We Bet That You Can't Match All Of These Disney Channel Characters To Their Shows

It would be fair to say that the majority of millennials on the planet consumed at least a few Disney Channel shows while growing up. And since the Disney Channel released a never-ending stream of shows with new and exciting stars, there were enough shows that everyone could find the perfect one for their individual interests and television-related needs. Be it the supernatural comedy That's So Raven or the live-studio audience free Lizzie McGuire, there was something for everybody.

Want to watch a show about two twins wreaking havoc in a hotel? The Suite Life of Zack & Cody is there. A multicultural family who not only own a pretty decent themed sandwich shop; but are also training to become wizards? Wizards of Waverly place is there. Ever dream of being a pop star on the side? Hannah Montana is there to help children all over the globe not only live out those star-studded daydreams but also see what life in the limelight might not be all it is cracked up to be.

We were raised by these shows, that is true. But how well do we know them? Can we identify the characters from a single frame and match them to their proper show? Find out below.

Question 1

Match K.C. to her show

The show in which the character of K.C. is from is one of the more creative sitcoms on the Disney Channel roster. This show combines the spy like plot that we all know and love from Kim Possible with the zany costumes and outlandish situations that made That's So Raven such a wonderful show. Being able to balance the slapstick nature of the show with the cool and serious tone of its spy-like elements is a marvelous feat. And we should applaud the writers and the cast for doing such a wonderful job achieving said balance. Bravo! Take a bow.

Question 2

Match Raven to her show

Raven was another one of the characters that split audiences. Some believe that her sass was countered by her good heart and the fact that she always did the right thing in the end. While other's believe that her ability to end up at the right conclusion does not outweigh the problems she causes while trying to correct the things she predicts. And that her inability to name a single thing that her friends find personally important makes her a rather bad friend, no matter what she attempts to do to correct her own mistakes. Either way, she is one of the most beloved characters in Disney Channel history.

Question 3

Match Hannah to her show

It is important to note that, even though they are played by the same actor and character within the show itself, Hannah and Miley are two separate characters. Miley prefers a more laidback style and enjoys the country lifestyle given to her by her father. Whereas Hannah prefers a bit more glitter, a bit more sparkle, a night on the town, and some bangin' pop music. Two sides of the same coin, yes, but two different sides nonetheless. With four seasons, one theatrically released film, one 3D concert experience, and five albums; this show is one of the biggest shows the Disney Channel has ever (and most likely will ever) seen.

Question 4

Match Sonny with her show

Everyone on this green Earth should aspire to be Sonny Monroe when they grow up. Sonny is unfailingly kind and will do anything in her power to help a friend (or even an enemy.) She will always have her friends backs and will do everything she can to ensure that everyone around her is happy without ignoring her own needs. She is kind, optimistic, bubbly, soft, a total ham, and funny without ever resorting to negative or unfriendly humour. She always looks on the bright side of things and believes in telling the truth, even if a lie would be much nicer to hear.

Question 5

Match Ron to his show

Ron Stoppable is one of the best characters in his respective show and deserves so much more credit than he receives. Truly underrated and that is a bit sad if one were to think about it. He is, not only, a truly loyal friend who is who he is despite what anyone has to say about it. But he also does not let the spooky nature of the things that he and his teammate are up against keep him from doing what is right. Ron may not like the things that they have to face but he will face them regardless.

Question 6

Match Zora to her show

Zora is one of the often forgotten characters from her respective show. Her presence in the cast adds a bit of quirkiness, a bit of passion, and a few eccentricities to the plot when she appears. Though the show was mainly centered around the other cast members and she was not present for all of the episodes, Zora did make a lovely addition to the cast and would be sorely missed had she been excluded from the show entirely. Every member of an ensemble cast is both necessary to the group dynamic and important to maintaining the overall tone as well.

Question 7

Match Lizzie to her show

Lizzie is the kind of role model that parents wanted for their children. Strong in her sense of right and wrong, independent yet never too proud to ask for help, kind to all who come across her while still being able to stand up for herself, and never hesitant to admit when she was wrong about something. These are traits which we should all look up to and hope to either possess them ourselves or find friends with them instead. Everyone deserves a friend like Lizzie. And hopefully, there is a little tiny glimmer of Lizzie inside all of us.

