Want To Be An Avenger? Then Don't Fail This Marvel Trivia Quiz!

Marvel has been cranking out quality entertainment for 79 years. (Can you believe they published their first book Marvel Comics #1 in 1939) They have been part of all the ups and downs of the comic book industry. They were there for the boom when Captain America was selling more than a million copies a month during World War II, and they were there when the comic industry was almost completely shut down in the 1950s after Fredrich Whithrim Attacked the industry in his book Corruption of the Innocent. They helped develop the comics code, and they were one of the first major publishers to ignore the code. They have been the biggest comic company in the world in the earlier 90s during the speculator boom, and then they had to file for bankruptcy in 1996. They saw their competitors destroy them in the box office with Superman 78 and Batman 89, and they have destroyed their competition in the box office with their recent slew of MCU movies.

In the last 20 years, Marvel has been a driving force in making comic books mainstream. People who have never picked up a comic book before now know who Rocket Raccoon, Misty Knight, and Hawkeye are. Let's see just how much Marvel has taught us with this quiz. Could you be an honorary Avenger?

Question 1

What war did Captain America fight it?

Captain America, the first Avenger got his start fighting in a war. He is very much tied to this war, and comics creators go to great lengths to explain how he can still be an action hero so many years after the war has finished. When he was first written he was fighting a war that the United States had not even officially entered yet. This caused some problems from parents and politicians who were not fans of the possible ramifications of inflammatory covers, especially on children's books. Which war is Captain America famous for?

Question 2

Name the 5 original Avengers.

The Avengers have had a ton of different lineups, and almost every Marvel character has been a part of the team at one time or another. In both the movies and the comics the heroes teamed up to fight Loki. Five superheroes started the whole team and the comic book line up was different from the movie team line up. In fact, only three members of the two teams overlapped. Who were the five Marvel superheroes from the comics that formed the first Avengers team?

Question 3

What were the two publishing companies that became Marvel Comics?

Marvel Comics was not always known as Marvel. In fact the title Marvel Comics was just one book that another company published. Martian Goodman owned two other publishing companies that would eventually combine and become Marvel Comics. It wouldn't be until 1961 that the company that published Captain America, The Human Torch, Namor, and Patsy Walker (Hey she is one of the few holdover characters from the era.) would become known as Marvel. What were the names of these other two publishing companies?

Question 4

What kind of radiation gave the Hulk his powers?

Stan Lee has stated in many interviews that he never knew anything about science. He knew that the public was interested in it, and he knew what he read in the newspaper. So from there, he started creating heroes using buzzwords that he had heard on the news. This is why the Fantastic Four got their powers from space, and why Spider-Man had a radioactive spider. When it came to the Hulk, Stan decided to give the radiation a real-life name, what was it?

Question 5

Which Infinity Stone was in the Tesseract?

The Tesseract was first seen in the Thor post credit scene, and then it was the main focus of Captain America the First Avenger movie. The Tesseract was being used by the Red Skull to make extremely powerful and advanced weapons, but it was believed to be lost when it fell into the arctic ocean. Many fans at the time thought the Tesseract was the Cosmic Cube, but they have since found out it was one of the Infinity Stones. Which one was it?

Question 6

What is Black Widow's real name?

The Black Widow first appeared in comics as an Ironman villain. She was a Russian spy who was sent to steal the secrets of Tony Stark's technology. To do this she was supposed to use her wild streak and convince Tony to work with Russia. The whole story was written at the height of the Cold War, and tensions between the two nations were high. It was a huge twist when Black Widow became a good guy in 1966. What is Black Widow's secret identity?

Question 7

What neighborhood does Daredevil protect?

Daredevil is tied very closely to one neighborhood in New York. The funny part is that even by the time the character was created the neighborhood was already being rebranded as Clinton, which had started as early as 1959, 5 years before the character first appeared. In the comics, the neighborhood is riddled with crime, poverty, and endless muggings and attacks. In real life, the neighborhood has done a lot to clean up its early 20th-century image. What neighborhood does Daredevil protect?

Question 8

Who was the first black superhero in Marvel Comics?

The first Black superhero in Marvel Comics first appeared in issue 52 of the Fantastic Four. He was the king of a fictional African country that was technologically superior to every other country on the planet. As king, this character had taken on the mantle of the protector of his people, which gave him superhuman speed strength and senses. This combined with his countries technology made him a formidable Superhero. What is the name of this character who starred in his own blockbuster movie earlier this year?

Question 9

In what prison was Luke Cage experimented on?

