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The television show friends aired on NBC from 1994 until 2004, running for a total of 10 hysterical seasons. (Wikipedia). The show features a group of 6 friends, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey, who live in NYC. The show follows this goofy gang throughout their daily life and struggles and while the plot is often hysterical, it’s their group dynamic that kept us all watching.

Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe are three leading women characters on the show. Rachel and Monica are old high school friends that reunite in their 20s and Phoebe joined their group along the way. They all have incredibly different personalities, but they also make amazing friends. Phoebe is the quirky one that is a free spirit and isn’t afraid to be herself. Rachel’s character experiences the most growth, as she starts off as a bit spoiled, but becomes a sincere and loving friend. Monica is a highly competitive woman who craves success and while she can be controlling at times, she’s also very giving.

This quiz will pose questions about situational examples related to the sitcom, quote-related questions and fill in the blanks. Based on the answers, we will be able to identify which of these gals you are most like.

Want to find out which of these three women you resemble the most? Go on and take this quiz to find out!

Question 1

Finish this sentence: Welcome to the real world….

Friends is a television show that showcases some real-world hardships amongst some goofy, laugh out loud storylines. In the first season, Rachel abandons her fiancé at the altar and leaves her privileged lifestyle to get some real-world experience. She moves in with her old high school friend Monica and must start taking responsibility for herself. Throughout the show, these three women share some very real, sometimes too real, pieces of advice. Pick one of the three replies below to tell a friend that is getting a harsh awakening.

Question 2

Pick a dream job:

While Monica, Phoebe and Rachel play best friends on the sitcom Friends, they all have seriously different ambitions. Monica grew up loving food and she went on to pursue her passion in her adult years by becoming a chef. Phoebe is very eccentric and has many different hobbies. While she works as a masseuse, her true passion is music. Meanwhile, Rachel has a serious passion for fashion and works in the industry throughout the show. Pick a dream job below!

Question 3

Pick a bad job:

Life does not always go as planned and that’s definitely something Friends has shown us. On the show, these three women did not always land their dream jobs the first time around. While Monica ended up working in a nice, high-end restaurant, she once worked in a 1950’s themed diner in a full costume! Phoebe had quite the rough childhood and grew up having to mug people to make ends meet and Rachel began working as a waitress, serving coffee at Central Perk. Pick a bad job below!

Question 4

Pick a character to date:

The characters on Friends are a really close and because of how close they are, some of them ended up falling for one another. Most of the characters ended up dating or kissing, either as a joke, part of a prank or on purpose, another one of the members of the group. Which of the three guys is the most datable? Is it Ross the nerdy palaeontologist? Or Chandler the quirky and awkward member of the group? Or Joey the goofy guy with a nice heart? Choose a partner below!

Question 5

Pick a hobby:

Rachel, Monica and Phoebe have totally different interests. Rachel loves everything that is fashion related and because she comes from such a wealthy family, shopping is something that she absolutely loves to do! Monica is a true people-pleaser and is always seen hosting endless numbers of Christmas, Thanksgiving and birthday parties. No matter the season or episode, she is constantly cooking! Lastly, Phoebe is the goofier gal and she has more eccentric hobbies like cleansing auras. Pick a hobby that interests you most.

Question 6

Pick a quote about planning:

Planning for the future and navigating change is something the Friends characters do a lot. Life is not always easy and most times these tough moments are highly unexpected. On the show, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe are seen reacting to tough situations like breakups, getting fired or laid off and family drama. They must find ways to move past these tough times and plan for the future. Pick a quote below, each spoken by one of the three characters, about the future, planning and major decisions.

Question 7

Pick a quote to never say:

Rachel, Monica and Phoebe each have their own personalities when things go well but sometimes resemble each other very closely when things go wrong. These three women have all been hyper-negative at some point in the show, either after they went through a breakup, at a time when they were simply upset, or in a seriously bad situation. Each of the quotes below was spoken by one of these three characters. Pick a quote to never say, even on a really rough day.

