Unless You Can Get Over 70% On This Test, You're Not A Real Hockey Fan

The NHL has an abundance of fans, and a large reason behind this is the fact that so many intriguing events happen. The history of the league is unlike any other. Uniqueness is something that ends up helping this league constantly sell tickets, and this is entirely justifiable. Yet, for us to be real hockey fans, we must know all that is going on in the league in the present day as well. Only real hockey lovers know some of the most intriguing elements of the league's history, and right now, it is time to show that off.

With all that has been stated thus far, in this quiz, the primary objective is to score at least a 70% on this test. If ones fail to do that, it can be stated that they are not a real hockey fan. It is crucial to note that these questions will be focusing on a number of different areas. Any time period is fair game, so one has to think very deeply in their hockey knowledge to succeed. However, if one is a true aficionado of the game, they will pass this with flying colors.

Now, without any more hesitation, let's get started!

Question 1

What NHL team has won the most Stanley Cups?

This team has been known for their immense amount of success. they have a total of 24 Stanley Cups during their long history, and that clearly is a number that will never be beaten. They would win the Stanley Cup from the 1955-1956 season to 1959-1960 season, which is just crazy to think about. They would also win four Stanley Cups in a row to conclude the 1970s. Their last Stanley Cup came in 1993, so their city is yearning for another one. They have had a bit of struggles over the last few seasons, but this year showed that they are heading in the right direction.

Question 2

Which city is getting the next NHL team?

The NHL is expanding once again at the start of the 2021-22 season. The city that is getting a team has been trying desperately to receive one for quite a long time. They once had a team who played during the beginning years of the league's history. They even managed to win a Stanley Cup. However, budget issues would lead to the end of the organization. The fans of this city are elated to have a team again, and it will be quite intriguing to see the rivalries that come from it. So, what city is getting the next NHL team?

Question 3

Which NHL team has the longest Stanley Cup drought?

The last time that this team won the Stanley Cup, the year was 1967. This was before the start of the expansion era, so there were only six teams. The success of this team at this point was quite impressive. They had 13 Stanley Cups and were seen as one of the best teams year after year. However, it has been over 50 years since their last Stanley Cup. They have the roster to potentially win soon, but they need to improve upon their defense. Each season they learn that no matter how offensively gifted they are, they cannot win with a below average defensive core.

Question 4

Which of these teams are not a part of the Original Six?

Every NHL player has the dream of playing for an Original Six club one day. Although some find homes with newer teams, this is something that many players feel during their times in the NHL. The six teams that classify as this are all extremely popular and have some of the biggest fan bases in the entire league. They often are noted as having some of the best logos as well, so this helps their cases immensely. There is no question that there are many expansion NHL teams that have had an abundance of success, but it is clear that Original Six teams still are triumphant.

Question 5

Who is the NHL's all-time leading scorer?

This NHL player was a complete superstar during his time in the league. There is no question that he is the best to ever play the game, and this can be seen by the vast amount of records that he set. However, his most impressive one is the fact that he is the all time leading point getter in the history of the league. This makes sense, as he has the most goals ever, as well as assists. The vast majority of his records are entirely unobtainable, so he will forever be known as the greatest to ever lace up the skates.

Question 6

Which NHL goalie has the most total wins?

This goalie is an absolute legend and arguably the best to ever put on the pads. He was the primary reason for the vast amount of success of the New Jersey Devils during the late 90's and early 2000s. He would finish his career with an astonishing 691 wins, which is a record that will stand for a long period of time. He also won three Stanley Cups during his time in the NHL with the team, so he naturally is one of their biggest legends. With all of the success he had, it should not come as a surprise he made the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2018.

Question 7

Which team won the Stanley Cup last season? [2017-18]

Last year, the postseason was a very memorable one. A franchise player who had gotten a lot of criticism for not being able to deliver a Stanley Cup to his city finally proved his critics wrong. This was truly a special moment, as it was the first Stanley Cup in this team's history. There were heroes on this team last postseason, as it was clear that they simply had a very balanced roster. When seeing how spectacularly built they are, there is no question that they could very well win again in the near future. So, who obtained the Cup last year?

Question 8

Who is the newest team in the NHL?

This team started their journey in the league in the 2017-18 season. It is fair to state that they exceeded expectations immensely, as they managed to make the Stanley Cup Finals. Although they ended up losing, there is no question that they had the best inaugural season in the history of the NHL. There is a very high hope that they will become champions in the near future as well, as they are a team built to win now. After spectacular moves by their general manager, it is clear that the future is bright for this very young team. So, who are they?

