We Bet You Can't Name These Girly Movies Based On A Single Screenshot!

Who else feels like it's time for a girls night? When the company of boys just won't do, the only option left is a serious girly hangout session. What better activity to plan for a girls night, than a marathon of the best girly films of all time?! Not only will we have our best girls by our side, but the women of these movies will be there to lend some advice as well! The boys can have their action movies, today we are all about the chick flicks!

In today's quiz, we are going to be looking at some of the girliest films to ever hit the big screen. Anyone here think they've already seen them all? Well, think again! We are willing to bet that even the biggest fans haven't seen all 50 of these. Here's hows it's going to work: we are going to give out a single screenshot to each film and a brief description, and all everyone here has to do is pick out the right title to each. Not much to it, though it will not be as easy as some may be predicting. Some of these films are old classics, while others are new favorites. Best to call the gals up before even starting this one!

Question 1

Select the correct answer

What happens after everything we thought we wanted comes to pass? Liz had officially seen all of her goals achieved. She was married, she loved her job, and she had even just purchased her dream home. There was absolutely nothing left for her to worry about. Or at least there wasn't, until her husband came home one day asking for a divorce. Feeling like her whole world was lost, Liz decided that what she needed was some new goals and dreams for herself. Since these are not just things we can pick up at a store, Liz decided to go looking a bit further.

Question 2

Name this girly movie

Before anything got in their way, Ally and Noah were just a couple of kids who were head over heels in love with each other. They were young, beautiful and blissfully happy. However, once Ally's parents found out about the romance, they made it clear that they did not approve of their daughter dating a simple mill worker. Since Noah was headed off to the fight in the war anyway, they figured they would just say goodbye. They should have realized then, that one cannot just say goodbye to a love as strong as theirs. Can anyone here correctly name this movie?

Question 3

Match this movie to its title

We may all experience it differently, but there is always some form of love out there waiting for us. In this movie, we meet several characters who are all going through some type of love story, though each of them is vastly different. We have the long-term relationship couple, the fresh teenage crushes, the recently dumped, and even a couple old flames who have recently reconnected. Love isn't always an easy thing to deal with, but most would agree that the ups are totally worth all of the many downs. Can anyone here pick out the right title of this girly movie?

Question 4

Name this movie

Why is it that we never seem to see what's been in front of us for ages? When Danny first decided to start lying to his dates about an estranged wife, he was only doing it to avoid any more heartbreaks. That being said, when he started dating someone he actually wanted to commit to, she naturally wanted to meet this wife of his. Danny recruited the help of his assistant to play the role, but he never imagined he would wind up having more fun playing pretend husband to her, than with his actual girlfriend. Can anyone here pick out the correct title?

Question 5

Pick out the right answer

Fresh out of college, Andy was super excited to go out and find herself her first job as a journalist. Of course, after sending her resume to just about every magazine and paper available in New York, she quickly realized that finding a dream job was no easy feat. Having no other options, Andy accepted an interview at the prestigious fashion magazine Runway. With no personal style of her own, this was clearly not where she figured she would wind up. That being said, anyone who can make it in the fashion world, can pretty much make it anywhere, right?

Question 6

What is the name of this movie?

Life can get pretty tricky if we are determined to find signs in everything that happens. When Tom and Violet hit their one-year anniversary, Tom decided it was time to tie the knot. He got the ring, asked the parents, and even planned the most romantic proposal ever. While the proposal did not exactly play out the way he had imagined, the two lovebirds still wound up engaged. Being engaged is only half the battle though. Every time these two try and plan any part of their actual wedding, they find something standing in the way. Naturally, they are starting to think the world does not want them together.

Question 7

Pick out the right title

Lola is pretty much like any other teenage girl. She stresses over boys, friendships and of course, posting the perfect caption to every picture. Man, when did high school life become so hard? Just when she thought she had it all figured out, Lola found herself in the middle of her very first breakup. Obviously, her parents don't get it, but luckily, her best friend Kyle is always around. As Lola confides in Kyle about everything that has gone wrong, she slowly starts to think that maybe she should have been dating him this whole time. Can anyone name this movie?