Luke Cage first appeared in Heroes for Hire #1 in 1972. By issue 50 Luke had been paired with Iron Fist, and the title became Power Man and Iron Fist. In Luke's origin, we find out that he had been wrongfully imprisoned, and got his powers after he was forced to be part of an illegal experiment being performed on inmates at his prison. The experiments gave him superhuman strength and invulnerable skin. What prison changed Luke Cage's life forever?

Question 10

Which Infinity Stone was in Loki's scepter?

In the first Avengers movie, Loki was given a scepter by Thanos that allowed him to take control of people. After Loki loses his scepter it is found by Hydra and used in the experiments that give Scarlet Witch her powers. This stone is later recovered by the good guys and used to give both Ultron and Vision their sentience. It is also the last stone that Thanos has to collect to implement his plan. Which Infinity Stone is it?

Question 11

What is the name of Dr. Strange's Greenwich Village home?

Dr. Strange has always lived in Greenwich Village in the comics, and his address 177A Bleecker Street and home exterior were based on a real-life apartment shared by comics creators Roy Thomas and Gary Friedrich in the 60s. In the comics, the exterior was nothing more than a glamor that concealed a house of magic and mystery. Doctor Strange's home has collected many magical wonders from around the universe and is often attacked. What is his home referred to as?

Question 12

Who runs the Daily Bugle?

The Daily Bugle is one of the biggest Newspapers in Marvel Comics. It is the paper that Peter Parker worked as a photographer, and it is the paper that Ben Urich worked for in the comics. (In the Daredevil Netflix show Ben works for The Bulletin.) The owner and editor and chief of the Bugle is a loud mouth, often obnoxious character who hates Spider-Man with a passion. Whenever this character has been pressed though, he shows that he is actually a stand-up person and talented newsman. What is the name of the Daily Bugle's publisher?

Question 13

What villain is known as the Mad Titan?

Marvel has never had a lack of villains. For every, hero, there has to be multiple supervillains, otherwise, the stories would get stale. No matter how amazing Kingpin, Loki, Green Goblin, or Dr. Doom are, they could not be the only villains for the hero of their title. This character was inspired by (copied from) Darkseid from DC, but in a bit of irony, this character would go on to inspire the DC character Mongul. Which Marvel character is called the Mad Titan?

Question 14

Which team is known as the First Family of Marvel?

Stan Lee tells a story about how he was ready to quit Marvel. The company was telling him he couldn't write the stories he wanted. They were stifling his creative ambition, and he was ready to go to Television or advertising. His wife Joan Lee told him to write one last comic, make it the way he wanted. If he was fired who cared, he wanted to leave anyway. He and Jack Kirby would write the first issue of this team book in 1961. What team did they create?

Question 15

Which Infinity Stone was the Aether?

The Dark Elf Malekith finds and releases the Aether in an attempt to destroy the nine worlds, and bring all of existence back to its purest state. However, we see him fail in this mission in Thor the Dark World. We also find out that the Aether is one of the Infinity Stones and it is given to the Collector for safe keeping. Thanos destroys Knowhere to get the stone. Which of the Infinity Stones was known as the Aether?

Question 16

Nick Fury is the head of what organization?

The Marvel Universe is absolutely filled with secret societies and espionage groups. Any building in Marvel's New York is going to be holding either a supervillain meeting or a secret organization meeting. However when it comes to secret organizations one stands out as being the most influential and well placed in the world. They have worked with almost every superhero, and every spy in the world has worked for this organization. What is the name of this organization that is a very hard worked acronym?

Question 17

Who is Scarlet Witch's Brother?

In the comics, Scarlet Witch and her brother were the children of Magneto. Due to movie rights issues, a decision was made to change the origin of these characters in the movies, and they become experimental super soldiers, and their mutant story was discarded. Scarlet Witch's brother is one of the few characters to die, and stay died in the MCU, but who knows what will happen after the Infinity War story. Who is Scarlet Witch's Brother known for his super speed?

Question 18

How many children does Hawkeye have in Age of Ultron?

In one of the biggest departures from Hawkeye in the comics, we meet his family in the movie Age of Ultron. Comics Clint has never been one to settle down, not really, he has had wives, but they never last (See Mockingbird), and he has had plenty of bad relationships (See Wanda after she had gone crazy), but he has never started a family. In Age of Ultron though, he has a loving wife and children. How many kids does Hawkeye have in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Question 19

What is the name of Falcon's pet falcon?

In the comics, Sam Wilson has a pet falcon. The character shows up in the MCU as a drone that helps recover the vile that Cross Bones is trying to steal. (The drone that Black Widow refuses to talk to.) The comics version of the Falcon can communicate with his falcon companion. The characters were inseparable during Falcon's run as Captain America's partner in the 70s, but he has lost favor in recent years. Can you name this character that shares its name with an NHL team?

