We Bet No One Can Name All Of These Bob's Burgers Characters!

Bob's Burgers is one of those shows families gather around the tv to watch together. The characters are relatable and while some of the humor might be a bit more adult, there are jokes kids and parents can enjoy. The show first hit the air in 2011 and was created by Loren Bouchard. The show is currently on its 9th season! It follows the Belcher family, a slightly odd family who owns a burger restaurant. The Belchers live above their restaurant and their home/place of business is sandwiched between a funeral home and a store that is constantly changing. A running joke on the show is that the store always has names that are based on puns. For example, as a shoutout to the creator of Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda, the store was called Lin-Manuel Veranda and was a veranda store.

Aside from just being a fan favorite, this show also gains notoriety from the pros. The show has been nominated for numerous Primetime Emmys and even won one for the episode "Mazel-Tina" which featured the oldest Belcher daughter directing, and eventually taking over one of her friends' coming of age ceremony. The show's popularity has continued to grow and in 2013 it was even considered to be the 3rd best show on the air! (Wikipedia)

Question 1

Who is the patriarch of the Belcher family?

This character is the patriarch of the Belcher family. He spends most of his time on the grill, cooking the burgers or trying to figure out what the burger of the day is going to be. He can be pretty self-conscious about himself and gets a bit annoyed with his family now and then but he loves them nonetheless. He is the most skeptical one in the family. When members of his family come to him with different ideas or situations they've gotten themselves into, he's usually pretty bothered or not willing to get involved in whatever scheme that has been concocted.

Question 2

Who is Bob's wife?

This character is Bob's eccentric wife. She is the shining light of positivity in the family. Adventures? She's up for it. New food? She wants to try it. Her favorite thing is being a mother and wife. She's always finding new ways for her kids to have exciting lives and supports them in (almost) everything they do. She isn't afraid to speak her mind about how she feels and it often works in her favor. Her eccentricity can get her into trouble though. She'll often go to extreme lengths to make sure her goal is accomplished. Whether it's sneaking into an empowerment seminar or giving everybody a day off, she makes sure she gets stuff done.

Question 3

Who is the oldest Belcher daughter?

The oldest Belcher child is definitely the most awkward. She's obsessed with horses, writes questionable fan fiction and fantasizes about dating zombies. Despite being quite the quirky turkey, she's full of hope and creativity. She's not about to let people judge her for her literary pieces or the fact that one of her best friends is an imaginary horse. Once someone gets past the uncomfortable groans and hyperventilating they'll find that she has a heart of gold and just wants to find love with her various crushes and have a great group of friends who love her for who she is.

Question 4

Who is the Belcher son?

This character is the clown of the family. He's a lot like his mother in the sense that he can be pretty eccentric. he has a passion for music and the arts. He often carries his portable keyboard around with him, making fart noises or dog barking sounds when most inappropriate. He can often be seen bothering his parents in the restaurant, trying to sneak extras from the cafeteria lunch ladies and starting impromptu girl groups. Despite his antics often getting him and his family in trouble, he really does love them. So much so that he'd even rescue them from quicksand.

Question 5

Who is the youngest Belcher child?

The youngest Belcher child is the most mischevious. She's 9, going on 29. She has a very dry attitude, which makes for quite hilarious encounters. Out of all the children, she is most like her father. They share the same wit and unique hobbies, and some great inside jokes like Turkey CSI. She's the biggest trouble maker of the three children. She often goes out in search of trouble especially when it can inconvenience someone she doesn't like, like her school guidance counselor. She can have a big heart though, especially when it comes to her friends and their wellbeing.

Question 6

Who is this cat lady?

This character is Linda's sister who's a bit of a cat lady...meaning she has a lot of cats. A lot of cats. She's quite the nervous nelly and is always worried about some aspect of her life, which she brings to Linda and the kids so they can help her sort her life out. She's an avid artist and creative mind, even creating her own board game and a one-woman show based upon her own life. She can be pretty bad with her money to the point where she is often 'borrowing' money from the Belchers to pay for her adventures.

Question 7

Who is Linda's loud friend?

This character is one of Linda's close friends. She's a hairdresser with a lot of sass and personality. She loves trying out new things, like becoming a blonde and fruit-peel health scheme. She has proven to be a lot of fun, often dropping into the restaurant to brag about her different endeavors and the men she's dating. However, she's never really been lucky when it comes to love. Throughout the show however, she does flirt with quite a few different men. She flirts with Hugo at Lobsterfest and Sergeant Bosco at Linda's speed dating event. She loves a man in uniform.