Question 8

Match this screenshot to the right title

Beth has always had her own unique view on romance. She's from New York, so naturally nobody there understands her belief in true love and soulmates. That has never stopped her from going after these things though. That is exactly why she planned her trip to Rome! After hearing of a magical fountain located in Italy, she knew she had to take the risk. After plucking a few coins from said fountain, Beth was immediately surrounded by potential suitors. That being said, when one of them actually seemed to be her type, Beth found herself very wary of his love.

Question 9

Does anyone recognize this movie?

Having had enough of their waitressing gig, these girls decided to leave the restaurant behind and head over to Paris for an unforgettable summer vacation. After arriving in the city of love, they quickly realized that their "budget" accommodations were just not going to cut it. Before any of them could even swipe their plastic, one of them was mistaken for a famous socialite. Forget about charging the card, these friends are now off on a wild ride as they pretend to be girls they absolutely are not. Hey, we only live once right? Can anyone name this girly movie?

Question 10

Pick out the right title

Now here we have a girly musical with a message that could change the world! Back in the 60s, the world was a very different place. Young Tracy Turnblad was a Baltimore teen, who absolutely loved "The Corny Collins Show". Every day after school, she would rush home to watch the attractive kids dance around on her screen, never actually thinking she would be one of them. Then on one fateful afternoon, the show announced they were holding open auditions. Maybe Tracy didn't have the "traditional" look all the other kids had, but she knew she had the moves to make it!

Question 11

Which of these titles is right?

Kumail made his living off of making people laugh. Obviously, this gave him an edge when trying to talk to ladies. After meeting Emily at one of his comedy shows, the two of them hit it off better than either of them had been expecting. A simple date turned into a relationship right before their eyes. When things happen this fast, it is possible for a few details to be forgotten. The biggest detail Kumail has left out? Well, his family would simply never allow him to be with a white woman. Yikes! Can anyone here name this girly movie?

Question 12

Can anyone name this movie?

Cher was the kind of girl who had it all. She was rich, beautiful, popular, and she was actually a pretty nice girl. Even though she had all of this at such a young age, Cher believed that there was a crucial part of the high school puzzle still missing. Cher wanted a boyfriend, but she could not stand any of the boys at her school. Ugh! High school boys were just so over! That being said, when a well dressed new kid arrived on the scene, Cher started to think maybe she had been wrong. Which title is right?

Question 13

Match this movie to its title

Here we have a movie that tells a story older than time itself. Emma and Adam had been lifelong best friends. They were the kind of friends who knew absolutely everything about each other, and neither of them were embarrassed about it. However, after deciding to take their friendship to the next level after a few cocktails one evening, they knew that they were risking the most important relationship either of them had. That is exactly why they made a pact. No feelings, no commitments, only good times! Who's going to tell them that these things just do not work?

Question 14

What movie is this?

Before Terri's brother passed away, he had sent in an application for her to attend a very prestigious music school in Los Angeles. While Terri herself would have been too shy to ever apply, knowing that her brother had done this as one of his final wishes, she felt like she had no choice but to go. However, her now over-protective father was never going to allow her to. With the help of her free-spirited aunt, Terri successfully put together a string of lies to tell her father about where she would be spending her summer. How hard can a secret be to keep?

Question 15

Does anyone recognize this movie?

Zoe always knew she wanted to be a mom. Even when she was just a kid herself, she knew that one day she would grow up to have her very own babies. However, as a kid, we do not always think about everything that goes into something like having a baby. Now, Zoe is in her 30s and still single. Not wanting to place her destiny in the hands of anyone else, Zoe has decided to get pregnant on her own. Obviously, almost right after successfully doing this, she happened to find her dream guy. Can anyone pick out the right title?

Question 16

What is the name of this girly movie?

