We Bet No One Can Match 100% Of These Characters To Their Movies

It's one thing to be a movie aficionado, but it's another thing entirely to know which film a character belongs to. After all, there are a ton of characters. Some of which are played by the same actor. This can make things quite challenging when trying to remember which film or film franchise a character is from if they don't have a peculiar or specific look. But getting good at distinguishing them is part of the fun of being a movie nerd.

This movie character quiz isn't for the faint of heart. Those who often tackle quizzes on this site may find that this is one of the more difficult ones created. That's because it likes to throw curve-balls at those who attempt to score higher than 75%. In one moment, those who take this quiz will see a face like Darth Vader, Hermione Granger, Lisbeth Salander, Gandalf, or Borat and know exactly which film or film franchise they belong to. But in the next, they may see Mia Wallace, Oda Mae, Edward Bloom, Annie Wilkes, or John Keating and be completely stumped. However, if one thinks they have what it takes to match all of these characters with the films or film franchises they belong to, they should definitely jump right in...

Question 1

Which film franchise does Indiana Jones belong to?

Harrison Ford played Indiana Jones in four movies which are part of the same film franchise. Although the character has also appeared in some television series that aren't considered canon, Harrison's portrayal is the most iconic. Indiana is an adventurer, professor, and archeologist. He constantly battles those who wish to take control of the planet via ancient antiquities that have magical or supernatural powers. His bullwhip, brown leather jacket, and fedora are as iconic as the grumpy, funny, and capable character himself.

Question 2

Which film does Heath Ledger's Joker belong to?

Although The Joker has appeared in numerous films and television series over the years, perhaps the most beloved take on the Batman villain is Heath Ledger's. After all, he did end up winning a posthumous Academy Award for his performance in this film. Ledger, as well as Christopher and Jonathan Nolan's script, brought a much more realistic perspective to the character. He was also far less gimmicky than previous incarnations. The Joker's moral compass in this film was that he wanted to see how far people could go before they broke their own moral compass.

Question 3

Which film did Anthony Hopkins' Hannibal Lecter first belong to?

Hannibal Lecter was a character that existed before Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins took the role. However, it was Anthony Hopkins performance in this particular film that sparked an entire film franchise based around him. It also rejuvenated the literary character in a way that the previous actor hadn't. In the film in question, a young FBI agent is sent to speak with Lecter in a high-security confinement center. Presumably, the particularly bad Lecter can help her track down another bad guy who is currently at large.

Question 4

Which film does Furiosa belong to?

Charlize Theron's Imperator Furiosa was basically the protagonist of this Mad Max film. Although Tom Hardy's Max played an essential role, it was Furiosa who had the most external, specific goal that pushed her forward throughout the film. In the film, she was a captain under Immortan Joe, who she turns against. She frees his five wives from him and attempts to get them to The Green Place where they will be free. Not only does Furiosa prove herself to be a capable warrior and driver, but she also is a great leader.

Question 5

Which film does Frank The Rabbit belong to?

Frank the Rabbit, also known as Frank Anderson, is one of the central characters in this 2001 independent science fiction film. In the film, he isn't exactly living but he aims to help the lead character correct the timeline of the primary universe by returning a fallen jet engine to its original universe. His main skill is the ability to travel to time, but he also is a fan of frightening people, arson, and vandalism. Although he could be intimidating, he was also a beneficial force in the protagonist's life.

Question 6

Which film does Frank Abagnale Jr belong to?

A young Leonardo Dicapprio played the very real Frank Abagnale Jr. in this Steven Spielberg film. Frank was a child of a divorced couple who learned at a young age that he had the skills to swindle and manipulate others. He soon began to forge cheques that allowed him to travel the world and assume different identities. He also managed to learn three sperate professions without going to school for them. This made it very difficult for him to be caught by the authorities.

Question 7

Which film does Fletcher belong to?

