It Would Take A Supernatural Teen To Know If It Was The Vampire Diaries Or Teen Wolf

Supernatural teen television shows have become quite popular in the last decade. The Vampire Diaries is an eight season series which is loosely based on the novel series by L.J Smith. Teen Wolf is a six season series that was inspired by the 1980s film with the same title. Both of these shows incorporate a vast number of different supernatural creatures, all who are basically hidden from the rest of society. With the exception of a few humans of course. For example, Stiles - Scott's best friend who isn't technically supernatural but is still a member of the pack. And Liz Forbes, who was the sheriff of Mystic Falls and was well aware of all the vampires and werewolves who lived in her town, including her own daughter.

Both of these shows are filled with so many supernatural things, whether it be ancient tales and myths, creatures that have never existed in any other show/movie with paranormal vibes, and of course the use of magic. With a total of 100 episodes for Teen Wolf, and 171 for The Vampire Diaries, that's a lot of cumulative hours for many different magical things to happen.

It would take only a person who has knowledge of the supernatural world to know if these things are from the Teen Wolf world or The Vampire Diaries world.

Question 1

The main character dated two brothers throughout the series:

On this show the female protagonist had dated both brothers (who were also a part of the main cast as well). She began dating the younger brother at the beginning of the series – a few episodes into the first season. They were very much in love, and their relationship was tested on numerous occasions, such as when he left down in order to assist an old friend. A few seasons in, it became clear that she had some sort of feelings for the older brother, and evidently they started a relationship after she and the first brother broke up.

Question 2

There is a creature called the Kanima:

Both of these teen supernatural shows are filled with all kinds of different beings. One has witches, vampires, werewolves and heretics – the other has werewolves, kitsunes, berserkers and wendigos. Each of these supernatural creatures play a specific role one each of the shows. They of course have their main characters which usually consists of a wide variety of these different beings – as well as one person who remains human just to remind the audience that these shows are based in real life.

Question 3

Two of the main characters were trapped in a prison world for months:

It wouldn’t be a supernatural teen show unless the characters were plucked from normal life and taken to some other magical dimension. On this show, two of the main characters were under the impression they were going to the “other side;” an after-life place meant for supernatural people who haven’t found peace yet. To their surprise, they arrive in a strange place – set in their reality but somehow they had traveled back in time. To make matters worse the day repeated itself over and over again until they finally escaped.

Question 4

A non-supernatural character was possessed by a spirit known as the Nogitsune:

As it was mentioned before, both of these shows have at least one of the main characters left as a human while the rest are magical/supernatural in some way, shape or form. But even though they’re still human, they do still have supernatural things happen to them, or are given magical objects that help them survive in their chaotic lives. In this case, the human main character had been possessed by a dark spirit because his mind was left vulnerable.

Question 5

There was a pack of werewolves made up of only alphas:

Both of these shows have werewolves present in them, which was mentioned earlier. It was also stated that how one becomes a werewolf is very different in both of these shows. For one of them, the werewolf gene is passed down through their lineage, and is only triggered in a very particular way on the other. And it doesn’t have to be intentional either. For the second show, there are also families who have born werewolves, but for the most part they have to be bitten or scratched.

Question 6

The vampires cannot go out in the sunlight without a daylight ring:

There are so many different magical beings in both of these shows it’s hard to keep track of them. Just when it’s believed that they’ve included them all, there comes new ones out of nowhere. For example, hybrids – of not just the typical vampire and werewolf, but later on in the series there is also hybrids of vampires and witches. Additionally there is not just one and of werewolf in one of these shows either. All of a sudden there’s an array of were-somethings.

Question 7

There is a banshee who can predict someone's end:

Here is yet another kind of supernatural being on one of these teen shows. A banshee is a person who is in tune with predictions of the future, most of which revolve around someone’s life being threatened (usually resulting in loss of life). A part from their intuition, they also have an ear piercing scream which also has some magical affects. For one, it can be heard by other werewolves, where it acts as a signal to the rest of the pack.

Question 8

The protagonist of the show was left without parents after an unfortunate accident involving a bridge:

In one of these shows, the lacking of parents or some kind of parental figure is a common theme. The most obvious is the fact that the protagonist lost her parents during an accident. Of course she was taken care of by a next of kin, but evidently she lost that parental figure as well. Eventually she reached an age where she no longer legally needed a guardian, and stepped up to the role to take care of her younger brother.

