If You Can't Pass This Twilight Trivia Quiz, You Don't Deserve Edward

The Twilight saga has done a lot for vampire lovers. It has provided us with a world of love, passion, intensity, and drama! Without this amazing franchise, we would have never met characters like Bella Swan, Jacob Black, or Edward Cullen!

Remember the days when everyone was either #TeamEdward or #TeamJacob? We do too! Those days were incredible because everyone was on board, enjoying the love triangle and waiting to see who would come out on top. The whole saga started back in 2008 and over the years, it has become more and more beloved. No one wants to forget the level of emotion and action that pulled us all in for each new movie! No one wants to forget the amount of love and passion we witnessed either. Anyone who truly deserves to end up with Edward Cullen should be able to easily complete this quiz! Give it a try!

Question 1

Who is this?

Question 2

Bella is transformed into a vampire by ...?

Question 3

What high school does Bella attend?

Question 4

Who is this?

Question 5

What power does Jacob have?

Question 6

Who said: "My time as a human is over, but I've never felt more alive. I was born to be a vampire."

Question 7

Who saves Bella from being hit by a car?

Question 8

What sport do the Cullen’s like to play when there’s a storm brewing?

Question 9

What power does Alice have?

Question 10

Which coven does Bella join?

Question 11

Why does Bella grow close to Jacob in New Moon?

Question 12

Who is this?

Question 13

How did Edward nearly pass away as a human?

Question 14

Who is this?

Question 15

Who is Rosalie's romantic partner?

Question 16

Which of Bella's body parts is injured before prom?

Question 17

What is the name of Bella's daughter?

Question 18

Who said: "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb."

Question 19

Who nearly attacks Bella in this scene?

Question 20

How old is Edward when he turns into a vampire?

Question 21

Who is this?

Question 22

Name this coven!

Question 23

Which tribe is Jacob a part of?

Question 24

What happens to Edward's skin in the sunlight?

Question 25

What does Jacob transform into?

Question 26

As a human, Bella has an uncanny way of attracting what?

Question 27

Alice had a vision about who passing away?

Question 28

Where did Jacob go to school?

Question 29

Who is Alice romantically linked to?

Question 30

Who harmed Rosalie while she was human?

Question 31

Who turned Edward into a vampire?

Question 32

What type of lessons did Bella take as a child?

Question 33

Where do Bella and Edward first meet?

Question 34

Edward is frustrated at first when he can't ...?

Question 35

At first, Edward sneaks into Bella's house at night to do what?

Question 36

What does Edward hear Bella whisper in sleep while she is sleeping?

Question 37

Who in the Cullen family disapproves of this relationship at first?

Question 38

Who is this?

Question 39

Where did Bella originally live?

Question 40

What color is Jacob's fur in wolf form?

Question 41

What is something Rosalie tries to help Bella with?

Question 42

How does Bella break her hand?

Question 43

Who was NOT one of Bella's friends from school?

Question 44

What instrument can Edward play?

Question 45

Who is this?

Question 46

Who was Rosalie meant to be paired with originally before Emmett?

Question 47

Who tries to advise Bella against vampire life?

Question 48

What does Jacob call vampires?

Question 49

Edward leaves Forks thinking it will ...?

Question 50

How old is Bella when she becomes a vampire?

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