Question 9

Who led the NHL in points this season?

This player has definitely grown into one of the best offensive threats in the entire NHL in recent years. However, he took his game to a whole new level this season, as he managed to obtain 128 points! That is seriously a major accomplishment, and he is set to win a number of awards this offseason. He had the ability to not only score a lot of goals, but he essentially was the team's top playmaker as well. The future of is bright for this young star, as he has many more seasons in his prime. His ultimate goal now is to win a Stanley Cup.

Question 10

Who was drafted 1st overall at last year's NHL Entry Draft?

The Buffalo Sabres were the lucky team to win the NHL Draft Lottery last season. They ended up taking this player with the pick, which was something everyone knew they were going to do. This player has definitely been one of the most hyped up prospects of this decade, as he is a very solid offensive defenseman. Yet, his defensive game is also quite impressive, so he is definitely on the verge of being a superstar. He did not disappoint in his first season, as he was one of the top offensive contributors of the Sabres. He is the player who will lead them out of mediocrity.

Question 11

Who won the Hart Memorial Trophy last season?

This player had an absolutely amazing season last year. It was a great sign, as he struggled in his first season with the New Jersey Devils. Alas, he was able to turn the tables and be the elite player we all knew he was . However, he exceeded expectations, as he registered an outstanding 93 points, as well as 39 goals. His performance single handedly led the Devils to the postseason, even though they clearly had a mediocre roster. This season displayed this fact as well. With this player missing more than half the year, the Devils were at the bottom of the NHL once again.

Question 12

How many Stanley Cups has Sidney Crosby won?

There is no question that Sidney crosby has changed the entire history of the Pittsburgh Penguins. After Mario Lemieux retired, the team was at the bottom of the league for a long period of time. However, at the 2005 NHL Entry Draft, the Penguins ended up selecting him with the first pick. Since they have done this, they have been a constant Stanley Cup threat, and this is not going to change any time soon. Although Crosby gets a lot of criticism from opposing fans, there is no denying that he is the definition of a true leader, as he is a winner.

Question 13

Who is this NHL bust?

In the 2012 NHL Entry Draft, the Edmonton Oilers thought that they were getting a complete superstar with this guy. He had been the top prospect of that draft class, as he was projected to be an elite sniper at the NHL level. In his first season with the team, he showed signs of being very solid. He registered 17 goals and 31 points in 48 games in the shortened season. However, his stats would drop off dramatically each season. This would lead to the Oilers trading him to the Blues. After a year in St. Louis and then another one in Colorado, NHL teams lost interest. Now he is in the KHL.

Question 14

Who won the Selke Trophy last season?

The Selke Trophy is annually given to the best defensive forward of each season. It definitely is a great way to show off the best two-way players in the NHL. Last season, it was given to a two-time Stanley Cup champion, and it clearly was deserved. It is quite clear that this player is known for being able to not only register a lot of points, but he also is defensively sound. Even as he ages, he has yet to show any signs of slowing down and is a constant threat on the ice. The award was definitely deserved to be given to him.

Question 15

Who is this rising star?

This goalie virtually came out of nowhere this season to become the new face of the St. Louis Blues. After years of playing in the AHL, he received his chance with the Blues having injuries to their goalies. He would thrive with his opportunity and easily would obtain the starting job as a result of this. Since arriving, he has helped lead the Blues out of the basement of the NHL to a deep playoff run. A Stanley Cup is quite likely for this team if he continues to play at the elite level he has been. With all of this being said, who is this surprise star?

Question 16

Who is this legend?

This player is easily the greatest defenseman to ever play in the NHL. This can seen by the fact that he would go on to win the Norris Trophy eight times in a row. He also won the Hart Memorial Trophy three times, as well as the Art Ross Trophy twice. These achievements are quite rare to see from a defenseman, yet he did this with flying colors. He would also help lead the Bruins to two Stanley Cups during his time with them. If it were not for serious injuries to his knees, he would have been able to accomplish so much more.

Question 17

How many Stanley Cups have the Winnipeg Jets won?