Question 8

Pick someone to marry:

While the three women end up with the character most of us were rooting for, there were many other men along the way. While Monica was only married once, the other girls either married more than once or came very close. Rachel left Barry at the altar to her parents’ dismay. Meanwhile, Phoebe married her friend, who was also an ice skater in Canada, remember? It's time make a selection. Pick one of the three eligible bachelors below to marry.

Question 9

Someone asks for help in the kitchen, pick a response:

We all know the feeling. We’re relaxing on the couch, maybe watching television, playing a game or reading a book, and we get called into the kitchen to help. What approach is best in this situation? Is blatant honesty the way to go? Already love cooking and are one of the first people in there? Have absolutely no cooking ability and are willing to contribute, but unsure how? No matter what the case may be, pick the reply that is most accurate!

Question 10

Pick a quote about dating to relate to:

Relationships are amazing at times and less fun at others. Rachel, Monica and Phoebe have gone through some tough breakups throughout the show’s 10 seasons. Relationships have been a major topic of conversation for this group of friends, and some very real quotes have emerged from the show. Perhaps you dislike being lonely, see at relationships from a very logical and rational perspective or maybe, dating is simply for fun and games. Pick the quote about dating that is the best match.

Question 11

Pick a type of student:

School was not always an easy time. On the show, Rachel had a great high school experience and despite not always being the smartest, she was wealthy, beautiful and very popular. Monica, on the other hand, did not have a super easy time in school, but because of her competitive nature, she succeeded. Phoebe had a rough childhood and spent a lot of time on the street. It's time to pick a school personality. Select a type of student below.

Question 12

Order a drink from a Central Perk:

Central Perk was the setting that was probably the most-featured on the show. Rachel, Monica and Phoebe are seen there nearly every day of the week, including on work days! There are endless drinks to order in a coffee shop from regular coffee, classic tea, lattes or sweeter beverages. While their orders were not always consistent, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe had their distinctive orders that were mentioned more than once. These three beverages are listed below. Pick the yummiest one!

Question 13

Pick a place to get married:

There were a few major weddings featured on the show, most of the those being Ross’ weddings. However, at some point, these three women all got married on the show. Rachel got married to Ross by accident while under the influence. Phoebe had no choice but to get married outdoors after a major snowstorm hit. Monica had a fairly classic wedding in what appeared to be a reception hall. Time to pick the wedding location that sounds the most magical.

Question 14

Pick something to be scared of:

These three characters have their very own unique phobias. Phoebe is the quirkiest character of all and the saddest thing that could possibly happen to her would be for her to become normal. Monica is a serious overachiever who loves to win and that’s why she obviously detests any outcome that isn't success. Rachel has a very serious, yet unconventional phobia. Rachel is scared of touching her own eye and was even unable to put drops after having an eye infection! Pick the scariest phobia!

Question 15

Pick a favorite adolescent hobby:

The television show features endless flashbacks to when Monica and Rachel were in high school. They had two totally different high school experiences, as Monica was goofy, and Rachel was popular and self-absorbed. In the show, Monica talks about how she loved arcades, but she loved vending machines even more! Meanwhile, Rachel used to go sailing with her dad. Phoebe once mentioned going boxing at the YMCA to learn self-defence. Pick one of the three hobbies below that sounds the coolest.

Question 16

Pick a dominant personality trait:

These three gals have very different personalities. Monica is the queen of competition. She is seen playing football on Thanksgiving, competing against Mike at ping pong and even competing against other couples to try to be the coolest. Phoebe is the most eccentric character anyone could’ve dreamt up. She is slightly dim-witted but always makes us laugh. Rachel’s character changes the most, but at the end of the day, she is a good and sincere friend who wears her heart on her sleeve.

