite their social class differences, bond and eventually fall in love.

Pretty Woman is one of those classic chic flicks that every woman has to see at least once in her life. Of course, the film is so good that most women watch it almost yearly thanks to its happy ending, good vibes and amazing dialogue.

Once released the film was a huge hit and is still as relevant today as it was when it was first released. As is the case with most great films, Pretty Woman went on to receive countless of awards and award nominations, including Golden Globe Awards and Academy Awards.

The film is considered a modern day Cinderella story and promises us that there is a knight in shining armor waiting for all of us.

Question 1

What is Edward's last name?

The iconic film Pretty Woman centers around a warm-hearted hooker named Vivian and a wealthy businessman named Edward. Their story is a classic story of true love overcoming all obstacles and indeed is considered a modern day Cinderella story. But can you recall what Edward's last name was? Was it Smith, Johnson, Lewis or Morris? Only a true Pretty Woman fan will remember this one so go ahead and choose your answer from the options below, we promise we won't judge you even if you get it wrong!

Question 2

Why does Edward break up with his girlfriend at the start of the film?

At the very start of the film, we see Edward on the phone to his girlfriend, asking her to accompany him on a business trip. She, however, refuses and the two break up. But can you recall the reason why Edward and his girlfriend broke up? Was it because he didn't want to marry her, because she felt like their relationship was going nowhere, because she felt like she was his "beck and call" girl or because he cheated on her?

Question 3

What is the very first thing you see in the film?

Only true Pretty Woman fans will recall this one - what is the very first scene you see in the film? Is it Edward on the phone to his girlfriend, Edward dancing at a party, Vivian seeing one of her clients or a magician performing a magic trick? As far as questions go, this one is rather difficult but we have no doubt that you'll be able to answer this question correctly regardless. And if you are not exactly sure just go ahead and make a guess!

Question 4

What car is Edward driving when he bumps into Vivian?

After Edward leaves a party in Hollywood Hills, he takes his attorney's car in an attempt to get to his hotel. However, he gets hopelessly lost and ends up in the red lights district of Hollywood Boulevard. It is there that he first bumps into Vivian when he stops to ask her for directions. Can you recall the type of car that Edward was driving in this scene? Was it a black BMW, a black Jeep, a Lotus Esprit sports car or a black Cadillac?

Question 5

What is Vivian’s second name?

We've already mentioned that the film Pretty Woman focuses on two main characters - a wealthy businessman named Edward and a kind-hearted hooker named Vivian. And we've already asked you to try and remember Edward's last name in one of the previous questions so now it is about time we ask you to try and recall Vivian's last name. In your opinion, was her last name Arklow, Leighton, Beevan or Ward? If you're a true Pretty Woman fan you'll have no difficulty with this question whatsoever.

Question 6

Vivian is worried that her blonde wig makes her look like whom?

When we first meet Vivian she looks very different from the way she looks throughout the rest of the film. Vivian's natural hair color is red and its texture is curly. But when we first meet her she is wearing a short, blonde wig. There's no denying that the wig suits her nicely but Vivian is worried that it makes her look like someone very specific. Can you recall whom it was that Vivian thought she resembled with the wig? Was it Marilyn Monroe, Olivia Newton-John, Carol Channing or just a bimbo?

Question 7

Which star on Hollywood Boulevard do Vivian and Kit not work on?

When another hooker tries to work on Vivian's and Kit's "turf", Kit reprimands her and tells her to stay off their territory. So, which star on Hollywood Boulevard do Vivian and Kit NOT work on? Is it the star of Bob Hope, Ella Fitzgerald, Carole Lombard or Fred Astaire? We admit that this is a rather tough question which means that only true Pretty Woman fans will get this one right. Think you know the answer? Then go ahead and choose one of the options below.

Question 8

When Edward stops and asks Vivian for directions, she agrees to help him for how much?

When Kit sees Edward driving his attorney's expensive car, she urges Vivian to go up and seduce him. Edward stops in the street and Vivian approaches him. Of course, the only reason Edward has stopped is because he doesn't know how to shift gears and when Vivian asks him if he's looking for a date he simply asks her for directions. But Vivian is not one to give away information for free and tells him that she'll give him directions for money. How much did she want?