Question 8

What is Bob's father's name?

Bob and his father have never really gotten along. In multiple episodes, Bob will flashback to his childhood and how strict his father was when it came to work vs play. His family isn't ashamed to let him know that it has had an effect on him as an adult. Bob worked alongside his father at the family restaurant but was always frustrated by his father's unwillingness to change. So when his father tried to make the restaurant about him AND Bob, Bob told him that he was going to go off on his own and make his own restaurant.

Question 9

What is this neighbor's name?

This character owns the crematory and funeral home that's next door to the Belcher's restaurant. He is good friends with the Belcher family, even letting them stay with him while work is done on their home. He's helped them with different adventures, often bringing his mother along for the ride if he thinks she'll get a kick out of it. He's helped with a haunted house and even helped with a sting to catch a particular celebrity impersonator who was trying to get free food from Bob. He's a good friend and can often be seen hanging out in the restaurant.

Question 10

Who is Bob's (kind of) best friend?

This character is Bob's self-proclaimed best friend. He can often be seen sitting at the counter eating a burger. Burgers are his favorite food and the Belchers are his favorite people. Him and Bob have been through a lot together. They've done stunt man training together, he'd helped Bob get out from behind the wall and he's even helped Bob get unstuck from the toilet when he had an important interview. This character is a great friend but can come off a little dim. He'd do anything for the Belchers and considers them to be close and like his own family.

Question 11

Who is Bob's nemesis?

This character owns the restaurant across the street from Bob's Burgers. He serves Italian food and has 3 sons. He's known for having cheesy themed nights and his restaurant is a lot more popular than Bob's is. Bob often compares his customers to this character's, often envious when this character has more. A common theme on the show is Bob's close friends and family will go and be patrons at this character's restaurant instead of Bob's much to his dismay. This character and Bob are often seen fighting over petty things like video games, mustaches and their children's will-they won't-they relationship.

Question 12

Who is Tina's crush?

This is Jimmy Pesto's oldest son and Tina's biggest crush. Aside from Chad the zombie, this character and his bottom have stolen Tina's heart. This character loves to dance much to his father's dismay and has an endearing lisp. He'll dance anywhere and as much as possible, especially if it means he can win Tina's heart. He's a big hot and cold when it comes to wanting Tina though. Sometimes he keeps his distance, but other times he's gone so far as dressing up as a horse and singing a poem to her to try and win her affection back.

Question 13

Who are the youngest Pesto children?

The youngest Pesto children are twins. For them, it means that they spend all their time together and are each other's best friends. There have been attempts to separate them in the past in hopes of them branching out and making other friends but it seems that one either befriends both of them or neither of them. The twins are a bit absent-minded so Louise often manages to get them involved in her schemes. They've worked in the basement casino, starred in Gene's musical and even joined the Belcher children for Linda's makeshift restaurant camp. They're good kids despite having a mean father!

Question 14

Who is the school Guidance Counselor?

This character is usually the antagonist in the series. He's the school guidance counselor and he's very strict on rules. He's a bit of an odd character. He has different puppets to explain different scenarios, like Portion Control Joel and Repressed Memory Emily. He loves to counsel students even when they don't really need it. He's great at looking for problems within people but pretty awkward with actually solving them. He's not great at social interactions, and at one point dates Linda's sister Gayle, but it goes awry as both are a bit too awkward to withstand a relationship with each other.

Question 15

Who is Tina's best frenemy?

This character is Tina's best frenemy. Sometimes this character pretends they're friends, other times she acts mean towards Tina. She's a bit of a loose cannon, going out of her way to get Tina in trouble or frame her for different happenings, such as the mad pooper scenario. Its very obvious on the show that this character is jealous of Tina and her ability to be comfortable with who she is. Viewers see it many times where this character reveals her insecurity. Like Tina, she is also boy crazy. Instead of Jimmy Jr, she goes for his best friend who is a bit crude.

Question 16

Who is Tammy's best friend?

This character is Tammy's best friend. Tammy treats this character like Tina. She'll act like they are close friends and then turn on her. Tammy likes to blame her noisy farts on this character. This character is the follower to Tammy's leader. She can be a bit of an afterthought but she's always ready to get involved in Tammy's schemes. Like Tammy, she's insecure with herself. This character has a valley girl way of speaking, usually this is used to show that she isn't the brightest character on the show. She likes to tell random anecdotes about her family and their experiences.

Question 17

What regular sized kid is Gene standing on?

