Stake Or Date These Vamps

Vampires are becoming ever more popular in media – with both movies and TV shows. While there has always been a fascination with the immortal bloodsuckers, they’re being depicted more as beautiful, attractive beings than the soulless monsters they used to be displayed as. While all of the vampires share the same desire for blood, they do have different characteristics depending on the series or movie. For example, the vampires in the Twilight series are able to walk in the sunlight, their skin just sparkles. While in the Underworld series they will burn if they make contact with the sun. The same for the vampires in the Vampire Diaries – however if they wear a piece of jewelry known as the “Daylight Ring” (or necklace) that allows them to walk freely day or night. Another thing that some of the vampire movies has where others don’t is the essence of family within the eternal life. The Cullen’s have a strong sense of family in their vampire clan, as do the Salvatore brothers in Vampire Diaries. But this isn’t the case with all vampires – sometimes it's every man or woman for themselves. Whether it be movies or films, the one thing they all have in common is sexy, blood lust immortal beings. Can you name all of the vampires that have been in movies or television series?

Question 1

Elijah Mikaelson

Elijah Mikaelson is an original vampire along with his four brothers and one sister. Elijah has a long history of falling in love with the Petrova Doppelgangers – including his first love Tatia followed by Katerina/Katherine. This character was first introduced on the show Vampire Diaries as a ruthless original whom everyone feared – that is unlike Klaus came into the picture. When The Originals came out, Elijah was featured as well.

Question 2

Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle Cullen is the adoptive father of the Cullen family, being that he was the first one to turn those in his family. Edward was the first followed by his wife, Esme. Carlisle used vampirism as a last resort and he couldn’t save their lives, which is why he considers himself a “vegetarian” vampire who survives on the blood of animals, not humans.

Question 3


Laurent is from the Twilight series and was a vampire for over three hundred years. He was first introduced on the film as an antagonist for he, James and Victoria were killing innocent humans. However he went to the Cullen family to warn them of James’ plan to kill Bella. In the second film, he was killed when he tried to mercy murder Bella.

Question 4

Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis was a mundane who got his first taste of the supernatural world through his best friend, Clary. Unfortunately, Simon was sucked into the vampire world after a run in with Camille and was eventually turned. Raphael, the leader of the vampire group in New York helped him with his transition.

Question 5

Stefan Salvatore

Stefan Salvatore is one of the main characters of the show Vampire Diaries. He and his brother Damon are century-old vampires who were turned by their former lover, Katherine. Stefan is portrayed as a “moral” vampire because he only drinks blood from the bag. However, this is only because he loses control with human blood – to which he becomes a “Ripper.”

Question 6

Rosalie Hale

Rosalie Hale is one of the children of the Cullen clan. Although she walks through life with confidence, she looks at her vampire life as a curse and not a blessing, which is why she has such a hard time with Bella wanting to be a vampire.

Question 7


David is the son of Thomas who was in charge of one of the last remaining covens after the purge. He first meets Selene after investigating a supposed Lycan attack. She surprisingly trusts him, and after they save her daughter he brings both of them to his coven for protection. No longer interested in hiding like his father, he joins with Selene and the two become an inseparable pair.

Question 8

Jessica Hamby

Jessica Hamby was a vampire on the show True Blood. Before she became a vampire she lived a very sheltered life and she never disobeyed her parents. The one night she decided to rebel against her parents was the night she got turned. Her surprising talent is her ability to glamour humans – which is a talent that not many vampires possess.

Question 9

Caroline Forbes

Caroline Forbes was an overbearing prude before she was turned into a vampire. She had Damon’s blood in her system after recovering in the hospital before Katherine killed her to complete the transformation. She likes herself better as a vampire, which she has admitted a few times. She feels stronger, powerful and more likable than when she was a human.

Question 10

Bella Swan

Bella Swan was a human for most of the Twilight series, despite being active in the vampire world of Forks. She wanted to be a vampire as soon as she found out what Edward was, but he didn’t want to have to curse her soul for the sake of living all eternity. On her deathbed after giving birth to a human/vampire daughter, she finally gets her wish and becomes a vampire.

Question 11

Rosemarie Hathaway

Rosemarie Hathaway is Dhampir vampire – which train to be guardians for the “upper class” vampires. The Dhampir’s are not irritated by the sunlight, however at the Vampire Academy all students have their classes during the nighttime. She has a strong, sarcastic personality, to which she does what she wants and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of her.

Question 12


Rose-Maria was a vampire responsible for turning Katherine Pierce into a vampire, and causing her and her best friend Trevor to be on the run for a century to come. She tried to trade Elena for her freedom, knowing the original family was after another doppelganger. She ends up be-friending Damon, and ends up dying from a werewolf bite.