Question 8

Match Phil to his show

Few things invoke as many tears as the series finale of this show does. And those strong feelings are just a testament to the well-written characters that made up this beloved show. The fact that the writers of the show created such realistic characters that audiences could relate to them to the point of crying when their arcs ended is amazing and something that all showrunners strive to do. Phil was one of the best-written male leads (and one of the few male leads) on the Disney Channel and he will always have a special place in our hearts, as well as in the heart of Keely.

Question 9

Match Teddy to her show

Teddy was one of the greatest Disney Channel characters for the simple reason that she was a truly pure soul. Yes, she made the occasional mistake here and there. And she could be a bit selfish at times. However, she always made things right and did the good thing in the end. And none of the mistakes she made were outside of what the average girl her age could be expected to do. At her core, she is, without a doubt, a good person so it would be unfair to hold her to the silly things she did as a teen.

Question 10

Match Miranda (on the right) to her show

Miranda was a rather controversial figure on the show that made her a household name. Some people loved her and thought she was a wonderful addition to the show. They loved the moral opposition she brought to the shows core lesson, as she was always the one to encourage the main character to break the rules and misbehave, and felt like having a friend with questionable morals was the best way to show children how to follow their heart and avoid being lead astray. While some parents believed that her questionable actions made her a bad influence to the kids that looked up to her.

Question 11

Match Wade (on the left) to his show

Growing up, most of us assumed we'd become something like the shows main character. Cool, powerful, amazing grades, student body leader, and saving the world on the side. But the majority of us ended up like Wade. Though the truth may still a little bit, it is important to note that Wade is truly underrated. He is the one that set up the international flights on a moments notice. He is the one who created all of the cool spy gadgets that the main character gets to use. He is the one that figures out exactly what is going down and gets the team there in time to stop it. Go Wade!

Question 12

Match Mr. Moseby (in the center) to his show

As rule-abiding children who respected authority (unlike the main characters and namesakes from the show in question,) the majority of us viewers were spooked by Mr. Moseby. As adults, however, the character has become less of a spooky authority figure and more like a lovable uncle with which we share several deep, warm, and heartfelt memories. His image no longer makes us pray that we stay on his good side but instead makes us want to meet him in person in order to give him the biggest hug imaginable and thank him for being such a huge part of our collective childhoods.

Question 13

Match Casey to her show

Casey was a new type of protagonist and that is what made her so interesting to watch and dissect. She was preppy and dedicated to her grades but her competitive spirit and need to be right drove her to stooping down and lowering herself to her step-brothers level on countless occasions. She claimed that she was superior to him and yet she did the very same things that she judged him for. Yet she believed that she was immune to the same judgments because of the intention behind the actions. Are we the things we do or the intentions behind them?

Question 14

Match Sophie to her show

America's Angel was one of the first bait-and-switch characters we received on a Disney Channel show. Though a lot of one-off characters who appear in a single episode and then are never heard from again were written to be rather two-faced and deceitful creatures, main characters rarely were written in such ways. So having a main character that was not only adorable and sweet but had the potential to be rather unpleasant when the adults (or her adoring public) were nowhere to be seen was a rather fascinating experience. Did Sophie grow out of this personality? Was it a product of her age or a symptom of something deeper?

Question 15

Match Riley to her show

Riley is one of the greatest Disney Channel characters in modern history. She managed to, not only, be the perfect homage to her parents but to also be a wonderful and fully developed person in her own right. She was not without flaws and she did make several mistakes during the course of the show which affected those around her but she always owned up to her missteps and learned from them. Disney protagonists tend to be unattainably perfect so seeing a flawed character still be portrayed as a good person, regardless of their mistakes, was a truly wonderful thing.

