We Bet No Guy Can Name 100% Of These Movies!

From ageless classics to contemporary stunners, movie knowledge is an important thing to have. Whether this quiz is being done as practice for all those pub trivia nights, or it’s settling which best friend knows more about movies, we think that this quiz is going to help. Those that pride themselves on their movie knowledge should be able to get 100% on this quiz, even though we haven’t gone easy on those that want to attempt it. Movies are a source of entertainment and make stories accessible for those that might not be able to enjoy them any other way. Important dialogue can be started with these stories. On the flip side, a whole lot of relaxation and laughter can also come from movies.

There’s a sense of excitement and freedom that comes from action movies, and a heartwarming glow that comes from laughing at hilarious movies. Being able to name all the Pokemon in the world is one thing, but knowing about movies? That’s the key to cultural prowess. All that aside, who’s ready for the ultimate movie quiz? From classic funny movies done Mel Brooks style to practical effects-fuelled monster films, this is the definitive list of movies that any guy should know.

Question 1

What movie are these toys from?

What happens when a little boy with a whole lot of toys leaves them alone in his room? Do the toys have lives to lead? Well, thanks to both Pixar Animation Studios and John Lasseter, we got to find out in 1995 (IMDb). It was groundbreaking. Not only the idea that toys come to life when no humans are paying attention, but also due to the fact that it was one of the first ever fully rendered 3D animated movies. It changed the future of animation forever, and will remain in the history books as the dad of modern cinematic animation. It helped a lot that the cast of toys were voiced by big-time celebrity actors, including Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Annie Potts, and many more (IMDb).

Question 2

What's this robot-based movie series called?

No matter how we feel about the franchise now, considering that there are nearly a dozen of these movies floating around out there, the first burst out onto the scene of live-action cartoon films by Michael Bay was an absolute treat. They’re something everyone should watch, even today. Shia LaBeouf was seeking a breakout role to put some distance in between himself and his goofy television character, and the work he put in shows. This was still a pre-Marvel Cinematic Universe world, making this movie series an early nerdy blockbuster. The team behind the film even convinced the original voice of Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen, to return and perform the voice. (IMDb).

Question 3

What movie is this man the lead in?

Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan, Robert Duvall, and so many more were all directed by the epic Francis Ford Coppola in this classic movie. They’ve made what’s often considered one of the best (if not, the best) movies ever crafted. It landed in the lap of the world in 1972 (IMDb) and brought the compelling story of the Corleone crime family to the forefront of storytelling. Sure, many people consider the second in the series to be far superior, but we believe in giving credit where credit is due. We’ve got to give some credit to the originator, because there wouldn’t be a sequel without a first.

Question 4

What is this movie called?

It was the summer of 2005 at the height of both Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn’s on-screen antics. We were given this adventure, which follows the lives of two questionable humans as they burst their way into other people’s celebrations in order to get dates with women enjoying weddings. It’s an odd premise, but was executed so well by the leading duo and a strong supporting cast that it made a whole bunch of money and became a comedy classic. It would turn out that this film caught theatres right before the end of that campy late-90’s-early-2000’s flavor of comedy. Only a few more years after this film released did we start seeing both leading actors taking more dramatic roles. (IMDb)

Question 5

What movie is this little guy from?

There was a very distinct couple of gaps in the now iconic Kevin Feige calendar of great Marvel Cinematic Universe success. Due to that, Marvel decided to reach down into their bag of intellectual properties and pulled out this relatively unknown movie name. It was a name that confused and alarmed Marvel fans, but it turns out that the golden touch of Feige brought together all of the right people. What resulted was one of the greatest b-list comic movies ever. To this day the pairing of Star Lord with Drax, Rocket, Groot, and Gamora is part of the strongest branch of adoration in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. After all, we’re still hoping for a third! (IMDb)

Question 6

What movie is this from?

Before we get to Martin Scorsese’s love of working with Leonardo DiCaprio, let’s first examine the one role that finally snagged Leo his Academy Award. After being nominated for Best Actor six times in the past, DiCaprio finally got himself a golden statue for his portrayal of a survival victim during the fur trade in the early 1800’s. It was a beautiful film, filmed completely with natural light, and received many accolades for its depiction of the frontier. What will no doubt go down in the history books as Leonardo DiCaprio’s greatest performance, this is a movie that’s built for survival lovers and cinematography fans alike (IMDb).

