We Asked 90s Kids To Name These Cartoons And Most Couldn't... Who Can?

The 90s were a magical time. There was a happening music scene, kids were wearing slap bracelets, and let's be honest, television has never been better than what is was in the 90s. From awesome educational programs (which we didn't even know were educational at the time), to awesome anime, to hilarious sponges living under water, there was never a dull moment. The television shows of the 90s were so beloved that more than just the children of the generation were watching them. Parents loved to sit back an enjoy an episode or two with their children, and so did the older siblings (who were normally much too cool for such things). This quiz is for anyone who was watching back then. If anyone here feels as though they know 90s cartoon classics better than anyone, well now is the chance to prove it. We are going to list some of the most popular shows of that time, and all everyone has to do is pick the correct title of it! By the end of the quiz, we will finally know for sure who the biggest 90s television fans are, and who needs to do some serious binging. Get ready and have fun!

Question 1

Name this show

This chihuahua and cat break all the rules for a regular cat and dog relationship. While they are not exactly best friends, they certainly have their own way of doing things. The chihuahua is all kinds of crazy, and usually plotting his next insane task, while the cat is always along for the plan, but normally only because he doesn't really understand what is going on. Who here watched this black humored cartoon back in the day? Remember it's name?

Question 2

What was this show called?

These babies were not just any average babies.. These cute little guys, were always on the look out for new adventures. They are extremely brave (most of them anyways), and they have a knack for saving the day when the grown up do not even realize it needs saving at all. As long as they get their snacks, and naps there really isn't anything this bunch of babies can't do. Can anyone here guess which of these titles is correct?

Question 3

Guess the show's name

They are definitely not a typical family, but they've got nothing but love for each other. The two parents of this clan are wild life photographers so they trek around the world to get some crazy shots, all the while with their family in the RV along for the ride with them. Their youngest daughter could not be more thrilled about the situation, but their teenage daughter usually has a few complaints...after all their are no malls in the jungle.

Question 4

Which show is this?

This 90s classic was so popular they were even given their very own movie! The show follows the life of a young forth grader who lives with his grand parents. He is a pretty normal kid, except for the fact that his head is shaped like a football. Thankfully for him he has some pretty good friends in his corner. Obviously, due to his oddly shaped head, he tends to attract the attention of the neighborhood bully, but secretly it is only because she has a crush on him...

Question 5

Guess the name of this cartoon

This show was a typical coming of age hit. It followed the life of a young girl in high school, just trying to get by with some help from her good friends. As we all know however, high school is never easy, and she is faced with some big choices along the way. In most episodes our main character must make a choice between the right thing and the wrong thing. While she normally chooses the right thing, there was a few times when she did not, and had to suffer the consequences.

Question 6

Name this show

This unlikely duo lives pretty much the life one would expect a conjoined cat and dog to live. The cat half spends his time plotting and scheming, hoping to one day live a life free of his other half. Dog on the other hand, really does not mind that he is attached to his cat brother at all, as long as he has trucks and squirrels to chase he is a happy camper. Does anyone remember the name of this one?

Question 7

Name this 90s classic

Do these three not look like the classmates you remember? Well, maybe we were all just attending the wrong school! These guys all go to a monster academy located in New York City, they are in training to become the next scary monsters of our universe, talk about a lot of pressure! For anyone who was not aware, the monster community in New York is ever growing, and they even have their own currency system...they use old toe nail clippings...

Question 8

What was this show called?

Sometimes when we move, we expect our entire lives to change along with our surroundings. Well, for this Wallaby that notion could not have been more wrong. After leaving his home in Australia to start a new life in the United States, he believed he was in for an exciting adventure. He soon realized however, that life is the same no matter how far we move, and the obstacles we left behind will always find us. What was the name of this show?

Question 9

Guess the show's name

This 90s hit show follows around the life of a young boy and his friends. He is one of the new kids in town, but apart from one rather nasty bully, he gets along with pretty much everyone. Our lead boy enjoys things like hanging with his friends, walking his dog, and fantasizing he is a superhero names Quailman. This is another popular show that eventually got it's own movie. Can anyone here think of what the show was actually named?

Question 10

Which show were these characters from?

In this show our main characters are all young animals living in a beautiful forested area. They go to school to learn about their lives in the forest, and how each of them play an important part in their environment. Apart from all of the learning, they also love to play, and cause trouble. For the most part these animals kids are good ones, and they usually go to their parents if the trouble seems to big for them to handle alone.

Question 11

What was the name of this show?

