We Bet Nobody Can Get 100% On This Common Sense Quiz Without Using Google

Everyone is born with different levels of common sense, which can complicate things for the rest of us. Since many of us rely on our common sense to make everyday decisions, it's a wonder that anything gets done correctly anymore. We all have a little voice in our head that tells us whether we're acting in a right or wrongful manner. However, common sense and consciousness don't always see eye to eye, which can make problem-solving one of the most difficult tasks known to humanity. (Psychologytoday.com) If we were able to think and react without letting our ego and conscience get in the way, every decision we make would benefit our beings in the long run. However, humans are emotional beings which makes it impossible for them to think clearly when hormones and endorphins are at an all-time high.

In a perfect world, common sense would be the only voice we reason with. However, our minds aren't correctly programmed to take the most reasonable route when other factors come into play. The following quiz is jam-packed with questions, scenarios, and riddles that will help exercise that pesky common sense muscle. So, don't be too hasty or these questions might end up being a lot harder than they actually are!


Question 1

What influences the tide?

The ocean is a beautiful and mysterious thing. While we've spent centuries swimming and sailing over its surface, many of us haven't the slightest clue of what lays beneath. The ocean makes up more than 70 percent of the Earth's surface, which makes it impossible to uncover its many secrets. (Wikipedia.com) Regardless of this, men and women choose to head out to sea every single day, knowing that the tide can change at any given moment. So, tell us, who or what influences the tide?

Question 2

What is the square root of 16?

Math, science, physics, it's all coming back to haunt us. Just not in the way we might have thought. If there's one thought we all have when we're teenagers, it's "when am I ever going to use this information?" Well, the jig is up and the time is now, and somehow, you brought it upon yourself. Math can be a fun subject when everything has been explained thoroughly. Sadly, this isn't always the case. So, what's the square root of 16?

Question 3

True or False: Pixar is owned by Disney?

Both Disney and Pixar are wizards when it comes to making movies. Children from all around the world gather closely around their TVs to watch the latest animated films these companies have to offer. While they each have their own ways of doing things, they've been known to work together from time to time. The real question is, however, whether or not these two companies have joined forces to create even more amazing movies for us to enjoy. So, is Pixar owned by Disney?

Question 4

What does UFC stand for?

Back in the day, humans had to fight for their survival on a daily basis. With this in mind, our bodies are designed to react with impulse when in the face of danger. (Wikipedia) This reaction is called the fight or flight phenomena, and most people have no idea which route they'll choose until trouble comes knocking. Funny enough, UFC participants don't have any interest in flight, which is why they enter the ring with their fists up and chins down.

Question 5

In which sport does a player win by having the lowest score?

Sports aren't for everybody. Regardless of this, there are still people who go above and beyond to support their favorite sports teams. While celebrating a victory is always fun, some have been known to take things too far. Each and every sport has its own set of rules, and while keeping track of them can be confusing, someone is usually appointed to keep track of the score. Typically, sport teams win by scoring the most amount of points. Which sport wins by scoring the least?

Question 6

Larry’s dad has five sons named One, Two, Three, Four and …?

Back in the day, it was common for parents to have a lot of children. (Wikipedia) But today, more and more Westerners are cutting their baby-making days short to keep things simple and affordable. It's quite obvious that Larry's dad isn't one of these people, as he's chosen to have five sons of his own - and who knows how many daughters! No matter their size, each and every family is special and important. So, what is the name of son number five?

Question 7

Is it legal for a woman to marry her widow’s brother?

Love is one of the most beautiful emotions a person will ever feel. Wanting to be with the person you love isn't a crime, but sometimes certain laws can come in the way. Despite losing their life partner, it isn't uncommon for widows to find love again. Some wounds take time to heal, but time never leaves anybody behind. So, with this in mind, would it be legal for a woman to marry her widow's brother after giving herself enough time to heal?

Question 8

Which country can the Amazon Rainforest be found in?

There's something special about forests and jungles alike. While many of us wouldn't be able to venture through these parts undisturbed, an expedition of people might do this without coming across too many predators. The Amazon Rainforest is a dangerous yet beautiful place, and its luscious greenery accounts for more than 20 percent of the world's oxygen. (Rain-Tree.com) It is for this reason that it's been nicknamed the world's lungs. This highly important rainforest is a gift if we've ever seen one!

Question 9

Before Mount Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain in the world?

