Take This Quiz To See If You're A Genuine Twihard Or Just A Tryhard

Were you a genuine Twihard? Or just a Tryhard? This might seem like a simple question. Yet, nearly a decade ago this same question was as deep as if someone had asked you if you were Team Edward or Team Jacob. There's no denying that The Twilight Saga brought on a phenomenal female fandom that affected everyone. It didn't matter if you were a fan or not. The Twilight Saga invaded commercials, news, and date nights. Not to mention the heavy traffic and long movie lines. There was even some conflict over The Twilight Saga's fandom ruining Comic-Con's.

Any fandom this huge must have a name. This lead to the label Twihards. Pretty much anyone who saw all five films from The Twilight Saga in theaters just once, certainly thought they were a Twihard. There were multiple names created for the fanatics of Stephanie Meyer's books and their movie adaptions. Aside from Twihards, there were also Twilighters, Fanpires, Twerds, and Twi-Moms. Although, none were quite as dedicated or obsessed with Twilight as the Twihards. Twihards were fans of more than just the films. They were fans of the novels, films, and their characters. They were the ones who had read the novels until they had memorized every line. In fact, they knew everything about the entire Twilight Saga before it ever hit theaters. Now we're back to that question. Were you a genuine Twihard or just a Tryhard? Let's find out, shall we?

Question 1

How old was Bella when she first met Edward?

Age might just be a number, but when it came to Edward's true age and Bella's it meant a bit more. Edward came from an entirely different era than Bella. This doesn't mean that they weren't a great couple, although they did get married fairly young on Bella's behalf. Her main problem was that she didn't want to grow much older than Edward had been when he was turned. That way they'd stay close to the same age for eternity. How old was Bella when she first met Edward?

Question 2

Where was Bella born?

Bella has lived in at least three different cities and states in her life. She was born to her dad, Charlie Swan and her mother, Renee Swan on September 13, 1987. Her parents divorced when she was only 3 months old and her mother moved her into her grandmothers home in a new state. Later, they moved to another state again to be on their own. At the start of Twilight, Bella had just moved back in with her father in Forks, Washington. Where was Bella born?

Question 3

Why did Edward Cullen appear to find Bella's scent so repulsive?

Bella was curious when she saw the Cullen family in the school cafeteria. Her friends were quick to fill her in on the strange family, including how Edward acted as though he was too good for any of the girls from their school. Edward glanced her way but looked disgusted or angry. Later, Bella walked by a fan in his biology class before taking a seat next to him. Edward looked as though he was repulsed by her smell. Why did he appear this way?

Question 4

What illness caused Carlisle to turn Edward into a vampire?

In 1918, Edward was turned into a vampire by Carlisle Cullen, who had already mastered living on animal blood, rather than human blood as a vegetarian vampire. As a doctor, he treated Edward's family of a deadly illness, which killed both his mother and father. As Edward's mother was dying she asked him to save her son's life at all costs. The same illness almost cost Edward his life as well, but Carlisle changed him to save his life. What illness was it?

Question 5

What Native American tribe is Jacob Black a descendant of?

Jacob Black is the son of Bella's dad, Charlie's best friend, Billy Black. He had already known Bella before she moved to Forks, from when she had visited her dad in the past. Jacob had an instant crush on Bella, although, he was younger than her. Bella initially thought he would be attending the same school as her, but he reminded her that he went to the school on the Indian reservation, since he was a Native American descendant. What tribe is Jacob a descendant of?

Question 6

What did the Quileute legends call the Cullens and other vampires?

Bella's fascination with Edward only grew stronger as he appeared to push her away, meanwhile, he kept striking up conversations with her at the most opportune times. As for Edward, he was just as enamored with Bella, although, he was worried the entire time about who he was. She finally got some answers from Jacob, who told her about some of the old Quileute legends from his tribe. He didn't believe most of them himself, but she had seen things that made her want to know more. What did those legends call the Cullen's and others like them?

Question 7

What bothered Edward the most about Bella?