Tom had always been a romantic. He started writing greeting cards, because he did actually think they had the power to express someone's emotions. Even with all of this certainty towards love, the poor guy was never really able to find it for himself. Once he met Summer, he figured he had finally done it. He had met his true love, and the rest was just going to fall into place. However, when she suddenly ended things with him after only a year, Tom had no choice but to think back on what he could have possibly done. Any guesses?

Question 17

Can anyone name this movie?

Cal loved his wife and family very much. He knew he wasn't the coolest husband or father around town, but how important was being cool to a 40-year-old, right? Well, Cal learned the answer to this question the hard way. On their way home from a date night, Cal's wife explained that she had not been loyal to their marriage and that she wanted a divorce. Yikes! If Cal is now going to have any hopes out in the modern dating world, he is going to need to learn how to be cool and quick! Can anyone pick the right title?

Question 18

Pick out the right answer

Hazel Grace was so determined to not enjoy her time at the cancer support group her mother was forcing her to attend, that she actually wore her baggiest pair of sweatpants. After meeting the handsome and charming Gus though, she wished she had put on literally any other piece of clothing. Hazel had never met anyone who understood her situation as well as Gus did. Their connection was so much more than just having the same disease. These two kids knew each other inside and out. Looking at these four titles, can anyone here pick out the only right one?

Question 19

Name this film

To the outside observer, Henry seemed like the most average guy in town. He worked as a local librarian, and even though he was an attractive young man, he never really showed to much interest in the ladies. Instead, Henry preferred to spend his time with his books. Of course, the outside observer would never be able to guess the truth about Henry's lonely existence. See, Henry was born with a rare genetic disorder. While he has no control over it, his body takes him through time to different years and places. Clearly, this makes relationships tough. Take a guess!

Question 20

Which of these titles is right?

Shelley had only ever known a life of luxury. At a young age, Shelley became a model, and it was not long before she took up residence at Hugh Hefner's famous mansion. Everything about her life was pretty much a dream. Or at least it was, until she hit 27. To Shelley, all of her good years were behind her and now she had to find a new life. Wandering off and finding herself on a college campus, Shelley made friends with a group of geeky sorority girls. They seemed to know way more about life than Shelley did, but Shelley had a few things she could teach them in return.

Question 21

Match this screenshot to the right title

Ashley did not know why, but for whatever reason, she seemed to be the luckiest girl in the whole world. For years, Ashley has been living the best life she could have ever dreamed up for herself. While she was loving every minute of it, she never stopped to question whether or not her well of good luck would run dry one day. After kissing a complete stranger at a costume party, Ashley's life began to unravel. It took her a minute to realize what was happening, but she was able to put the pieces together. This handsome stranger somehow stole her good fortune!

Question 22

Does anyone know this movie?

Everybody loved Elle Woods. She was head of her sorority, she hosted plenty of charity events, and in all honesty, she was the prettiest girl on campus. What was not to love? At the end of senior year, Elle thought her boyfriend was taking her out to dinner with the intention of proposing. It was just about that time! However, when he broke things off with her instead, claiming she just wasn't smart enough, Elle was determined to get him back. Looks like she is headed to Harvard Law! Can anyone here pick out the right tile of this movie?

Question 23

Name this movie

Daphne had never met her father before, and her mother had not been all that upfront about who he was. That being said, once Daphne hit a certain age, her mother knew she could not keep the secret much longer. After learning his name and that he lived in England, Daphne boarded a plane. Once arriving, she was surprised to find out that he was actually a member of a very high-class family, and that he was in the middle of running for office. Clearly, this was not a great time for him to meet a teenage daughter he had no idea existed.

Question 24

Which of these titles is right?

Claire and Hailey had been best friends since they were kids. Once they found out that Hailey would be moving at the end of the summer, they had no idea how they were going to cope. Trying to forget about the approaching end of summer, the two girls had a sleepover. On this same evening, a huge storm hit their town. The next morning, the girls went outside to check the damaged. While they did find a fair bit of debris, what was more alarming, was the mermaid they found floating in the pool. Can anyone pick out the right title?