Question 9

Edward gives her $20 for directions for which Vivian says she will also...

When Edward first asks Vivian for directions, she says that she will only tell him the directions in exchange for money. We've asked you to try and remember how much it was that Vivian wanted for directions in the question above so this question is slightly different. When the indignant Edward finally agrees to pay Vivian he asks her if she has change from $20. She doesn't, but she says that for $20 she'll show him his hotel personally and will also do what?

Question 10

True or False – Vivian steals Edward's car

Can you recall whether the above statement - Vivian steals Edward's car - is true or false? Only those who are real Pretty Woman fans and who have seen it more than once, as befits an iconic film, will remember the answer to this question. However, even if you are not sure which of the below answers is correct it is worth noting that there are only two possible answers for this question which means that you have a pretty good chance of getting this one right regardless.

Question 11

Which hotel is Edward staying in?

It takes Edward quite a while to get to his hotel which makes sense when you realize that he was driving his attorney's car that had a gear stick (Edward can't drive gear stick) and that he also didn't know where he was going. Combined, these two problems made it very unlikely that Edward was going to find his hotel all by himself. Thankfully, Vivian not only gave him directions but also drove the car, thus making the journey that much smoother.

Question 12

After they separate, where does Vivian go?

After Vivian drops Edward off at his hotel, Edward thanks her for the drive and asks her if she will go back to her "office". Vivian laughs and says that she will indeed take a cab back to her "office" with the $20 that Edward paid her for directions. But is that really where Vivian goes after her and Edward separate? Or does she go somewhere else? Choose the right answer from the available options - bus stop, her friend's house, a bar, to get a cab - below.

Question 13

What is Vivian doing when Edward offers her a “business proposition” of spending the week with him?

Vivian certainly knows how to take advantage of hotel life which makes sense seeing how she is obviously not a regular hotel guest. If you can recall, the morning after they spent the night, Edward gets a call from his attorney asking him to bring a date on his business trip. Edward's attorney even says that he can help him pick out a date, to which Edward replies that he already has one - Vivian. Can you recall what it was that Vivian was doing when Edward gave her a "business proposition" of spending the week with him? It was a pretty iconic moment.

Question 14

How much does Edward offer Vivian for staying with him for the week?

Edward is a generous man so it only makes sense that he wasn't stingy when he made his "business proposition" to Vivian of spending the week with him. But can you recall how much it was exactly that Edward offered Vivian for spending the week with him? Did he offer her $500, $1,500, $3,000 or $5,000? As you can probably recall, Vivian was very pleased with the unique "business proposition" and took Edward up on it with no objections or questions.

Question 15

True or False – Edward buys Vivian a new wardrobe

When we first meet Vivian in the film she is wearing a very short dress that is made up of a white top and a blue skirt. Vivian also has a red jacket, long leather boots that go up to her knees and a black hat. As you can imagine (or recall), the outfit is rather revealing. But can you recall whether Edward bought her a new wardrobe after he made her his unique "business proposition" or was he happy for her to wear her revealing dress on his business trip?

Question 16

How much does the necklace that Edward gives Vivian cost?

At one point during the film Edward takes Vivian out for a surprise. For the occasion, Vivian wears a stunning red dress with white gloves and has her hair up in an elegant up-do. However, when she shows Edward her outfit and asks him if she looks okay he says that something is missing. The quick-witted Vivian says that nothing else is going to fit into the tight red dress but Edward whips out a jewelry box that has a beautiful necklace inside it. Granted, the necklace is only a loan, but when Vivian asks how much it would cost if one wanted to buy it, the answer shocks her.

Question 17

When Edward takes Vivian to a polo match, his attorney thinks that she is...

When Edward and Vivian go to a polo match together, Edward's attorney Philip sees some serious changes in Philip and thinks that Vivian is responsible for those changes. So, can you recall who Philip thinks that Vivian is? Does he think that Vivian is Edward's girlfriend, Edward's wife, a corporate spy or a gold-digger? If you're a true Pretty Woman fan you will have no trouble answering this question because this scene was quite important for the storyline overall and influenced the events that came afterwards.