Question 13

Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen is a century-old vampire who was turned by Carlisle because he was dying. He, much like Rosalie is afraid that being a vampire has cursed his soul forever, which is why he is so against turning Bella into one, regardless of how much she wants it. He tries his best to keep his vampire urges under control, knowing that it might put his one true love in danger if he loses control.

Question 14

Stan Baker

Stan Baker played a minor role on True Blood as a three-hundred-year-old vampire. Taking on an antagonist role, Stan was the leader of a group of vampires who sought out to destroy the “Fellowship of the Sun.” He was under the belief that becoming a vampire would increase his strength, which is why he made the decision to turn.

Question 15

Rebekah Mikaelson

Rebekah Mikaelson is the only female vampire of the original family. She was introduced on Vampire Diaries as an old friend of Stefan during his “Ripper” days and loyal sister to her hybrid brother Klaus. She is portrayed as a crazy vampire who is over emotional, and always lets her brother walk all over her. She craves a normal human life, which is why she enrolls into the high school in Mystic Falls.

Question 16

Alice Cullen

Alice Cullen is one of the adoptive children in the Cullen clan. She has a very bubbly personality, and is usually there to help with Jasper deal with the presence of human blood. Alice, like many of the vampires in the Twilight series has a special gift where she can see glimpses of the future.

Question 17


Selene is the protagonist of the Underworld films. She is an old vampire – one who was a former “Death Dealer” and was turned by one of the Elder vampires, Viktor. Her family was killed by Viktor after the completion of a secret prison her father designed for the Elder’s brother. She is well known in both the vampire and lycan communities. She and hybrid Michael have a daughter together.

Question 18

Camille Belcourt

Camille Belcourt is an old vampire who appears on the show Shadowhunters. She was the former leader of the New York clan until Raphael replaced her. She broke the laws of the clave by hurting and feeding on innocent mundanes, which is why Magnus – her former warlock lover got involved in her arrest and sent her away to Idris.

Question 19

Alaric Saltzman

Alaric Saltzman appears on the show Vampire Diaries. Previously, he was a vampire hunter who moved to Mystic Falls searching for answers on his wife’s mysterious disappearance. Little did he know that he would eventually turn into an original vampire by Ester Mikaelson, created to rid the world of her disgraceful children.

Question 20

Dimitri Belikov

Dimitri Belikov is a character from the film Vampire Academy. He was the Dhampir guardian who was sent to retrieve Rosemarie and Lissa and bring them back to the academy. He was also assigned to help Rose train and catch up on all of the things she missed while she was on the run. The two have an obvious romantic connection, but focus more on their professional relationship.

Question 21


Jane is a vampire from the Twilight series and was a member of the Volutri. She works more offensively for the older vampires – serving as their own personal guards to get the job done. Her special vampire power includes inducing pain on another person with her mind.

Question 22

Eric Northman

Eric Northman is a vampire on the show True Blood who is depicted as being nearly a thousand years old. He is known for being a sheriff in Area 5 as well as owning the vampire bar “Fangtasia.” Eric is a rare kind of vampire through the way in which he can control his emotions. Additionally, he is well respected and shows unusual affection for a woman named Sookie.

Question 23

Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore is the older of the two brothers, turned the same night as Stefan. He was only interested in becoming a vampire for his true love, Katherine. Upon her betrayal, he turned into an “anti-hero” where he has no problem hurting innocent humans to feed his hunger. Being in love with Elena changed him to where he doesn’t think as recklessly, only when it comes to her safety.

Question 24

Emmett Cullen

Emmett Cullen is one of the adoptive children in the Cullen clan. He is the eternal mate of Rosalie and is portrayed as the strongest of the clan, likely due to his physical appearance. He was turned into a vampire at Rosalie’s request after she found him near death after a bear attack. He and Bella have a playful friendship, where he would often make fun of her fragile body when she was still human.

Question 25

Lissa Dragomir

Lissa Dragomir is a character from the movie Vampire Academy. She is well respected because she is a Moroi vampire, and in their world they are treated like royalty. She is best friend to Rose, despite the fact that they have opposite personalities. She specializes in the spirit element, and her and Rose share a special connection where Rose can see through her eyes – an effect of her being “shadow kissed.”

Question 26

Elena Gilbert

Elena Gilbert was turned into a vampire after she was run off the bridge with her best friend Matt and had Damon’s blood in her system. She almost dies in transition because she hadn’t drank any blood and was locked up. Luckily Stefan was able to kill a guard and save her just in time. She has a hard time adjusting to being a vampire because she was unknowingly sired to Damon.