Question 20

Which Infinity Stone was stolen by Star-Lord?

Star-Lord steals one of the Infinity Stones. He tries to sell it, and in the process meets up with Gamora, Rocket, and Groot. When he is captured and arrested the team gains their final member Drax, and they try to figure out what to do with the stone. After Ronan gets it and tries to use it to destroy Xandar, the team is able to stop him and they give the stone to the Nova Corps for safe keeping. Which Infinity Stone did Star-Lord steal?

Question 21

What is the name of Jessica Jones' detective agency?

Jessica Jones has a fun publication story. Brian Michael Bendis, the writer of her series originally wanted Jessica Drew to be the main character of the book. Drew had been Spider-Woman, but Marvel wanted to keep that character available for other stories, so Bendis created Jones from scratch. This gave the character more freedom and allowed for more character development and plot twists in the stories. After an attempt to be the Superhero Diamond, Jones opened a detective agency. What was the name of her agency?

Question 22

What is the name of the substance that Ant-Man uses to shrink?

Ant-Man has been a superhero identity used by 3 different characters in the Marvel Universe. Every version of the character owes their powers and abilities to the same substance. Created by a gifted scientist, this substance allows objects to shrink and grow depending on which one is used. Though all the heroes have been able to shrink and grow, it is seldom done back to back because it causes the user a lot of pain to do both in short periods of time. What is the name of the substance that allows them to change size?

Question 23

Which 5 characters made up the original X-Men?

The X-Men first appeared in 1963, and though they are currently one of Marvel's most famous teams, at the time they were often an also-ran. The first series of X-Men started printing old stories after issue 65 and was almost canceled. It wasn't until the team was rebooted in Giant-Sized X-Men #1 in 1975 that they become a huge success. It was on the reboot team that we were introduced to Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, and Colossus. What X-Men made up the first team?

Question 24

Which Guardian of the Galaxy has been part of Marvel the longest?

Guardians of the Galaxy is full of great characters that were underused in the Marvel Universe. Gamora started working with Adam Warlock to stop Thanos. Drax was first created in the comics to kill Thanos, he was a human who had lost his whole family. Star-Lord wanted to become an astronaut to avenge his mother's murder. Groot was part of a monster race that crash-landed on earth. Which of these characters has been published since 1960 predating all MCU characters other than Captain America and Bucky?

Question 25

Which Infinity Stone is in the Eye of Agamotto ?

The most powerful weapon in Doctor Strange's arsenal also happens to contain an Infinity Stone. Though Strange was not supposed to be using the Eye of Agamotto, we see that in Infinity War it is still one of his most important artifacts. We see Dr. Strange use the powers of the Eye to defeat Kaecilius and Dormammu. Thanos is able to bargain Stark's life for this Infinity Stone. Which of the Infinity Stones is found in the Eye of Agamotto?

Question 26

Rocket Racoon was inspired by what musical group?

Rocket Racoon is another one of the underused characters that would become part of the smash hit Guardians of the Galaxy. The character first appeared in comics in 1976 in Marvel Preview #7. He had only appeared in 10 comic books before 2006 because he was mostly a humor character based on a 1968 song "Rocky Raccoon" from a famous band. The character had never been intended to be more than a one-off joke character. Which band made "Rocky Raccoon"?

Question 27

What is the name of Thor's Hammer?

There are many differences between Marvel Thor and Norse myth Thor. In the myth Thor has red hair, he is boosters, arrogant, vicious, and crude. Thor from Marvel is blond, regal, well spoken, and kind. This is partly due to what would be considered acceptable by a hero in the modern era. (No one really knows why he was made blonde.) One thing that has stayed the same is the name of Thor's powerful magic hammer. What is the name of this Uru metal weapon?

Question 28

Who wears the War Machine armor?

War Machine is a version of the Iron Man armor that is more heavily armored. It was designed to be used in situations where more firepower was needed. Like the regular Ironman armor, there have been many versions of the War Machine armor, some with more, and some with fewer weapons. The most noticeable additions to the War Machine armor are the retractable shoulder minigun, double-barrel cannons on each gauntlet, and gauntlet mounted flamethrower. Which ally of Tony's gets to wear the War Machine Armor?

Question 29

What is the name of Punisher's tech guy?

Punisher first appeared in Spider-Man comics, where he was tricked into targeting Spidy for assassination. Luckily he figured out he was being used, and Frank Castle teamed up with Spider-Man to defeat the bad guys. Punisher has always been an anti-hero at best, but he became huge in the 90s, the age of the extreme hero. He got a sidekick at this point who was a hacker and computer expert. Can you name this tech expert who appeared in the recent Punisher Netflix series?

