We Bet No One Can Ace This 90s Pop Culture Quiz

Here is the thing about this quiz. We are willing to bet that there are definitely people taking this quiz who were born long enough ago that they actually lived through a good chunk of the 90s but we are also willing to bet that the vast majority of the people who take this quiz were probably born somewhere in the mid 90s or even later and never actually got to live the wonders of the 90s first-hand.

That sort of reality might make it a little difficult for some people to make it through this quiz, we'll be totally honest. After all, we are willing to be that no one can ace this 90s pop culture quiz. This quiz spans all sorts of fun stuff. It covers food, music, celebrities, Disney, films franchises, sports and more. It is not often that there is someone who is interested in all that stuff together in the modern day let alone someone who is deep into that info from back in the 90s.

So, all that being said, it's time to slip on those Air Jordans, throw on some denim and plaid or some spandex in pastel colors, maybe lay a finger on a Butterfinger and tap into this totally 90s pop culture quiz.

Question 1

Name the actor who played Forrest Gump!

Here is one of the greatest actors of the 90s, hands down. Why would we say that so confidently? Well, just take a look at the Oscar nominations and wins that he gathered up over the course of that wonderful decade. This guy's role in the Oscar-winning movie Forrest Gump was perhaps one of his greatest roles of all time and it is still referenced heavily in media of all sorts. Sure, he has gone on to produce things Band of Brothers and he has gone down different alleys with different films, but this will remain one of his best.

Question 2

Name this Disney villain!

One of the meanest of the Disney villains of the Renaissance era, this character is played by one of the greatest voice actors of all time. He is not even typically just a voice actor but Jeremy Irons has got such an incredible voice that he could almost rival the late and great Tony Jay from the 60s era of Disney films. Regardless, The Lion King was one of the biggest box office smashes of the 90s and there is no doubt that this villain certainly made it that much better; balancing out the comedy of the film with some great villainy.

Question 3

Name the 1999 film that features this code!

At the tail end of the 90s, there was a pretty big scare about just what would happen when the turn of the century would occur. The new millennium was a big deal to a lot of people and this film may not have done much to calm people's nerves. There was something about this post-apocalyptic film that suggested we were all in nothing more than a computer simulation while laying in a pod of life-giving juices that just set unsettled everyone. That aside though, the action and the philosophy in this film really made it a game-changed in the industry.

Question 4

Name this famous 90s pop-country singer!

This woman became one of the greatest country singers of all time in a very short period of time. This was a pretty nutty situation. It is not all that often that a country singer from the great white north of nowhere Ontario ends up becoming such a star that she is known not just in the country music community but the world over as a mega-celebrity. "Any Man Of Mine" and "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!" are two of her most popular songs that really drove her up to the level of some of the biggest A-listers of the time.

Question 5

Name Sarah Michelle Gellar's most famous TV role in the 90s!

This should be pretty much a no-brainer. At least that is certainly what we think. Sarah Michelle Gellar was definitely one of the heartthrobs of the 90s for younger guys. Beyond her TV work, she did a lot of creepy movies on top of her epic TV work. Some of these films included I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream 2. Great films if people here are into that sort of thing. Anyway, Gellar was in an incredible TV show that drew so many people outside of the vampire genre into it and it is still heavily referenced to this day. What was her character's name?

Question 6

What 8-film Tom Cruise franchise started out in the 90s?

Tom Cruise was a pretty big deal in the 80s and 90s and while he is still an A-lister to some extent today, his roles are nothing like they used to be. People still go to see his movies, for sure, but they are not as caught up in him as they once were. This might have a little something to do with the nutty Scientology stuff, but to each his or her own, we say. Anyway, Cruise starred in a film in the 90s that ended up sparking so many sequels that there are now eight of these movies!

Question 7

What NBA star debuted with Orlando Magic in 1992?

This monster of a man is probably one of the best-known NBA players of the 90s. And that is not just because he happens to stand at over seven feet tall. There are plenty of basketball players like that. It has way more to do with his winning three championships in a row with the L.A. Lakers before tensions between him and Kobe Bryant got to be too much for the team and he was traded to the Phoenix Suns, Miami Heat and a couple of others teams before retirement. He is now one of the biggest (literally) names in NBA commentary.