Question 18

True or False – Edward tells his attorney how he and Vivian really met

If you have watched Pretty Woman at least once in your life then you will doubtless know the answer to this question. So, can you recall whether the above statement - Edward tells his attorney how he and Vivian really met - is true or false? Again, this was quite an important scene and one that influenced Edward's and Vivian's relationship as the film progressed. Indeed, this scene was vital to the storyline's progression. So, go ahead and choose the answer you think is correct.

Question 19

What opera does Edward take Vivian to see?

We've already mentioned that at one point during the film Edward treats Vivian to a surprise. This results in Vivian donning a beautiful red gown and white gloves. However, the outfit is only complete when Edward gives Vivian a beautiful and very expensive necklace. Vivian has no idea where Edward is bringing her and when she asks him he says that it is a surprise. The surprise turns out to be opera. Can you recall which opera was it that Vivian and Edward saw?

Question 20

What instrument does Vivian find Edward playing down in the hotel lounge at night?

When Edward turns down Vivian's proposal to relax and "be still like broccoli", he goes down and leaves her in his penthouse alone. However, after a while Vivian goes down looking for Edward and finds him playing a musical instrument. Can you recall which musical instrument it was that Edward was playing? Was it a violin, a piano, a guitar or drums? This was a pretty iconic scene so everyone who has seen Pretty Woman at least once should know the answer to this question.

Question 21

When Edward asks Vivian what her name is, she responds with:

When Edward first met Vivian and asked her for directions to his hotel, she ended up driving him there. As they were driving, Edward asked Vivian for her name. Can you recall what it was that Vivian responded with? Did she respond with "Vivian", "None of your business", "What do you want it to be?" or "I don't tell clients my name." This was a pretty memorable scene so we are sure that you will remember it, at least if you consider yourself a Pretty Woman fan!

Question 22

What song is Vivian listening to in the bathtub?

As Edward is about to leave his penthouse the next day and focus on business, his attorney Philip calls him and tells him that he should really bring a date on his business trip. Philip even suggests helping Edward find a date but Edward tells him that he already has one, meaning Vivian. Before Vivian leaves however she clearly has decided to take advantage of the hotel and ends up having a bubble bath which is where Edward catches her. Can you recall what song Vivian was listening to it in the bathtub?

Question 23

On her shopping spree, what does Vivian buy for Edward?

While Vivian's first shopping trip wasn't exactly successful, her shopping trips that followed went much more smoothly. Vivian acquired plenty of beautiful and elegant outfits for Edward's business trip. However, on one of these shopping sprees Vivian also picked something up for Edward. Can you recall what it was? Was it a pair of boxers, a tie, a jacket or a suit? She later wore nothing more but this item of clothing and seduced Edward when he came home from work.

Question 24

On their first night together, Vivian watched which TV show in Edward’s hotel room?

On their first night together, Vivian was amazed by Edward's penthouse and thoroughly enjoyed all of the facilities provided, including the champagne and the strawberries as well as the TV. Indeed, Vivian found the program she was watching on the TV very exciting and funny and could not stop laughing out loud, much to Edward's amusement. Can you recall what it was that Vivian was watching on TV? Was she watching "Seinfeld", "The Simpsons", "Full House" or "I Love Lucy"?

Question 25

What does Edward give Vivian before they walk through the hotel lobby?

When Vivian safely brings Edward to his hotel, the pair part ways. But not for long. A few minutes later after they have said goodbye, Edward approaches Vivian and asks her to spend the night with him, which she does. However, before they enter Edward's hotel he gives her something. Can you recall what it was that he gave her? Was it a bottle of water, his coat, a mint or money? Every true Pretty Woman fan will know the answer to this question.

Question 26

What does Vivian call “slippery little suckers”?

When Vivian meets Edward for dinner she thinks that she knows what to expect because she received a quick dinner etiquette lesson beforehand. However, during dinner Vivian realizes that she doesn't know as much as she thought she did and is baffled by some of the dishes served throughout dinner. There was one specific dish that confused her immensely. She referred to the food in that dish as "slippery little suckers". Can you recall what they were? Were they escargots, oysters, shrimp or crabs?

Question 27

When Vivian is asked whether she liked the opera, she says...