Question 17

Pick a negative personality trait:

Rachel, Monica and Phoebe have different behaviours, especially when it comes to their negative traits. Monica’s competitive and neat nature can often translate to her being excessively controlling. Phoebe can be childish at times and lacking a little common sense or logic. Her innocence is best seen when she is surprised when Joey tells her Santa does not exist! Rachel is the queen of tears, she can cry over absolutely anything, even for taking out the trash! Choose a negative personality trait below!

Question 18

Pick an empowering task:

This is a show about friendship, life and growth. These three girls endure lots of hardships, but also empower one another. When Rachel moves to NYC, she starts doing things on her own, like doing her own laundry and this makes her feel strong, brave and free! Monica struggles with her mother, who she feels always puts her down and standing up to her makes her feel awesome! Phoebe feels best when helping others, like raising money for charities! Don’t let anyone steal your wind!

Question 19

A friend believes their mother was reincarnated into a cat, pick a reaction:

There are so many incredibly goofy storylines in Friends. In an episode, Phoebe meets a stray cat and has a gut feeling that it is her mother reincarnated. This is a really tough situation as her friends don’t want to break the truth to her, as they understand that Pheebs is happy to be reunited with her mom. However, when they see that a family is looking for the cat it’s much harder to accept. Pick one the three reactions below!

Question 20

Pick a party-related quote:

There are quite a few parties that happen throughout the 10 seasons of friends, from wedding receptions, bachelorette parties and many more! Rachel, Monica and Phoebe act very very differently at parties. Phoebe is a little on the wilder side, even requesting a male performer at her bachelorette. Monica loves to be organized and schedule things, meanwhile Rachel often resembles a high school teen at parties, being very boy crazy and attention-loving! Pick a quote below that resembles your party personality!

Question 21

Pick a way to impress a crush:

There is quite a lot of romance and flirting that happens on this show. Couples fall in and out love, sometimes multiple times (Hint hint, we're talking about Ross and Rachel). These three leading characters have, at times, been super smooth with the guys and had some pretty sleek lines, which at other times we not as successful. Trying to impress a crush can go really well or very wrong. Pick an approach to take to impress a crush. Choose carefully!

Question 22

Pick something to lose sleep over:

Life can get stressful at times. There are some things that just bother us, cloud our thoughts and make us unable to sleep. Different people have different triggers, and on this show, Rachel, Phoebe and Monica are bothered by very different things. Monica’s worse nightmare is a messy home and is kept up by the very thought of a messy apartment. Rachel really struggles to stop using her dad’s money and survive on her own. Phoebe is a pretty easy going girl but has gone through some difficult times too. Pick something to lose sleep over!

Question 23

Give a friend some advice:

Advice is what friends are for. When times get tough, or you’re feeling upset, sometimes a good pep talk from a pal is all you need. These three girls have very different ways of giving advice. Monica is more of the tough love kind of gal that will set you straight rather quickly. Meanwhile, Phoebe has a more cosmic and abstract approach to advice. Rachel is a great friend and means well, but sometimes her tips come out a little convoluted. Pick some advice and help a friend.

Question 24

Pick a way to describe true love:

The Friends characters do not always have the same vision when it comes to love. At times, the characters have made bad choices with their choice of partners and they had to support one another through these rocky relationships. At other times, the characters were with their soulmates but we're too blind to realize it. Pick a way to describe true love below to help a friend realize what they have. Either use an analogy, be literal or let them down easy!

Question 25

Pick a number of kids to have:

All three of these women have children on the show, but all under very different circumstances. Phoebe was the first to get pregnant, however, this is not your typical pregnancy. Phoebe is a surrogate for her brother, as his wife Is too old to bear children. Meanwhile, Rachel accidentally gets pregnant by Ross. Monica sadly is unable to bear children, so her and Chandler decide to adopt a child. What is the perfect number of kids to have at once?

Question 26

What’s more important?

In life, we often must make tough decisions and prioritize certain things above others. In the show, the girls are all put in difficult situations to chose between love, friends and work. Monica must either sacrifice work, love or friendship, when Chandler is forced to move for his job. Phoebe must choose between telling Monica she’s too uncomfortable to massage her and making her friend happy. Rachel must decide whether to move to France for work or not. Tough stuff!