Question 8

Name this Disney-Pixar film!

This film was one of the great meetings of Disney and Pixar before the companies were virtually synonymous. It had one of the best soundtracks of the time, it had some ground-breaking animation at the time as well and it only got better as the series progressed. That's right, those who did not see this film when it came out in the 90s will have likely been around to see its sequels after the fact. The third film only came out a few years ago after all. Starring Tim Allen and Tom Hanks, it is hard to go wrong with such a dynamic duo.

Question 9

Who is this title character of a famous 90s TV show?

This is a very interesting one, for sure. The title of the show and the character are one and the same. It also just so happens that the name of the actor, as well as the title and the character, are also the same. There was quite a bit of controversy fairly recently when they attempted to reboot the show and give it new life two decades later. However, this leading lady may have said a few unfortunate things on social media and that caused the network to drop her and the show. But the show and the character will live on in reruns.

Question 10

Name this creepy 90s Christmas film!

This is perhaps one of the greatest of all Christmas films to have ever been invented. It must have taken so long for the animators to do all of the stop motion required to make this whole feature, but with Tim Burton at the helm, it is no wonder that this film was so incredible. Back in the day, Tim Burton films were some of the best. That has changed somewhat since the early 00s but through the 90s, he was the man. Now, all that being said, just what could the name be of this creepy Christmas film? Anyone?

Question 11

What is this 90s treat?

This is one of the most interesting inventions of the 90s when it came to setting kids up for diabetes. We do have to admit that we had our fair share of this stuff when we could get our hands on it but we definitely stay away now, trying to avoid all of that sugar. It is incredible just how much of the 90s was excessive when it came to candy creations. There were all sorts of new candies that were invented. It seems that companies mostly stick with what is tried and true now, rather than introducing new things. For good reason too.

Question 12

Name the lead in Good Will Hunting!

Obviously, we are not looking for the name of the lead character here. That would be too simple since it is pretty clear that his name is in the title of the film. No, instead, we want the name of the leading actor who played the role of Will Hunting. This guy did an awesome job in this film and his best friend actually won an Oscar for screenwriting, which we are pretty sure surprised everyone that year at the Academy Awards. This actor, however, went on to do more action-packed movies like the majority of the Bourne series. Lots of money there!

Question 13

What's Lisa Kudrow's character's name in Friends?

Lisa Kudrow was probably one of the funniest parts of the hit show Friends. She always had her guitar ready to go with a new and ridiculous song that no one really fully appreciated but at least she always tried and was always willing to tell it exactly like it was for her, in her mind at least. There is something about this character that really helps to balance the relationship drama of the other characters. So when drama happens for this character it seems way more ridiculous or heartbreaking and we really feel for her. So, given that...what was her name?

Question 14

What 90s film skyrocketed Leonardo DiCaprio's stardom?

Leonardo DiCaprio was not exactly a big teen heartthrob all the way through the 90s. He really wasn't. He may have been known to some extent but not like he was after this 1997 film came out and kicked his new Hollywood life into high gear. Starring alongside actors like Cathy Bates, Kate Winslet, and Bernard Hill it is no surprise that this epic of a movie really made him a star. And he did a great job for a fairly new and upcoming actor. That being said, film after film, he didn't get a single Oscar until only recently.

Question 15

What Mariah Carey song do people have to listen to every Christmas?

Here is everyone's least favorite Christmas song. And if it is not, then that is pretty surprising. This song gets so much radio play over the holidays that it is no wonder that Mariah Carey still makes so much money for doing virtually nothing. Sure, she has her reality TV but it's not like she is out there touring near as much as she used to. Her royalties from just this one song alone have got to bring her a small fortune each and every year. The number of people who cover this song, and the number of stores that play this every year? Unreal.

Question 16

Who played Catwoman in Batman Returns?