Question 16

Match Rocky (on the right) to her show

One can never predict the trajectory of a child star after their big break. Some child stars become celebrities in their own rights as they pursue their career and prove that they are more than the roles that they played as children. Other child stars find certain aspects of Hollywood a bit too much for them and either quit the industry altogether or rebel in a way that makes them feel in control of their own destiny. The two stars of the hit show Shake it Up both took very different paths after the show ended, however, they both seem happy. And that is all that matters.

Question 17

Match Miley (in the center) to her show

Parents tend to be rather split on the character of Miley Stewart. Some believe that, though she has the occasional selfish or negative moments, she always comes to the right path in the end. Therefore the steps that she took to get there are all lessons for the audience. Watch Miley make mistakes and learn from them in order to avoid similar issues in one's own life. While other parents feel as though her mistakes are a bit much and could lead to children making the same mistakes in their own lives due to the fact that they simply idolize this character.

Question 18

Match Zack to his show

When this show was first released, every single pre-teen girl had a crush on one of the main characters. The girls who craved a bit of a rebel favoured Zack. The ones that preferred the more sensitive and well-read boys went for Cody. The girls who preferred their partners to be intellectual, environmental activists, and female went for Maddie. And those who wanted someone rich went for London. Not saying that London had nothing else to offer but for many seasons of the show, "rich" was her sole personality trait. By the end of the show, she ended up being one of the best characters.

Question 19

Match Sam and Jo (in the center) to their show

Sam and Joe were the greatest parents to ever exist on the Disney Channel and that is a fact. They gave their children the space to solve their problems on their own; while also letting them know that they can come to them if they need a bit of help. They allowed their children to explore their identities without judgment and did not react to each and every phase that they went through in their teenage years. When their daughter wanted fancy clothes to win best dressed, Jo went searching for the best clothes she could find on a budget. When their son wanted to cheer, they supported him too.

Question 20

Match Kevin to his show

The best thing to happen in 2019 has to be the fact that the Jonas Brothers reunited, are releasing an album, and going on tour. It is a wonderful thing that none of us expected but we are totally here for. Nothing has brought the world as much joy in the past few years as seeing the Jonas Brothers back together again. None of us ever thought that such a thing would happen. But it has and we are all eternally grateful. We are not worthy but we accept this wonderful event and will give it the respect it deserves.

Question 21

Match Derek to his show

This show was one of the better yet more often forgot classic Disney Channel shows. Most people forget that it ever existed until they see it mentioned somewhere. Bringing the concept of a modern blended family to a children's situation comedy was a brilliant idea as most programs of the time contained the classic two parents/two child dynamic that had been a staple since the 1950s. Seeing a family made up of step-parents and children from previous marriages come together and figure out how to adjust to their new life was a wonderful way of normalizing a life that most viewers had themselves.

Question 22

Match Chelsea (on the right) to her show

Chelsea was one of the better sidekicks in the Disney Channel oeuvre. Though she was a bit daft at times, which provided several humorous moments for the other characters and audiences alike, she more than made up for it by being truly loyal and kind to all who were close to her. She was a vegetarian and stood by her beliefs on animal welfare without ever trying to guilt her friends for not sharing the same opinions and was a true friend, even when her friends were not the same to her. She deserved so much more than being seen as the daft sidekick.

Question 23

Match Cory (on the right) to his show

Spin-offs are hard. First off, the original product must be well-known and beloved enough to provide enough guaranteed viewership to justify the cost. Then the writers must be able to include just enough nostalgic moments to create a sense of familiarity without simply remaking the same show. One must ensure that they are creating a tribute to the original show that honours its best moments and continues on the storyline in a way that does not affect the legacy that the original show left behind. Such is a difficult balance to achieve but the show in question managed to do it wonderfully.

Question 24

Match Lily (on the right) to her show

Lily was one of the rare tomboy characters on the Disney Channel that was also considered a relatively nice person. Tomboy characters tend to be a bit macho and a bit less than friendly because of it. But that is not the direction that they choose to go with Lily. No, Lily was kind and a true friend to those around her while still being able to ride a skateboard like nobody's business and mow down on some nachos without a moment's hesitation. Lily, as well as her celebrity, alter ego Lola, is one of the best characters in the Disney Channel oeuvre.