There isn't a girl out there that doesn't have a bad habit, or at least a personality trait that bothers her boyfriend or vice-versa. However, the thing that bothered Edward most about Bella wasn't your average flaw. In fact, it wasn't a flaw at all. No, it wasn't the scent of her blood. That's been covered already. Besides, that was more of an addiction than it was something that bothered him. This was something that he could do with everyone, except Bella. What was it?

Question 8

What last name do Jasper and Rosalie go by?

The Cullen's have an odd dynamic as a family. There are 5 teenage children all adopted, to what appear to be fairly young adults. Add in that Alice and Jasper, plus Rosalie and Emmett are couples and things begin to seem really off. Basically, they're a strange enough family, to begin with. Having to deal with the drama of all of them going by the last name Cullen would be even weirder. Instead, Jasper and Rosalie go by her former last name. What last name was it?

Question 9

Who almost ran over Bella in the school parking lot?

This moment was hard to miss, even if you were just a semi-fan of Twilight. It was when Bella's curiosity went into overdrive and her suspicions about the Cullen family grew. In one second she was looking at Edward from across the school parking lot. The next he was right over her while using his hands to stop a van from smashing her into her truck. Plus, he left dents in both vehicles. The one thing you might not remember is who almost hit Bella with the van? Who was it?

Question 10

Where did Bella get her truck?

A lot of Twihards felt like Bella's old 1953 Chevy pick-up truck was a character itself. Although in the movie, a 1963 Chevy Stepside was used. Either way, it was an old beat up Chevy that Bella was very attached to and she was reluctant to replace it until it completely died. Edward wasn't as appreciative of the old truck and was worried about it breaking down. He also rigged it not to start once, in order to stop Bella from going to see Jacob. Where did she get the truck?

Question 11

What's Edward's vampiric gift?

All of the vampires from The Twilight Saga gained a gift when they were changed. Some vampiric gifts were more of a special ability than others. For example, Rosalie's gained enhanced beauty, Jasper can manipulate feelings, Emmett has increased fighting abilities, and Alice can see visions of the future. Edward's gift often came in handy, but he wasn't able to use it on Bella, which was frustrating to him. Meanwhile, there were other characters who he wished it didn't work on, such as Jacob Black, and some of the girls from school. What's his ability?

Question 12

How old was Carlisle when he became a vampire?

There are a couple of characters who don't get enough of their stories explained from the Twilight films and in some cases even the books. One of those characters is Carlisle Cullen. He's the adoptive father of Edward, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, and Emmett. He also turned most of his coven when they were on their deathbeds. One of the oddest things about Carlisle is how young he appears to be. How old was Carlisle when he was turned into a vampire?

Question 13

What is the name of the Cullen family's coven?

Aside from living as a family unit among humans in Forks, the Cullen's are also considered a coven among other vampires. A vampire coven is a group of vampires that consists of at least three members. Carlisle is the leader of the Cullen's coven. There are vampires from several covens in The Twilight Saga, including The Volturi. Although, most of the others aren't seen until Breaking Dawn Part 2. The Cullen's coven is the second largest, following The Volturi. What is the name of the Cullen's coven?

Question 14

Which of Bella's friends fantasized about Edward?

Edward was described as being quite the catch in Stephanie Meyer's books. He wasn't too hard on the eyes in the movie adaptions either. It's no wonder that girls fantasied about him in class. However, there was one girl in particular, who became a friend of Bella's when she moved to Forks. Her's were extremely annoying to Edward, who could read her thoughts and had no interest in her. Fortunately for Edward, he and Bella's relationship put a stop to those dirty thoughts. Which friend was it?

Question 15

What is the name of the beach that Bella went to with her friends?

Remember that beach that Bella's friends invited her to. You might also recall that he appeared to want to go at first, but that all changed once he asked which beach. This was the beach where she ran into Jacob with a few of his Quileute friends. It was also when Jacob told Bella enough about the old legends to give her something to research. As it turned out, The Cullen's aka The Cold Ones weren't allowed on tribal land. What was the name of the beach?

Question 16

Where did Alice and Jasper take Bella to hide her from James?