Question 25

Pick out the right answer

Tom and Hannah were best friends, nothing romantic about it, just good old fashioned best friends. Things were perfect this way, since Tom had a dislike for any kind of commitment, and Hannah was a wedding-obsessed woman. That being said, when Hannah came to her best friend after meeting her soulmate, Tom was not as happy as she would have thought. Sure he was putting on a brave face, but deep down, Tom was discovering feelings he never knew he had for this best friend of his. Ugh! Why can men never figure these things out in time? Name this move!

Question 26

Select the correct title

When Viola found out that her school's soccer team was being cancelled, she was rightfully pretty upset. The girls were told they would not be allowed to play with the boys, which made Viola determined to prove that she had the skills to play against any of the guys. Luckily, Viola had a twin brother. It happened quickly, but she came up with a plan. Her brother was heading off on tour with his band, so Viola was going to pretend to be him. This way, she could play on the boys' team. Yeah, this one really sounds fool proof! Name this movie!

Question 27

Match this movie to the right title

Sophie thought she and her fiance were taking a romantic trip to Italy. However, once arriving, Sophie learned that her fiance was going to be much too preoccupied with work to really pay her any attention at all. Not to worry though! Sophie is heading out on an adventure of her own! She heard stories of a famous wall where heartbroken lovers went to leave letters for Shakespeare's Juliet. Thinking this to be the most romantic spot in the world, Sophie could not help but to look at a few of the letters. After opening one specific letter, Sophie's life was changed forever.

Question 28

Does anyone recognize this movie?

Get the tissues out for this one, it is going to be an emotional ride! Even though Paige's family did not understand it, the love she shared with Leo was something unbreakable. Neither of them had ever been so in sync with another person in their lives. While they got to spend a brief time as happy newlyweds, destiny was waiting for the chance to put their love to the ultimate test. Paige was in a car accident that left her in a coma. Leo waited for the moment when she would wake up, but never expected her memories of him to be erased for her mind completely.

Question 29

Pick out the right title

Sometimes we meet someone very much like ourselves and the relationship works. Other times, we meet our polar opposite and we cannot even believe how much we love them. When Boris left behind his luxurious yet miserable Manhattan lifestyle for a small apartment in Chinatown, he did not think this would be the move that was going to lead him to his soulmate. However, after meeting Melody, a sweet pageant queen from the Deep South, he couldn't believe just how drawn to her he was. They had nothing in common (not even their age), yet somehow, it worked perfectly! Any guesses?

Question 30

Name this girly movie

Gil was a writer by trade, so he did have quite the imagination. Still, what happened to him in Paris, had not been imaginary at all. While taking a trip with his fiance, Gil found himself taking a liking to wandering the streets alone at night. While out on one of these lonely walks, Gil ran into a mysterious group of men. They seemed so familiar, yet he knew for sure he had never met them before. Agreeing to follow these men to see where the night was going to take him, Gil found himself traveling back through time. Now, the more time he spends in the past, the less he seems to like the present.

Question 31

Which of these titles is right?

The life of a personal assistant is not as easy as some may think. While Harper and Charlie were both experiencing just how tough this reality can be, they were both also aware that these jobs were excellent stepping stones towards their dream futures. Even still, they couldn't help but to wish for a simple day off or two every once in a while. With their bosses being so busy and wrapped up in business, these two are thinking the best way to score some time off, would be getting their bosses to focus on something other than work. Good luck guys!

Question 32

Match this movie to its title

There is being grounded, then there is Maddy's reality. She is an 18 year old girl, with big dreams and hopes for the future. However, due to an illness she has had since birth, she cannot leave the sealed environment of her home. While this has made just about everything in her life difficult, it has not stopped her from finding love. Olly, the boy next door, is charming, sweet and very handsome. The two of them communicate through texts and window glances, but soon they are going to risk it all to be together. Can anyone name this one?