Catwoman has long been one of the greatest Batman villains out there for several reasons. It is pretty difficult to not like the outfits that the character always seems to have done up for herself. That's a good start. Then, beyond that, she is always played by a pretty awesome actor. On top of all of that, it always seems that Catwoman is actually kind of a good character underneath but just has her head in the wrong place to some extent. There have been all sorts of actors to play the character, but who played her in Batman Returns?

Question 17

What was Mark Wahlberg's hip hop group through the early 90s?

How many people here actually knew that Mark Wahlberg was once the leading guy of a hip hop group? We are going to assume that the only people who really know that are people who actually lived through some of the 90s. IT may seem like a pretty obscure thing but Wahlberg was actually a big deal back in the day, even though everyone thought he was ridiculous (which he was). Sure, now he is a serious actor and does all sorts of comedy and action roles but back in the day, he really tried to bust out some rhymes.

Question 18

Who played the Genie in Aladdin?

The Genie was probably one of and probably still is one of the most iconic characters of the Disney world not only in the 90s but from the first premiere of Aladdin and onward up to today. There is something so special about this character and the actor who played him as well. It is too bad that only a few years ago now we lost this famed actor who had brought smiles to so many people around the world but we at least still have all of his work he did up to his passing. Who was this master of laughs?

Question 19

Name this gooey 90s candy!

This gooey 90s treat is one of the strangest inventions when it comes to candy, that is for sure. This is something that never was really conceived of before, which is strange because how could one not think to just put extra sugar inside of sugar but have one bit of sugar be slightly gooeier than the rest of the sugar? In all seriousness though, this was a huge deal when it first hit stores and every kid wanted this treat in with their school snacks and their lunchboxes. Given how much of a craze it really was, it should be easy to name.

Question 20

Name this famous 90s Christmas film!

Here is one of the most iconic and most classic of all Christmas films out there. Surely everyone here, whether they grew up in the 90s or not, knows exactly what this movie is. There is no reason to not know just what this is. After all, this movie is played over and over and OVER again every year when the holiday season rolls around. I think there is probably not a single day during December when this movie is not played on one network or another. And who does not like a Christmas movie all full of pranks and Joe Pesci?

Question 21

What 90s boy band was J.T. a part of before he went solo?

Justin Timberlake is a pretty big deal these days. And he has been a pretty big deal for decades now. He started out back in the early 90s in the Mickey Mouse Club with a few other future celebrities and he made his way into the boy band scene and onto the global stage because of it. Well, he must have truly enjoyed his time on that stage because when the band fell apart, he soldiered on and became one of the biggest names in pop music out there. The cost of putting on one of his concerts is many millions of dollars!

Question 22

What film did Jeff Daniels star in alongside Jim Carrey?

Jeff Daniels had a very interesting comeback in the past few years when he showed up as the lead of a hit show that was cut way too short. The show was The News Room and he opened the debut episode with an amazing speech about the U.S. and patriotism. Before he took on that rather serious role, he was sort of lost in obscurity. We are pretty sure that this had quite a bit to do with the fact that his big hit in the 90s was a ridiculous comedy starring himself and Jim Carrey. HArd to get serious work right after something like that shaggy film.

Question 23

What band was Gord Downie the lead singer of?

This guy is probably one of the most iconic singers from the great white north even though there are probably just as many people who don't like him as there are people who are hardcore fans of him and his band's music. Gord Downie was one of the biggest names in the 90s, for sure and while he was always a bit nutty, he still managed to pound out hits in the recording studio. After Hurricane Katrina, one of the band's songs was banned from being played in the U.S....something about New Orleans Is Sinking...at any rate, this band is pretty famous.

Question 24

What Disney film is Gaston from?

There is no hiding from this one. There was even a live action version of this film that was put out rather recently starring the most wonderful Emma Watson. So, that being said, there is really no reason why someone should not know exactly what film this character is from. Gaston is pretty well the jock of the movie. He is the big man who is pretty sure that everything belongs to him and that everyone owes him because of how big and handsome he is. Unfortunately, the one girl he wants more than anyone else in his life is the one he can't have.