One whiff of Bella's scent in the wind was all it took to capture the interest of James. He was also interested in how protective Edward and his family were of her. He began tracking her almost instantly. Edward and his family all began making a plan to keep Bella safe. Alice and Jasper were in charge of getting Bella out of town as soon as possible. The others stayed behind to watch over Charlie and to track James's Coven. Where did Alice and Jasper take Bella?

Question 17

Alice's visions aren't always accurate and sometimes she can't foresee what's going to happen at all. Why?

Alice has the awesome gift of subjective precognition, which means that she can see the future. She predicts future events through visions that she sometimes just gets, while other times she can will them to come. The only not cool thing about her power is that sometimes Alice's visions aren't accurate and sometimes she doesn't see anything at all. Take the newborn army for example. She couldn't see that Victoria was behind creating it. Plus, she couldn't tell that James had changed his direction when he was tracking Bella. Why?

Question 18

How did James lure Bella away from Alice and Jasper?

Alice and Jasper had taken Bella out of the state to safety, but James used his tracking ability to find her in Phoenix. He also got his mate Victoria to dig up information about Bella so he knew where she had lived with her mom. His hunch was that she'd be there, although, when he got there she wasn't. He got more information while at her moms to find out about her old ballet studio and got Bella to lose Alice and Jasper to meet him there. How did he lure Bella to him?

Question 19

Why did Carlisle turn Rosalie into a vampire?

Carlisle was the original vampire of the Olympic Coven. He turned almost everyone in his circle, with the exception of Alice and Jasper. Unlike Aro, Carlisle didn't seek out people who would have extraordinary abilities or gifts as a vampire. Instead, he only changed people who were already about to die. Edward was dying from a deadly illness, Esme was on her deathbed as well. Rosalie was the third person Carlisle changed. Why did he change her into a vampire?

Question 20

On her 18th birthday, Bella had a dream where she thought she saw her grandmother. Who did the old woman turn out to be?

Bella had a couple vivid dreams during The Twilight Saga. The second one came the night before her wedding day and had Edward and herself standing at the altar with blood dripping from his mouth as all their guests lay dead. However, her first dream came at the start of New Moon just before she awoke on her 18th birthday. In it, she saw an elderly woman with Edward. Bella initially thought it to be her grandmother, but it was really her. What was the meaning of her dream?

Question 21

Why did Edward leave Bella?

Bella wasn't all that excited about her 18th birthday, to begin with. Yet, Alice being the naturally upbeat vampire that she is, insisted on throwing Bella a birthday party at the Cullen house. Everything went great until Bella's clumsiness kicked in. (A paper cut led to a fall into a glass table.) Something happened as a result that made Edward feel like he couldn't protect Bella. Bella's party wrapped up fast after that and as Edward dropped her off he told her that she wouldn't see him anymore. Why did Edward leave Bella?

Question 22

Bella went to the movies with Jacob and a guy from school once. Who was the other guy?

There was one guy, in particular, who was trying to get Bella's attention from the first day she showed up at school in Forks. Bella never had any interest in the guy and ended up with Edward. After Edward left, he was back at it. Only this time Bella also had to deal with Jacob's feelings. She agreed to go to the movies with both of them as friends once, hoping neither of them would make a pass at her, but this only made things more awkward. Who was the other guy?

Question 23

Why did Bella start doing dangerous things?

Bella changed a lot after Edward left. First, she went into a deep zombie-like depression. Then, she came out of it, but only to appease her dad, who wanted to send her back to Phoenix to live with her mom. The idea of leaving Forks got Bella back out again, but she kept doing scary things, like taking a ride with a strange guy on his motorcycle. Or, jumping off really high cliffs into the water. Why was Bella doing these wild things?

Question 24

Who did Bella see in the water, before she hit her head on the rock?

Bella's cliff diving incident wasn't supposed to turn out quite the way it did. It's something that a lot of people have probably at least tried once to get a rush. It's thrilling when done right, but it can also be relatively dangerous. However, Bella made her jump right and was thrilled when she came back up from the water. She didn't stay thrilled for long, though. Bella saw someone in the water who startled her into hitting her head on the rocks. Who was it?

Question 25

What is the Volturi's purpose?