The planet is filled with mysteries and wonders most of us could never imagine. Every few years or so, new discoveries are made and humanity gets one step closer to solving the puzzle that is life (LiveScience). If there's one phenomena we've all marvelled at at some point or another, it's massive mountains. These sky-high peaks remind us of how small we really are, which can help put things in perspective. Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the entire world (Wikipedia).

Question 10

How many months have 28 days?

From the very second we are born, we begin to observe the world. Colors, shapes, sounds, and everything in between slowly begin to make sense to us. Sure, learning how to read and walk can be a challenge, but if there's one thing that can stump us, it's the calendar. Realizing that time is shaped by days, weeks, months, and years can be mind-boggling. And finding out that leap years exist can also add to the confusion. So, how many months have 28 days?

Question 11

Frank is Billy’s father, but Billy is not Frank’s son. How is this possible?

There's something satisfying about solving a riddle on your own, which is why many of us feel accomplished by this small act. Funny enough, we should feel this way! Because we've just allowed our brains to think in an entirely different fashion. In this question, we see a very confusing statement, one that might even cause a small amount of panic in our minds. However, if we approach it in a calm manner, the obvious reason might just jump out at us.

Question 12

What is the capital of Japan?

Every country has its own special vibe. And sometimes, getting used to it can take a few days. Feeling out of place is a common feeling for many people who travel to fast-paced environments (Wikipedia.com). Getting used to different smells, foods, subway systems, and cultural etiquettes can take time and effort. But in the end, there is no better feeling than touching down in some new and gorgeous country. Japan is a popular tourist destination for obvious reasons. So, where do travellers tend to go when booking a trip to Japan?

Question 13

A farmer has 17 sheep. All but 9 are lost. How many are left?

Some animals were meant to be wild, and others prefer being herded or cared for by human beings. Sheep are adorable and useful animals, which is why countless farmers will invest in them (Wikipedia). Sheep have been domesticated for as long as we can remember, and they would surely become prey without our supervision. They are used for meat, milk, fleece, and wool, making them extremely essential farm animals. So, how many sheep does this farmer have left in his enclosure?

Question 14

How many of each animal did Moses take on the ark?

Since the beginning of time, humans have played with the notion of redemption and judgement day. The ark has played a huge role throughout history, and many believe this story to be as true as night and day. While others remain skeptical, we can't deny that this fable has significant meaning. Putting two animals of every gender on an ark can seem like an impossible task, especially since there are so many animals on this planet. So, who can answer this question correctly?

Question 15

Where does the Statue of Liberty come from?

On October 28, 1886, the Statue of Liberty was shipped to Liberty Island in New York Harbour from some faraway land. This copper statue came as a gift, seeing as the US had just won over their Independence. (Wikipedia.com) This gorgeous statue is one of the many focal points in New York City, which is why nearly every post card showcases it's motivating spirit. Most people know the answer to this question. However, it can be easy to forget that this great piece was outsourced.

Question 16

Which country has the biggest population?

Step aside riddles! And leave room for some intelligent questions. This question isn't a trick, but it does require a bit of outside knowledge. The world has over 7 billion people in it, which can make it challenging to keep track of them all (7billionworld). However, there are some countries that have such a big population that the entire worlds knows about them. The following four countries each have a large population - but only one is the winner. (Internetworldstats) So, choose your pick!

Question 17

Two fathers and two sons go fishing. They catch 3 fish and each go home with one. How is this possible?

Riddles and common sense can often be intertwined. Because well, if one thinks with common sense than a riddle's solution should be forthcoming. Well, unfortunately for us, common sense doesn't always prevail. Two fathers and two sons go fishing, they catch three fish and each go home with one. This question can seem impossible to solve at first. But if you pay extra attention to the beginning of the sentence, you might just find a loophole waiting to be discovered.

Question 18

A rooster lays an egg on top of a barn roof. Which side does it fall?

It's common knowledge that eggs come from birds. However, most of us feel more comfortable eating chicken eggs instead of quail, ostrich, flamingo, or duck eggs. All in all, chicken eggs are what make the world go around. When you go out for breakfast with friends or family, you never see rooster eggs on the menu right? Regardless of this, this question holds a rooster as its focal point. So, which side would the rooster's egg fall to; the left or the right?

Question 19

How can a man go eight days without sleep?

