We Bet You Can't Answer These Simple Twilight Questions

So you think you're a Twihard, huh? Well, it's one thing to give ourselves that title, but it is quite another to actually earn it! Anyone out there who thinks they know absolutely everything there is to know about Twilight, should have no problems putting their money where their mouth is in this trivia quiz.

In this ultimate Twilight test, we will be asking all kinds of questions based around each of the films. Some may seem easy enough, but we are thinking even the most dedicated fans will get stumped by a few of these. Once everyone has completed the quiz, we will know once and for all who the true Twihards are, and who is simply a wannabe. Who thinks they've got what it takes?

Question 1

What prize did Edward and Bella win during their Biology class?

Question 2

What color did Charlie pick when buying things for Bella's room?

Question 3

What does it mean to be a "vegetarian" vampire?

Question 4

What is Carlisle's profession?

Question 5

Where did Bella live before moving to forks?

Question 6

What two animals are used to describe Edward and Bella?

Question 7

Name this character

Question 8

How old was Edward when he was turned?

Question 9

What kind of car does Edward drive?

Question 10

What are vampires called in the old legends?

Question 11

True or false: Carlisle was once part of the Volturi

Question 12

What beach do Bella's friends like to surf at?

Question 13

Name this character

Question 14

Who almost ran Bella over with their van?

Question 15

What is Alice's special ability?

Question 16

What kind of lessons did Bella take as a kid?

Question 17

Who tried to attack Bella on her birthday?

Question 18

What did Jacob and Bella spend most of their alone time doing?

Question 19

Who is an expert on newborn vampires?

Question 20

Why did Bella punch Jacob?

Question 21

What kind of car did Charlie buy for Bella?

Question 22

Name this character

Question 23

What instrument does Edward play?

Question 24

What is the Cullens' favorite sport?

Question 25

What tribe is Jacob from?

Question 26

Name this character

Question 27

Who turned Edward into a vampire?

Question 28

Who is Renee's second husband?

Question 29

Who planned Edward and Bella's wedding?

Question 30

Where did Edward and Bella spend their honeymoon?

Question 31

Why did Rosalie dislike Bella?

Question 32

Name this character

Question 33

What is the Forks High School mascot?

Question 34

What is Bella's special ability?

Question 35

True or false: New vampires are stronger than older ones

Question 36

Who did Carlisle turn first?

Question 37

Who is Edward's favorite sibling?

Question 38

Who did Bella arm wrestle against?

Question 39

What did Bella want to name her baby if it was a boy?

Question 40

Which of Bella's friends gave a speech at graduation?

Question 41

What did Bella and Rosalie finally bond over?

Question 42

What was the name of the first female werewolf?

Question 43

Who turned Riley Biers into a vampire?

Question 44

Name this character

Question 45

What is Benjamin's special ability?

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