Question 33

Pick out the right answer

Elle and Lee have been inseparable since the day they were born. Nothing has ever come between their friendship, which just seems to grow stronger by the year. However, they did set a few rules in place to ensure that nothing ever caused any fights between them. One of the biggest rules on their list, was the one about Elle never being allowed to date Lee's older brother. Piece of cake! Or it was, until they got to high school. All Elle can focus on now is just how handsome Lee's brother actually is. Uh oh! Name this girly movie!

Question 34

Select the correct title

When in a relationship, it can be difficult to pin down the moment things started to go wrong. For Dean and Cindy, they never even realized that things were, in fact, going wrong. They had been happily married for a number of years, but the relationship seemed different now than how it had a few years back. To the people on the outside, these two had no visible issues. However, once they started to look into their own relationship, they began to see some alarming red flags. He had basically given up on all of his dreams, and she was reverting back to old habits.

Question 35

Name this movie

Neither Jackson nor Ally had been looking for love. However, these things do tend to sneak up on us when we are the least prepared for them. Jackson first saw Ally while she was singing on stage at a local bar. While Ally just did this as a way to relieve stress after a long day of waitressing, Jackson knew instantly that she had star quality. Since he was already famous, he decided to take her under his wing. It was not long after this that the two fell madly in love with each other. Try naming this girly movie!

Question 36

What movie is this?

No doubt about it, this past year has been awful for poor Drew. While at the beginning of it he had been working his dream job, once his first major projected failed, he was fired immediately. Following that, his girlfriend left him and his father passed away. Feeling like there was nothing left to live for, Drew went down a pretty dark path for a while. That being said, while on a flight back home for his father's funeral, Drew met the most optimistic woman he had ever encountered in his life. If she couldn't cure his blues, no one could.

Question 37

Which of these titles is right?

Sam has not had it very easy. After losing her father, Sam was taken in by her stepmother. Being forced to work as a waitress at her diner, Sam was obviously not seen as a popular girl around town. After a cell phone mix-up though, Sam found herself texting a boy whose identity was a complete mystery. After a few weeks of this back and forth messaging, the two decided that the school dance would be the perfect place to meet. Of course at this point, Sam had no idea that her secret crush was actually the most popular guy in school.

Question 38

Match this screenshot to the right title

If there is one thing that Natalie simply cannot stand, it would be romantic comedies. Natalie is an architect working in New York City, and while her boss doesn't even know her name, she thinks things have been going pretty well for herself. Feeling as though love was never in the cards for her anyway, what more did she really have to ask for out of life? After hitting her head pretty hard one day, Natalie woke up in a completely different world. Everything looked the same, but boys were talking to her, people were dancing, and the girls were being catty. Yup, Natalie has woken up in a romantic comedy!

Question 39

What movie is this?

Donna and Sophie were like the Gilmore Girls of Greece. Having no father figure involved in Sophie's upbringing, the two girls only knew how to live life together. They were as close as a mother/daughter duo could be, but Sophie was holding back a secret. She did not know how to tell her mom, but she desperately wanted to know who her father was. With her wedding day coming up, Sophie decided it was now or never. Taking a huge risk, Sophie decided to invite three possible fathers to the big day. Get ready for a blast from the past Donna!

Question 40

Does anyone recognize this movie?

Olive was a pretty unique teenager. She cared very little about boys, popularity, or fashion for that matter. Most weekends, she was happy hanging with her family and watching movies. Since she wasn't the spotlight kind of girl, Olive was not at all prepared when a rumor about her started spreading like wildfire. Not wanting to let the gossips win, Olive decided to embrace the rumor. Little did she know, changing a reputation in high school was a lot easier said than done! Can anyone here pick out the right title from the four listed options? Try taking a guess!

Question 41

Can anyone name this film?

Debbie Ocean spent nearly 6 years in prison after her boyfriend sold her down the river. Of course, she was no stranger to the life of crime, but had her judgement not have been clouded by her love for the guy, she would have never gotten in this kind of trouble. That being said, during the last 6 years of her life, she has been planning the ultimate heist. Debbie is planning on becoming very rich, but if she can also get revenge in the same swoop, why not? Does anyone here recognize this girly movie? Try taking a guess!