J.K. Simmons played Terence Fletcher in this Damien Chazelle film. Fletcher is a music teacher and conductor at a very prestigious music school on the East Coast. However, he didn't get the job by being nice. He ends up being one of the toughest teachers that any student has ever had. In fact, his methods caused the audience to question what the price of greatness is. Fletcher also makes us wonder if his way of teaching is the most effective or not.

Question 8

Which film franchise does Kevin McCallister belong to?

Chris Columbus and John Hughes joined forces to bring the first film of this series to life. Right away it was a hit and audiences wanted to see more of Kevin McCallister. Originally, this young boy was forgotten at home when his parents and siblings went away on a holiday. At first, Kevin loved it as he got to do anything he wanted. But soon he started to miss his loved ones. Eventually, he is forced to fend off two robbers. The same formula is brought back for the sequel, only the location changes.

Question 9

Which initial film does Dory belong to?

Ellen DeGeneres voiced this very forgetful little fish in two films. However, before the sequel, fans fell in love with her role in this first film. In the film, Dory joins forces with a clownfish named Marlin who is on a journey to find his son and bring him home. Although Dory forgets literally everything, she ends up being very helpful to Marlin as well as reminds him that having fun in life really matters, especially when dealing with sadness. Because of this movie, Dory has reminded us all to "just keep swimming".

Question 10

Which film does Dom Cobb belong to?

Leonardo Dicaprio played a father trying to get back to his children in this Christopher Nolan film. Dom specialized in entering peoples' dreams in order to retrieve information. However, in order to get back to his family, Dom has to plant an idea in someone's dream instead. To do this, he hires a team of brilliant minds to pull off very specific jobs in the dream world. Unforunately, the memory of Dom's late wife comes along with him and attempts to stop him from accomplishing his goal.

Question 11

Which film franchise does Jack Sparrow belong to?

Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow has gone down as one of the most inventive characters of all time. Although the films in the franchise that he belongs to got less impressive as they went along, fans still adore this odd character. Jack Sparrow, sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow is one of the best pirates around. However, a lot of the time, he seems to be a great pirate out of luck. He has a love for his ship, The Black Pearl, as it represents freedom to him.

Question 12

Which film does Mia belong to?

Emma Stone played an up-and-coming actor named Mia in this Damien Chazelle directed musical. Mia begins her story working as a barista on a movie studio backlot. Here is where she truly begins to imagine what her life would be like if she got to do what she loves full time. She soon meets a young man, played by Ryan Gosling, who wants to open a jazz club. The two fall for one another but soon realize that their hearts and dreams may be in conflict.

Question 13

Which film series does Trinity belong to?

Uber talented actor Carrie-Anne Moss played Trinity in three films that form this franchise. Trinity was one of the few members of humanity who were unplugged from a simulation that gave machines the energy to survive. Trinity ended up falling for Neo, who was seen as the person who could free everyone from this form of mind control. Although she was skeptical of him at first, she soon became the source of his love and his drive to be a hero.

Question 14

Which film series does Jason Bourne belong to?

Matt Damon has played Jason Bourne in four films that form this movie franchise. Jason Bourne began his story as an ex-secret agent who lost all of his memories. He attempted to piece together his former life as various people attempted to bring him down. As the series went on, Jason began to understand that his former life was a lot more complicated than he intially thought. Jason Bourne proves himself to be one of the smartest and most agile secret agents in film history.

Question 15

Which film does John Coffey belong to?

The late Micheal Clarke Duncan played John Coffey in this Frank Darabont film based on a novel by Stephen King. The film follows a group of guards who look after those who will be ended. During the story, a gentle giant named John Coffey is put into their care. Although Coffey is accused of some really bad things, it soon becomes apparent to the guards that he's innocent. Not only that, but he also possesses a power that frees people from their ailments.

Question 16

Which film does Jules Winnfield belong to?