Question 7

What movie is this scene from?

Another Leonardo DiCaprio role, this was a contemporary movie that’s still talked about. One of Scorsese’s interesting traits is that his style has become more experimental, loud, and bold over the years. This has given the world amazingly tense (and thought provoking) film experiences like Shutter Island, Huge, and this movie. An overzealous retelling of Jordan Belfort’s story, it’s a high energy take on the stock trade of the last decade of the 20th century. Scorsese shows his ability to tell a frantic, unique story through his lens, without making the events out to be another laundry list of events and facts. (IMDb)

Question 8

What series is this shark from?

Giant sharks and some of the most quotable dialog in all of cinema history makes this one of the best monster movies ever made. Today the extreme achievement that was this practical effects-fuelled movie is slightly lost due to the exorbitant strides made in technology and physical special effects. It was 1975, after all (IMDb). Starring some of the most prestigious actors in today’s history books, this mega blockbuster set Director Steven Spielberg onto a path of greatness rivalled by few, if any, others. Though they would eventually attempt to recapture the magic, the original stands out still as one of the best films of all time.

Question 9

What movie are these two from?

What happens when a single mother with a large, rambunctious, live-at-home adult son finds love, but that new partner also has the exact same burden? Well, in this movie they throw them together and hope that they don’t get hurt. This film is the quintessential buddy comedy duet by Will Ferrell (of Saturday Night Live fame) and John C. Reilly (IMDb). It wasn’t the first time these two hilarious and antic prone actors got together and exploded with comedic chemistry, and if the recently released Holmes & Watson is any indication, it won’t be their last. Did they just become best friends? Yup!

Question 10

What movie is this cast of characters in?

Back in the day when it was the studios who owned the film and television rights of their stars, they used to write ensemble pieces that counter-acted the years worth of solo films. These ensemble casts would bring so many stars onto the screen that the plots wouldn’t necessarily matter. That began to change in the modern era as the studio structure shifted. In 2001 Steven Soderbergh and company decided to bring together every gigantic male star of the 90’s and put them in a crime caper. The resulting movie stole viewers’ hearts across the entire globe. The movie might not have been groundbreaking, but boy, was it good. Here’s another hint: it’s recently been remade with a wild cast of women! (IMDb).

Question 11

Which Superman movie is this screenshot from?

It’s pretty difficult to talk about this Zack Snyder fumble without mentioning the entire cobweb of odd decisions made regarding the DC Cinematic Universe as a whole unit. Many would put the blame on this one, stating that it is the spark that lit the fires of disappointment. However, it truly comes from some misplaced movie magic, and a reliance on a mood rather than creative content. Regardless of the movie as a whole, Henry Cavill will remain this generation's version of Superman, and we will all wait with baited breath to get the Superman movie we know that DC can truly make.

Question 12

What movie are these two in?

It’s pretty difficult to have never watched a movie starring John C. Reilly and/or Will Ferrell. The dynamic brothers of comedy have now done four theatrically released projects together, but it all started out here on the tarmac. The Adam McKay comedy that follows the trials and tribulations of one Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell) and his driving team wingman (played by Reilly) are pretty much just bumbling dudes trying to navigate the world. But they sure can race those NASCARs, and that’s all that really matters to these country boys. This film was the beginning of the actors’ on-screen chemistry. (IMDb).

Question 13

What is this 1986 movie called?

Oliver Stone’s magnum opus brought some fresh eyes to the cinematic retelling of this real life event. Told through a whole slough of really famous young faces, this older film stars marquee headliners like Charlie Sheen, Willem Dafoe, Johnny Depp, Kevin Dillon, and Forest Whitaker. It may be considered an epically exemplary display of filmmaking prowess now, but when it was released it was a difficult sell. Emotions ran high with this movie, and the themes within it struck a chord with those that lived through this real life event. Since this film Stone has gone on to depict many other reality-driven stories. (IMDb).

Question 14

What recent movie are these cars from?