As a child, getting sent to bed sounds like the biggest punishment we'll ever endure. But, as an adult, losing sleep is the equivalent. If it was acceptable for adults to take nap times throughout their hectic days, you best believe that some of them would. However, adults and toddlers function in very different ways. Functioning in an adequate manner can seem impossible when running on little to no sleep. But hey, some people find a way to get through the day.

Question 20

What is the chemical symbol for Sodium?

The time has come. You are now going to put all that high school knowledge to the test. Most of us believed that we would never have to use this information again, which allowed us to store it in our mind's waste bin. Well, we hope you remember what the chemical symbol for Sodium is. Because, that's what we're asking of you today. If you're having a hard time remembering the elements tables, just remember that you're not the only one.

Question 21

Which bird lays the biggest eggs?

Many discoveries point towards birds being one of the oldest species in the world. While many ocean dwellers were created before birds were, an ancient fossil dating back 150 millions years states that birds and fish were once one. (Pbs.org) Birds are a fascinating species that continue to amaze us with their incredible abilities. As many of us know, birds lay eggs to give birth, which sets them apart from mammals. So, which one of these birds gives birth to the biggest eggs?

Question 22

What goes up but never goes down?

There are so many things in this world that will always remain a mystery, and that just adds to the appeal of this thing called life. Before physics was discovered and studied, some phenomenas simply couldn't be explained. But today, nearly everything has a plausible explanation. In physics, we learn all about the laws of gravity and how what goes up must come down. (Myteamexplore.com) However, there is one thing that doesn't abide by these standards. So, what's the answer?

Question 23

What comes first; Christmas or New Years?

The holidays come and go every single year, leaving many of us with bigger hearts and smaller bank accounts. The winter season is hard for everyone, especially those who live in snowy climates. Sure, snow can be beautiful for a month or two, but who wants to be snowbound for months at a time? After the holidays comes New Years, where most of us swear to never eat goodies again. So, while this question might seem straightforward, it's a little backwards as well.

Question 24

Which one is heavier; 100 pounds of rocks or 100 pounds of feathers?

Common sense is a funny thing. While most of us have it, we sometimes have a hard time applying it to certain situations - especially ones where feelings are involved. The thing is, we all want to get to the answer so badly that we skip some vital information from the get-go.(Psychologytoday) Most of the time, a simple solution can be found for a seemingly complex question. However, that doesn't stop our minds from jumping to conclusions the second our eyes skim over information.

Question 25

True or False: Nothing rhymes with purple?

We all know about the color orange and how nothing in this world could ever rhyme with it. Although the renown rapper Eminem attempted to rhyme orange with door hinge, it isn't a perfect match (genius.com). The color purple and the color orange have a lot in common as well, however, whether or not these colors are both on the no-rhyme list is up for debate. So, without asking Google, why not tell us if the color purple can be rhymed with? And no, 'nurple' doesn't count.

Question 26

How many two cent stamps are there in a dozen?

Back in the day, the only way to communicate was through sending letters. Before the invention of the telephone came around, individuals wrote letters to their friends, families, and loved ones instead of sending them a text or checking their online status. While things may have changed, using letters is still a very popular way to reach people (Wikipedia). However, most of the time, letters tend to come in the form of bills. Stamps used to be purchased left, right, and center, but now, some households live without them.

Question 27

What language do they speak in India?

The world is made out of over four thousand cities and one hundred countries. (Wikipedia.com) And while this might not sound like a lot, our population goes on to make 7 billion people. India is one of the most populated countries in the world. As a result of this, there are many different languages and dialects present in its culture. (Wikipedia.com) Out of the following four options, which one can accurately be matched to India and its people? So, can you get this question right?

Question 28

When does a leap year happen?

We all know someone who was born on February 29, meaning that they were born on a leap year. This date doesn't happen every single year, which can make it hard for people born on this day to track their actual age. While some like to joke that they are a lot younger than they look, leap years don't exactly exempt February 29 babies from aging. (Infoplease.com) Everything we need to know about leap years are taught to us in school. So, when do they occur?

Question 29

Is it legal for a person living in Texas to be buried in Pennsylvania?

We're all born in different places, and while a good majority of people remain in their hometowns, others seek to move far far away. Despite living in a different state, some individuals would rather be buried near their family members, which can make things a little complicated. But, then again, there's nothing wrong with wanting to reside with your kin. So, if a person living in Texas were to want to be buried in Pennsylvania, would this act be legal or not?

Question 30

How many times can 5 be subtracted from 25?

