Stake Or Date These Vamps To See If You'll Live Forever

Vampires are becoming ever more popular in media – with both movies and TV shows. While there has always been a fascination with the immortal bloodsuckers, they’re being depicted more as beautiful, attractive beings than the soulless monsters they used to be displayed as. While all of the vampires share the same desire for blood, they do have different characteristics depending on the series or movie. For example, the vampires in the Twilight series are able to walk in the sunlight, their skin just sparkles. While in the Underworld series they will burn if they make contact with the sun. The same for the vampires in the Vampire Diaries – however if they wear a piece of jewelry known as the “Daylight Ring” (or necklace) that allows them to walk freely day or night. Another thing that some of the vampire movies has where others don’t is the essence of family within the eternal life. The Cullen’s have a strong sense of family in their vampire clan, as do the Salvatore brothers in Vampire Diaries. But this isn’t the case with all vampires – sometimes it's every man or woman for themselves. Whether it be movies or films, the one thing they all have in common is sexy, blood lust immortal beings. Can you name all of the vampires that have been in movies or television series?

1Elijah Mikaelson

Elijah Mikaelson is an original vampire along with his four brothers and one sister. Elijah has a long history of falling in love with the Petrova Doppelgangers – including his first love Tatia followed by Katerina/Katherine. This character was first introduced on the show Vampire Diaries as a ruthless original whom everyone feared – that is unlike Klaus came into the picture. When The Originals came out, Elijah was featured as well.

2Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle Cullen is the adoptive father of the Cullen family, being that he was the first one to turn those in his family. Edward was the first followed by his wife, Esme. Carlisle used vampirism as a last resort and he couldn’t save their lives, which is why he considers himself a “vegetarian” vampire who survives on the blood of animals, not humans.


Laurent is from the Twilight series and was a vampire for over three hundred years. He was first introduced on the film as an antagonist for he, James and Victoria were killing innocent humans. However he went to the Cullen family to warn them of James’ plan to kill Bella. In the second film, he was killed when he tried to mercy murder Bella.

4Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis was a mundane who got his first taste of the supernatural world through his best friend, Clary. Unfortunately, Simon was sucked into the vampire world after a run in with Camille and was eventually turned. Raphael, the leader of the vampire group in New York helped him with his transition.

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