We Bet No One Can Get 100% On This Basic Cooking Quiz

Cooking is one of the activities that separates us from the animals. Although food is a necessity, human beings are the only species that actually cooks our food and spends quality time together while eating. We use heat, water, air and technology to create delicious ways to stay alive. Food is our fuel and cooking in the kitchen creates family bonds and warm memories!

Some of us spent time learning to cook as small children. Others of us learned how to cook new things at a later time. No matter the cooking history, we have all prepared a meal or two at some point. In this basic cooking quiz, we will tackle a wide range of cooking knowledge. Here there will be everything from cooking based TV shows to identifying kitchen items. The level of chef-pertise will be tested regarding methods of cooking, types of bread, and cooking related definitions. Anyone who prides themselves on being a great cook should get 100% on this quiz - or at least try to!

For those who love the sound of steaks grilling, or the smell of caramel melting, this quiz is the right choice. Get ready to test knowledge and possibly get a little hungry.

Question 1

What kitchen utensil is this?

This is a very common and useful kitchen item. This cooking utensil has a wide variety of uses in the kitchen. It can be used to blend various items together like mixing eggs, flour, sugar and milk together to make a cake. It has a long handle, which makes it easier to grab. This item is also used to beat eggs together with salt and pepper. Some may use a fork instead of this, if they are lacking one in the kitchen.

Question 2

The most common accident in the kitchen is what?

Kitchens are actually full of safety hazards, so it is best to be very careful. Kitchens in a home or kitchens inside a restaurant pose various threats because there are so many elements happening. There is a hot stove, where a chef might be boiling water. There are plenty of knives, for chopping, dicing and cutting. There are sinks that could overflow and wet the floor. People could bump into each other with hot food. Kitchens are a great place, but those inside them need to stay alert.

Question 3

Which of these movies is about cooking?

There are so many movie genres out there, that cooking movies may get lost in the wave of action and comedy. But movies that involve cooking, chefs or restaurant life make us feel warm and cozy. One of the reasons is that falling in love or going on a journey of self discovery is made so much better when food in involved. One of these movies is about cooking delicious food, and the other three are not. Which is it?

Question 4

People eat bugs because they have a lot of what?

Buzz buzz, it's dinner time! Eating bugs is not uncommon, and some actually attest to the nutritional benefits. Bugs can be found lodged inside of a transparent lollipops, covered in chocolate or just plain on a stick. However they are served, people eating them get more than a crunchy texture. There is a certain nutrient that is found in bugs - something we could all use in our diets. Body builders might enjoy adding bugs to their meal prep. What do bugs have in their bodies?

Question 5

A serrated knife is best used to cut what?

According to Cutco there are many types of knives, and they each have a different purpose. A Chef's Knife is perfect for easy cutting. A Carving Knife is perfect for large turkey or ham. The use of a Cheese Knife is pretty self explanatory. Kitchen Shears are useful in the kitchen for opening packaging or cutting out sections of food. A Serrated Knife has a bumpy blade, and cooking experts say it is really good at cutting one of the items listed here.

Question 6

Boiling food then immersing it into ice water is called what?

Who loves fruits and veggies? This cooking technique is usually used on fruits of vegetables, because it stops the food from getting over cooked. First, the food is submerged in scalding hot boiling water for a minute or two. Then, the food is quickly removed and placed into ice cold water. At this point the cooking process ends. This method of cooking is useful to do before preserving food, according to Livestrong. Those who love to cook will choose the best answer.

Question 7

BBQ Sauce always includes which of these ingredients?

BBQ food is good year round, especially when the sauce is a delicious homemade creation. BBQ sauce is perfect for slow cooker ribs, deep fried chicken wings or on grilled chicken. For anyone who has made their own BBQ sauce before this questions will be an easy one. There are tons of ways to make BBQ sauce, because everyone has different taste buds. But one of the items listed here is always found in this yummy sauce. Which is the right answer?

Question 8

Pickling food is to immerse food in what?

Crunchy pickles are a great addition to a fresh hamburger, carved turkey sandwich or even to eat by themselves. These little green foods are very popular, and some people even drink the leftover juice. Pickling foods is an old tradition. According to Hobby Farms, people will pickle beans, carrots, cauliflower, asparagus and jalapeños. The regular pickles we are used to are made from cucumbers, and they taste totally different when they are pickled. What is the liquid that creates that pickled flavor?