Samuel L. Jackson played hitman Jules Winnfield in this Quentin Tarantino classic. Although Jules proved to be one of Marsellus Wallace's best agents, he soon had a change of heart. Instead of playing around in the underworld, he decides to go and "walk the Earth". Jules was partnered with John Travolta's Vincent Vega, who he had an iconic conversation with about a burger named "The Royal with Cheese". He also recites a Biblical passage when facing one of the people he was sent to confront.

Question 17

Which film does K belong to?

Ryan Gosling played K in this Denis Villeneuve film. In the movie, K is a robotic replicant working for the police in a futuristic LA. He's tasked with retiring older replicants as they have gone haywire. He discovers that one of the replicants has given birth, which would be an anomaly. While on his journey, he comes face-to-face with Harrison Ford's Rick Deckard who he believes to be his father. K's world is completely upended when he realizes the truth of his origins and the possibilities of the robotic world.

Question 18

Which film does M. Gustave belong to?

All of Wes Anderson's films contain a series of eccentric characters with wonderful names such as M. Gustave. The character, played by Ralph Fiennes, is a devoted hotel concierge who has no problem getting close to some guests even though they are far older than him. However, things go array for him when he is framed for a bad deed that he didn't commit. He teams up with his lobby boy and goes on a journey to evade capture and reclaim his good name.

Question 19

Which film does Marge Gunderson belong to?

The Coen Brothers created Marge Gunderson for this iconic crime film that spawned an entire episodic series. Marge, played by the Academy Award-winning Frances McDormand, is a cop in a small Midwestern town. She is tasked with finding two really bad people who have committed a crime. Although she is far along in her pregnancy, Marge continues to work so that she can bring these people to justice. Although the film has a series of great characters, Marge easily steal the entire movie.

Question 20

Which film franchise does Marty McFly belong to?

Michael J. Fox first played Marty McFly in the beloved film by Robert Zemeckis. The film follows a small-town teen, Marty, who is thrown back into the 1950s when an expert by his scientist friend goes wrong. While in the 50s, he meets the younger version of his mother who decides not to get together with the younger version of his father. If Marty isn't able to bring the two together, he will cease to exist in the future. This film sparked an entire franchise that this character belongs to.

Question 21

Which film does Randle McMurphy belong to?

Chances are, fans of this movie read the book that it was based on while in school. In the film, Jack Nicholson plays Randle Patrick McMurphy who is able to get himself put into a special place in order to avoid time away. While locked up, he attempts to physically and metaphoricall free the others who are with him. However, McMurphy has his work cut-out for him due to the presence of the uncompromising Nurse Ratchett. Nicholson won an Oscar for this role in this movie.

Question 22

Which film does Michael Clayton belong to?

Without a doubt, George Clooney gave his best performance when he appeared as Micheal Clayton in this Tony Gilroy masterpiece. The film follows a problem fixer named Michael who works at a prestigious law firm. Michael is busy trying to pay off his debts, deal with his love of gambling, and open up a bar when his firm gets into a big problem. This throws Michael into a web of deeds and reveals that change his life for the rest of time.

Question 23

Which film does Mildred Hayes belong to?

Frances McDormand won an Oscar for her portrayal of Mildred Hayes in this Martin McDonagh masterpeice. The film follows Mildred as she attempts to pressure the local cops into solving a case that they have seemingly abandoned. This case is particularily close to her as it involves her daughter. Mildred goes to creative lengths to get them to do what she wants. Although this film has a very unhappy setting, as well as deal with relevant issues, it tackles them with heart and a level of comedy not found in most films.

Question 24

Which film does Red Redding belong to?

This film is often considered one of the greatest films ever made. It follows two guys who have been locked away for things they may or may not have done. Morgan Freeman plays Red Redding, the heart of the film, who also attempts to guide Andy Dufresne through his time inside. The pair bond deeply and aim to reunite with one another once they've been released or escape. This film has one of the most famous scenes of all time involving an escape.

Question 25

Which film franchise does Ripley belong to?