We've already mentioned that at one point during the film Edward decides to surprise Vivian. He thus gets her to don a beautiful red dress, white gloves, and a stunning and very expensive necklace and brings her to the opera. Can you recall whether Vivian enjoyed the opera? Or, more specifically, can you recall what it was that Vivian said when an elderly lady asked her if she liked it? Did she say "It was the best thing I've ever seen", "Yes, it was even better than the Simpsons", "It was so good, I almost peed my pants" or "It was amazing."?

Question 28

Mr. Thompson, the manager of the hotel, refers to Vivian as Edward’s...

The manager of the hotel, Mr. Thompson, obviously doesn't know how to introduce Vivian since she is a hooker whom Edward is spending his time with. He thus refers to her as "Ms. Vivian" and introduces her as someone related to Edward. According to Mr. Thompson, is Vivian Edward's daughter, sister, niece or girlfriend? Only true fans of Pretty Woman will know the answer to this question. So, are you a true fan? If you think you are then go ahead and choose the right answer.

Question 29

Who teaches Vivian dinner etiquette before her date with Edward?

Since Vivian is a hooker she obviously knows nothing about proper dinner etiquette. However, before her very first dinner date with Edward and his business clients, someone teaches Vivian the basics of dinner etiquette so that she feels more comfortable during dinner. Can you recall who it was that taught Vivian dinner etiquette? Was it her friend and fellow hooker Kit, Mr. Thompson the hotel manager, Edward himself or did she read about dinner etiquette and dinner rules in a book?

Question 30

True or False - the sales associates at the first shop that Vivian walks into ask her to leave

If you are a true Pretty Woman fan then you will have no difficulty remembering this particular scene and thus you will know the correct answer to this question. So, in your opinion, is the above statement - the sales associates at the first shop that Vivian walks into to buy clothes ask her to leave - is true or false? This was a pretty memorable if not iconic scene and this shop was later featured once more in the film.

Question 31

When Edward’s attorney tries to sleep with Vivian, who comes to her rescue?

After Edward's attorney Philip learns who Vivian truly is - a hooker - he tries to sleep with her. Thankfully, Vivian is neither hurt nor abused by this man. So, can you recall who it was that came to her rescue and saved her from the sleazy Philip? Was it no one (meaning that she fought Philip off herself), Edward, the hotel manager Mr. Thompson or another guest of the hotel? This was another one of those iconic scenes that we have no doubt you remember.

Question 32

When Vivian goes to the bathroom on the first night, Edward follows her thinking she’s doing drugs. She’s actually...

On their first night together, Vivian drinks champagne, eats strawberries and watches TV before excusing herself to go to the bathroom. However, instead of leaving her alone, Edward follows her convinced that she is doing drugs. He has no tolerance for drugs and is ready to throw her out but to his amazement finds that she is doing something completely different. What was it that Vivian was doing in the bathroom? Was she brushing her teeth, flossing, shaving or washing her face?

Question 33

What car is Edward driving when he decides to go after Vivian at the end of the film?

At the end of the film Edward and Vivian part ways not exactly on the best of terms. Vivian decides that she no longer wants to be a hooker - a week spent with Edward made her realize that life didn't have to be bleak or sad. Edward on the other hand realized that he cared for Vivian more than he initially admitted and thus he decided to go after her. Can you recall what car Edward chose when he made up his mind to go after Vivian?

Question 34

What music does he play outside her apartment?

When Edward decided that Vivian was the perfect woman for him and that he didn't want to lose her, he made up his mind to go after her. He thus went to her apartment and pretty much serenaded her. Can you recall what music was it that Edward played outside Vivian's window? Was it "Can't Help Falling In Love", "I Will Always Love You", " When A Man Loves A Woman" or "La Traviata"? Go ahead and choose the answer you think is correct!

Question 35

When Edward asks “so what happens after he climbs up the tower and rescues her”, Vivian replies with...

Pretty Woman is considered a modern day Cinderella story which is fitting considering how fairy tales featured prominently in the film, with Vivian even saying that she is not going to settle for anything but a fairytale when Edward proposes that she be his mistress. So, can you recall what it was that Vivian responded with when Edward went after her and said "so what happens after he climbs up the tower and rescues her?" It was a pretty iconic moment.

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