Question 9

There are hunters who follow a specific code which was originally “we hunt those who hunt us”:

In both of these shows there are people known as hunters of the supernatural – and for the most part are kept secret from the rest of society. Due to the difference of type of supernatural characters, in one show they are most known for hunting werewolves, and the other are most known for hunting vampires. Equipped with years of training, one of the more funny things about both of these shows is the fact that the main hunters end up forming an alliance with those they are supposed to hunt

Question 10

One of the high school teachers turned out to be a dark druid:

Aside from a number of the teenagers on this show being supernatural in some way, a surprising amount of adults are as well – or at least know of the existence of supernatural beings. For the most part if an adult on the show is supernatural or has knowledge of the world, its kept secret quite well until it needs to be revealed for the sake of the plot. Teenagers on the other hand are quick to expose themselves because it’s more acceptable for them to make mistakes.

Question 11

A coven of witches transferred a pregnancy from one woman to another:

On one of the shows, witches play a significant role to the plot of the show. They’re usually responsible for fixing the mistakes of the other supernatural characters. Sometimes they are the ones who are contacting ghosts from the other side, or are conjuring new spells meant to preserve life or trap someone in a prison world. One of the strangest things a coven of witches does on this particular show is safe the life of an unborn child and places it in a new host.

Question 12

Some of the supernatural beings have the ability to “turn their emotions off”:

Emotions play a significant role in both of these shows. For one of them, there is a certain group of supernatural beings who have the ability to turn off their emotions if they become too overwhelming. It is usually done as a last resort, because the pain becomes unbearable and so turning it all off is the easiest solution. However, convincing a person to turn their emotions back on is an even bigger task. Especially if they’re grown accustomed to not feeling anything at all.

Question 13

The main character didn’t have to steal the power of another alpha to become one:

The concept of alphas are very different in both of these shows. For one of them, being alpha is considered to be the most powerful a werewolf can be – they’re considered the leader of the pack, and have the ability to change anyone into a beta if they so choose. There are two basic ways a werewolf can become an alpha. The most common is to steal the power from another alpha, usually resulting in loss of life. The second, more rare is earning the power of being an alpha out of mere will and strength of the person.

Question 14

One of the main characters was nicknamed “The Ripper”:

There are a number of different nicknames that the characters get on both of these shows. For the most part they are meant to be taken lightly, or they are used in a comedic way. For example, one of the main characters is notorious for giving a nickname to each person he encounters. This is just a short list of some of them he has come up with: Vampire Barbie, Warrior Princess, Hero Hair, Quarter Back, Wicked Witch of the West, Van Helsing, and Wolf Boy.

Question 15

For nearly a decade one of the characters remained in their shape-shifting form out of guilt:

On both of these shows, shape-shifting can be quite different for everyone. For starters, some have more control over the shift than others, which grants them the ability to not shift on a full moon. That’s not to say they’re still not capable of turning, but for the most part those who have a stronger grasp on their anchor have more control – and not just during the full moon. They can change at any time they please. Also, their actual transformation is different. Some turn into a full blown animal, while others just grow claws and teeth.

Question 16

The supernatural creatures can take the pain of anyone just by touching them:

It is no surprise that all of the supernatural beings on both of these shows have extraordinary abilities. Some of these include obvious traits, like enhanced strength, speed and sight, immortality and the ability to heal at a rapid pace. Others include the ability to harness and use magic, the ability to manipulate a person’s mind or actions, the ability to communicate with those who have passed on, and even the ability to move things without touching them. In addition to all of these perks, one of the most selfless is their ability to take someone’s pain.

Question 17

There are people known as doppelgängers:

Here is yet another kind of supernatural being. This one is considered to be less supernatural in the sense that it doesn’t grant them any sort of special abilities. For example, healing, manipulation, or changing into an animal come every full moon. The term doppelgänger refers to a double of a person – in this case there are two different known doppelgängers in the show, one female and one male. They’re significant later in the show, where they are used in a specific ritual.

Question 18

The oldest families of the town established a group known as the Founders Council:

One of the strangest themes in both of these teen shows is the fact that 90% of the characters/people living in the towns are completely oblivious to the fact that supernatural people live in their town, never mind exist. For the number of different incidents in the middle of the night where people show up at the hospital, they’re labelled as just “animal attacks.” Although, for one of these shows the people who run the town are very much aware of the existence of these beings.

Question 19

Blue eyes in a werewolf means they have taken a life:

Physical characteristics are very important to werewolves in one of these shows. For starters, if a person successfully turn into a werewolf, they shape they take on reflects their personality as a human. This is why not all of those who get the bitten by a werewolf necessarily turn into a werewolf – they can instead be a were-coyote, or a were-jaguar. Other times they’re not even turned into a werewolf of any kind, but rather the bite awakens another supernatural being that was already inside of them.

