Take This Quiz To See If You're A Genuine Twihard Or Just A Tryhard

Were you a genuine Twihard? Or just a Tryhard? This might seem like a simple question. Yet, nearly a decade ago this same question was as deep as if someone had asked you if you were Team Edward or Team Jacob. There's no denying that The Twilight Saga brought on a phenomenal female fandom that affected everyone. It didn't matter if you were a fan or not. The Twilight Saga invaded commercials, news, and date nights. Not to mention the heavy traffic and long movie lines. There was even some conflict over The Twilight Saga's fandom ruining Comic-Con's.

Any fandom this huge must have a name. This lead to the label Twihards. Pretty much anyone who saw all five films from The Twilight Saga in theaters just once, certainly thought they were a Twihard. There were multiple names created for the fanatics of Stephanie Meyer's books and their movie adaptions. Aside from Twihards, there were also Twilighters, Fanpires, Twerds, and Twi-Moms. Although, none were quite as dedicated or obsessed with Twilight as the Twihards. Twihards were fans of more than just the films. They were fans of the novels, films, and their characters. They were the ones who had read the novels until they had memorized every line. In fact, they knew everything about the entire Twilight Saga before it ever hit theaters. Now we're back to that question. Were you a genuine Twihard or just a Tryhard? Let's find out, shall we?

1How old was Bella when she first met Edward?

Age might just be a number, but when it came to Edward's true age and Bella's it meant a bit more. Edward came from an entirely different era than Bella. This doesn't mean that they weren't a great couple, although they did get married fairly young on Bella's behalf. Her main problem was that she didn't want to grow much older than Edward had been when he was turned. That way they'd stay close to the same age for eternity. How old was Bella when she first met Edward?

2Where was Bella born?

Bella has lived in at least three different cities and states in her life. She was born to her dad, Charlie Swan and her mother, Renee Swan on September 13, 1987. Her parents divorced when she was only 3 months old and her mother moved her into her grandmothers home in a new state. Later, they moved to another state again to be on their own. At the start of Twilight, Bella had just moved back in with her father in Forks, Washington. Where was Bella born?

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