We Bet Even Hardcore Disney Fans Can't Pass This Challenging Quiz!

Disney is one of those genres that has been part of everyone's childhood in one way or another. From lovable animals to evil villains, Disney has it all and then some! We think it is a safe bet to say that everyone knows something about Disney in one way or the other. But how many can safely say they know Disney and all the characters like the back of their hand? Can anyone name off a Disney character or show for each letter of the alphabet? This could be tricky to some, and some may be thinking that's easy! Regardless of anyone's skill and knowledge level, we challenge them to put the wits to the test!

Get those keyboard fingers ready because we are about to test anyone and everyone on just how much Disney they really know! We have featured lots of questions on the name of a character or name of a show, making this the ultimate Disney knowledge quiz. Fun packed and knowledge filled, this is a quizzical journey that can be beaten!

So if anyone thinks they are up for the ultimate Disney quiz, prepare themselves, because we have just what they need!

Question 1

What is this character's name?

First making its debut in October of 2007, this popular Disney show known as Wizards Of Waverly Place made a huge splash when it first came onto the Television screen. It had many crazy characters and was always a fun show to watch. Of all the characters on the show, one of them is the girl pictured above. She, like her brothers, was a wizard. She was also the middle child of the family and sometimes got up to trouble. Have we jogged anyone's memory yet?

Question 2

Who is this Disney Princess?

Beauty and the beast was first released on the big screen in 1991. The film was an instant fan favourite. This movie also had a remake that was released earlier in 2017. One film was a cartoon, while the new version was not. Both films had their share of similarities and differences, but one thing that has remained a sure-fire classic with each movie is that they both have the same main character. Can anyone remember the name of this popular Disney princess?

Question 3

What is the name of this Disney villain?

We all love puppies, that goes without saying. Except some love puppies a little more and little different than others. Some people only like them for their fur. To be more specific, they love what the fur can make for them. When someone looks at this Disney villain, a coat made of puppy fur may come to mind. Starring in the film 101 Dalmatians, this lady was a true picture of what evil looks like. Don't believe us, look at the way her last name is spelt! Hint Hint!

Question 4

What is this character's name?

There are some characters that will always be iconic. When people think of Disney, most people think of Mickey Mouse and such characters. The original ones seem to be the ones that have stayed with us the longest. Working their way into our hearts as children and forever holding a place with us ever since. There are many iconic Disney characters that were the among the first to make Disney what it is today, and the above character is one of them! Cranky as they come, this duck was always getting hot headed over everything! Have we jogged anyone's memory yet?

Question 5

What is the name of this Hannah Montana Star?

Has anyone ever wondered what it would be like to live a double life? Maybe one as a normal person and another as a celebrity? Just imagine all the cool things you could do! Well, for some, they couldn't live that life, but they could see a dream come to reality with Hannah Montana. She lived the double life many could only dream of experiencing. She had celebrity friends and normal down to earth friends. One of her normal high school friends was the girl pictured above. On the show she played Lilly, but what was her name in real life?

Question 6

What is this fish's name?

Many children loved the idea that animals could talk to us. We also wanted to believe that mermaids were real. Ariel combined this two childhood fantasies and gave us a true underwater masterpiece that is still iconic to this day. Released in November of 1989, this movie had a lot of great and memorable characters. One of them was this cute little yellow and blue fish pictured above. He, much like all the other characters, could talk. Can anyone remember his name?

Question 7

What is this character's name?

This character is another one of those original guys that made their way into our hearts at a young age and stuck around for the long haul. This character is among the first ones to come out with Disney. He has always been a laugh even though he often seems to be not that bright. With a heart of gold and an iconic laugh to match, this guy is quite unforgettable. Many will look at this character and know right away who he is, or at least that he is part of the Disney world, but who remembers his name?

Question 8

Which movie did these two characters star in?

What would a Disney movie be without singing? Take one high school, add a great basketball team, plus a new girl who falls for the lead player of the team, stir in some music and you have yourself a Disney movie! The two stars in the above picture are Troy and Gabriella, and they play the lead roles in a popular Disney movie that came out in January of 2006. Can anyone remember the name of this musical Disney classic?

Question 9

Which Disney show is this?

This Disney show first aired in January of 2017. The show followed twin brother and sister, Lindy and Logan Watson as they began their freshman year of high school at Ditka High. The show also featured the main characters best friends, named Jasmine, Garrett, and Delia. They too were starting their first year. The show didn't last long, unfortunately, as it came off the air after just two seasons in October of 2015. Can any true Disney fans remember the name of this show?

Question 10

What is this character's name?

In the movie Aladin, there were many characters. Like most movies, some of those characters were good, and some were not so good. The character pictured above was one of those that fell on the not so good side of the playing field. Known for always causing trouble and even using his magic powers to change into a Cobra at one point to try to win a fight, this character is interesting, to say the least! Does anyone remember his name?

Question 11

Who can name this character?