Question 9

The process of soaking foods in a seasoned mixture before cooking is called

A delicious meal takes some time to prepare, and before the oven is even on, the main dish must be seasoned. A great way to season chicken, turkey, steak or seafood is to participate in this process. Once a mixture of oil and seasonings are combined in a bag or bowl, the main entree is placed inside. This allows the seasons to soak inside, so that the flavor is not just on the outside. Yum! What is this process called?

Question 10

Which cheese is used in salad dressing?

When it comes to salad, the toppings are endless. Some like to add croutons while others like to add fruits or nuts. There are also endless options of salad dressings, like Ranch or Italian. However, in this question, there is one salad dressing where the key ingredient is a special kind of cheese. It has a very distinct look, smell as taste. Take a look at the cheeses here and see if one of them stands out as a salad dressing.

Question 11

Quinoa is what?

Health trends grow more and more popular, with each passing day. As they do, the popularity of quinoa will rise. It is a delicious food that is good for the body and be prepared several ways. However, it is not the most common food so identifying which food family it is a part of might be difficult. According to Bustle, quinoa can be toasted in oil for more flavor, or prepared like oatmeal. That is a clue! What is it?

Question 12

GMO stands for what?

GMO is an acronym that we hear on the news, on social media, in food blogs and in commercials. GMOs are not a good thing, yet they make up a large portion of today's produce. Even though we may hear this term and shudder, we are probably eating them more often than we would like. GMO is a hot topic for organic food lovers, but what do the letters actually stand for? Anyone who gets this right has great food knowledge.

Question 13

What is the bread called that is pictured here?

Whenever this bread is featured in a movie, it is perched in the basket of a bicycle, or peering out of a cute tote bag. This delicious and crispy bread can be warmed up and served with soup, or just cut and devoured with butter. There are so many varieties of bread on the market, but this one is extremely popular. Panera Bread restaurant serves this on the side of their main options. Whats the name of this type of bread?

Question 14

Who was the star chef on MasterChef?

According to Wikipedia, this famous chef was born in Scotland. He is known for his outspoken ways, always telling the brutal truth regardless of how much it hurts someone's feelings. He's a successful chef and reality TV personality. This chef comes off very strict, harsh, and is paid extremely well. For any aspiring chefs, his experience in the hospitality industry is definitely goals. As a joke, he even goes on social to make fun of peoples home-cooked meals. Who is he?

Question 15

Which of these is NOT a type of potato?

Potatoes are a sturdy food that have stood the test of time. They have become a staple in many households, because they can be served at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some love thinly sliced potatoes, fried into chips. Some enjoy a baked potato topped with bacon and chives. However it is served, it is usually delicious. One of the potatoes on this list on not a real potato variety. Identify the one that is made up, then mash some potatoes for fun.

Question 16

Carne Asada is usually cooked how?

Carne asada is a delicious and flavorful style of red meat. Carne asada is usually the main ingredient in tacos or burritos. It can also be served on a salad, or inside a quesadilla. This food is amazing! Traditionally, it is cooked a certain way. Anyone who has seen a taco truck or visited a Latin restaurant will get this question correct. Is carne usually cooked on the grill, in a microwave, in the oven or boiled in hot water?

Question 17

Masa is corn dough flour used in what dish?

Dough makes the world go round - especially when it comes to pizza. But there are several different types of dough that are meant for different dishes. Sough dough is for pastries, while other types are for biscuits. Masa is a corn based dough flour, according to The Kitchn. Masa is used to make a popular Latino dish that is often served at family gatherings. This meal is paired with salsa and takes a long time to make. Select the best answer!

Question 18

Authentic Caesar salad dressing includes which ingredient?

The answer to this question lies in a Spongebob Squarepants quote by Mr. Krabs. He says, "Do you smell it? That smell. A kind of smelly smell. The smelly smell that smells... smelly." (IMDb) Whatever he was referring to is actually a main ingredient in the making of traditional Caesar dressing. This is a popular salad that can be found at high end restaurants, and fast food restaurants. Salad fans and Spongebob fans should both be able to get this one right!

Question 19

Tofu is also known by what name?

Tofu is a staple in the diets of people around the world. Some people really love its versatile ability to be cooked in every kind of way. Others do not enjoy the texture, or the taste. It is a common food for vegetarians and vegans to start using daily, because it can replicate chicken or beef if cooked properly. Tofu is made from Soy Milk and it stems from China, according to BBC Good Food. What is another name for this food?

