Vampire, Witch, Or Werewolf: Take The Quiz To Get A Supernatural Alter Ego

Everybody has asked that burning question: If the supernatural were real ('cause it's not, right?), where would I fit in, exactly?  What would I be?  What class would I fall in to?

This quiz has been designed with these questions in mind and the goal on uniting every reader with a supernatural persona. Now, we know there are plenty of different monsters and subsets, but we've decided to go with the big three for today: vampires, witches, and werewolves. Most people are familiar enough with this supernatural beings and probably have their favorites, so, we've narrowed it down to only three categories.

The quiz itself is simple. We'll put our readers into some sticky situations, mostly not of this world, and they'll have to pick what they would do. It wouldn't be as easy as some might thing to get the desired result either. There is a lot of overlap when it comes to these beings!

Based on your answers to these 30 questions, you're either a vampire, a witch, or a werewolf! It really is a win/win situation!  So, brace yourself, things are about to get really dark and sinister; but it's a whole lot of fun, too!  Good luck!

Question 1

Red cloak OR black cloak?

You're already asking yourself, does it really matter? It just a quiz, right? A cloak is a cloak, is a cloak? Ahh, but it's much more than that! We need to know just how deep you inner-creepy really goes, in able to make a proper prediction. If we don't know your preferences, how can we foretell witch (oops) which category you belong in.

Question 2

Wear a necklace with a cross OR wear a necklace with a birthstone?

So, which talisman suits you best? Who knows? If you're possibly a vampire, then maybe a cross pendant isn't quite your thing. But witches, with all their elements and potions ... maybe birthstones are better suited to your liking. Maybe neither. If you're a werewolf, you'll probably just lose the chain while stalking your prey anyway.

Question 3

Watch the sunrise OR watch the sunset?

Try not to think of it so much as what one of our choice creatures would want to do, try to answer based on which you would prefer. Yes, some of us just want to watch the sun rise as the day begins; while some of us like to watch the sun set as the day comes more to a close. It really doesn't matter; this isn't a test. There's no wrong answer.

Question 4

Split up to look for a friend OR look for the friend as a group?

Hmmm. How many horror movies have we seen this scenario in? What do you do? Some of you stay with the car/van, while the rest of you go look for that friend that should have been back ... like an hour ago!? But what if the few who leave, have the keys? What then? Maybe you should have stuck together. Tough choice both ways.

Question 5

Hide inside the house OR make a break for it?

Muah ha ha ... your entire fate may rest on this question! You know the killer isn't too far away, otherwise you wouldn't be hiding at this moment. But, just how far away are they?! On the other side of the room? Down the hall? Maybe this is your one and only chance to make a break for the front door and outside to freedom!

Question 6

Be chased by Michael Myers OR chased by Jason Voorhees?

Ooohh, man ... neither one will probably end well, but that's okay. In all honesty, neither one of them moves very fast when you think about it. Just don't keep looking over your shoulder until you end up tripping over something. We've seen that way too many times. After all, it's just for fun, isn't it? Isn't it? Wait, is it?!

Question 7

Walk away from something/someone suspicious OR run away from something/someone suspicious?

Hmmm ... which way do you choose? Either one could possibly draw the attention of whomever or whatever is behind you. If you run, perhaps to can get somewhere or get some help faster. But, maybe, that suspicious person behind you is just going the same direction as you and there's really no need to panic. That's a lot of factors to consider in the heat of the moment.

Question 8

Have long, black hair OR have long, red hair

This one is not really so much a fashion choice (even though it sure sounds that way). We just want to know what would be scarier to you. In most of the movies where some little girl is crawling a out of a well or through your T.V. set, she's got that long, dangling, black hair that covers her face. But red hair on the other hand, tends to be quite the showstopper.

Question 9

Get a palm reading or a tarot reading?

Ahhhh ... the spirits are with us now. It's just a matter of how you'd like to communicate with them. Or is it that they want to communicate with you? Doesn't really matter. For the sake of the quiz, make a choice. Remember it's not so much the questions themselves, as much as it is the end result. Or, wait-- maybe they're the same thing.

Question 10

Fire or water?

Pick a side, decide your fate, make a choice! Maybe it's more a matter of fear? Oooo ... which scares you most, that all-encompassing flood? Or is it the solar flares that are getting much too close to the Earth! Each of these elements has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it might be hard to truly commit to one side only.

Question 11

Be chased by a bunch of Gremlins OR be chased by Chucky?

See? It's not ALL doom and gloom. This one is for fun! Oh, come on ... think about it. The Gremlins may have what it takes in numbers, but Chucky just always keeps coming back again. And again. Your advantage is that they're both small, with short, stubby legs. We just wanna know which creeps you out more.

Question 12

What's worse: Cockroaches or spiders?

Okay. This one isn't about the doom and the gloom, either. This one is just really, really gross. But that's the whole point of the quiz; to make you a little bit uncomfortable and choose the lesser of the two evils. It's pretty dark stuff, huh? Well, we aim to please.

Question 13

Moongazing or stargazing?

Perhaps you're not trapped in some low-budget horror movie (not this night anyway), and you're just sitting out in the yard, looking up at the sky. Which is more intriguing to you? Is it the multitude of stars? Is it because some shine brighter than others? Or is it the moon and the small details you can make out that holds your attention?

Question 14

Get lost in a fog OR get lost is mist?

They are pretty much the same thing. Mist tends more often to roll in off the water, whereas fog does not. Or, for some people it could be which was the scarier movie, in your opinion. Was it "The Mist?" Or was it "The Fog?" Odds are though, if there's something out there, waiting in the haze, it's gonna get you either way.