The Volturi appeared to be a large coven of controlling vampires, who were out to rule the entire vampire world throughout most of the Twilight movies. It seemed like Aro's main mission was to collect all the vampires with the coolest psychic abilities. Meanwhile, Caius and Marcus followed his lead. Jane just appeared to be on a power trip and didn't like anyone who Aro showed an interest in. Despite this, The Volturi were there for a reason. What was it?

Question 26

What was Edward trying to do when he removed his shirt in Volterra?

Edward was distraught when he thought that Bella was dead. He had left to protect her and felt like her death was his fault. Edward went straight to The Volturi and asked them to relieve him of his pain. However, Aro refused what Edward was asking, claiming that it would be a waste to destroy such talents. Instead, he offered him a place in The Volturi, which Edward turned down. Edward's next move was to remove his shirt in public. What was this supposed to do?

Question 27

What is it called when the Quileute Shape-shifters turn into wolves?

Jacob didn't believe in the Quileute legends when he first told Bella about them at the beach. However, that all changed once he began turning into a wolf himself. He even fought off the idea of being a part of Sam Uley's group before he turned, despite losing his best friends who had joined Sam. The descended Quileutes who turn into wolves are called shape-shifters, not werewolves. The person's changes begin to take place when a tribal descendant comes across the scent of a vampire. What is it called when the shape-shifters become wolves?

Question 28

What were the treaty laws between the Quileute shape-shifters and the Cullen's?

The old Quileute legends that Jacob had told Bella about, discussed a treaty that had been made between Jacob's ancestor's pack and a unique group of The Cold Ones called The Olympic Coven. They claimed to be different than the other vampires because they only fed on animal blood, rather than human blood. The treaty made it so the Cullen's could live in Forks without being hunted by the Shape-shifters. The Cullen's promised to follow two laws, or else the treaty would be broken. What were they?

Question 29

How did Jane and Alec nearly die?

Jane and Alec possessed the darkest gifts among The Volturi and most likely the world. Aro had been watching them as humans because of their psychic abilities but didn't turn them until it was necessary to save their lives. They were only 12 or 13 years old at the time. As vampires, their gifts enhanced and morphed to reflect how they felt while dying. Jane can make her target feel unimaginable pain through Pain Illusion. Meanwhile, Alec uses Sensory Deprivation to make his subject's senses go numb. How were they going to die?

Question 30

What vision kept Aro from killing Bella?

Alice and Bella got to Edward just in time to keep him from exposing his skin in Volterra. Bella let him know that she was alive and they had covered Edward up, but Jane had come to get him for Aro anyway. She brought all of them to The Volturi, who were not happy to see that Bella was a human. They were ready to destroy Edward and kill Bella, but Alice showed Aro what was in store for Bella. What did Alice show Aro?

Question 31

Did Bella ever admit to having feelings for Jacob?

Team Edward or Team Jacob. Which side of the line were you on? It might've appeared to be a difficult choice from your perspective, yet imagine the turmoil that Bella was in. It was obvious that she cared for both guys. Bella wasn't ready to give up her friendship with Jacob once Edward returned. Regardless of how Edward felt about her hanging out with a wolf who didn't mind Edward hearing his true thoughts about Bella. Did Bella ever admit to having feelings for Jacob?

Question 32

Why couldn't Alice see that Bella hadn't drowned after jumping off the cliff?

One strange turn of events was that Edward almost got himself destroyed by The Volturi because he thought Bella was dead. This was partly thanks to Jacob telling him that Charlie was preparing for a funeral, but not mentioning that it wasn't Bella's. The other factor was that Alice saw her jump off the cliff, but didn't see that Bella had lived. Alice rushed to Forks to check on Bella and they found out what Edward was up to. Why didn't Alice see that Bella was safe?

Question 33

Why didn't Jane destroy Victoria and the newborn army?

In New Moon, Victoria was working with her new lover to build a newborn army. Newborn vampires are stronger and have less control over their hunger and powers, which makes them more dangerous. They also bring attention to the existence of vampires. Therefore, newborn army's are against The Vulturi's laws and must be destroyed. Jane was sent by Aro to take care of the newborn army in both the movie and books, yet did nothing to stop her until after the Cullen's had already destroyed the majority including Victoria. Why didn't Jane destroy them earlier?