It took 36 years for movie-goers to desire a remake of this 1979 original. But that didn’t set the 2015 attempt up for automatic success. Rather, it succeeded based on the fact that it was more of an “ode” to the original than just another re-hash. It won numerous awards for special effects, followed different characters, and was helmed by the original visionary of the series. Now it serves as a nearly flawless example of what could be, as Hollywood continues to recycle older and used ideas. That is that there is good to be had, and it doesn’t need to come from retelling the same stories (IMDb).

Question 15

What is this old classic called?

When the world heard that the man behind those intense and award-worthy films like Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, and Raging Bull would be making a New York peak-era mobster movie starring the relatively unknown likes of Ray Liotta, and Joe Pesci alongside the headlining talent Robert De Niro, everyone went wild (IMDb). Luckily for them, and for us, that hype was well earned and paid off in what is inarguably one of the best crime boss movies ever made. There are so many quotable lines from this movie, and it has gone a long way to make household names of its two up-and-coming co-stars. Go ahead: give us an answer we can’t refuse.

Question 16

Which Indiana Jones movie is this?

Coming off of the success of his introduction to movie-making fame, Steven Spielberg took to the adventures of this whip-sharp, wise-cracking, Harrison Ford-acted movie series for the cherry on top of his cake. Riding high on the coattails of films like Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, studios had enough proof that Spielberg knew what he was doing and no longer felt like they were taking a risk. This opened Spielberg up to make what his heart desired, like a movie series about this gruff and lovable worn-out anthropologist. Now, over three decades later (and many franchise sequels) this Indiana Jones movie stands above them all. (IMDb)

Question 17

What is the newest Spider-Man movie called?

The cinematic tellings of Peter Parker’s stories haven’t always been the best. In fact, many argue that they’ve only recently become great, and we personally agree. Long after the live-action Sam Raimi films of the early 2000s (and the contractually-obligated Andrew Garfield reboot) the world finally has its boy Parker in Tom Holland. But what about this Mile Morales feature? What if a comic-book movie could be made that feels so much like a comic that it’s like the characters are actually living in its pages? Well, Sony Animation Studios brought this never-before-seen style to the world of animated movies, and we can’t wait to see more.

Question 18

What movie is this detective from?

Not long after his rise to fame (thanks to being the most wild and hilarious part of In Living Color) Jim Carrey took to the mainstream by starring in countless big-budget comedies. It all kicked off with this oddly dark film where the lanky funny man plays a private animal investigator, tasked with solving the mystery of the missing Miami Dolphins mascot (a dolphin). The movie is an odd mix of visuals and characters, all culminating in one of Carrey’s biggest and most popular cult classics. He’s doing more intricate things with his artistic talents these days, but most of us will always hold this version of Carrey somewhere in our hearts.

Question 19

Which movie is this from?

It took nearly thirty-two years for the stories of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Leia Organa to return to the big screen, but any fan will say it was definitely worth the wait. This movie is currently, and will remain for a long time, the third highest-grossing movie in the history of humankind, only behind Avatar and Titanic. Since its release in 2015, this movie returns to a galaxy far, far away, and has grossed almost $2.1 billion dollars worldwide. It had a lot of fanfare and served to introduce the world to a new group of character leads. It made little risk, but we think that was ultimately a very good choice. (IMDb)

Question 20

Which movie is this?

It’s really easy to chalk up animated movies as “children’s films”, but many cinematic experiences have attempted to dissolve that mindset. This brick-load of fun is definitely one of them. For one thing, it wasn’t marketed as a children’s movie. It starred a whole lot of people, like Morgan Freeman, Jonah Hill, Alison Brie, Elizabeth Banks, and Will Arnett, that brought adults into the theatre. It banked a whole lot of its success on the idea that playing on nostalgia would pull the heartstrings of millennials, and it worked. It also started a very large trend of nostalgic media that has yet to slow down. This film might be five years old at this point, but the follow-up is just around the corner. (IMDb)

Question 21

Which movie is this?