"Call me, beep me if you wanna reach me When you wanna page me, it's okay!" You can thank us later for getting that song stuck back in everyone's head! Who remembers going home from school after a long day and turning on the Disney channel to watch some of your favourite after-school specials? We certainly do! If you are like most, then your after-school television programs probably involved the show that this character stars in. Let's see who remembers her name!

Question 12

What is this adorable dogs name?

This classic movie was released all the way back in 1955. But even though it has gotten up there in years, that hasn't stopped it from becoming a classic. A pampered pup finds herself more on her own after her owners have a baby. She is soon befriended by a strong and stray dog named Tramp. Before anyone can blink a romance begins to form between the two pups, but the many differences in the way they both live tends to keep them apart. Have we jogged anyone's memory?

Question 13

Who can remember this guy's name?

Released in 2001, this fun family film is about the monsters that live in your closet when your a child. Monsters Inc is the biggest scare factory in all if the monster world, using the screams of the children they scare as fuel to power their city. It has always been a straightforward job for the guy above, but when a little girl somehow manages to get into the monster world, he soon begins to realize that maybe screams are not the only way to get fuel. Can anyone remember his name?

Question 14

Who can name this little fish?

Released in May of 2003, this movie made $940.3 million USD at the box office! That's a lot of money for a little clown fish. Merlin, the characters father is very protective of his son for many reasons. One of them being that his son has one fin much smaller than the other. When his son gets tired of his dad being overprotective this little guy swims close to the surface and up to a boat to prove to his dad that he is a grown-up, only to get caught by divers. His father then travels the ocean until he finds his son. His father's name was Merlin, but what was his name?

Question 15

Can anyone remember the name of this snowman?

"Do you want to build a snowman? Come on, let's go and play! I never see you anymore Come out the door It's like you've gone away!" This character is, as can be plainly seen, a snowman, but unlike most snowmen, this one can talk, walk, and loves the sun! When the movie Frozen first came out in 2013, this little guy stole the hearts of all the fans. His adorable appearance and naive nature make him so easy to love! Can you remember his name?

Question 16

What is the name of this little pig?

Despite what many people think, Winnie the Pooh was a character created by A. A. Milne in the 1920's. Disney bought the rights to the characters in 1960, holding a copyright that expires in 2026. Once Disney took over them, they created many other characters to accompany Pooh on his many journeys. They were characters such as Rabbit, and Tiger and One of them was the little pink pig in the picture above. Can anyone remember this little guy's name?

Question 17

Who can name this character?

This character is from the popular movie Alice In Wonderland. She is the queen and ruler of everything down the rabbit hole. You can always find this character wearing a gold crown and matching earrings, along with some form of clothing that is red. She has fair skin tones and her temperament is quite rash. One of her favourite sayings is "Off with their head!" She has a loyal husband who is the king and a crazy companion known only as The White Rabbit. Can anyone remember her name?

Question 18

Who can remember this character's name?

This girl is no ordinary teen. She has visions that allow her to see into the future! Many would think this is a crazy cool thing to have, but as we can all see in the show, this often has less than desirable effects. Her visions only show her glimpses of what the future has to hold. She often jumps to conclusions about what this means and gets not only herself but her two best friends, Eddie and Chelsea in some interesting situations along the way. Have we jogged anyone's memory yet?

Question 19

Who can name this cute little alien?

This little guy is also known as Experiment 626. But that isn't the name he goes with when he is adopted into Lilo's small family. He resembles something of a koala bear, but is blue and has antennas. His adoptive family tells people that he is their dog, but we doubt many people walk away truly believing that! He stands about 3 feet tall, has a wide mouth black round eyes, and a short fluffy tail. Can anyone remember his name?

Question 20

Can anyone name this adorable rabbit?

Who doesn't love the movie, Bambi? All those adorable wildlife critters! One of those critters is the cute bunny rabbit pictured above. He is Bambi's loyal friend throughout the whole movie. He has an adorable pink nose, brown eyes and mostly grey fur except for a white patch on his chest. He got his name for a certain action that he always does with his left hind foot when he is excited. Has this jogged anyone's memory as to what this little guys name is?

Question 21

What is the name of this evil undersea character?

The little mermaid is one of those films that made us all want to become a mermaid ourselves. Ariel in the movie, however, had a different idea; she wanted to have two legs and feet and become human. A lot of children couldn't understand this as we all wanted the complete opposite! To achieve this wish she had to go to the above-pictured character. This character is a known undersea witch, but not one that is very kind. She agrees to give Ariel her human form, but in exchange takes away her voice. Can anyone remember who this character is?

Question 22

Which celebrity plays Gabriella Montez?

In the popular film, High School Musical, there are many characters that help make this movie come to life. From main stars to the background ones, everyone plays a part. One of the main characters is a girl named Gabriella. This the name was given to the character she is playing but is not her name off the set. She plays the new girl who falls in love with the head of the basketball team. We all known her character name, but what was her off stage name?

Question 23

What is this little bears name?