Much like other teenagers her age, this girl is all kinds of sarcastic. She truly believes that everyday spent in her high school is a waste. She does not like the other kids (with the exception of her one friend), and she does not care for her teachers much either. To be fair, her self-esteem teacher can't even remember her name, so the dislike is understandable. All this girl wants is to finally be done with high school. Name this show!

Question 12

Name this 90s favorite

These two brothers have decided to pack up everything they own and finally leave the nest. They both think they are ready to leave their parents and start their lives as wild bachelors of the forest. Naturally, things do not always go to plan for these brothers. They encounter all kinds of obstacles, and evil villains, but luckily they have each others, and not to mention their best and most trusted friend, Stump. Can anyone remember the exact name of this show?

Question 13

Name this show

This 90s hit focuses on the life of this young fellow. In his eyes he is perfect. He has the worlds best hair (which he is constantly grooming), he believes his muscles to be much larger than anyone else's, and since he has all of that going on he also thinks that any lady in his direct view will swoon with out question. Is he truly as spectacular as he thinks he is? Well, any fans who have seen this show will know for sure...

Question 14

What was the name of this cartoon?

In this show, we have a classic brother sister relationship. While the relationship is not exactly the main topic, it is what seems to derail the plans of our main character the most. Our main character is the younger brother to an unbearable sister. He is a boy genius and just wants to be left alone to plot his eventual scheme of taking over the world, however his sister nearly always interferes somehow. Can anyone remember the name of this show?

Question 15

Guess the name of this cartoon

They were made by mistake, but that doesn't mean they aren't loved! When their professor accidentally dumped in some extra "sugar and spice" into an experiment, he wound up with these three adorably awesome girls. They are small, cute, and packed with super powers. They may technically be sisters, but each of them has their own very special personality. Looking back at all your old favorite cartoons, does this one ring any bells? Can anyone place the correct name to this show?

Question 16

Guess the title of this old school classic

The school yard is a dangerous place, the big kids rule the play ground, and if anyone ever accidentally crosses into kindergarten territory...they might never be seen again. So, as one might imagine it is super important to have a good group of friends looking out for you by the time the school bell rings. This show follows around a group of friends who spend their days looking out for each other, and doing their best to save other kids from the harsh realities of the school yard.

Question 17

What was this show called?

Ever wonder how cartoons get to be so hilarious? Well, they attend school for it of course! In this show we see a young bunch of new toons arrive at their new school, where they will study how to make their audiences laugh. They have some excellent cartoon mentors to help them with their studies, but cartoons this young have a lot of trouble steering clear of trouble. If they could only focus long enough they just might actually learn something...

Question 18

Which show did these guys belong to?

In this true 90s classic, we meet these three siblings. They are all kinds oh wacky and truly love creating chaos every where that they go. With higher than high energy these three are unstoppable, until they get locked back into their tower anyways. This old school show has a lot of history, and has come out with several spin off specials since it's original show. Can anyone here remember the name of that original program? It is listed in the four options below!

Question 19

What is the name of this cartoon classic?

This old school hit broke all of the rules. Normally kids would not want to wake up on a Saturday morning to watch anything educational, but this show was an exception. Each episode of this show took it's audience on a magical (unlikely) ride, which would explain some new sort of science to them. Whether we were getting baked into a pie, or trapped inside a pinball machine, there was always fun to be had with this one. Name the show!

Question 20

What is the title of this show?

In this show our main character is a middle school pre-teen girl. She has two best friends who she loves very much, but she is desperate to become one of the popular kids. In each episode she tries her best to keep up with all the latest gossip and trends. She also encounters regular issues for a middle school girl, and has to learn how to deal with those as well. Can anyone guess which of these titles is the correct one?

Question 21

Which show was this?

Every night the goal is the same with these two mice. Every single night they plan to conquer the world. One of these mice is actually quite bright, and given the opportunity, who knows, maybe he would be able to accomplish such things, but sadly he is locked in his cage with a sidekick, who is well, not as bright. Still his confidence never wavers, he remains dead set on one day ruling the universe. Can anyone name this show?

Question 22

Name this classic cartoon

There is no denying that this family is one of the most recognizable cartoon families around today. Not only have they been on the air longer than most, but people really do seem to love them more than any other cartoon family. The show focuses on the lives of the members of this main family, the father is not exactly smart, but he does his best to supply for his family. The daughter is a genius, and the son can't stay out of trouble for more than 10 minutes...

Question 23

What was the title of this show?

Imagine waking up 1,000 years in the future? Yikes! That is exactly what happens to our main character in this show. While out delivering a pizza, he accidentally gets frozen, and wakes up way in the future. Luckily for him he is able to find his only living relative, who takes him in and gives him a spot on his spaceship crew. Our main character quickly makes friends with the rest of the crew, and we the audience got an excellent show out of it!