Question 25

Name this Nicolas Cage and John Travolta film from the 90s!

Here is one of the hit movies of the 90s, for sure. There is a whole world of intrigue in this movie and considering the starring actors in it, there is no reason why this should not have been an awesome film. Sure, there are critics out there who probably did not like it but far more people fell for this film than didn't. This was back when Nicolas Cage and John Travolta were actually seen as pretty serious, interesting and good actors. This was before Battlefield Earth and the remake of The Wicker Man. At any rate, name this two-faced film.

Question 26

Which of the following is not a Jim Carrey film from the 90s?

Jim Carrey was one of the most ridiculous actors of the 90s, hands down. Make no mistake though, he made a huge name for himself in that time and made also a pretty sizeable fortune as well. There is something about this guy that is just the right kind of over the top that everyone fell in love with. Originally, he had been trying his luck out at comedy clubs doing stand up in up in the great white north. It brought him some success for sure, but nothing like his mega film hits during the 90s, that is for sure.

Question 27

What is Jennifer Aniston's character's name in Friends?

Jennifer Aniston is a very strange person, indeed. Why would we say something like that about such a famous and clearly wonderful person? Well, it has a lot to do with the fact that she has hardly aged a day between he starting her work on the hit TV show Friends, and now. She pretty much looks the exact same. Maybe there are some lines but not much of any note. Maybe it's the makeup, maybe it's Maybelline, but either way, she is doing very well for herself right. Oh, and what is the name of her character from Friends?

Question 28

What is the name of Ariel's fish friend?

This should be a pretty big giveaway, we have to admit. The reason for that? Well, the name of the character just also happens to be the name of the fish species itself so there is really not much room for error on this one. And the character is pretty popular, if we're totally honest her. The Little Mermaid was one of the bigger Disney hits during their 90s Renaissance era so it's not like there is any excuse for someone to not know this. Unless they really happened to not like Disney in any way shape or form. But that's just silly.

Question 29

Which Dwayne Johnson character was he best known for in the 90s?

Dwayne Johnson has been known for several characters in his day now and while he has been ballin' like a boss in Hollywood of late, he was not always a superstar in the acting world. In fact, the characters he started out were in the wrestling world which is very much the opposite of anything one might consider to be good acting, that is for sure. Imagine a soap opera for men and that should say more than enough. At any rate, when Johnson started out, his ring name was a mash up of both his father and his grandfather's names (both of whom wrestled).

Question 30

Name the creepy sequel film that starred Jamie Lee Curtis in 1994!

Jamie Lee Curtis has long been a superstar in the creepy film section of the video store...Well, there aren't really many video stores anymore but everyone here knows what we mean. She really made a name for herself in some pretty over the top and creepy movies back in the 80s and 90s, for sure. And she was known as the "Scream Queen" for some time. Which is extra hilarious because she also plays a prominent role in the now hit TV series by the same name. However, we are not interested in all of that. What is the name of the sequel that she starred in back in '94?

Question 31

Name this Rapper who debuted in the 90s!

This guy was probably one of the most popular names in rap back in the 90s and he is still hitting it hard even to this day. He actually just had a whole rap battle online with Kelly and he pretty well took the guy to school as well. The rap was not all that great but considering he just pretty well made it up on the spot and fired it back at the guy is pretty awesome. At any rate, he is, apparently, the real Slim and everyone took to this guy as one of the most iconic rappers in the world.

Question 32

What TV family advertised Butterfinger through the 90s?

This should be a pretty easy steal of a question right here. There is only one family that ever advertised for Butterfinger and they have been around since 1989. Technically, they existed in comics for a bit before then but their TV show debut was in 1989. That means that they have been going strong as a dysfunctional family now for just about 30 years. That is pretty incredible. And in addition to all of that, they even put out a movie in 2007. This is probably one of the best known families around the world, even if they only have eight fingers and live near a power plant.

Question 33

In which Disney film is Claude Frollo the villain?