Question 27

Pick a new year’s resolution:

New year's resolutions happen every year. We tell ourselves we’re going to be better and that we're going to stick to it for the entire year, if not forever. Most people go the fitness route and challenge themselves to get in shape or eat healthier. On the television show friends, there is an episode in season 5 called “The One with All the Resolutions,” in which all the characters challenge themselves to make a difficult change. Pick one of the three resolutions below to take on.

Question 28

Pick a secret:

Everyone has a deep dark secret that they don’t want to tell anyone. Maybe it’s a weird phobia, something bad they’ve done or a weakness they don’t like to share. On the show, all three of these girls have something they, unfortunately, end up confessing, but they wish they didn’t have to. Monica has a suspicious room in her apartment that she’s never shown anyone, and in this room hides her hidden secret. Phoebe’s secret is related to something that she’s never learned to do. Rachel’s secret is more about her past as a popular mean girl. Pick a secret!

Question 29

Pick a pet name:

Pets are an amazing part of everyone’s life. The television show friends actually features a lot of animals and many unconventional pets too. Ross has a pet monkey called Marcel for many many episodes. Chandler and Joey have a pet duck and chick in their apartment for the longest time. The women on this show also had pets, but more conventional ones, like cats and dogs. The names listed below are names of each of their pets. Pick a pet name below!

Question 30

Pick a way to cheer up a friend:

When a friend goes through a tough time, what is a fool-proof way to cheer them up? Either take the goofy approach and put a turkey on your head and do a goofy dance? Perhaps go the sentimental route and hear them out and talk everything through? Or maybe crack some jokes to make the situation feel a little more light-hearted? Which of these methods is the best way to cheer up a friend that’s feeling down? Pick amongst the options below.

Question 31

Pick a sport:

Playing a group sport is a great way to bond with friends and sometimes grow closer. On the show, the gang often attempts to play a sport together, however, it doesn’t always go well because of all the clashing personalities. Some people prefer team sports, as they either love to compete, or they find it fun to play as a team. Others prefer more independent activities like jogging, which helps them clear their heads. Pick the funnest sport from the options below.

Question 32

Pick a halloween costume:

Halloween is a spooky, yet fun time of the year. Adults and children alike get to dress up in costumes and be a little more playful. How you dress up says a lot about each person. Refusing to wear a costume says a lot as well. On the show, Monica and Phoebe generally get in the holiday spirit and wear a fun costume, however, Rachel uses it as an opportunity to rock a new dress. Pick a costume to wear to a Halloween party.

Question 33

Right brained or left brained?

Every character on the show Friends is distinctively different from the rest of the group. It's very apparent that Rachel, Phoebe and Monica think completely differently from one another. Monica is much more organized, while Phoebe is much more free-spirited and Rachel is much more sensitive. Perhaps this has to do, quite literally, with how their brains work? Left-brained people tend to be more logical, analytical and rational. Meanwhile, right-brained people are much more creative, passionate and emotional. Pick a dominant side of the brain.

Question 34

Pick a fake name to give:

Sometimes in life, we get in certain situations where we don't want to share all of our personal information. In these situations, it's great to have a faux name to give people so as to keep your life private. Monica did this when snooping on the woman who frauded her credit card. Phoebe uses her alias for a multitude of reasons, from dating to snooping around. Rachel is much less sneaky but sometimes refers to herself with different titles. Which of these sound the coolest?

Question 35

Finish this lyric: "I'll be there..."

The theme song of this cult favourite sitcom has also become a classic. We're sorry in advance for getting it stuck in everyone's heads. This is a song about friendship, and supporting your best friends as they go through hardships. After the line "I'll be there...," there are three lines that are said at alternating times in the chorus. What’s the most important reason to support a friend? Which of these 3 lines best represents friendship? Pick an answer below!

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