This character has a 'pocket-sized' equivalent so the kids at school call him "Regular Sized". He's one of the more nervous characters on the show, usually he gets pulled into Louise's schemes and ends up panicking halfway through. His asthma prevents him from traveling without his inhaler. His asthma usually kicks in at inconvenient times, causing his friends to scramble to find his inhaler. It's shown that this character's home life isn't super great. He has a single dad, but he isn't very attentive. For example, in one episode he leaves this character alone on a train while he goes on a date.

Question 18

Who is Gene's bus buddy?

This character is Jimmy Jr's best friend. He's quite the trouble maker but does it with a positive attitude. He's a jokester who loves to leave others at mercy of his pranks. His home life is known to be a bit suspicious. In one episode, him and his cousin go to a concert to buy exotic animals and sell hot dogs. In another he gets in trouble for pooping in the hallway and says that it happened because 'his family moves around a lot'. He still maintains his positivity and is one of the more fun characters in Tina's friend group.

Question 19

Who is the family dentist?

This character is the Belcher family's dysfunctional dentist. He's never been married and feels very insecure about his lack of experience with women. He's very fond of holding onto the glory days, often acting very immature, and he even spends time at his college fraternity. His insecurity comes out when it comes to dating. This character buys a 'Prince of Persuasia' tape to help with his dating life, however the tape just includes a bunch of skeevy moves on how to bother women. He tries to flirt with Gayle on occasion and invites her along with the Belchers to his cabin, but is unsuccessful in love.

Question 20

Who is Tina's fake boyfriend?

This character first appears when Bob is having a mid-life crisis. Bob needs to beat a high score on a video game and ultimately turns to this nerdy character to help him out. This character quickly becomes friends with the Belcher children and becomes part of their crew. In one episode, he reveals to Tina his crush and the two pretend to be girlfriend and boyfriend so that they can try and pique the interest of their real crushes. Tina ends up actually falling for this character, but luckily by the end of the episode her affection turns back to Jimmy Jr.

Question 21

Who is the debate king?

This character is seen when Tina partakes in more nerdy events. First they get paired together for a museum trip, where they take a poll among their classmates on who is the bigger dork. This character then runs for school president much to many people's dismay. He then recruits Tina for the debate team and the two begin to awkwardly date. While he seems to like her, she's much more interested in a handsome boy on the other team. Out of fear of him losing a debate championship, she continues to date him until ultimately it comes out that her feelings weren't real.

Question 22

Who is this light up friend?

This character is seen throughout the series, mostly in Louise's room. He is her favourite toy, that she even lends to her father when he's trapped in the walls. In one episode, he comes to life when Louise has taken cough syrup and he guides her through a magical land which helps her develop stronger relationships with her family. He also comes to life in the episode where Bob is in the walls and Bob has a dream that this character owns a restaurant within the walls. The character can be seen in different forms, on backpacks and toothbrushes but is mostly a light up figure. (Fandom)

Question 23

Who's the bad man with a master plan?

This character is only featured in one episode, but he makes quite the appearance. He's the replacement food inspector for Hugo when Hugo takes a leave to spend time at the beach. The character guilts Bob into letting him perform his original songs at the restaurant, and his songs prove to be less than appropriate for a family setting. Bob and Linda struggle to find ways to get him out of the restaurant but when they tell him they want him out, he begins to cause problems for them and tries to get the restaurant shut down for health concerns.

Question 24

What is this landlord's name?

This character is the Belcher's landlord. He owns more of the properties than just the Belcher's restaurant though. It seems he owns most of the restaurants on the Wharf. He is also the owner of Wonder Wharf, the amusement park on the water. This character is known for not being the most safety conscious, if it means that he can save a few dollars. He is also known to be a fair man, as he often lets the Belchers pay rent late and even makes bets with them to cover their rent. He still is a money stickler though.

Question 25

Who is the brother Fischoeder?

This character is Mr. Fisch's younger brother. He's definitely the more fragile of the two and a bit of a giant baby. He's a pushover and a brat, often thinking of how situations will affect him rather than how his actions will affect others. At one point he gets a girlfriend and promises her great things without really having the resources to back it up. So he goes and promises a bunch of things and when it falls through, he gets upset and even tries to harm Bob and his family as they're the ones getting in the way of his perfect business scheme.

Question 26

What is the name of this capoeira instructor?

This character starts off as Bob's nemesis but slowly becomes his friend. At first he's Tina's capoeira instructor and he has quite a few disagreements with Bob. In later episodes, this character reappears when Bob slips on oil that he pours on the sidewalk after a class. Bob ends up with a hurt shoulder and is told that he will need medical help to fix it. When he tells this to the character, the character insists that he can help Bob in a natural way and can get him the help he needs through exercise and rehabilitation. The pair work together and are successful.