In 2014, the world was introduced (properly) to the talents and face of Alicia Vikander. Before she was given the reigns of the new Tomb Raider film franchise, she was cast in this astoundingly subtle sci-fi film that brings a whole lot of societal morality to the forefront. Starring soon-to-be Star Wars alum Domhnall Gleeson as well as Oscar Isaac, this take on the artificial intelligence morality conundrum shook the cinematic world with its think-piece conclusion, intriguing dialog, and character choices. It may have not won any box office records, but it will be talked about for a long time to come.

Question 22

What holiday movie is this?

Chevy Chase was once the darling of independent comedies. For starters, he was the beloved comic actor in nearly every Saturday Night Live skit during his run on the show, but he left during season 2 (and was replaced by the also iconic Bill Murray) to pursue more movie opportunities. One of them brought us this Christmas movie, the third in the franchise, in the fall of 1989. There are a lot of notable side-characters in this movie, and plenty of those roles are played by stars that have skyrocketed in fame since then. This includes Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the dopey neighbor, Juliette Lewis as the Griswold daughter, and Johnny Galecki (of Big Bang Theory fame) as Rusty Griswold. (IMDb)

Question 23

What movie is this character from?

There was so much planned for the Marvel Cinematic Universe that some folks got a little skeptical. Black Widow, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and this ego-fuelled doctor all had some raised eyebrows when they were announced. Eventually though, this fantastic portrayal by Benedict Cumberbatch would join the Avengers in the world’s largest cinematic crossover ever. It’s a compelling story, after all. He used to be a world-class surgeon, but after an accident hurt his hands, he lost it all. In an attempt to regain some sort of fine motor movements, he scoured the globe in order to find a cure. After becoming a Master of the Mystic Arts, he takes his rightful role as a protector of earth against other realms. Who is he, and which movie is he from?

Question 24

What's this movie called?

What might be the best Christmas movie on this list (depending on who’s being asked), this is probably the quintessential “guy film”. That’s purely because of one thing, though: John McClane. Almost everything about this film is notable, quotable, and hasn’t lost a single step in the 30 years since it’s release. Not only do we have a hilariously curt Bruce Willis fighting his way through a tower of bad guys in order to save his rocky marriage, but the leader of said bad guys is none other than the legendary Alan Rickman himself. So grab the eggnog, the tank tops, and welcome to the party, pal.

Question 25

This is the lead in which classic movie?

If there was ever a time where we had to pluck a single film out of the universe to perfectly describe the sensation of being a teenager during the turn of the century, it would have to be this one. There wasn’t a weird, artsy kid in high school that didn’t make endless references to this movie. On top of being such an iconic piece of cinema, it was also a breakout role for acting sensation Jake Gyllenhaal and helped propel writer and director Richard Kelly to independent stardom (IMDb). While no success has been seen in any of the attempts to build on the franchise, the original still holds up when we put it on for nostalgic movie nights.

Question 26

Which movie is this line up from?

Even if one hasn’t seen this movie, there is a good chance people have heard the name Keyser Söze. But who is Keyser Söze? That’s the question of the whole movie, as anyone who’s seen it will know. The movie is set in a police station. The men who have been arrested under suspicion of theft tell an officer their stories, and it all leads up to Keyser Söze. The film stars some of today’s most historically beloved actors, and features one of the great cinematic twists of all time. Written by Christopher McQuarrie this was an early leader for best movie made in the 1990’s (IMDb).

Question 27

Which movie is this robot from?

If someone were to gather a large group of folks and ask them what the most memorable line of dialog in movie history is, a large percentage will mention the iconic T100 line, “I’ll be back”. But this futuristic buddy cop action-comedy series is far more than just a quote machine. Rather, it features one of the world’s greatest sequels ever to be made. The rare occasion where the follow-up film is greater in almost every way than the original, this movie series joins a very short list. The eventual success of the sequel led to writer and director James Cameron getting far more recognition from studios. (IMDb)

Question 28

What movie are these two guys from?

This one’s the first of our trickier movies. Most people have surprisingly scrolled past this classic comedy action film, starring the hilarious Irish actors Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson. The pair get stuck in a small and ancient tourist town in Belgium, awaiting word on a job. As they slowly start to go mad while getting bored to tears, Gleeson’s Ken makes tensions mount as he tries not to lose his mind at the annoying character he’s stuck with. It’s a tale of two out-of-luck hitmen, forced to deal with one another’s company. Due to the very limited release, especially in the west, the film didn’t gross much, and was met with a limited physical release as well. (IMDb)

Question 29

What movie is this from?