Question 20

The main ingredient in hummus is what?

The Spruce Eats writes that hummus originated in the Middle East, specially Egypt. Hummus continues to be a very popular appetizer and side dish. The main ingredient was growing all over the middle east in the 13th century. This yummy dish is often topped with olive oil and served with pita bread. Some also eat hummus with carrots, bell peppers and broccoli. It even tastes great with potato chips! What is the main ingredient for this amazing Middle Eastern food?

Question 21

What do Michelin stars signify?

According to Wikipedia, the Michelin Guides began in France, over a century ago. The Michelin guide serves as a guide to create a top notch restaurant. The inspectors that go around rating the restaurants are anonymous, and never reveal what they do for work. There are 3 stars possible on the Michelin scale, so it is a restaurants dream to earn this distinction. So what exactly are the inspectors looking for when they secretly visit a restaurant? Choose the best answer!

Question 22

Where did Wolfgang Puck come from?

WolfgangPuck.com writes that this well known chef began cooking as a child, in his parents kitchen. His mother was a successful chef as well. Good things do run in the family! He opened his very first restaurant in Hollywood, California. The restaurant was called Spago and was a great success. Although he did move to Los Angeles in 1975, does anyone know where he was born? Wolfgang Puck is now a worldwide name, but his home country was in Europe.

Question 23

The best way to melt caramel is to add what?

Caramel is a yummy candy, but it gets even better when it is melted. Then the creations are endless, from caramel coated apples to caramel covered popcorn it's a sweet delight. Melting caramel can be a bit challenging, because it burns easily. The candy chefs of the world add something to smooth it out. Whether they become melted on the stove, or in a microwave, adding this ingredient makes the process a whole lot easier. What should be added to caramel?

Question 24

When peeling apples, they may turn this color if out too long

Apples are a nice fruit to have around the house, because they last long on the shelf and are easy to eat. They taste great alone or paired with a spoonful of peanut butter. We may cut them into pieces so they fit into a lunch box, or peel them before making an apple pie. If they get left out in the air too long, they change to another color. Whoever has experienced this before should get this one right!

Question 25

Which of these can be made in a blender?

No kitchen is complete without a blender, because it is a quick way to mix everything up. Stores sell personal blenders that people can thank on the go. There are also large, heavy duty blenders that fit a lot of liquid. Fancy blenders have several mixing options, like blend, mince, or liquify depending on the recipe. Which of the items listed below can make made in a blender? The best part about blending is that there is no over required.

Question 26

What dessert is pictured here?

Every chocolate lover should get this one right away! These decadent treats can be gooey and soft or a bit crispier, depending on the preference of the baker. Some people may add nuts or extra chocolate chips into the batter, for a change in texture. There is a fun recipe with this dessert, that involves adding salted pretzel sticks, potato chips and cookie dough. It then becomes a mega delicious, not so nutritious dessert. Name that dessert from the photo!

Question 27

Which of these fruits is from a citrus tree?

According to Fast Growing Trees, a citrus tree is one that gives off a heavenly scent and has green leaves year round. These trees require lots of sunlight. Apparently these trees are very easy to grow, and will produce lots of fruit. Maybe a nice citrus tree in the backyard would be a good idea. The results would be fresh juice and delicious fruit salads. One of the fruits from this list has grown on citrus trees, but which one?

Question 28

What kitchen item is used for mixing cake batter?

Baking a cake for someone else is a nice gesture, that requires some thoughtful preparation. First is the selecting the cake flavor for the batter. Second is purchasing everything needed like milk, eggs and oil. And please do not forget the frosting! Make sure the oven is preheated and ready to go. Once the ingredients are gathered, everything goes into a mixing bowl. What is the best item that can be used to blend everything together into a smooth batter?

Question 29

Which of these is NOT a way to cook eggs?

Eggs are a wonderful source of protein, and they are a perfect breakfast food. The best part about them is that they can be cooked is so many different ways. They taste great on breakfast sandwiches, inside burritos or served with salt and pepper. Some may enjoy steak and eggs, while others eat ham and eggs. But there is a limit to the cooking styles for eggs. In the list below there is one cooking style that is just plain made up!

Question 30

The main ingredients in eggnog are milk, eggs and what?