When it comes to capable female action heroes, there's probably no character more famous than Ripley. Sigourney Weaver played her in four movies in this ongoing film franchise. Ellen Ripley beings her story as an officer on a spaceship called the Nostromo which comes in contact with an alien lifeform that proves to be very bad. Although she escapes the alien in the first film, Ripley later comes into contat with the species on various other occasions. Each time, she proves herself to be one of the best action characters ever.

Question 26

Which initial film does Rocket Raccoon belong to?

Bradley Cooper voices this CGI character who joins The Avengers. Although Rocket Raccoon has appeared in various films, his first big-screen outing was in this classic. In the film, Rocket starts off as a bounty hunter working alongside his alien friend, Groot. However, the two get involved with a group of outcasts who become a group that defends the universe from various villains. Although Rocket appears as a cuddly character, he has a gruff personality. But underneath, Rocket Raccoon has a big heart.

Question 27

Which film does The Dude belong to?

The Dude, who also goes by another name, has become one of the most beloved characters of all time. Part of it has to do with the fact that the Coen Brothers wrote him into a great film. But the other reason has to do with Jeff Bridges' perfomance. Ultimately, The Dude is one lazy guy. However, once his carpet gets messed up, he is thrown into a rather complicated story of crime and deceit. Even with everything going on, The Dude still has time to drink his favoruite cocktail in this hilarious film.

Question 28

Which film does X-23 belong to?

Although X-23 has been a comic-mainstay for many years, she didn't get her big screen debut until this James Mangold film. X-23, AKA Laura, is a mutant who was experimented upon similairly to Wolverine. In the movie, she joins forces with Hugh Jackman's classic character in order to evade capture. Although X-23 idoesn't have many years on her, she proves to be one of the most powerful characters around. In fact, it's arguable if Wolverine could even bring her down. Hopefully, we see this character again.

Question 29

Which film does Quint belong to?

Robert Shaw's Quint appears in this award-winning Steven Spielberg film that has made people afraid of going into the water. Although the film mischaracterizes sharks, it's one of the best suspenseful adventures of all time. The film follows a local sheriff who hires a marine biologist as well as a fisherman, Quint, to track down a shark that's been going after his citizens. Although Quint comes off as one of the worst people around, he proves to be fairly helpful on the sheriff's journey.

Question 30

Which film does Russell belong to?

Russell is a boyscout in this heartwarming Pixar film. The sweet character, voiced by Jordan Nagai, attempts to be helpful to an elderly man who is being forced out of his home. Little does Russell know, but the elderly man has tied balloons to his home in order to launch it into the air. Russell gets dragged along on the elderly man's adventure and eventually causes the man to open his heart to love and family. Which film does Russell belong to?

Question 31

Which film does Anne Hathaway's Selina Kyle belong to?

Selina Kyle, AKA Catwoman, has appeared in a few Batman films to date. After all, she is one of the most famous frenemies of the Caped Crusader. In this film, she is played by Anne Hathaway. It's easily the most grounded take on the character, who doesn't even sport her iconic whip. In the film, Selina attempts to retrieve a device that will wipe her history clean. But she gets caught up on Batman's journey to save Gotham city from Bane.

Question 32

Which film does Sean belong to?

In this beautiful film written by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, directed by Gus Van Sant, Robin Williams plays a heartfelt therapist who attempts to help a young man with a genius intellect and a bad upbringing. Although this young man, played by Matt Damon, first refuses Sean's help, the pair soon builds a really authentic bond. But things aren't as easy as they appear. This leads Sean to give an iconic monologue about his late wife that shakes Matt's character out of apathy.

Question 33

Which film franchise does Don Corleone belong to?

When it comes to classic characters in classic movies, Don Corleone pretty much takes the cake. The character first appeared in a 1972 film that followed the enterprise of a family engaging in many bad activities. Don Corleone was based on the character in Mario Puzo's original novel and was played by Marlon Brando who won an Oscar for his portrayal. Corleone plays the head of the family who everyone bows to. Although he can be uncompromising, Don Corleone proves that he loves his family.