If one wishes to watch the best motorcycle movie ever made (that technically doesn’t have anything to do with motorcycles) then this film is pretty much the perfect film. Jump on board this buddy road trip between Wyatt (Peter Fonda) and Billy (Dennis Hopper) as they ride the highways of America to a drop and come across all sorts of characters, and troubles along the highways and by-ways of various towns. It’s more of a calm film, and something we can watch without getting too invested in, but has gone down in the history books as one of cinemas best silver-screen adventures. Take a ride and experience cinema’s ode-to-the-road.

Question 30

What is this movie called?

What could arguably be considered Mel Brooks’ first big step into film scriptwriting, this Western spoof shook the world with a full serving of Mel Brooks comedy. Released in the theatre during the summer of 1974, the cinema viewers weren't (and maybe still aren't) really ready for the types of commentary that was raining down from that silver screen. Now it’s considered a classic, starring beloved actors Gene Wilder and Cleavon Little (IMDb). Possibly the best thing to come from this film’s success was the continued studio support for more Mel Brooks movies. It’s no surprise that this classic paved the way for Brooks’ later works, as any classic, old-school comedy lover will know.

Question 31

What is this movie called?

There was a moment there where the entire world might have blinked and missed being introduced to one of 21st century’s greatest film writers and directors, Damien Chazelle. Luckily this film of his caught enough attention during its festival circuit that it eventually came out in select cinemas. The greatest gift from this Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons masterpiece was truly its exposure of the man behind the film. Since this movie’s release in 2014, Chazelle has moved on to bring us the multi-award winning La La Land, as well as the out of this world First Man (IMDb). But what’s the beat on this drum-based movie?

Question 32

What is this hilarious movie called?

What’s that? That noise coming from over the ridge? It’s horse hooves. It must be. Wait...no, It’s just a man banging some coconut shells together. Monty Python is a legendary comedy troupe from the shores of the UK that, despite all the financial success in western cinemas, didn’t really catch fire over here until after their glory days. It’s a little sad, as we believe every member of the troupe will go down in history as an icon of comedy. Starring the likes of Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, and Terry Gilliam, this fantasy fiction historical farce may be their best long-form content to date (IMDb).

Question 33

What movie is this?

This is Damien Chazelle’s first high-profile film project in which he is not credited as the lead scriptwriter, and is rather playing the role of the Director. This space-age tale of a modern scientific hero has shaken the awards season up quite a bit. It is yet to be seen if this depiction of Neil Armstrong will net Chazelle (or the film’s star, Ryan Gosling) any Oscar nominations, though the pair have had success in the past with La La Land in 2016 (IMDb). Critical reception for the dramatic reimagining of Armstrong’s walk on the moon landed softer with viewers than anticipated, but who knows. This movie could have just been one small step for man, and one giant leap for biographically-inspired tales.

Question 34

Where are these three guys from?

The Coen Brothers are synonymous with witty dialog, interesting story-arcs, and weird cinema adaptations of classic stories. They’ve remade True Grit, made a film adaptation of No Country For Old Men, and even recently restructured the classic Western genre with their anthology The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. It’s truly this movie, an adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey, that really highlights their storytelling talents. The Coen Brothers’ style is really seen in this film. In our opinion it’s one of the most essential movies to see, and the film is taught to aspiring filmmakers around the world. Yeah; it really is that good.

Question 35

What's this iconic Orson Welles movie called?

Where does one even start with what is often considered the greatest movie ever made? This 1941 masterpiece shook the world of cinema and continues to show ripples even 80ish years after its release. The Orson Welles script made for a hearty and impactful breakout into the industry of Hollywood, and would lead to a long and illustrious legacy. The birth of the “Rosebud” quote, and the speculation that followed, made for one of film’s most famous twists. It’s dark, groundbreaking, and most will call it the best black-and-white movie made to date, deserving of the near century of praise. Every dude’s heard this title, even if they haven’t seen it.

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