According to Wikipedia, eggnog was originally known as milk punch. This is a perfect holiday drink for those who enjoy it. Because it is only in stores during the winter holiday season, there is a special feeling that comes from having some. To make it an even jollier beverage, people add rum or brandy to it. Sometimes the recipes for our favorite things are kind of a mystery. What is the missing ingredient for eggnog? Soda, mustard, sugar or ranch?

Question 31

Pancakes are usually served with what?

Pancakes, flapjacks, hotcakes - whatever they are called, they are a delicious breakfast food. Imagine waking up on a warm Saturday morning to the smell of pancakes on the griddle. The family is already seated, and coffee is poured. Sunlight is pouring into the dining room. At the table there are the items to put on the pancakes. Here is the real question. Is there going to be a bottle of syrup, hot sauce, mustard or green salsa? What is the best match?

Question 32

Which is a type of cooking oil?

These days it seems like they make an oil out of everything possible. Some oils are for growing long hair, some are for moisturizing skin and some are perfect for cooking. Oil is a common item that has been around for centuries, used as perfume or even given as an expensive gift. It is popular because it is so useful. Since this is a cooking quiz, we are looking for the kind of oil that is best used for cooking food.

Question 33

Finish the phrase: Balsamic __________

The popular liquid pictured here is a dark and flavorful item. According to Wikipedia, this liquid originated in Italy. One of the most important ingredients in creating this item is 'grape must', which is made of the grape skin, stems and seeds. Anyone who has mixed this good stuff together with olive oil will probably know the name. It tastes great on green salads, soft bread, in seafood dishes and on top of fresh cheese. So tell us, what is balsamic?

Question 34

Subway restaurant sells which food item?

Subway restaurants are a fast food restaurant that can literally be found around the world. The food is simple, healthy and not complicated. Most people can find something they like at Subway. The style inside allows customers to decide exactly what they want, by watching the team member build it as they go. Those who have not been to Subway should take a trip as soon as possible! And add chips or a cookie. What does Subway mainly sell at their locations?

Question 35

Define the word "cuisine"

We use the word cuisine every now and then, to describe more upscale dining. However, it has a true meaning that is specific to the restaurant industry. According to Wikipedia, cuisine is always changing and evolving around the world. A country's religion, climate, law and dominant culture can also have a strong impact on cuisine. Now it is time to define the word, and recognize its true meaning. Is it a cooking style, shopping style, eating style or traveling style?

Question 36

What food is traditionally left out for Santa?

Happy holidays! It is that time of year when everyone is in the kitchen, preparing for family feasts. When Old Saint Nicholas comes down the chimney, children like to leave him a snack because he has such a busy night. He hopes to have a quick snack before heading to more houses around the world. If the kids leave enough of this, maybe he can share some with the reindeer! What snack is usually left by the tree during the holidays?

Question 37

Where is Naan from?

According to Wikipedia, this oven baked flatbread is extremely popular in Asia. It is served warm and sometimes brushed with butter, which makes for an appetizing experience. The naan is also used as a wrap for chicken or cheese. There are several types of naan, like garlic or rosemary. Around the world there are different styles of serving bread. Bread is a staple in almost everyone's meals - unless they are avoiding carbs. Let's figure out where Naan comes from.

Question 38

What herb is pictured here?

Herbs and spices make cooking so much more than a method of survival. The different plants and seasonings that are available make cooking personal and enjoyable. Everyone has their favorite spice to cook with, that make the house smell delicious. The herb pictured here is often used on turkey at the holidays. A little bit of this spice goes a long way. It looks a bit like a Christmas tree leaf, but it surely is not. Look at the options and choose the name of this yummy herb.

Question 39

Which of these is NOT an onion type?

Don't cry, we're just cutting onions. Onions come in many different shapes and sizes. They are wonderful sources of flavor and add a lot of texture when cooking. They are a very diverse food that can be roasted, grilled, or even deep fried. They can be sweet, mild, or pungent (The Spruce Eats). There are about 6 different types on onions, but one of the name on the list is not the real deal. Which one is the fake onion?

Question 40

How is alcohol made?

Everybody in the quiz getting tipsy! No matter what type of alcohol is the preference, there is a pretty common way of making liquor. Whiskey, tequila, vodka, rum - they go through one of the processes listed here. Alcohol and You writes that this process involves yeast breaking down into sugar, and the result is alcohol. Pretty cool right? Whoever created the first glass of vodka must have been pretty excited. What is the alcohol creation process called?

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