The Winnipeg Jets are a rare hockey team that were relocated, but managed to come back. This question will focus on both eras. It is quite clear that Winnipeg fans have had a lot of great teams to cheer for. When looking at the current core of the team, it is clear that they are legitimate contenders each and could win at anytime. It also helps that they are a very young team, so they have plenty of time to potentially become a dynasty as well. Excellent drafting and top notch trades has allowed them to have a lot of success, but how many Stanley Cups have they won?

Question 18

How many goals did Teemu Selanne score in his rookie season?

Teemu Selanne will forever be remembered for his outstanding contributions for the Anaheim Ducks. However, what cannot be forgotten is the fact that he also set a record for the most amount of goals scored by a rookie as a member of the Winnipeg Jets. He was an absolute beauty that season, as he showed the league that he easily was a franchise talent. He was seen as the face of the team after this outstanding season, so it is clear that he scored a plethora of goals. However, the real question that must be answered is, how many times did he light the lamp?

Question 19

How many NHL teams are currently located in California?

Hockey is a game that is continuing to grow. This is evidenced by the fact that the state of California has multiple teams at this team. This is great to see, as this was the goal of the NHL when they began their expansion era. It is important to note that each team in California has been able to have a lot of success, even though the beginning stages were rough. However, the fans in California are just as passionate as the ones that are located in traditional hockey environments. That is amazing to see and great for the game.

Question 20

What is the single season goal record total?

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that The Great One, Wayne Gretzky, set the record for most goals in a single season. It is a total that nobody will ever be able to match, as it is just an absolutely ridiculous total. It happened when he was 21 years old, so it was clear that he was going to be something extremely special in the NHL. With the goalies of today's NHL being so much better, there is no question that this goal total will never be touched. It would take a superhuman to even come close to this.

Question 21

How many penalty minutes does a player get after fighting?

Fighting is one of the most popular elements of the game when it comes to fans. However, over the years, it is clear that the role of the enforcer has dropped off dramatically. This is largely because of the fact that we have far more awareness when it comes to the long term damage of fighting. Multiple concussions can sadly lead to CTE, and that can be fatal. However, the craft itself is still in the game, but monitored more by referees. It will never be out of the game entirely. With all of this being said, how many penalty minutes does one get after fighting?

Question 22

Which former NHL team moved to Carolina?

The NHL is a business, so if a team is not bringing in enough funds in their city, they often end up having to move. This would sadly happen to this once popular team. Known for having the Brass Bonanza as their goal song, there is no question that this team did rock the house. However, the city and the rink they were playing at just did not give them enough money. They would end up moving to Carolina to become the Hurricanes in 1997. The old team is one we would love to have come back, but it is a long shot.

Question 23

Who is this pioneer of the game?

This player is one of the biggest legends in the history of the NHL. In fact, his popularity from fans allowed him to become one of the first true celebrity hockey players. This honestly should not surprise anyone, as he displayed the perfect balance of skill and class. That is why he would end up being the captain of the Detroit Red Wings for many seasons. He would also play at a high level into his fifties! By the time he retired, he had registered an amazing 801 goals, as well as 1850 points. That does not include his 174 goals and 508 points in the WHA.

Question 24

What is the most amount of years an unrestricted free agent can sign with a NEW team?

Perhaps one of the best days for an NHL player during their time in the league is when they get to be an unrestricted free agent. This is the first time where they have all the power and can go anywhere they want. Also, due to the fact that many teams are fighting over obtaining their services, they often are overpaid, This has especially been the case in recent years. Long-term deals are also quite common to see, but after years of ridiculously long contracts, the league has set a lower maximum amount of years a UFA can get with a new team. How many is that?

Question 25

Who has the largest cap hit in the NHL?

The player in this photo currently has the largest cap hit in the NHL. This is not very surprising at all, as he is clearly the future of this team. In every full season he has played, he has gotten at least 100 points. It is quite likely that he could have done it his rookie season if he did not get injured. His current value is at $12.5 million, and it honestly could be more when seeing how important of a player he is. At the end of the day, he is worth every single penny, but it does put the team in a crunch to find a strong supporting cast for him.

Question 26

Who received the largest suspension in NHL history?

The player in this photo was someone who always was disciplined because of his barbaric style of play. He constantly seemed to purposely injure players with a magnitude of headshots. As time progressed, the league began to crack down on his penalties. He received a 25-game suspension for a truly despicable hit on Marian Hossa during the postseason. After this punishment, he claimed that he would start playing a cleaner game. This turned out to be hoopla, as he would do the same thing in the 2015 NHL Preseason. This would land him a 41-game suspension, and he would never play another NHL game again. Good riddance.