Contrary to popular belief, this little bear was not always a Disney character. He was first created in 1926 by A. A Milne. Disney bought the rights to the characters in the 1960's. They now have an outstanding contract and copyright until the year 2026. Since the time of buying, Disney had made this little bear and his friends a household name. They have taken many adventures together, and always have had each other's backs through thick and thin! Can anyone remember the name of this bear?

Question 24

What Disney sister channel does Gravity Falls air on?

Mable and Dipper Pines are in for an adventure filled summer when they get sent to their Uncles home in Gravity Falls. At first, they expect it to be just a normal and maybe boring summer, but upon arrival, their uncle asks them to help run the Mystery Shack, an overpriced tourist trap store. They learn that the store itself is mostly a hoax, but the sibling's sense that something is not right in Gravity Falls and begin to unravel an impossible mystery. Can anyone name the Disney channel this show airs on?

Question 25

Who can name this character?

The Emperors New Groove was such a fan favourite that they turned it into a television series not long after the movie first aired. Like all good movies, there are good guys and bad guys. The character featured above happens to be a bad one. She is out for Kuzco's place at the throne and will stop at nothing to take it from him. Even if that means turning Kuzco into a llama! Can anyone remember the name of this Disney character?

Question 26

What is this bird's name?

This logical and grumpy bird plays a role in the Lion King movies. He is considered to be the king's majordomo, which makes him logical, stern and diplomatic. He takes his role very seriously and always presents himself with a no-nonsense attitude, which he is very good at! Can anyone remember this Disney characters name?

Question 27

Who can name this lovable dog?

This Disney dog has been around for what seems like forever! But even this little guy had to start from somewhere. Designed in 1930, this dog made his first appearance in The Chain Gang, he was a nameless bloodhound tracking mickey's escape from jail! He worked so well and received such a great crowd response that they continued to use him in other films. He is now known to the world as a lovable Disney dog, but can anyone remember his name?

Question 28

Who knows the name of this Disney duck?

Created in 1947 by one of the Disney team designers, this duck is famous for his ability to be cheap! Making his first debut in a 1927 comic, this was originally supposed to be his only appearance. He was accepted so well by fans that he, like Pluto, was brought back for more comics and shows. The funny thing about this duck is that even though he is known for being very cheap, it has never been revealed how much money he actually has. Does anyone remember his name?

Question 29

Who can name this cute skunk?

This little guy is often very coy, and soft-spoken, he can be seen blushing quite a bit throughout the film he is featured in, Bambi. This little guy is never sure how to react to signs of affection and often hides with his tail when affection is shown to him. He is also displayed as having some anxiety and not knowing how to respond to many stressful situations. He also proclaims that he will never fall in love! Have we jogged anyone's memory yet?

Question 30

What movie did this character star in?

Before it was a movie, it was a book. Featuring all the same characters, however! It was first made into a movie in 1903, and was an instant hit! Many of the fans loved it so much, that there have been numerous different recreations of the original. The character above is Alice. She along with a funny little bunny star in a film that begins when you travel down the rabbit hole! Have we jogged anyone's memory about what the name of the film is?

Question 31

Who knows who this guy is?

This little guy, (literally as he is a dwarf) comes from the movie Snow White and Seven Dwarfs. As the title suggests, there are seven of these little guys. They live in the forest, and soon come to befriend Snow White. She lives with them in the forest and has all the animals as her friends. This sounds like a dream come true if you love being around animals! Each of the dwarfs has a name and their own little quicky personalities, but who can remember the name of this guy?

Question 32

What is this dog's name?

This guy is from the film 101 Dalmatians released back in 1996. This film is all about dogs! More specifically, all about a very large family of dalmatians and their owners. Like all good movies, there is a villain trying to cause trouble, but the dog pictured above is the father of all his puppies and he protects them with his life as most parent figures do! The film is called 101 Dalmatians, but does anyone know what the father dogs name was?

Question 33

Who knows who this is?

This little monkey is from the movie Aladin. He is a mischevious thief that loves anything valuable or shiny! He is Aladin's best friend and his partner in crime! This little guy just can't help himself when it comes to valuables! He is portrayed as loving and has a great respect for his master. He also has quite a large personality and is not afraid to show when he is not pleased, much like his picture above! Have we jogged anyone's memory yet?

Question 34

What movie did this character star in?

Can anyone remember who this character is? This is Prince Eric, and he rescued a girl on a beach, but she wasn't any ordinary girl, she used to be a mermaid! Her name was Ariel, and she lived with her mermaid family under the sea until she saw Prince Eric on a ship one day and wanted nothing more than to meet him. She went to an undersea witch and made a deal to have legs, but lose her voice in return. Have we jogged anyone's memory about what movie this could be?

Question 35

Who knows who this crazy meerkat is?

You have made it to not only the end of the quiz but the end of the bonus questions too! Way to go! Before you get your results and see if you know Disney, we have one last question for you. The guy pictured above is from The Lion King Movies, His best friend was Pumba, and they always made for a good laugh as you can see from the picture! Can anyone remember the name of this guy?

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