We Bet You Can't Pass This Star Wars Quiz In Under 2 Minutes

Grab those lightsabers, put on the best Princess Leia costume in that closet, and warm up the Millenium Falcon, because it is time for a little Star Wars trivia quiz. This quiz will separate the dedicated viewers from those lovely folk who are just starting their adventure through the galaxy (Note: both fans are valid and deserve to be full-fledged members of the fandom. We do not stand gatekeeping in this house.)

Can those talking this quiz remember the intricate details of the plots of these films that they have held close to their hearts since early childhood or will they have to rewatch the series before trying again? This quiz is for both the avid fans and the newcomers to the series but may prove a bit more trying for those who do not know the films by heart.

Question 1

How did Luke survive Hoth?

Question 2

How does Han respond to Leia's confession of love?

Question 3

What does T.I.E. stand for?

Question 4

Where were the Tatooine scenes filmed?

Question 5

According to Han, which ship "made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs"?

Question 6

Why couldn't Han, Luke, and Leia leave the garbage compactor?

Question 7

What is Darth Vader's real name?

Question 8

Who are the only true Jedi left at the start of "A New Hope"?

Question 9

How did Lando turn on his friends?

Question 10

Where did Luke find Yoda?

Question 11

Who ordered the end of Alderaan?

Question 12

Who is Luke Skywalker's father?

Question 13

Where does Luke first meet Han Solo?

Question 14

What is the first rule of Dejarik?

Question 15

How are Leia and Luke related?

Question 16

What is "The Force"?

Question 17

Name the creature from the asteroid in "Empire Strikes Back"

Question 18

What colour was Luke's first lightsaber?

Question 19

What is the first thing Leia says to Luke?

Question 20

Does Luke recognize Yoda?

Question 21

What colour is Darth Vader's lightsaber?

Question 22

In how many forms of communication is C3P0 fluent?

Question 23

Where do the Ewoks live?

Question 24

Who brought Leia's message to Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Question 25

What is the first thing Luke does with his lightsaber?

Question 26

Who raised Luke Skywalker?

Question 27

What was Han's occupation?

Question 28

Who shot first: Greedo or Han?

Question 29

Who does Leia end up with?

Question 30

What colour is Yoda's lightsaber?

Question 31

How are Han and Luke rewarded in "Return of the Jedi"?

Question 32

Why don't Han and Jabba the Hutt get along?

Question 33

Which planet is Leia the princess of?

Question 34

How old is Yoda?

Question 35

What name does Luke call Obi-Wan?

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