Question 27

Marcus Corvinus

Marcus Corvinus is a character in the Underworld series. He was the first true vampire – and his brother was the first werewolf. In the series, he was “asleep” for the Elders would take turns reining so they all couldn’t be killed off. He was awoken when blood dripped into his chamber, to which he transformed into a hybrid.

Question 28

Raphael Santiago

Raphael Santiago is a character on the show Shadowhunters. He is the new leader of the New York vampire clan after his former leader Camille was imprisoned by the clave. He attempted to convince his leader prior to her arrest that she shouldn’t be feeding on innocent mundanes. He had a minor relationship with Izzy after her addiction to vampire venom.

Question 29

Jasper Hale

Jasper Hale is one of the adoptive children in the Cullen clan. He is the newest vegetarian of the family, which makes him a little uneasy around human blood. He nearly goes after Bella when she cut her hand trying to open a present. He is the mate to Alice, and helps the Cullen family and werewolves learn how to deal with a newborn army because he helped create one when he first turned.

Question 30


Blackburn was a character on the show True blood. He was a vampire sheriff who worked out of “Area 4.” He is an old friend to both Bill and Eric, often travelling with them to deal with problems with witches. He is depicted as being a bit of a hot head when it comes to blood lust, in which his aggressive attitude usually results in death.

Question 31

Lexi Branson

Lexi Branson makes several guest appearances on the show Vampire Diaries. She is the long-time best friend of Stefan Salvatore, and is the only one who call pull him out of his “Ripper” mode and set him on the right back of not taking innocent lives. She is his voice of reason but also his source of fun. She was killed by Damon as a way to get the Founder’s Council to stop looking for vampires.

Question 32


Victoria is a ruthless vampire who was an antagonist in the Twilight series. She is the mate to James, who was murdered by the Cullen clan after he hunted Bella and threatened her life. Fueled by her heartbreak, she sought revenge on the family – but mostly on Edward and Bella. She builds a newborn army but ultimately is killed by Edward.

Question 33

Christian Ozera

Christian Ozera is a character in the movie Vampire Academy. He is a Moroi vampire, which means he should be treated as vampire royalty. However, his parents both turned themselves into Strigoi – the “forsaken” vampires that are deadly killers. This causes many of the academy students to hate/fear him, mostly because they’re concerned he will follow in his parent’s footsteps.

Question 34

Kol Mikaelson

Kol Mikaelson is a vampire from the original family. He makes his first appearance on the show Vampire Diaries when he is “awakened” by his brother, and is also a recurring character on the show The Originals. Although all of the original vampires are dangerous and ruthless by nature, Kol has a mind of his own and does whatever he pleases, making him the most unpredictable

Question 35


Aro is a vampire from the Twilight series and is the leader of the Volturi – the most feared coven of vampires. He is more or less the antagonist in the films, mostly because he threatens Bella’s life because she was a human who knew too much about the vampire world; and then again he threatened Bella and Edwards’s child. His special vampire gift is telepathy through touch.

Question 36

William Compton

William Compton is a vampire on the show True Blood. Compared to some of the other vampires on the show, he’s only around a century and a half years old. He is a series regular on the show, and is the love interest of Sookie Stackhouse. He is one of the more unconventional vampires, where he isn’t against living among humans in a peaceful unison.

Question 37

Marcel Gerard

Marcel Gerard is one of the main characters on the tv show The Originals. Marcel, much like Damon in the beginning of the Vampire Dairies was made out to be the villain of the show, but in the end is more like an anti-hero than anything. He has a close relationship with Klaus the hybrid, where he was his adoptive son.

Question 38

Esme Cullen

Esme Cullen is the adoptive mother of the Cullen family for the Twilight series. She was the second to be turned by Carlisle and is his eternal mate. Her most notable trait is her motherly nature – seen by home much she cares for not just the Cullen family, but Bella as well. Even with the werewolves when Jacob, Leah and Seth help protect the Cullen house.

Question 39


Viktor is one of the vampire elders in the movie series Underworld. He is over a thousand years old, and has associations with Marcus Corvinus who sought him out to give him immortality. In exchange, he would have to offer his services with building an army. From here, the infamous Death Dealers were created.

Question 40

Katherine Pierce

Katherine Pierce is one of the antagonists of the show Vampire Diaries. She was a runaway from Bulgaria, and is a Petrova Doppelganger and was sought out by Klaus, the original hybrid. However, Katherine was able to escape and turned herself into a vampire so her blood was useless to him. From there, she developed the cut-throat attitude.

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