Question 42

Select the correct title

Before she was the fierce redhead we see in this photo, Giselle was just an average animated princess. At this point in time, she had no idea our world even existed, as she was happily living her life in the magical world of cartoons. Since she was in fact a cartoon, a few things were certain. A prince was going to find her someday, and the two of them would live happily ever after. While this was the animated way, Giselle forgot about one major cartoon reality. There is always a villain looking to put an end to the hero's happiness!

Question 43

Pick out the right title

So much about Donna's life was a mess. She was unemployed, she had no apartment, and nothing about these things seemed to bother her at all. By all accounts, Donna was a grown child living in a big city. With no plans or goals, Donna decided to head out to a bar one night to have a good time. She did in fact find her good time, but in the days following, she discovered her good time had left her with a little surprise. Donne is now facing motherhood, and she hasn't even left her childhood behind yet! Name this movie!

Question 44

Which answer is correct?

While growing up, Sophie was able to go to her mother for everything. The woman had been chock full of helpful advice, and Sophie never really thought about the possibility of not having this advice to count on one day. However, Sophie is now single and pregnant, but her mother is gone. Missing her more than ever, a few of her mom's old buddies have decided to come and see if they can help out instead! If we keep someone's memory alive, they never truly leave us. Is anyone here able to pick out the only right title to this one?

Question 45

Match this screenshot to the right movie

Emma and Liv had the kind of friendship that can only be built by growing up together. They had been by each other's side though just about everything. The one thought that always helped them through the rough times, was envisioning their dream weddings. The two girls had every single detail of their future weddings planned out, they just needed to find the right guys. Now that they both have their dream men though, things are not exactly playing out the way they had thought they would. To make matters worse, their big days have just been booked for the same date at the very same location.

Question 46

Name this girly movie

Carly was not a woman who committed to men very easily. She liked being the single successful woman she was, so why mess that up with something as silly as feelings? That being said, after Carly met a businessman who she actually thought could be her perfect match, she was ready to finally dive into a relationship. Of course, before they could even have this conversation, Carly found out that he was actually married. Teaming up with the guy's wife, these two girls are on a mission to make him regret ever lying to either of them. Name this film!

Question 47

Pick out the right title

Even though Amy watched her sister and friends all commit to relationships, it never really felt like her thing. Sure, she would date guys here and there, but she always managed to run right before things got too serious. While this pattern had been working wonders for her so far, it did not help prepare her for the event of actually meeting her soulmate. Now that she has met her match, she has virtually no idea how to go about it. How do you tell someone that you've never actually liked anyone before? Who knows which title is right? Anyone?

Question 48

Which of these titles is right?

Cady had spent almost all of her life being homeschooled in Africa, so she really had no idea what a real high school was like. Once her parents decided to move the family to the suburbs though, Cady thought she was finally going to get to experience the high school magic she had always dreamed of. Little did she know, high school was not all slumber parties and crushes. No, before she could have any of those things, she was going to have to find herself a click. Not an easy thing to do as an outsider. Can anyone name this movie?

Question 49

Pick out the right answer

Maya was very, very good at her job. She was the assistant manager of a big box retailer, and the store would basically be nothing without her. Even so, when she finally decided to go after the manager position, she was told that her lack of education would not allow them to hire her. Feeling as though this was majorly unfair due to all of the hard work she had put in, Maya decided to walk away from the store altogether. Now on the hunt for a new job, Maya has decided to make a few edits to her resume.

Question 50

Name this movie

Each of these women were in very different places in their lives. Sure, they were all close to the same age, but none of their personal lives looked the same at all. One was in a passionless marriage, one was a widow, and one had been a bachelorette her entire life. After deciding to read the Fifty Shades series for their book club, these women decided to do something about their situations. Who ever said passion was just for the young? Looking at these titles, can anyone here figure out the right one for this film? Try taking a guess!

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