Question 34

Which film does Mama Odie belong to?

Mama Odie plays a supporting role in this 2009 Disney film. The character, voiced by Jennifer Lewis, is known as "The Queen of the Bayou" because of her magical skills. In the film, a young Princess who has been turned into an animal comes to seek her help. But Mama Odie challenges the Princess to look further into herself as her issue isn't just a physical one. This fun character often has a snake wrapped around her shoulders and is very connected to animals.

Question 35

Which film does Truman Burbank belong to?

Jim Carrey was hoping to win an Oscar for his charming, heartfelt, and hilarious performance as Truman in this 1998 film directed by Peter Weir. Although he didn't know, Turman spent his entire life as the star of a reality show watched across the globe. Truman had a fairly normal life in a town that was completely fabricated, but millions of people tuned in each day to watch him. Truman's life turned upside down when he realized what he had unwittingly been a part of.

Question 36

Which film franchise does Aragorn belong to?

Viggo Mortensen played Aragorn in these three award-winning films by director Peter Jackson. The character was also a literary favorite but hadn't been put on the big screen until the first film in this trilogy. Aragorn was the long-lost heir to the throne of Gondor. Although he knew his lineage, Aragorn had become a ranger known as "Strider". It took a while for Aragorn to come to terms with his position in this mythical world and become king. Aragorn was one of the starring characters of this beloved franchise.

Question 37

Which film does Violet Weston belong to?

Meryl has been in so many great films that should appear on this list, but one of her best performances came from this film which was adapted from a famous stage-play by Tracy Letts. In the film, Streep plays Violet Weston, the matriarch of the Weston family who gather to mourn the loss of her husband. The family spends time in close quarters during the heat of the summer. During this time, certain revelations change their dynamic forever. Even still, Violet attempts to maintain order even if she comes across as less than nice.

Question 38

Which film does Jack Skellington belong in?

In this cleverly animated film by Tim Burton, Chris Saradon voiced Jack Skellington, AKA The Pumpkin King. Although Jack is revered in Halloween Town, his social standing is questioned once Jack discovers that there are other towns celebrating different holidays. When Jack crosses over to the others, things in Halloween town begin to shift in ways that members of his community don't like. Jack learns that his actions have consequences and he learns to correct some of the mistakes he has made.

Question 39

Which film does Westley belong to?

This film follows a young pair who fall in love with one another on a farm but become separated. Over the years, one of the two, Westley, becomes a pirate and trains to become one of the best swordsmen around. This is because he plans to free his love from the clutches of a King. Westley is driven to accomplish his goal, but learns that he can't do it alone. So, he joins up with a bunch of wonderful characters in this Rob Reiner film.

Question 40

Which film does V belong to?

In this futuristic film, a vigilante attempts to free the citizens of London from a government that's taken control of every aspect of society. This truly bad regime tries to bring down the vigilante, known as V. Although he's seen as an imposing figure, V also has a love of art, romance, and fireworks. In the film, he's played by Hugo Weaving from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The film was directed by James McTeigue and was written by Lana and Lily Wachowski.

Question 41

Which film franchise does Dr. Alan Grant belong to?

Sam Neil's Dr. Alan Grant is one of the most engaging characters in this series that was started by Steven Spielberg and based off of a series of books by Michael Crichton. Grant is a paleontologist who is approached by a billionaire who wants him to sign off on a park full of genetically created dinosaurs. Grant journies to the island where things go bad really fast. Not only does Grant has to evade these animals, but he also has to confront his greatest fear... children.

Question 42

Which film does Euphegenia Doubtfire belong to?

Robin Williams plays both Daniel Hillard and his alter-ego, Euphegenia Doubtfire in this heartwarming and funny 1993 film directed by Chris Columbus. Daniel has to become this alter-ego in order to spend time with his children whose mother is in need of a housekeeper. Although the film is for children, it's easily one of the most beloved Robin William's films due to the fact that it appeals to all ages. One of the reasons is that it's a very thought-provoking film that tackles some relevant issues.