Question 30

Benjamin J Grimm is better known as what superhero?

This character was at one point the face of Marvel Comics in the late 60s and early 70s. He had his own Saturday morning cartoon and was featured on every single piece of Marvel merchandise. Though his popularity would eventually wane, he is still a draw for the company, and fans still love him. Known for his gruff exterior, but a heart of gold this character was often seen getting harassed by the Yancy street gang when he wasn't saving the world. Can you name this blue eyed ever loving hero?

Question 31

What is the name of the technology that powers Iron Man's suit?

In the comics the technological development that allowed Tony Stark to make his suit was transistors. It was the big buzzword at the time and though it would revolutionize what we could make with tech, it never quite got us to an Ironman suit. For the MCU the power source was updated to a new even more high-tech source. We find out that Stark Industries had made a version of this power source on the large scale, but it was thought impractical for commercial use. What was this power source called?

Question 32

What dragon did Iron Fist defeat to gain his powers?

Iron Fist is the legendary protector of K'un L'un, and he takes every chance to remind us of that in his Netflix show. Even in the comics, it is hard for some people to believe his claims that he defeated a dragon to gain the Iron Fist powers, with many thinking that it was a metaphorical task. However, fans have seen the fight between Danny and the dragon many times. What is the name of the dragon that Danny Rand had to defeat to become Iron Fist?

Question 33

Who is Spider-Man's doting aunt?

Spider-Man has always had to consider the health and well being of his elderly aunt. In the comics, this character was his great aunt, and as such, she was more like a grandmother than an aunt. Peter was always getting his aunt her heart medication and taking her to doctors appointments. However, in Homecoming, this character was played by Marisa Tomei, who at 53 seemed too young to be Peters frail old aunt. The only thing that has remained the same is how much his aunt cares about Peter. What is the name of Peter's aunt?

Question 34

What does the Wasp call the bolts she fires from her wrist?

It is easy to feel for Scott Lang, the Wasp gets some pretty cool add-on powers. She has wings which he is missing, and she gets blasters. We know that ants can bite, so how did they not give Ant-Man some kind of blaster. In the comics, many characters have arachnid-based attacks. Black Widow, and Spider-Man (Miles Morales) both have attacks based on their arachnid. Oh well, at least he can still talk to ants. What does the Wasp call her blaster bolts?

Question 35

Who is Gamora's adopted father?

Gamora is the deadliest woman in the universe, and for good reason. Since she was a child she was groomed to be an assassin. Constantly tested and challenged to become the strongest version of herself. This included putting her in battles with her other adopted family members like Nebula. Gamora always proved to be the toughest, but it took a toll on her mental health. The person that put her through these terrible trials also happens to be her adopted father. Who adapted Gamora and trained her?

Question 36

What is the name of the Galactic Police force from Guardians of the Galaxy?

In Guardians of the Galaxy, we are introduced to Marvel's Galactic Police force. In the comics, Star-Lord worked for this group for a stretch of time, but that was not shown in the movie. This force had its home base on Xander, and with the Guardians help they were able to repeal Ronan's attack and secure one of the Infinity Stones. Unfortunately, Thanos was able to pierce their defense and get the stone. What is the name of this galactic police force that helps protect the Marvel Universe?

Question 37

Where is Thor from?

We learn in the first Thor movie that Norse mythology was a simplification of super advanced science that explains where he and his people come from. It also explains the other lands that are discussed in the myth. Thor and his people do live longer and are stronger, but it is due to alien physiology, and not godhood. When they visited earth though, they could not explain this to the less advanced humans. What is the region that Thor comes from known as?

Question 38

What was the only Infinity Stone Thanos could NOT locate?

Though Thanos had not collected many Infinity Stones yet, he knew where they all were, except for one. He had sent Gamora to find the last stone, but she had never been able to find it, or that's what she had told Thanos. After torturing Nebula, Gamora reveals the location of the stone to Thanos. To get this stone he has to sacrifice something he loves, which Gamora assumes is nothing. She is proven wrong, and Thanos is able to attain which of the six stones?

Question 39

What is the title of Dr. Stange's teacher?

When Dr. Strange first seeks out help for his injuries, he is willing to try anything. This includes all sorts of holistic and unsubstantiated medical treatments. In a desperate last-ditch attempt to regain his surgical career he finds himself in Kathmandu looking for a great teacher who was able to help another patient heal himself from great injury. Dr. Strange finds more than he expects and becomes a student of this great teacher. What is the title of his teacher?