Question 27

Which former NHL team moved to Colorado?

When this team left for Colorado, there was no question that their fan base was crushed. They had some of the most passionate fans in all of hockey. There was honestly no reason for the team to leave, but money got the best of its owners. It honestly was quite sad, but the city is hopeful that they will be able to get their team back in the future. Teams with smaller markets could end up being moved here as a possible relocation spot. However, income will play a major factor in this. We are happy the Avalanche are a team today, but we want this team back too.

Question 28

How many Stanley Cups have the New York Rangers won?

There is no question that the New York Rangers is one of the most marketable franchises in the entire league. This is largely due to the fact that they have very loyal fans. They have some truly fantastic players on their team throughout their entire history. Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Jaromir Jagr and Phil Esposito are just a handful of examples. However, even with all of the great teams they have had, the amount of Stanley Cups they have won is a bit surprising. They could have obtained far more in their history, but they have struggled for a long time to complete the task.

Question 29

Which former NHL team moved to Winnipeg?

Thank goodness the Winnipeg Jets were able to find their way back into the NHL. It was long overdue. However, they did the league even more justice by ridding of one of the least successful franchises in the history of the league. It was honestly surprising that this team even existed, as this city had shown in the past that they just are not a hockey market. It got so bad with this team that players openly voiced their disinterest in playing there, including Colby Armstrong when he was dealt there. At the end of the day, it makes sense that they were moved so suddenly.

Question 30

Which NHL team won their first playoff series this year?

This team was founded in 2000, so their first playoff series win was long overdue, However, it seemed entirely unlikely that they would have been able to do this. They played against the Tampa Bay Lightning, who tied the regular season wins record at 62. To make matters even more intriguing about this, this team managed to sweep the Lightning. This is something that will forever be talked about. They had a fantastic trade deadline that saw them bring in a lot of talent. However, they are likely now going to lose all of their acquisitions to free agency, as well as their franchise goalie and star winger.

Question 31

Who is the oldest captain in the NHL?

The player in this photo is the oldest captain in the league at age 42. Although one can say he has dropped off since his Norris Trophy days, it is clear that he is still a very dependable top pairing defenseman for the Bruins. He is a very important reason as to why the Bruins are back in the Stanley Cup Finals this postseason. He is a true leader because of not only his skill, but also his grit and determination. It will be sad to see him retire, as he truly is still the face of the Big Bad Bruins.

Question 32

Who is the last goalie to be a captain?

It has been over ten years since a goalie has been a captain in the NHL. This player held this honor as a member of the Vancouver Canucks. Although the move was heavily criticized at the time, in theory, it did make sense. This player was easily the best player on the team at that time. He was the sole reason why they were legitimate Stanley Cup contenders as well. However, his time with the team would end in a very disappointing manner, as he was treated very poorly in the process. He is still in the league today with the Florida Panthers.

Question 33

Who is this infamous bust?

In the 2000 NHL Entry Draft, the New York Islanders opted to take this goalie with the first overall pick. It did not make sense at the time, and it would only get worse from there. Now, that is not to say that this goalie was bad, but it is clear that he was not meant to be a top pick. He would end up getting a ridiculous 15-year contract with the team in perhaps the worst contract in NHL history. From there, he would end up constantly getting injured. He would end up being bought out and is STILL getting paid by the team to this day.

Question 34

What NHL player famously retired to get out of his monster contract?

The player in the photo was a complete star with the New Jersey Devils. Due to this clear fact, the team would go on to give him a 15-year contract, surely meaning he would finish his time in the league there. However, with the Devils suddenly starting a rebuild, this superstar did the unthinkable. Instead of playing out his contract, he chose to retire shortly after signing it and joined the KHL. He would play there for five seasons, but now is back in the NHL. He is a member of the Los Angeles Kings, but it is apparent that his skill has dropped off.

Question 35

What player scored four goals in his first game?

This player would end up making a name for himself with the Toronto Maple Leafs right away. In an absolutely dominant fashion, he would go on to score four beautiful goals in his first game in the league. This definitely made the team feel quite confident that they made the right call with him. In fact, they selected him with the first overall pick in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft, so they had high expectations. However, they surely did not predict this to happen. At the end of the day, this will forever be remembered as one of the best first games ever.

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