Question 15

Go check out the creepy attic OR go check out the creepy basement?

Creepy ... really is the key word here. Especially in the dark or at night. Why is that do you suppose? Why is it that in the middle of the day, an attic or a basement can be a great place to go and play. But, as soon as the sun goes down and the lights are out, you'd just soon take a sharp stick in the eye than have to go into either one of those places?

Question 16

Spend the night in a spooky castle OR spend the night in a spooky mansion?

Again, kind of a toss up. They're almost the same thing, but each one has it's pros and it's cons. In a castle you're probably more likely to encounter monsters, ghouls, and ghosts. In a mansion, you're probably going to run into more of your chainsaw-wielding types that just want to make a lampshade out of your skin.

Question 17

Be trapped in "A Nightmare on Elm Street" movie OR be trapped in a "SAW" movie?

Oh, Boy. Either way you choose, chances are you probably aren't going to make it out alive. If you've got Freddy Krueger on your tail, at least you can run; you just really need someone there to wake you up. But if it's "Saw," there's not much chance that you're going to be doing much running at all. Because it's a trap. It's always a trap. That's the whole point. But, at least you're awake and you know it.

Question 18

Be taken by Kevin from Split OR be trapped in a house with a monster?

Yikes! Not sure there's really a "lesser of two evils," situation in this one. Like so many others, it pretty much comes down to which one poses a better chance of escape. With the psycho, you have no idea what they're thinking or going to do. With the monster, you might have a better inclination, but they do tend to be more difficult to defeat.

Question 19

Read a scary book OR watch a scary movie?

Whew! This question is not quite as heavy as the others have been; but, let's break it down anyway. This one probably has a lot to do with the time and the place. Horror novels can be much scarier at night, especially when you're in the house alone and every little noise startles you. But, at least you can close the book. Scary movies aren't as bad during the day; but if you've gone to the theater and it's so scary you have to leave ... well, then you're out at least ten bucks.

Question 20

Run away or fight back?

Either way, they're coming for you. Right now, it's just a question of what you're going to do about it. You could tote the weapon AND try to get away on foot, or you could make a stand. You could also choose the option of the vehicle AND use it as a weapon; but if horror movie history has taught us anything, it's that they usually don't go down with the first blow.

Question 21

Machete or crossbow?

Finally ... things are looking up. Not only do you have a weapon, but you get to choose which one you want! No. You can't have both. A machete does give you a bit more reach, but you've still got to be pretty up close and personal to use it. A crossbow, on the other hand, keeps you at a much safer distance. However, you are going to to have to stop and reload.

Question 22

Romantic movie OR action movie?

Whew! This one is just stuck in here for a breather! True, you're almost done, but man, oh, man this quiz has gotten awfully dark and terribly dangerous. This question is another one that gives us a better idea of what your inclinations are, so we can make an accurate assessment at the end. When we're NOT talking about horror films, which would you prefer?

Question 23

Go back to try and save the others OR save yourself?

Come on ... be honest now. Nobody's watching. What would you REALLY do, hmmm? We've all seen those same horror movies: he or she (whichever the case may be) is right there at the front door; just a step or two away from freedom-- and they hear somebody scream. So, for the sake of this quiz, what would you do? Honestly.

Question 24

Be a villain or a hero?

This one is just a movie hypothetical in general. Picture this: you've been offered the chance to play a part in a big budget movie, but-- you have a choice. You can either be the bad guy or you can be the good guy. Some Hollywood stars say it's fun to dip your toe into the other pool now and then and see what it's like to be the baddie for a change. What about you?

Question 25

Extreme cold or extreme heat?

Hmm. Tough call, this one. There really is no up side here. You're going to have to work to keep your wits about you either way; which may or may not take away some of your concentration that should be more focused on what you're doing. Luckily, though, the same is true for your opponent.

Question 26

Defend yourself alone or defend yourself with friends

So, which is it? Which choice has the better odds? It probably depends on how well or how poorly things went in the beginning. With one psycho for every friend, whoever defeats their foe first can certainly come to your aid. Of course, just the opposite could be just as true. If the other baddies beat your buddies first, you might be in hot water.

Question 27

Have a pitchfork OR have a axe?

Yes. Yes, we are back to a weapon of choice. We need clear decisions if we're truly going to divine exactly which supernatural creature is most like you. The good thing is that they both give you a good amount of reach. In any "horror-movie" type situation ... no one wants to be too close to their villain/psychopath/monster; things never seem to work out well that way.

Question 28

Battle with a vampire OR battle with a werewolf?

We're getting close to the end now. So ... which one scares you the most. Be honest. Kind of seems like the werewolf might be more inclined to just tear you to shreds; but, on the other hand, you can shoot a silver bullet from pretty far away. A vampire may no kill you right off the bat (yes, that is SO much meant to be a pun), but you have to be much closer to drive the wooden stake in.

Question 29

Walk home alone in the dark OR be followed home in the daylight?

Yech! Either answer just gives you the goosebumps, doesn't it? If you're walking home in the daylight, at least you can see who's following you; but still, there's SOMEONE following you! You could walk home alone at night, with no one following you, but the darkness will always make you wonder. Sheesh!

Question 30

Walk home through a dark cemetery OR walk home through a dark forest?

Last question! So let's break this down, one last time. Unfortunately, both scenarios provide our bad guy with a lot of places to hide. Both situations have lots of things for you to trip over and hit your head. On the other hand, a forest might be harder for you to navigate your way out of; whereas a cemetery would probably just be a straight path in and a straight path out.

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