We Bet You Won't Be Able To Match These Couples To Their TV Shows!

One of the most entertaining parts when it comes to TV shows is the romance. Men and women just like us fall in and out of love, and fans get to watch these journeys that include special dates, awkward interactions, kisses, fights, speedbumps, breakups, marriages, anniversaries, families and more.

For instance, to name a few points within these journeys...We cried when Rory and Dean broke up on “Gilmore Girls”. We were torn when Carrie was torn on “Sex and the City”, since Aiden could have been a good decision as well. And we celebrated when couples such as Phoebe and Mike from “Friends” and April and Andy from “Parks and Recreation” got married.

That being said, we remember the big moments, like the ones that are mentioned above, but how well do we really know TV couples, big and small, old and young, married and divorced? This quiz will test that and find out! There are different couples listed below, and your job is to match each couple to the correct television series. Some are easy, as they are super iconic, but some will require some thinking - but experts and true fans will surely be able to recognize and identify them all. Good luck!

1Monica & Chandler

Okay, we will start with one of the most iconic couples in television history, from one of the most popular shows ever. These brunette cuties went from just friends to more than friends, and as their relationship grew and as the series progressed, fans were even able to see them start a family together. They truly are the definition of couple goals, proving that true love truly exists. But what TV show featured this cute couple? Pick from the answers below!

2Jim & Pam

Next up is another brunette pair that is pretty well-known, when it comes to favorite couples from beloved TV shows. They, too, began as friends, and they would see each other regularly, meaning they eventually realized how compatible they were. Their similar personalities and shared interest developed into true love, and, like the above couple, they, too, got married and had kids, which excited fans around the world. But what TV show featured this cute couple? Pick from the answers below!

3Cory & Topanga

Some people say that young love is just a joke, some made-up thing that kids just happen upon in school, because they are bored and that is the “cool” thing to do. These two proved that wrong. They fell in love at an early age, went through school together, growing closer and closer, and their relationship bloomed into an official marriage and a growing family. Their iconic lines and moments have gone down in history. But what TV show featured this cute couple? Pick from the answers below!

4Penny & Leonard

These two prove that opposites attract, because no one could have guessed, based on the first impressions of these characters, that these two would end up together. But they truly valued each other’s traits and personalities (even if they were so different...or maybe because of it!) - something that made for a cute relationship and a sweet wedding - and the stars who played them even dated in real life, too! But what TV show featured this cute couple? Pick from the answers below!

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