Question 25

Match Melina to her show

Melina was a bit of a wild-card when she was first introduced to her respective show. She was quickly established as one of the main characters sometimes-friend/sometimes-rival who kept him around due to a mutual respect for his pranking ability as well as a need to teach him how to improve on his natural gifts. Sometimes Melina came across as though she could not stand this character but other times, they were as thick as thieves. One might start to wonder if they were as pitted against one another as they liked to claim they were or if they were much closer than they lead on.

Question 26

Match Theresa (center-right) to her show

This is being said with the proper amount of love and respect that this statement requires but, in all honesty, Theresa did not do much on her respective show. Initially, it seems as though she was meant to exist as a bit of a foil to the silly and eccentric nature of the rest of the cast. But her son, Justin, quickly took up the role of the foil when compared to his sister (who was the source of most of the show's nonsensical moments.) Jerry acted as the parental figure who enforced the rules. So Theresa was just..there for the most part.

Question 27

Match Farkle to his show

This show is one of the greater shows in the modern Disney Channel line up and it is truly unfortunate that it was canceled. The show discussed everything and did not hesitate to call out its own characters for their problematic behaviour and mistakes. They explored different issues that afflict children and youth today and did so without making light of them. But the show was still able to maintain an engaging and playful tone overall. And the ability to both delves into the darker subjects in the modern world while keeping the shows tone light is not an easy feat.

Question 28

Match London (center-right) to her show

When her respective show first began, London was little more than a spoiled rich girl. She was a parody of a real-life modern heiress with a similarly city-themed name; therefore, she was not given much depth at first. But as the audience began to develop feelings of sympathy for her, her character grew and learned about the different lifestyles that those around her lead. Though she never truly turned her back on who she originally was, she grew and learned empathy for others. And that is all one can ask from a person. Not to change entirely but to learn how to be the best version of themselves.

Question 29

Match Meena (on the right) to her show

Meena is an interesting character for she exists to show the importance of accepting and respecting all aspects of one's heritage. Meena remains dedicated to the old world ways and honours her homelands traditional dress, music, and lifestyle in most formal settings. However, she is also a fan of the ways of the country in which she and her family currently live and does an excellent job balancing those two cultures and the love of both countries. She brings her Yak back-pack to school yet still rocks out to modern pop music when the mood strikes. And that is wonderful.

Question 30

Match Nico (on the left) to his show

Nico is one half of a dynamic that makes the show in which he is from what it is. Though he is not one of the characters in which the show in question is primarily focused upon, he is still a central part of the ensemble cast and his wacky antics and storylines are an integral part of the show overall. Though the majority of the plots seem to revolve around Sonny's relationship with Chad Dylan Cooper and her rivalry with her co-star, Tawni Hart, Nico and his partner in crime, Grady, bring a much needed comic relief to some of the shows more intense moments.

Question 31

Match Alex to her show

Alex is another one of those characters that has split audiences far and wide. Some viewers feel as though that a female lead who does not care for grades, does not always do the right thing, and is rather lazy is a breath of fresh air considering the perfect female leads that other Disney Channel sitcoms usually have run their shows. Others feel as though the very same characteristics make her a rather poor influence on the show's younger viewers who have a tendency to emulate the actions and personalities of the characters that they admire. Both parties have a right to their differing opinions.

Question 32

Match Maya (on the left) to her show

Maya is the perfect homage to the character of Shawn from the original show. She has a similarly fragmented family and poor reputation while also having a heart of gold and a thirst to prove that she is anything other than what everyone has been telling her that she is/will be her entire life. She sees a chance at this yearned for identity in her best friend, Riley, but she also worries that people will see her as dragging Riley down rather than Riley pulling her up; which could lead to adults attempting to put an end to their friendship.