Question 34

Who was the guy who Victoria turned so she could use him to build her newborn army?

Victoria needed a little help to build her newborn army. She wanted to create the army without Alice knowing who was behind it. In order to do this, Victoria needed someone she could use to make all of the decisions so Alice wouldn't see her. Victoria turned a guy who she pretended to love in order to get him to build her army and make all of the decisions. Meanwhile, the entire purpose behind the army was to avenge her former lover James, whom Edward had killed. Who did she use to build the newborn army?

Question 35

What was the name of the newborn vampire from Victoria's army who got her own book?

here was one newborn vampire from Victoria's army who wasn't entirely sure about Victoria's motives. In the New Moon novel, she and another newborn overheard Jane having a meeting with Victoria, where Jane allowed them to continue with the army for five days. She hid through most of the battle against the shape-shifters and Cullen's. The Cullen's found her after the battle and offered her a spot in the Olympic Coven. However, Jane made sure she was destroyed. Stephanie Meyer gave the character her own book. What was her name?

Question 36

There was a member of Carlisle coven who had helped make a newborn army? Who was it?

The movies didn't tell much about the backgrounds of some secondary characters. Although, there were little flashbacks here and there, especially, when the story relied on the history. In New Moon, there was some detailed history on the background of one member of the Cullen family in particular. They had helped their lover build a newborn army in the past. Eventually, the vampire left and found their mate with the Cullen's. Which member of the Cullen family had helped make a newborn army in the past?

Question 37

Why was Edward so worried about getting intimate with Bella?

Edward wasn't too heavy on the affection with Bella. This was understandably frustrating for her, but he constantly explained that it wasn't anything to do with her, or how he felt about her. The truth was that he was worried about something else. There was one time that he made a deal with Bella to try after they were married, yet he was still reluctant after. Jacob also acted concerned about the idea of them getting intimate on their honeymoon when he found out about their plans. Why was Edward so worried?

Question 38

What did Edward do for his bachelor party?

What guy doesn't have a bachelor party, right! You don't have to be human to have a good time. Although, the picture of strippers with blood dripping from their necks does pop into the mind. They never showed exactly what Jasper and Emmett did for Edward's bachelor party, but Edward did mention their plans to Bella as he was hopping out the window to meet his brothers who were pushing him to hurry. What did Edward do for his bachelor party?

Question 39

There was one time in particular that Bella desperately needed something that Edward couldn't give her, but Jacob could. What was it?

In New Moon, Edward was worried about Bella being nearby during the battle with Victoria and Riley's newborn army. Edward, Jacob, and Bella all stayed on a mountaintop. It was freezing cold and snowing. The trio was put in an awkward situation already, but things only got worse as the night went on. Especially, when Bella needed something to keep her alive, or at least comfortable that Edward couldn't give her. Edward wasn't able to help, but Jacob was willing to step in. What was it?

Question 40

What wedding gift did Aro send Bella?

Aro was fairly patient in waiting for work that Bella had been changed. In an attempt to keep him at bay, Alice sent a wedding invitation to The Volturi to let them know that their plans were moving forward. In response, Aro sent Bella a wedding gift, which Jane was jealous about later. She was already upset that her special ability didn't work on Bella as a human. The gift was very fancy. What gift did Aro send to Bella?

Question 41

How do Aro's telepathic powers differ from Edwards?

Edward and Aro's special abilities, or gifts as vampires were nearly the same. They were both telepaths, only Aro's is slightly different than Edwards. Aro also coveted Edward's telepathy, although, not as much as Alice's visions, which leads you to believe that Edward's talent is either just as powerful as Aro's, if not more powerful. Edward is able to read a persons passing thoughts without doing anything. Aro's is tactile telepathy. Neither of their powers worked on Bella. How do Aro's telepathic powers differ from Edwards?

Question 42

Where did Edward take Bella for their honeymoon?