Question 20

One of the main characters admitted himself into the mental health facility to protect his friends and family from himself:

One of these shows reflects on multiple accounts the real struggles of someone suffering with mental health, which is very important to have in a show geared towards a young audience. For example, one of the main characters openly discussed having anxiety disorder, and he is seen having a panic attack a number of times throughout the series. Additionally, there are characters who are admitted into the mental health facility for rehabilitation. Others are unfortunately placed in this facility because they don’t always have a grasp on reality.

Question 21

There was an underground association who experimented on the supernatural beings:

None of these shows would be what they are without the antagonists always trying to take them down. For the most part, the villains of these shows are usually supernatural as well – mostly depicted as something stronger than the main characters. In one of these shows not all of the antagonist they face are magical. In fact, one of the worst villains the characters face are in fact human, who are well aware of the supernatural but are trying to eradicate them from society using unlawful force.

Question 22

Mountain Ash is used as a magical barrier which can trap the supernatural or form a wall so none can cross:

In both of these shows there are a number of different supernatural objects or weapons that could be used against magical beings. For example, silver is the number one used metal against a werewolf, and wood is used against a vampire. But these are just everyday things. Some of the magical items weren’t threatening at all, but were meant to provide information, such as the “Bestiary,” a book of almost all of the different creatures which outlined their origins and powers.

Question 23

There are hybrids of werewolves and vampires:

As it was mentioned before, there aren’t just regular werewolves or vampires in either of these shows. Overtime, they introduce new supernatural species, which are likely meant to increase the shock value because there are werewolves and vampires in a lot of different shows or movies nowadays. In one of these shows, there are hybrids of species as opposed to new kinds of creatures that the audience would’ve never heard of. Werewolf and vampire hybrids were exceptionally rare for they could only be made from deppelgangers.

Question 24

One of the main characters gets “erased” by ghost riders:

As it was mentioned before, in both of these shows the villains or the antagonists are usually supernatural, and considered to be much more dangerous or threatening than the characters who are forced to fight them. In one of these shows the characters are forced to face the Ghost Riders – ancient beings who don’t appear to be living and take on a Wild West persona. They are only a threat to those who see them, to which they ultimately erase their existence from society, which includes altering the memories of their friends and family.

Question 25

There was a bounty list of all the supernatural creatures in town:

Throughout both of these shows there is never usually a down period for the main characters. They’re always fighting some new threat, trying to survive, or preparing for something that is lurking around the corner. It never really leaves any time for regular teenage stuff, which is evident in the fact that most of these characters are skipping class just to protect their friends from getting hurt. Although usually only one or two people are in danger at a time, when a list appears with all of their names it puts everyone on edge.

Question 26

A group of witches put a spell around town prohibiting supernatural people to cross over:

Magical barriers is surprisingly a common trope in both of these teen shows. Although they are both used, each magical barrier are put up in different ways. In one of these shows, powerful witches cast a spell which was intended to pure the town. This ultimately prohibited any magical person from crossing over the town line – including vampires, werewolves, witches and even magical objects. The other show has a concrete object which is used to create the barrier instead of a spell.

Question 27

One of the group's recurring meet up spot was the animal clinic:

Local hangouts are of course common in all television shows, and are seen in both of these shows. Some of the common places where most of the characters meet are at each other’s houses, the high school, the forest which seems to be the perfect location to hide supernatural beings when they’re out of control – and a few that are unique to each show. For one it’s the animal clinic – the main protagonist works there and his boss happens to know all about the supernatural world.

Question 28

Two main characters become linked, where one of them is in a sleep like state while the other is awake:

A similar theme present in both of these shows is their way of avoiding permanent loss of life. Even if a character has gone, at least half of them somehow get resurrected by someone using magic. Sometimes they even trade lives. This happens in both shows. Sometimes it’s a main character, or a recurring character, or even a villain who somehow manages to make a surprise appearance and the audience is left utterly confused as to how this person is back.

Question 29

There was a family of immortals known as the originals which were created by their witch mother:

One thing that is not discussed in great detail – at least for one of these shows, is how the existence of supernatural beings came to be. There is some back story for the two main supernatural beings in both of these shows – the vampires and the werewolves, although it’s left to be quite a mystery for the rest. For some, they had no idea they even were supernatural because some of them didn’t need a bite to be what they are.

Question 30

A werewolf is turned by taking someone's life either intentionally or accidentally:

Both of these shows feature werewolves. For one of them, it of course makes up most of the characters – although there are variations on actual werewolves. There are were-coyotes, were-jaguars, etc. For the second show, there are still a handful of werewolves that make an appearance during different parts of the series. For example, they’re in more episodes during the vampire vs werewolf fights, where of course a bite is lethal. What’s different about these two shows is how a werewolf is turned.

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