Question 33

Match Eddie to his show

Eddie was originally a figure of comic relief on his respective show. That is until the later seasons demanded a bit more depth from both him and Chelsea, which prompted the writers to add a few more pressing storylines to the mix in order to explore a male perspective on some of the issues that youth of the time were dealing with (a perspective that is not often seen on the Disney Channel as most of their shows hold female leads.) It is important to include all perspectives when possible. He also sang/rapped a section of the shows' theme song; which is both impressive and entertaining.

Question 34

Match Gordo to his show

Gordo was such a well-written and developed character that his existence alone shows how talented the writers of his respective show truly were. He was an interesting combination of self-assured and insecure, as he always discouraged his friends from going along with what others expected of them in order to become popular but he also was known to abandon his own interests the moment they became "mainstream." And not doing something one likes just because it is popular is just as bad as doing something one does not like just because it has become popular. But he grows out of this habit as he ages and explores who he is. As we all do.

Question 35

Match Amy to her show

A good sitcom is nothing without a good character existing in the role of a parent. Sitcoms centered around families who do not create strong or well-written parents are doomed from the start for one cannot create a believable show in which the children are allowed to treat their parents however they want and run around with no supervision nor structure. Amy was a good mother who helped her children make decisions for themselves while also pushing them in the right direction. She gave them the freedom to be themselves while also teaching them how to be truly good people.

Question 36

Match Keely (on the right) to her show

This show is one of the best shows that ever appeared on the Disney Channel. However, its existence prompts a few time-travel related questions. Does the fact that the Diffy's traveled back in time and got stuck create a stable time loop in which they will forever return to the future only to be transported right back to the past yet again? Since Phil plans on returning to the future, will he be able to wait for Keely, as he promised? Or will their timelines never match up in the end? Will she spend the rest of her life alone in honour of said promise?

Question 37

Match Jesse to his show

Those reading this quiz who were following along with the Jesse/Jake drama centered around this show will remember just how intense the whole ordeal was. Fans were utterly divided on which boy Miley should choose and waiting to find out which boy made the cut (and which was going to be left in the dust) was almost too much for us to bare. Luckily, things didn't really work out with the one that she did pick which gave her the ability to achieve a bit of a do-over and choose the second guy instead. And things went much better for the second time around.

Question 38

Match Chad Dylan Cooper to his show

A lot of characters and plot lines in the Disney Channel oeuvre caused a bit of a squabble within the fandom as many people and decisions were not widely accepted by the fans. Some believed that Sonny and Chad's relationship was cute and that their frenemy status built enough passion up between them that their eventual coupling made sense. While others believe that they had both burned each other enough times that their love was a flame that had no choice but to burn out. Unfortunately, the show was canceled before the audience was able to receive a satisfying conclusion.

Question 39

Match Bailey to her show

Adding a new character to a spin-off of a beloved show can be a risky move. Especially if this new character is, essentially, replacing a beloved character from the original show. When Bailey was announced to replace the character of Maddie from the original show, fans were a little hesitant to embrace this new cast member. But she quickly won fans over with her spirited nature, intelligence, and commitment to being the best friend that she can be. Pretending to be a boy in order to secure a place at a school that did not have any available female slots just goes to show how determined she was to get everything she wanted.

Question 40

Match Jackson to his show

Jackson may be the best part of his respective show and every single fan of the show will agree. He was the big brother that every only child wished they had and every child with a sibling wished they could trade their own brother for. Sure, he got on his sisters' nerves and could be a bit of a slacker at times; but his heart was in the right place and he always went the extra mile to help out Miley when she really needed it. Though Miley did not often return the favour, he rarely held it against her in the end.

Question 41

Match Maddie (on the right) to her show

One of the best things about the show in question is the way that it portrayed several characters from different socio-economic standings interacting and helping each other out. Maddie was a teenage girl from a lower-income family who worked hard both at school and for her money in order to build a life for herself that was not available to her parents. Her family often had to choose between their children in financial terms and Maddie often received the short end of the stick when the needs of her siblings came first. And though she had her jealous moments, she was still able to maintain a real friendship with London.