Question 24

Name this show

This show may be a little tough, while it definitely falls under the 90s classic cartoon category, it was not exactly made for children. So, any 90s kids will have needed to have continued watching cartoons even after the 90s ended to know this one for sure. Luckily, this show is still airing today (impressive right?), so there is a good chance everyone here will have seen it by now! Can anyone here guess the name of this crude humored show?

Question 25

Name this 90s hit cartoon

Now here is a show that was most certainly designed for children, but could be enjoyed by all ages. Our main character in this show is a young aardvark. He has tons of friends at school, all of whom are different animals, and they are always getting into fun adventures. At home he lives with his parents, and younger sister, she is always up to no good, and relishes any chance where she can get her brother into trouble with their parents.

Question 26

What was the name of this show?

Do these guys look familiar to anyone? Well, 90s kid or not, they should. By this point in time these guys have an entire franchise. They have multiple show spin offs, they have all kinds of merchandise, and they even have a few live-actions films under their belts. All of this started from their original program. A few turtles were gifted with extra special abilities, and they now have the power to kick evil butt! Oh, and they also love pizza!

Question 27

Guess the name of this classic

Just a sponge trying to live his best life. That is exactly what this show is about. Our main character lives in a large pineapple, which also happens to be under water. He lives there with his pet snail Gary, and he works just down the way at the local burger joint. When he is not working he spends his time with his best friend Patrick, and the two of them get into all sorts of trouble. Can anyone remember the name of this one?

Question 28

Name this show

Siblings Emmy and Max, discover a special stone one day that leads them to a mystical land full of dragons. Naturally, at first they are a little scared, but they quickly meet some dragon friends and learn that they are loving beasts. Max and Emmy return to Dragon Land in every episode ready for new exciting adventures that they will tackle with their new dragon buddies. Apart from its charming story line, this show has a lot of sing along songs as well!

Question 29

Which show do these two belong to?

These two are the most classic cat and mouse duo. While they are technically best friends, they also can't really stand each other. They are always chasing each other around, trying their very best to win the fight. Luckily, neither of them ever really win. Still, they have fun all the while trying, and it made for some really good episodes for us fans. Thinking back through all of the classics, can anyone here remember the name of this one?

Question 30

Name this show

This show was super fun and interactive. While the entire thing was not in cartoon, we think the fact that most of it's characters were animated makes it count. This show was about getting clues, and solving puzzles. It was definitely meant for younger children, but hey, who doesn't enjoy solving a good puzzle from time to time. This show is actually set to make a come-back, so we may be seeing more of this face around. Can anyone guess the name?

Question 31

What was the title of this anime?

Any anime fans in the house? If so, this one will be a piece of cake! These girls are fierce, and can kick some serious butt. While during the day they may just be your average teenage girls obsessing over cute boys, by night they are the soldiers of the universe. They have saved our planet on countless occasions, and they have always done so with extreme style. Ring any bells? Can anyone pick the correct title for this show?

Question 32

Guess the show's name

This show circles around the life of a man called Hank. He is a simple man. He sells propane and propane accessories, and he truly loves what he does. At home he has a lovely (yet slightly bizarre) wife named Peggy, and a young son named Bobby. Sadly, Hank does not really understand his son much, but he still tries to inform him on the importance of using propane any chance he gets. Can anyone remember the name of this cartoon?

Question 33

What was the name of this anime?

This show is jammed packed with adventure. 7 children get stranded in a world inhabited by digital monsters. Luckily, they make friends with a few of them, and eventually have an entire team of monsters by their side. There is a lot to learn about the creatures however, and the kids will need to be quick with their learning, if they want to use the creatures to their best abilities. Can anyone here remember the exact name of this anime classic?

Question 34

What was the name of this cartoon?

These adorable bears have the purest of hearts. They live in a far away land, up far away hidden by the clouds. They live their peacefully, but from time to time, evil villains try to disrupt the peacefulness above the clouds. Luckily, these bears each have a unique power, and they are usually able to defeat the bad guys before too much damage is done. All they want is to live a life of happiness, and they want the same for us too!

Question 35

Name this classic cartoon series

These guys may look familiar, but somehow a little different? These youngsters have no idea of the fame they will one day hit, so for now they enjoy playing and learning with each other. They each have enormous imaginations (which will someday help lead them to their fame), but for now they use them to imagine themselves in all kinds of fantastic situations. Looking back at all of the classics, can anyone here remember the exact name of this one?

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