Edward wouldn't reveal where his was taking Bella for their honeymoon. It was meant as a surprise, which went beautifully. They stopped somewhere where there were people playing music and dancing in the streets. Afterward, he took her to a cottage that was right on the ocean. They had a wonderful time the first night, but Bella spent the rest of the trip attempting to seduce Bella after bruises appeared on her body the morning after. Where did they go?

Question 43

What was the first thing that made Bella realize that she was pregnant?

Neither Bella nor Edward expected her to conceive. Vampires can't produce children once they've been turned, although, most vampires don't sleep with their pray either. After the first night, Edward avoided almost all of Bella's advances. They spent the majority of the trip playing chess and swimming around waterfalls. Most couples would be expected to produce under these conditions. Since neither of them suspected that a pregnancy was even possible, nothing was used to prevent one. What finally made Bella suspect that she might be pregnant?

Question 44

Where did the Cullen's get the blood for Bella to drink while she was pregnant?

Bella's pregnancy had her body deteriorating fast. The baby wasn't getting what it needed and they couldn't figure what to do about it. Jacob makes a joke about giving her blood, duh! And it worked. Bella was able to continue with her pregnancy as long as they could keep blood around for her to drink. Despite being totally grossed out by her new form of nutrition, Jacob even helped the Cullen's get around Uley's pack to get more. Where were they getting this blood from?

Question 45

What is Renesmee's full name?

Bella worked on the baby names and Rosalie pushed her to ask Jacob and Edward their opinions, while obviously showing her distaste for the names. She came up with Edward Jacob for a boys name and often referred to the baby as EJ since she expected a boy. Her girl name was more unique and a combination of the baby's grandmother's names. Edward and Jacob liked the names. She also came up with a middle name for Renesmee, using the baby's grandfather's names. What is Renesmee's whole name?

Question 46

The Uley Pack quit trying to kill Renesmee after she was born. Why?

There was a lot of anger and chaos following Bella's return from her and Edward's honeymoon. Edward and Jacob both believed that the baby was going to kill Bella. Edward offered to let Jacob kill him if she did die, although, Jacob felt it'd be better to let Edward suffer knowing what he'd done. Meanwhile, the Uley Pack found out about Bella's pregnancy and wanted to take her out before she even gave birth. Once Renesmee was born the fighting stopped. Why?

Question 47

How did the Volturi find out about Renesmee?

Renesmee grew really fast just as she did in Bella's stomach. Before long she was a little girl. Still, none of the Cullen's knew what she would be or how her future would go. Noone knew about Renesmee except the Cullen's and the Uley and Black Packs. However, word got around to The Volturi somehow. They thought that she was an immortal child, rather than a halfbreed as this was unheard of. How did The Volturi find out about Renesmee?

Question 48

Who was the other hybrid vampire that Alice was able to track down?

There were so many questions revolving around Renesmee. She was growing so fast that everyone was worried about her lifespan and Alice couldn't see anything about her future. However, they did know of some legends about other hybrids in South America, but they get cut off from taking the trip when Alice sees that The Volturi are coming to destroy them all. While the rest of the Cullen's are preparing to find witnesses, Alice and Jasper disappear. They return just in time with another hybrid to show The Volturi. Who was the other hybrid vampire?

Question 49

The Volturi still wanted to fight despite seeing that no laws were broken by the Cullen's. Why?

The Volturi were still ready to fight despite proving that The Cullen's hadn't broken any laws. This was after it was proven that Renesmee wasn't an immortal child. Immortal children were against the law because they wouldn't be able to control their hunger. The Volturi's next reasoning was that they didn't know how much of a threat Renesmee would be as a hybrid. Once they found that she was going to grow up and was harmless, they still wanted to fight. Why?

Question 50

The Cullen's and their witnesses won the battle against The Volturi. True, or false?

At the end of Breaking Dawn Part 2, The Volturi wasn't ready to give up and go home to Volterra, despite all of the evidence presented to them. To make matters worse, Caius killed Irina for bringing them false information. She was part of the Denali Coven who were there as witnesses for Renesmee. There was a battle and several members of The Volturi were destroyed, including Aro and Jane. The vampires and wolves who sided with the Cullen's also lost a lot of members, including Esme and Jasper, but they won the overall battle. True, or false?

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