Question 40

What is the name of Wolverine's female clone?

Wolverine has had a few offspring in the comics many of which have been from alternate stories, and most end up dead. He does have a clone though, that was created from a damaged sample of Logan's DNA, and as such, it came out as a female. This clone has only two claws on her hand, and one claw on her foot. She first appeared in the X-Men Evolution Cartoon, but quickly made her way into comics and later a movie. What is the name of this character?

Question 41

Which nation does Black Panther rule?

Black Panther may be a superhero, but his first responsibility is always to the people of his home country. He is the king of this land, and it is up to him to lead it and protect it. This has often put him at odds with heroes and villains, especially other national leaders like Namor and Dr. Doom. Black Panther has at times lost his kingdom, but in the end, he always regains the title of king, making amends for his shortcomings. What is the name of his country?

Question 42

What is the name of the giant flying base used by S.H.I.E.L.D?

In the first Avengers movie, Steve Rogers is pretty confident in betting Nick Fury that there is nothing that can surprise him. He has to give Nick ten bucks the first time he sees S.H.I.E.L.D's base. When they first get on it they think that it is a regular ship than they find out there is a little more, they think it may be a submarine. When it starts to fly they are all a little shocked. What is the name of S.H.I.E.L.D's flying base?

Question 43

Which tech company is a rival of Stark Industry?

When Stark Industry gets in trouble with the United States government they call in another inventor and arms company. This group seems like it is doing a great job. They work on the War Machine armor, giving it upgrades like the Ex-Wife missile. The weapons tend to misfire and malfunction far more often than Stark Industry tech. The inventor is arrested after he attempts to destroy Stark Industry with the help of Whiplash. What is the name of this rival tech company?

Question 44

What is the name of the General who hunts the Hulk?

Bruce Banner can't catch a break. On top of the fact that he has been changed into a giant green rage monster that can't control his emotions, he also happens to be shockingly bad at love. We have seen how badly he messed up his relationship with Black Widow, and this comes after he was in love with the Betty, the daughter of the General who was hunting him down. What is the name of the General who hunts down the Hulk?

Question 45

In which state did Thor's Hammer land?

Thor's Hammer crashed landed somewhere in the U.S. and Agent Colson was sent to investigate it. S.H.I.E.L.D set up a facility around the hammer to study it, and when Thor tries to retrieve it, we first meet Hawkeye in the MCU. Thor learns the lessons he needs to and becomes worthy to use his hammer again just in time to save the day and stop the Destroyer. He is also able to return home. What state was the location of Thor's Hammer landing?

Question 46

What Marvel production did Stan Lee first cameo in?

Stan Lee has been appearing in Marvel movies for a while now. It has become a game of Where's Waldo to spot him in a Marvel movie, and it is even fun to see him show up in non-Marvel properties, like Teen Titans Go to the Movies, and Heroes. Stan has joked that he would be willing to help out DC's box office by appearing in their films as well if they called. Which Marvel project was the first one to feature Stan Lee in live action?

Question 47

What was the first movie created for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008?

Before 2008 there had been a bunch of Marvel movies made. However, they were all made by other production companies, using Marvel characters. In 2008 Marvel took a character that was considered one of their C-listers and made a movie with him. When it was made the film was considered a gamble. The movie was fully made by Marvel and started their extended universe. This movie started the after credit scene ending of Marvel movies, introducing us to Nick Fury. What movie was Marvel Studios first?

Question 48

What is the name of the leader of the Dora Milaje?

This character first appeared in the comics in 1998, and she has been one of the toughest female characters ever since first appearing on the comic book page. She has reached new heights of fame after she showed up in Black Panther and Infinity War. She is a no-nonsense warrior with a strong respect for duty and honor. She is an excellent military leader and fighter who is in charge of protecting the king and the royal family. What is this warriors name?

Question 49

What is Blade's nickname in the Vampire world?

Blade is often overlooked as a Marvel property, but it could be argued that ever current comic book movie that is made today owes a debt to 1998's Blade. At the time it came out there were many fans who didn't realize that Blade was a Marvel character, but the movie was a success and helped pave the way for X-Men, which eventually got us to Marvel Studios opening their door. Blade had a nickname based on his unique abilities. What did the other vampires call him?

Question 50

Which X-Men was going to be a mutated animal?

X-Men comics have always told many stories about humans who have been mutated and have powers and abilities beyond normal people. However, one character was going to be revealed to be another animal that had mutated into something more human. The creators have talked about this in many interviews, but the idea was abandoned because of how well-liked the character had become, they didn't want to lower his popularity with this bombshell. Which X-Men was supposed to be a mutant animal?

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