Question 27

Who is the leader of the One Eyed Snakes?

This character is the leader of the One Eyed Snakes which is a group of motorcyclers who hang out around town. They first meet when they're next door having a funeral and come to the restaurant for the reception. The group ends up bonding with Bob and offer him their protection. The kids are fascinated that a group of bikers would come to the restaurant and take them up on their offer in order to be intimidating towards a bully. In the end, the group and Bob end up becoming friends and this character often relies on Bob for help in the real world.

Question 28

Who almost became Chef Cat?

This character is one of Gayle's many cats, but he's Gayle's most prominent cat. He was found 'lost', sitting on someone's porch and Gayle 'rescued' him. He is known to love jazz music and it can be used to coax him off of high places. In one of the later episodes, he is spotted by a talent agent who believes that he can become the face of a cat food brand and the man wants to represent him. Gayle takes him to the event to audition to be the new 'Chef Cat' but ultimately backs out when she thinks the cat is unhappy.

Question 29

Which Boyz 4 Now member has Louise's heart?

This character is a member of the popular boyband 'Boyz 4 Now'. It features him and a few other boys where they sing songs that remain vague so that every girl can believe that they're being sung to. This character is Louise's favorite of the group. She claims that she would never be into a boyband but after seeing this character live she falls head over heels. However instead of wanting to be his girlfriend, she wants to smack him. He appears in later episodes when he decides that he's going to break free from his group and become a solo artist.

Question 30

Who is Louise's nemesis?

This character is Louise's nemesis. He goes out of his way to cause problems for her and at one point steals her bunny ears, which are Louise's prized possessions. He uses them to bother her and try and get under her skin. He appears many times throughout the series to be an antagonist for Louise. At one point they're both brought to a 'mother-daughter' seminar by their mothers and the two actually end up working together to get themselves out of the uncomfortable situations. They always end up rekindling their dislike for each other and are back to being nemesis' by the end of the episode.

Question 31

Who like liked Gene?

This character had a big crush on Gene throughout the series. She is known for having a big mouth. Her and Gene begin dating after he's too scared to reject her advances. Gene comes to learn that her father creates jingles and he becomes fascinated by her father so he keeps dating her in hopes that her father will help him break into the entertainment business. Needless to say, it doesn't go well. She reappears in later episodes when her and Gene host the morning announcements together and fall back in love for a short time. The pair works well together but Ms. LaBonz works harder.

Question 32

What 'sweet' customer is this?

This character is a character of few words but she certainly is one of the favorite characters. She goes by a singular sweet name and Bob loves her. Anytime she comes into the restaurant she gets a personal greeting from Bob. When asked how she got her nickname, she replied, "'Cause if you show me a sweet potato pie, I am on top of it.". She makes casual appearances on the show and is a fan favourite. Bob once described her as She comes and goes as she pleases, she answers to no-one and she is truly free". She also helped Linda with a business venture by leaving her shoe behind. (Fandom)

Question 33

Who is Gene dressed as?

This character is an extension of Gene. He's a character created by Gene for the television cooking show segment that he and Bob starred on for a brief period of time. Bob would cook the burger and this character would destroy things and eat the hamburgers like a gorilla. The character is comprised of a Sasquatch mask that Gene got from Peter Pescadero in exchange for teaching him how to 'pop and lock' dance, and the burger suit that Gene wears when he hands out samples outside of the restaurant. This character was a hit with the cooking show audience.

Question 34

Who wants Louise as a best friend?

This character is extremely interested in becoming Louise's best friend. To the point that she's willing to manipulate the system in order to have them paired together for assignments. This character is shown to be probably the most intense of the series. In the Halloween episode when Louise won't trick-or-treat with her, she leaves Louise and her group trapped inside of a cardboard box that is smushed between a wall and a truck. She intends to leave them there until they change their mind but when she comes back she thinks something has happened to them and she panics about what she's done.

Question 35

Who runs the art store with her husband?

This is another minor character who quickly stole fan's hearts. She is the older woman who runs the art store. Anytime Bob or the family need craft supplies, they always seem to end up in her shop where her and her husband give them extreme attitude until they buy something and leave. She is also often seen in the background quite often, yelling "FILTH!" when something happens that isn't to her liking. One of her more known episodes is the episode where Bob comes looking for drawing lessons and the first thing she starts with is having herself model the human form for him, leaving Bob a bit scarred.

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