Every year, countless students struggle to pass their math tests, and can we really blame them? After all, math has been deemed one of the most challenging subjects of all time (HerCampus). Having access to a wonderful teacher can make all the difference in a kid's life. While many of us struggle with mathematical equations, it's always nice to know that some fields won't require calculations of any kind. This question seems simple enough, but sometimes our common sense doesn't kick in until it's too late.

Question 31

Which language do they speak in Brazil?

Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world, and it's also home to the amazon forest. (Wikipedia) This charming country is rich in history, population, and delicious treats. Anyone who is friends with Brazilians knows how free spirited and lively they can be, and this has everything to do with their culture. (Wikipedia) Brazil might be oceans away from Europe, but it still practices a lot of its traditions. After all, it was colonized by a European country. (Wikipedia) So, which language do they speak?

Question 32

Which of these liquids can disinfect a wound?

Keeping a wound clean, sterile, and bandaged is of great importance, especially since the smallest cut can lead to an infection. (HealthXchange.com) Knowing this, humans have played with tons of disinfectants, some of which are better than others. Disinfecting a wound quickly and efficiently is of utmost concern, which is why some healers are left to improvise when their tools are out of reach. Out of the liquids below, which one would be most useful when trying to get rid of a possible infection site?

Question 33

The Farmer has 50 apples in a crate. He takes 36 out of the crate. How many does he have?

Some questions are so easy that people get them wrong, and if that doesn't make sense, we don't know what does. So, imagine for one second that you're an apple farmer. You've just collected 50 apples in a burlap sack and you're walking to a large crate where you will dispose of them. However, when you get there, you realize that 36 of the apples need to be sorted into a different crate. You take them out. How many apples do you now have?

Question 34

How tall is the average man in the US?

Men come in different shapes and sizes. However, that doesn't mean that one is more attractive than the other. Sure, some studies state that woman prefer tall men. (Psychologytoday.com) However, there is such a thing as personal preference, meaning that what one woman wants isn't going to be the same as the woman next to her. The average height of the population changes from country to country due to genetics. (Wikipedia.com) So, who can tell us what the average male height in the US is? (Verywellfit.com)

Question 35

How many days are in a decade?

Having a calendar perched up on one's wall can help individuals keep track of the days, week, and months that are passing by. On top of that, having a calendar can be a helpful tool for those who tend for forget about birthdays and anniversaries. While some people are more that happy with programming reminders into their smart phones, others need to take a more visual approach. Most of us know how many days there are in a year. But do we know how many days there are in a decade?

Question 36

How many sides does a heptagon have?

Shapes make the world go round, which is why we use them every single day. These shapes are used to identify street signs and a number of important factors in our lives. Although many of us forget about the more complicated shapes to make room for the standard few, it's still important to remember the names of these rare shapes. We hope that you paid attention in grade school, because a few mathematical questions are coming back to haunt all the kids that didn't pay attention.

Question 37

What is a group of geese called?

In nearly everyone's life, there will come a time when they're walking by a beautiful pond. The clouds will be blue and high up in the sky, and the pond's water tranquil except for the occasional ripple left behind by frogs or tad polls. At this point, a spooky screech will be heard, and a huge and angry goose will emerge from a bush. At this point, we'll know that we're done for. We'll try to run, and if we're lucky, we'll get away unscathed.

Question 38

In which country can we find Mount Fuji?

Mountains were meant to be climbed. However, committing to such a hike is no easy feat, which is why people need to do their research first. It takes the average person about 7 hours to hike up Mount Fuji, which is why a great number of people make it a point to sleep in an inn at the mountain's peak. (TrulyTokyo.com) Doing this ensures that they can see the sun rise over the nearby city come morning - which is surely a sight for sore eyes!

Question 39

Where does silk come from?

Silk is a beautiful material that tends to run a little expensive. While there are many similar fabrics that can be purchased at a lower price, nothing compares to the feeling of wearing real silk. This fabric costs a lot of money due to how long it can take to harvest it. Since a process needs to be completed before harvesting the material, it's only normal for costs to run higher than usual. (Wikipedia.com) So, who can tell us where silk comes from?

Question 40

Where does the Pope live?

Some people are so intelligent and giving that they instantly become a public figure of great value. Italians have always been fond of their religion - which can also be said about a lot of different countries. To honour their roots and ancestors, they continue to follow through with their customs. The Pope is a staple for Italians, and this is due to how highly he is respected by his people. (Wikipedia.com) So, who can tell us where the Pope lives after he is anointed?