Question 43

Which film franchise does Boba Fett belong to?

Although Boba Fett only had a couple of lines in this epic film saga, he has become on the most iconic characters ever. This bounty hunter usually is employed by Jabba the Hutt to find, and sometimes take out, wanted individuals. Boba Fett almost always is seen in his cool suit. His suit includes a rocket launcher, a jetpack and various other tools he uses to take down his targets. Unfortunately, all these cool gadgets weren't enough to save him from falling in the Sarlacc Pit.

Question 44

Which film series does Bellatrix Lestrange belong to?

Although Helena Bonham Carter's Bellatrix Lestrange isn't the main antagonist in this beloved film series, she is easily one of the most iconic. Fans seem to be enthralled with this truly bad witch. Bellatrix Lestrange was a witch who started following Lord Voldemort at a young age and fell in love with him. During her life, she would do absolutely anything that her idol asked of her. This included taking out her own family members who opposed his ideology. The only thing that matched Bellatrix's bad actions was her personality.

Question 45

Which film does Cooper belong to?

Cooper was a pilot in the first years of his working life. However, once the world was in need of farmers due to changes in the enviroment, Cooper became a farmer. But in this epic film by Christopher Nolan, Cooper gets to fly again, this time as an astronaut who attempts to find another habital planet in the galaxy. In order to save humanity and his own family, he must leave it. While he's gone, his daughter grows up into an astrophysicst that finds a way to send everyone to another planet.

Question 46

Which film does Aibileen Clark belong to?

This film, starring Viola Davis, follows a Southern woman named Skeeter as she interviews a series of women who have spent their entire lives serving other families. This causes her community to become angry with her as it shakes up the status quo. Viola Davis plays Aibileen Clark, who takes care of a family despite their poor treatment of her due to her skin. Aibileen dreamed of becoming something else, but never got to achieve it. Her best friend in this film is Minny Jackson.

Question 47

Which main Avengers film does Thanos belong to?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe spent an entire decade working up to the moment where the Avengers finally got to face-off with Josh Brolin's Thanos. Although Thanos briefly appears in a couple of the other Avengers and Guardians films, his main role was in this film. In the movie, Thanos and his minions travel from planet to planet, searching for the Infinity Stones, which will grant him the power to take out half of the universe. Thanos hopes that by doing this, he will erase all of the hunger and poverty issues. What's the main film that he appears in?

Question 48

Which film franchise does Ron Burgundy belong to?

Will Ferrell has played Ron Burgundy twice in this hilarious film franchise. Ron begins as a local newscaster in San Diego but quickly rises to stardom. Although Ron means well, he usually comes across as completely off-color and quite bad at his job. He is surrounded by a cast of lovable and odd characters, each of whom adds something substantial to his life, even if it's just an impromptu singing of "Afternoon Delight". Which film franchise does Ron Burgundy belong to?

Question 49

Which film franchise does Agent J belong to?

Will Smith has played this lovable goofball in the three movies that make up this film franchise by Barry Sonnenfeld. In the films, Will Smith plays Agent J, who is brought into an underground world of agents who attempt to control alien lifeforms hiding out on earth. Some of these aliens peacefully hide among the population, while others seek to cause harm. In all the movies, there's an alien plot to take over Earth and the galaxy that Agent J and his partner must stop.

Question 50

Which film does Anton Chigurh belong to?

When it comes to film villains, most people believe four may be the most imposing. This list includes The Joker, Hannibal Lecter, Darth Vader and Anton Chigurh who appeared in this Coen Brother's film. Javier Bardem plays Anton Chigurh in this neo-western that follows a hunter who finds a suitcase full of money. He is chased by Bardem's Chigurh and a cop played by Tommy Lee Jones. Chigurh, who works for unseen forces, stops at nothing to retrieve the suitcase and live by his messed up values.

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