This guy is perhaps one of the creepiest of the Disney villains from the 90s. There is something about how he carries himself and his strange attraction to the leading lady as well really puts him high up on the creepy scale, that's for sure. And it does not help at all that he tries to justify everything he does through some nutty religious experience. This ultimately leads to him having a rather dismal end as he falls into a what is basically a moat of fire. Not a happy ending for him but he does get the purification via fire that he asked for...

Question 34

What song did Celine Dion make famous on the Titanic soundtrack?

Celine Dion is one of the most famous singers to have hailed from the great white north and while she is still pretty well a superstar, she has found herself relegated to that sort of Las Vegas contract where she just performs the same classic stuff over and over again with a new song every once in a while. That must drive people around the bend a little bit to some extent. At any rate though, she is the one who performed one of the biggest hits of the 90s that ended up on the Titanic soundtrack and even people who don't love the movie or song will likely know it.

Question 35

Who sang about being a genie in a bottle?

Here is an interesting superstar who started out in the Disney world as a pretty good girl, or so it seemed anyway. That being said, she very quickly grew up and found her way to stardom with some pretty racy songs, that is for sure. When she first came onto the scene, it seemed that she even rivaled Britney Spears, and that is saying a lot considering how she started out her life in the music business. All that being said, this girl is still a pretty big name, even if it is just in judging TV reality talents shows.

Question 36

What character did Drew Barrymore play in Batman Forever?

Here is a slightly more obscure role, that is for sure. There is something about Drew Barrymore's cameo roles that really do gain some pretty awesome popularity. Even when she plays something as simple as the first victim in Scream, she draws people in and really seems to capture them. This was the same in Batman Forever. Sure, there was Jim Carrey, Val Kilmer, Nicole Kidman, and Tommy Lee Jones, but when Barrymore showed up on set, there was definitely a pause for some people. But here is the thing...what was her character's name in this ridiculous Batman film? Can anyone remember?

Question 37

What is this Hershey's bar that debuted in the 90s?

Here is something that was very much sought after when it first came out in the 90s. There were stores that were completely sold out of this treat when it first made its way onto the scene. And while it might not have the same popularity anymore, it definitely still is a fairly popular chocolate even by today's standards. There is something about that crunch with the sweetness of that wonderful white chocolate that just brings people back for more and more. It was amazing when it first came out and while it has lost steam, it is still popular enough.

Question 38

Who is this northern pop-punk artist?

Here is one of the more popular singers to come out from the great white north. There is something about this little punk rocker that really gave a fantastic showing to the girls of the time. They finally had a punk rocker to look up to. They didn't just have to listen to Green Day all the time. They had someone who understood their crushes on their skater boys and that was a very big deal. It allowed a lot of younger girls to express themselves in this punk way and it really did spark a bit of an era in the 90s.

Question 39

Who is this Disney personality from the 90s!?

This is probably one of the greatest TV personalities of all time, without a single doubt. He was one of the best educators on TV and he worked alongside Disney to put out a wonderful show that was great for both kids and adults. That being said, he now has a version of that show specifically aimed at the kids who used to watch his show. Now that they are grown up, his new show is far more mature, but still completely fun and ridiculous. He famously debated creationist Ken Ham not too many years ago in a museum dedicated to Noah's Ark...hilarious.

Question 40

Name these two Disney characters!

There characters are two of the most popular Disney characters of their time. There was wonderful music and a wonderful love story that turned a rather dismal true story into a beautiful Disney adventure that did spark a sequel as well. Sure, maybe not everything ends so well in that sequel but that is hardly the point. This first film was pretty amazing and was also the first Disney film that took native culture at all seriously and that was a pretty big deal at the time. The leading lady was also one of the strongest Disney characters of the 90s.

Question 41

Name Britney's first big single!

Britney Spears was just one of those singers who, when she started out, just captured the hearts and minds of every teenage boy, for sure. Especially when she came out with that first hit single and the music video that went along with it. Of course, well after her big time success, she did end up losing it a little bit and that really did mess with her and her business but she did get back up on that horse and made it back to the stage with health intact. Not bad considering all the stuff that happened to her.

Question 42

Which of the following is not a Brad Pitt film from the 90s?