Question 41

What is the strongest muscle in the human body?

The human body is one of the most complex things in the world, which is why scientists are constantly studying it. (Wikipedia.com) Uncovering its many mysterious would be a delight, but it's almost as though ten new ones pop up every time an old one is solved. We were built to endure a number of physical tasks. So by default, we were designed to have strong muscles and attributes. There is one muscle that overpowers all of the rest though. Try to guess which one it is!

Question 42

How far can a dog run into the woods?

Dogs have been deemed as man's best friend, and we wouldn't have it any other way. In a perfect world, we would all have a handful of pups waiting for us at home. However, taking care of a dog is a huge responsibility. So, knowing this, it's only normal that some individuals would rather abstain from the early-morning walks and poop bags. Dogs are loyal animals, but they also love to run as fast as possible. So, keeping them on a leash can be a good idea.

Question 43

A doctor gives his patient 3 pills. He tells him to take one every half an hour. In how long do the pills run out?

It goes without saying that making healthy choices can go a long way. Doctors want the best for their patients, which is why they tend to recommend a healthy eating cycle and half an hour of exercise a day to anyone who's feeling a little sluggish. Whether a person is healthy or not doesn't protect them from falling ill every once in a while though. So sometimes, taking medication is going to be a must. In how many hours would this prescription run out?

Question 44

There are 12 fish. They all drown. How many are left?

We're conditioned to believe that there are only two answers; the right one and the wrong one. As a result of this, we tend to think inside of the box when trying to come to a conclusion. While there's nothing wrong with this way of thinking, it doesn't leave much room for creativity. And, oddly enough, riddles and common sense are all about finding creative ways to solve a problem. (PsychologyToday). So, how many fish are left if all the fish drown?

Question 45

Do they have a 4th of July in England?

The world is huge, but that's stating the obvious. Knowing this, it makes total sense that the world needs to have borders of some kind. With this in mind, continents were split up into 195 countries, and each and every single on of these countries holds their own customs at heart. (Worldometers) July 4th is a huge day for US citizens, as it marks their day of independence. (Wikipedia) So, this makes us wonder if other countries, like England, celebrate this date as well.

Question 46

Do they celebrate Thanksgiving in Italy?

Thanksgiving is a Western holiday that celebrates the harvest festival, which was once celebrated by the pilgrims. (Wikipedia) However, there are some other countries that take part in these festivities. While many second generation Italians have come to celebrate this holiday in the West, we'd like to know if their ancestors do back in Italy. Whereas some people will know the answer to this question, others might overthink it and end up choosing the wrong answer. However, it's always a good idea to go with your gut.

Question 47

Is something healthy because it’s low in carbs?

Every day, the media finds a new way to bring value to new trends.(Shape.com) On one hand, our newsfeeds are covered with stories about how beneficial coconut oil can be. And on the other, articles stating that coconut oil can be hazardous are also populating the web. All in all, it's hard to know if certain food trends can be trusted. So, doing some research on such topics is always a good idea. So, does low in carbs automatically mean healthy?

Question 48

What currency is used in Switzerland?

Travelling is one of the healthiest pass times, and this is due to how mind-opening it can be. Since most of us spend the majority of our lives in our hometowns, it's only normal for us to become more immersed in our own culture. (Elitedaily.com) Traveling breaks down walls that people didn't even know existed, and shows us how different life can be a short plane ride away. So, if you've travelled to Switzerland before, answering this question might be easy.

Question 49

Which country was Alexander the Great born in?

History is a curious and fragile thing. While we believe that it can be memorized and taught, many of us haven't the slightest clue if any of its events truly occurred. In the end, we have to leave our beliefs up to faith, which can cause people go grow weary. We know that Alexander the Great lived over 21 centuries ago, and that he went down in history as one of the most legendary kings. (Wikipedia.com) So, which country did this king rule over?

Question 50

There are 15 crows sitting on a fence. A farmer throws 5 stones at them. How many crows are left?

Before you go and select the obvious answer, why not read this little paragraph? Who knows, it might just help you get the right answer instead of the obvious ones. Birds are precocious creatures, meaning that they know a lot more than they let on. In fact, crows are said to be one of the smartest birds in the world. (Wikipedia) With this in mind, it would make sense for these crows to want to escape the farmer's stones, right? So, how many are left?

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