Question 42

Match Jake to his show

Jake Ryan was a bit of an untrustworthy character when he first appeared on his respective show and remained that way until the very end. When he first appeared, he used to his star power to get everything he wanted. Even if that meant that other students got less. When he began to pursue Miley, he was unable to put his ego aside and they ended up breaking up because of it. And, in his final appearance, it is made known that he thinks it is perfectly acceptable for a star like him to have two girlfriends at once. Once a worm, always a worm.

Question 43

Match Andi to her show

Diversity on television is oh so important and every child watching the Disney Channel deserves to see a character that they can relate to. Everyone deserves to see a version of themselves on television and that is what was so wonderful about this show. It features so many new and diverse perspectives that had not been seen on the Disney Channel before that point. It was a wonderful way of showing so many kids who had never seen themselves on T.V. that they and their lives are perfectly normal and perfectly wonderful. One of the most important shows in the modern Disney Channel roster.

Question 44

Match Oliver to his show

Though he was dorky and a bit of a geek, Oliver was one of the more funny and lovable characters from his respective show. He was never afraid to admit exactly what he wanted out of a given situation and was always willing to help a friend when they were in need. Though his initial obsession with Hannah was a bit concerning, once her true identity was revealed he became one of the main characters committed to keeping her secret a secret and respectfully stopped pursuing her immediately. He was never afraid to call out his friends when they were getting ahead of themselves and provided several brilliant moments of much needed comic relief.

Question 45

Match Harper to her show

Let's be honest here. Alex was a bit of a worm and Harper deserved a much better friend. Alex tended to see the people around her as pawns that could help her achieve her goals and little else. She also makes fun of the wonderful and unique clothes that Harper chooses for herself and that is not the sort of thing that a true friend does. Harper is one of the sweetest characters on the Disney Channel and she deserved a friend who was as kind, loyal, and true as she was. Alex walked all over her and that is not okay.

Question 46

Match Kim to her show

As a kid, one does not have the perspective needed to know just how difficult it was for Kim to successfully balance school, cheerleading, saving the world, and everything else on her plate. She made everything she did look so simple and many of us grew up thinking that we too could do just as much in our teen years. But we grew up, started high school, tried to balance it all, and then failed spectacularly, in most cases. Which taught us all both a valuable lesson in biting off more than we can chew and also just how amazing Kim truly was.

Question 47

Match Shego to her show

Let's be honest here, Shego was not the sidekick. Not in any sense of the word. Dr. Draken would have been nothing without her and even Rufus can see that. Shego was the true brains behind every single one of their missions and we all know it. She just has to pretend that Draken was in charge because he would be very put out of if he found out that he was the true sidekick and her the super-villain; instead of it being the other way around. But we all know the truth and that is all that truly matters in the end.

Question 48

Match Ethan to his show

Fun fact: the character of Ethan Craft was originally intended to be a tough character on the show with Danny being the romantic interest. But the writers preferred Ethan and he eventually became the cute guy with the good hair that we all crushed on while growing up. As Lizzie accepted that they would never be together, we got to watch him (through her eyes) go from a boy toy to a well-rounded character and solid member of the gang. It was so cool seeing him go from a character based entirely on their looks to a multi-faceted figure in the show with interests and hobbies.

Question 49

Match Cody (center) to his show

Something that was wonderful about the character of Cody was how truly sensitive he was. We don't see a lot of sensitive male characters on television and seeing one not only exist in the role of a main character but also never lose that sensitivity as the show progresses. His sensitivity was one of his main character traits and the thing that made him who he was. It also set him apart from his brother. Though it got him into trouble sometimes, it got both him and his brother out of a lot more trouble than it caused in the end.

Question 50

Match Liv and Maddie to their show

Playing two different characters on one show is one of the more difficult acting challenges an actor can take on. But Dove Cameron does a fantastic job balancing the unique personalities, quirks, and mannerisms of each character. She is able to switch between the two girls without ever mixing up their personalities and that is impressive. Very few actors are able to achieve such a difficult task. And when one takes her age into consideration, it becomes all the more impressive. The Disney Channel truly found a gem in Dove Cameron. They are truly lucky to have her amongst their ranks.

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