Brad Pitt has been one of the most popular names in Hollywood for a pretty long time but it is for sure that he was far more popular throughout the 90s and the early 00s. Sure, he is still active and he is more than willing to dig into a pretty awesome role or another but he certainly does not have the traction that he used to. Not by any stretch of the imagination. But when he was pumping out movies back in the 90s each and every one of them was a pretty huge hit, that is for absolutely sure.

Question 43

Name this Aussie-themed snack that debuted in 1990.

It is hard to believe that this awesome kids' snack actually did first debut as far back as 1990. When it hit the shelves, everyone was taken with the fact that it was sort of put out there with a bit of an Aussie theme. There is something pretty strange about that, considering that this snack was very certainly from the U.S. Either way, this was one of the more popular snacks thanks to the fact that the snack mascot was a bit of a cool surfer-type dude who just played all the ads really cool and wanted everyone to know that if they had the snack, they'd be cool too.

Question 44

Name this Disney character!

This is probably one of the most popular of all the Disney characters for no other reason than the fact that she comes from one of the most popular Disney movies. As it happens, that very same Disney movie was only just redone as a live action film starring the wonderful Emma Watson, and who does not get a kick out of her. Either way, this whole film starts out with a young provincial girl who just wants to experience more in life and well...she certainly does find her way into a number of other experiences in life. But they all turn out fairly well.

Question 45

What infamous fictional character by Bram Stoker did Gary Oldman play in 1992?

Gary Oldman is certainly a great actor and there is a pretty good reason just why this infamous character lives on still. Of course, the character was first put to pen and paper by the famed author Bram Stoker. And even beyond that, this same character has been played by many many actors in their time. Even the late great Christopher Lee played this character...several times. However, this is about Gary Oldman's portrayal of the character. This was done in a film that also starred Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves and Anthony Hopkins. Not a bad cast to play such a great character.

Question 46

Name this 90s cartoon character!

Here is just a very cool character who made after school cartoons a great time, for sure. There was just something about coming home from school and finding this show on. It made everyone laugh, for sure. He was always the cool guy who loved to style his hair like Elvis and say cool catchphrases like "baby" and "sassy" The opening credits of this show were actually probably some of the better moments of the entire show. And that is not to say that the show was not all that funny, it's just to say that the opening credits were all that awesome.

Question 47

What is this little creature that once held top secret information?

Here is an item from the 90s that really did have some strange things about it. There was something fun about having a little toy that would talk to people and could listen and respond. It was pretty Amazing back in the day before we were all talking to our phones just to see what the responses would be. There was even a time that this little toy ended up with all sorts of top secret info in its little toy mind. That was a pretty cool time where we thought that the country could be brought down by one of these...

Question 48

What is this digital creature device?

This has got to be one of the weirdest of toys from the 90s. Basically, the whole idea was that there was a little digital creature that was basically the owner's pet. Much like a real pet (without the huge cost of food and medical appointments), the owner had to make sure to feed and care for and pay attention to this creature. If it was neglected, it would wither away slowly. Same if it was not fed. There was something really truly sad about these creatures moving on from people not paying attention to them anymore. Then some people collected tons of these...

Question 49

Name these three Matrix characters!

This should be a pretty easy one. The Matrix is one of the most popular films of the 90s and it was also one of the last films of the 90s so it should be pretty easy to put together just which of these characters is which and since they were all so popular and made their way through at least three films, it should be even extra easy. There is a good reason these characters lasted through three films and lived on in memes and all sorts of cosplay. And now it is up to each quiz-taker here to name them.

Question 50

What bug was the world worried about at the end of the 90s?

There was a very interesting sort of bug that was out there somewhere in the digital world that people were actually truly terrified of back in the 90s. When the century was coming to an end and we were facing the new millennium, there were all sorts of people who were actually stocking up on water and gas masks and all sorts of other things. These people became the "preppers" of the new millennium, even though this bug ended up doing nothing in the end. Everyone was afraid of the fall of the digital world because of missing a few zeroes on a calendar or something.

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